WPMU DEV Membership Review 2023: Full Access @$49 (Worth It ??)

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WPMU DEV is a one-stop solution for WordPress as it offers blazing fast hosting, reliable support, plugins and website management services at such an affordable cost.

WPMU DEV platform could be very useful for developers, site owners, agencies and freelancers. And the best part is that it helps completely with WordPress security, performance, marketing as well as your WordPress SEO, all-in-one place.

As a WPMU DEV member, you can get access to plugins, reliable customer support, hosting, site management, security and more.

But, becoming a WPMU DEV member really worth your money? Is WPMU DEV services and tools are something to rely on?

Get answers to these questions and get to know why you should choose WPMU DEV over other platforms.

In this post, we have featured WPMU DEV Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its membership benefits, services & tools, pricing and more. 

Let’s get started here…

WPMU DEV Membership Review 2023: A One-Stop WordPress Solution


WPMU DEV is a reliable one-stop WordPress solution. It offers flexible and fast hosting, site management tools, support and hundreds of premiums as well as free plugins. 

If you’re a WordPress user then, WPMU DEV is offering reliable solutions to make your website/blog more secure, fast and profitable.

WPMU DEV Membership Review - WPMUDEV

And if you become WPMU DEV member then you will get access to dozens of services like hosting, SEO, marketing tools, plugins, performance, security and premium support as well. 

Let’s take a deep look at the benefits of becoming a WPMU DEV member.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming a WPMU DEV member?

Fast Web Hosting:

With WPMU DEV,  you’ll get access to dedicated and fully managed WordPress hosting. And the best part is that every member gets free hosting accounts for free (NO EXTRA COST).

WPMU DEV Membership Review- Pricing Plan

  • Servers & Plans:

 Dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage resources that are completely independent of other sites, including other sites you host with them – View Specs.

Lowest rates for dedicated WordPress Hosting – Multisite supported on all plans – All plans come with Defender, Hummingbird, and Smush pre-configured for optimal performance on their hosting – $30 hosting credit for all members (3 bronze level sites or can be used on any plan level).

But wait, WPMU DEV offers to host and that isn’t part of the membership package. 

The WPMU DEV Hub: 

Now you can easily manage any number of websites hosted anywhere easily with WPMU DEV.  This platform has actually amazing management tools that let you manage 1 to 100 sites a breeze. 


Manage all your sites in one place (whether they are hosted with them or not!) – White label client reports Automated updates for plugins, themes, and WP core. 

The Hub WordPress Site Manager

Including a safe upgrade that will take a backup first and also before/after screenshots to alert you of any differences. 

You can set up to 5 pages to be checked. – Uptime monitoring. View stats on your uptime and be alerted of any downtime. – SSO allows 1-click login for all your sites (hosted with us or not) from The Hub. 


Configurable per site – Run security (Defender) and performance (Hummingbird) scans – Manage Snapshot backups (if you’re on our hosting then we auto-switch to our faster and more resource-friendly server-side backups)

Website Marketing:

Just whitlelable your website and build your email list with the help of WPMU DEV. You can easily focus on the marketing of your own website or of your clients. Get all-access pass of WPMU DEV.

Website Security:

With WPMU DEV you can easily keep websites safe and secure. They have the best security plugins that you can make use of. And if somehow you have been hacked WPMU DEV will clean up and protect your website for you with any extra cost. 

WPMU DEV Premium Plugins

The plugins offered by this platform are extraordinary. They offer plugins for building forms, migration, SEO and more in a row. And once you’re a premium member of WPMU DEV you will get access to all premium plugins offered by them.

Use these plugins on unlimited sites. They have more than 785,934 happy members and more than 2,327,563 active installs at the time of this WPMU Review.

1) WPMU DEV Dashboard – Connects your site to ‘The Hub’ and activate pro features 

This plugin actually brings all the power of the Platform to your WordPress Dashboard. With this plugin, you can connect with the Hub Site Manager and easily activate the complete toolkit of this plugin. 

WPMU DEV Membership Review - Dashboard Plugin

  •  Install and manage your plugins –
  •  White label our plugins (replace heroes with your own logo or just hide them) – 
  • Analytics widget (page views, unique page views, avg. time on page, bounce rate, exit 
  • Rate, avg. page generation time
  • Enable SSO Offers (auto-login from The Hub) 
  • Grant temporary secure support access, allows support staff to log in to your site without 

2) Smush Pro – A Reliable  Image Optimization Plugin

Most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress. Smush’s CDN automatically serves images in the correct size for their containers and in WebP format (detects browser support, falls back to jpg or png if needed).

 Resolves two common Google PageSpeed issues in 1-click (Properly Resize Images and Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats) – Lazy load images.

WPMU DEV Membership Review - Smush Pro Bulk

Key features:

  • One-click Bulk Smush every image easily
  • Blazing fast 45 point image CDN 
  • WebP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF optimizer
  • Smush huge photos up to 32MB
  • Automatic resize and scale

3) Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro is a reliable WordPress optimization plugin that you’ll need to keep your website running super faster. 

WPMU DEV Membership Review - Hummingbird Proformance Test

Key Features:

  • Performance tests – 
  • Caching (page, browser, gravatar, and RSS) – 
  • GZIP Compression – 
  • Database cleanup – 
  • Average page-speed analytics
  • Asset Optimization (compress and combine files and change load position 

4) Defender Pro – Security Plugin

With this plugin, you can keep your website safe from hackers. Defender Pro is a reliable WordPress security plugins. Now you can schedule security scans, get safety recommendations and more.

