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  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Fast loading speed
  • Large selection of pre-made templates
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 130+ High-Converting Templates
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Dedicated Optimized Theme
  • SEO / Social Optimzation
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • 12 Months Support & Updates
  • Integration Everywhere
  • Funnel Builder + Analytics


  • Documentation and support are a bit lacking in this plugin.

Let’s start it with the credits, the creator, the man behind WP profit builder is Sean Donahoe. He is a successful entrepreneur, an author, and moreover an expert internet marketer. Through his site, till date he has helped more than 50.000+ students to achieve success in their life. So hang on guys, let’s get started with the review.

Bottom Line: WP Profit Builder is a landing page builder which makes building a landing page so simple even school students who know how to use internet can use it this platform. It has over 60 templates for sales pages, membership pages, webinar pages and opt-in pages which can help you in increasing the conversions of your website. Start with WP Profit Builder today and see it for yourself.

What is WP Profit Builder:- WP Profit Builder Review 2020: Is it Another Bogus Plugin?

What is WP Profit Builder

So now you might be wondering, what is WP profit builder? It is basically a marketing site creation system, with simple drag and drop feature. This will let you create any kind of marketing pages to grow your online business.

Features of WP Profit Builder:-

Features of WP Profit Builder

As I told you that, with this marketing site creation system, you can create any marketing page, such as:-


  1. High-Converting marketing pages:-

What this means is that, you can create high-converting pages which can be used to market your business online and this will eventually increase your conversations, and this will end up in increasing your sales and making more money.

  1. Lead generation pages:-

Are you planning to use email marketing as it has got more potential? If yes, then you can create some professional looking lead generation pages which will attract all the visitors to Optin in your page, this will eventually increase your list.

  1. Authority Blogs:-

Using this will make your site look very professional and high quality, this will make all the people who landed on your page glad, and they will eventually share it, and your site goes viral.

  1. JV  Pages:-

If you have an own product of yours, and wanted to create a super JV page so that you can grab the most affiliates to promote your own products and money out of it.

  1. Sales Pages:-

You can also create some high-quality sales pages which will attract a lot of visitors and make them buy all the products which you are promoting.

  1. Webinar Pages:-

By using this, you can also create some amazing webinar pages as well, for all the online events so that you can reach a high amount of targeted visitors from all the other countries as well.

  1. About me pages:-

You can create some crazy looking about me page in which you can tell everything about yourself. You should have a good relationship with all your visitors.

  1. Review Pages:-

If you are an affiliate, who is interested in writing reviews for products, then this gives you the ability to create some awesome looking review pages. This is building your online reputation and helps you in increasing your business as well.

WP Profit Builder Pricing:-

Pricing of WP Profit Builder

There are 3 different packages available, you can select anything which you like:-

Single Site: – One Time Payment $47

Can use only 1 site

Multi-Site: – One Time Payment $67

Can use up to 10 sites

Dev License Pack: – One Time Payment $67.67

Can use with unlimited sites


WP Profit Builder Tools and Add-ons:-

WP Profit Builder features

Tools for WP Profit Builder

  1. LaunchPad: – One Time Payment $67

LaunchPad is basically an instant site building system which will instantly create a flexible, SEO-optimized and customizable site under 10 minutes, unlimited sites! The best is that all the sites created by this work on mobile devices as well.

  1. Ultimate bundle: – One Time Payment $97

Ultimate bundle is basically all the best plugins used by Sean Donahoe, the creator and founder of WP Profit Builder. If you go for this, you get some exclusive plugins which will eventually help you in getting the best results.


Plugins Wp Profit Builder

  1. List Rocket: – Unlimited lead generation:-

This is a plugin which will help you to increase your email subscribers list and will maximize your profits as well, from email marketing.

  1. IMSC Attracta:- Ultimate Notification bar:-

This is a sort of plugin which will help you in capturing the attention of visitors, instantly. So basically this will help you in capturing the leads on all the posts and pages which you want to target.

  1. IMSC MagNet:- Ultimate lead generation:-

By using this plugin, you can access to all the pre-designs, templates which will help you in increasing your social media following, collecting leads, and also in growing your email subscribers list as well.

  1. IMSC Rapid Mailer: – Ultimate Autoresponder system:-

This plugin will be helping you in building a responsive even if you didn’t build your first email list yet. This comes along with 3rd party templates as well. This plugin will definitely enhance the results of WP profit builder.

  1. IMSC PingFresh: -Kick start your traffic automatically:-

What this plugin basically does is increase your search engine rankings, increase your conversion as well and boost your social footprint as well

  1. Backlink Commando: – Number 1 click rankings tools:-

Now this probably the most loved plugin, you can create unlimited high authority backlinks with massive social signals. This will eventually increase your sites ranking in a natural way.

The difference between WP Profit builder, OptimizePress, and LeadPages:-


This is probably the most effective way to create landing pages, sales pages, authority blog, events as well, but this is going to cost you something around $297.


LeadPages is going to provide you with the same templates, which will convert high as webinars, upsells pages, landing and sales pages, but this is going to cost you between $37 to $97 per month.

WP Profit Builder:-

WP Profit Builder is going to give you some really good and high converting templates and they can easily compete with OptimizePress and LeadPages as well, moreover this is one-time payment and you can choose between, $47, $67 and $67.67 select the package which will suit you.

Who is WP Profit Builder for?

  • Bloggers
  • Beginners
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Product Owners
  • Offline Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price compared to similar plugins like OptimizePress, especially considering you only have to pay once
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Large selection of pre-made templates
  • Fast loading speed
  • Integration with all the leading list systems as well as leading payment processors and WooCommerce
  • SEO optimized pages


  • Slight overlapping issue with the default WordPress admin bar
  • Can get a little overwhelming with the number of options for a novice user
  • Documentation and support are a bit lacking in this plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

👉 Can This Run on WordPress.com or Other Sites?

This is a WordPress plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites only.

👉 Can I Use Profit Builder with an Existing Theme?

Absolutely, we designed this to run on any site. You can use our enhanced theme or your own theme.

👉 How Do I Install This Plugin?

Conclusion:- WP Profit Builder Review 2020: Is it Another Bogus Plugin?


If you are really looking forward to growing your business, by creating all the marketing pages and the sites which will help you increase your conversations then WP Profit Builder is your best choice.

WP Profit Builder Risk Free

Probably this is the only best drag and drop builder, with a flexible design as well. I highly recommend this.

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  1. Terrel Brinkley

    Interesting product to say the least. Amazing to see all the features they offer for one low price. Overall I’d say to the developer, there should be more comparison to OptimizePress and LeadPages, so that the buyer truly knows how it stacks up for the price. Great post though, much success!

  2. Thanks so much for this review. I bought this product a long time ago, but just finally hunkered down and started learning how to use it. So far the product looks great. Love all the great video tutorials that go along with it and and all the great templates, as well. I’m really excited about what I see. However, before I got carried away, I wanted to check out some reviews that were done on it and this is one of them. Seems like WP Profitbuilder is a legitimate plugin. It is so incredibly CHEAP compared to Optimize Press and Lead Pages that I thought it was too good to be true! But all the online reviews seem to say nothing but good things about it!

    Thanks again!
    ~ Jupiter Jim

  3. J.G.

    The landing pages look great, but support for the plug in is almost non-existent and updates do not keep up with WP versions. There are glitches in the code which makes compatibility with
    forms Mailchimp or Aweber difficult and in some cases impossible. After getting a quick response once (a week after purchase) I never received responses to a second support ticket (roughly 2 months after purchase). Also the plug in takes up a HUGE amount of space. I guess you get what you pay for. Will not continue to use this.


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