WPMU DEV Membership Review - Defender security Twerks

Key Features:

  •  Integrated with The Hub’s Security tab – 
  • Automatic file scans and reporting 
  • Audit logging (keep a history of all events/changes on your site). 
  • Mask login (change location of the login page) –
  •  IP lockouts (404 detections and login protection – receive regular lockout reports) – Two-Factor Authentication (optional and optionally forcible for certain user roles) 

5) Hustle Pro – Popups and Marketing 

Hustle Pro is the only one plugin you’ll need to turn your visitors into your potential paying customer.

 With this plugin, you can use email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups, and social sharing in order to grow your business rapidly. 

Hustle Pro- Form Building


Key Features:

  • Stunning pop-ups, slide-ins, social & opt-ins
  • Smooth attention-grabbing animations for visitors 
  • Use your favorite email provider with it
  • Manage exactly *who* sees your marketing too
  • Beautiful inbuilt tweakable layouts available 
  • Metrics to die for, new stuff every month

6) Forninator Pro-Forms 

Forninator is a WordPress Form Builder plugin that comes with interactive polls and quizzes that can help you in increasing user engagement on your website easily and effortlessly. 

Forminator Pro Form Builder- WPMU DEV


Key Features:

  • Built-in Stripe and PayPal payments too
  • Stop spam with Google ReCAPTCHA too
  • Super simple drag-and-drop builder available
  • Short and simple forms fielding
  • Collect and track user information
  • Build custom polls, quizzes, and forms

7) SmartCrawl Pro – SEO 

It’s a reliable and fast WordPress SEO Plugin. With the help of this plugin, anyone can easily boost their page rank and drive more traffic right your website with little to fewer efforts. 

SSmartCrawl Pro- WPMU DEV


Key Features:

  • Send sitemap updates to search engines
  • Exclude content from being crawled
  • Add custom descriptions and titles
  • Auto link keywords to any URL
  • Automated sitemap creation
  • Built-in Moz integration

8) Snapshot Pro – Backup Plugin

As I have mentioned earlier it’s a backup plugin. This plugin will securely store all of your WordPress and multi-site backups in the WPMU private cloud vault.

Snapshot Pro WordPress Backups


Key Features:

  • 10 GB cloud storage!
  • FTP/SFTP, S3, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Backup your entire site or specific files easily
  • Automated daily, weekly or monthly backups available 
  • WordPress and Multisite backup
  • One-click backup and restore

9) Branda – White Labelling 

With this plugin, you can do the ding of your WordPress website. Like here you can do white label branding, maintenance modes and coming soon landing pages as well. 

Branda Pro White Label WordPress


Key Features:

  •  Customize login screen 
  •  Add favicon 
  • Coming soon and maintenance pages 
  •  Text replace 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Admin bar customization 
  • Write your own tooltips and admin messages 

10) Shipper – Migrations Plugin

Shipper Pro is one of my favorite plugin that helps in the nation of websites from host to host, top to bottom without even using the FTP or SFTP.  One-click migration of your WordPress website. 

Shipper Pro- WPMU DEV


Key Features:

  • Doesn’t require FTP/SFTP – 
  • Detailed (and downloadable) log for each migration 
  • Pre-flight check to avoid issues as much as possible 
  • Support pushing from a local install 

11) Google Analytics+:  Analytics 

As the name suggest its an Analytics Plugin that brings Google Analytics reports to your WordPress Dashboard. This Plugin will be soon to be rebranded to Beehive Analytics!

WPMU DEV Membership Review- Google Analytics Tracking System

Key Features:

  • One tracking code for an entire network
  • Track visits, page views, and bounce rate
  • See top posts, pages, and referral links
  • Adds analytics dashboard widget
  • See statistics for individual post
  • Track mapped domains

So this isn’t the end of this plugin’s that you’re going to get with WPMU DEV. Actually, there are other premium plugins that you’re going to get with the membership.

WPMU DEV Support  & Community

If somehow you stuck in something and you want technical help then don’t worry WPMU DEV support team got you. You can get premium support 24/7 by them as they have a dedicated support team for their customers. 

WPMU DEV offers 24/7 live support for any WordPress related issue, they support everything WordPress, not just their products/services – They also offer Site cleanup for hacked sites included – Free migration to their hosting as well.

WPMU DEV Membership Pricing

The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible and quite affordable as well. But they only way to get access to WPMU DEV tools & services is paying them $49/Month. 

Once you purchase the membership and become a member, you can easily use the products on an unlimited number of WordPress websites (No Restrictions) and on your client’s websites too. 

The best thing that I liked about WPMU DEV is that they offer 30 Days Free Trial. But the only problem is that here you need to add your payment details. By trying it for 30 days, you can get to know about its products and services easily so that you can have better insights of their products and what they are capable of. 

WPMU DEV Free Trial

But wait, WPMU DEV offers to host and that isn’t the part of the membership package. And if you wish to choose their hosting services then it will be better to check the pricing all other necessary details. 

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Final Verdict: WPMU DEV Membership Review 2023 | Is It Worth Trying??

No doubt, WPMU DEV offers reliable plugins and services that can help us in managing our WordPress website easily and effortlessly. And after using its various plugins, I’m amazed by the performance of their tools as well as my website too. 

The kind of tools and services WPMU DEV provides at such an affordable price is extraordinary. You might be thinking $49/Month isn’t affordable but wait, the tools and services you’re going to get with this membership is worth a try. 

If you’re one of them who wants to get access to powerful tools in order to build and manage effective website then you should definitely give it a try. 

I hope this post, suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post, then kindly share it on social media channels as well.  


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