WP Robot Full Review + Coupon Code 2023 : Should You Buy ?

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From handful to countless, we humans have grown to an enormous amount over the time. As beautiful as our growth sounds to us, it has led to a crowded place altogether. If it weren’t for the internet, a whole lot of us would still be unemployed. But if you are a person looking to earn more money out of it or wish to start something of your own, then you would be very interested in WP Robot Plugin.  WP Robot is the great plugin for AutoBlogging on WordPress. In this review, I will show you all WP Robot plugin features and what it can do for you. Get WP Robot Plugin Discount coupon code too.

Wp robot review plugin

You can create a blog or an online content site of your own. The investment is minimalist and the outputs could be great. We may have witnessed techniques of all kinds of marketing, but if you understand online marketing then you can be a freelancer. WP Robot Plugin is an auto blogging plugin which can blog articles on your behalf.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what features make your task easier with auto blogging.


WP robot review templates

WP Robot plugin comes with a large number of template options, which you can edit before posting. Templates allow you to mix two or more combinations of modules and create a unique field for readers. The vast and exhaustive contents will further improve your indexing by Google and add to the value of your blogging site.


So far you have read about WP Robot Plugin to be an auto blogging robot which automatically posts blogs from various sites to your blogs. But making copies of something can get you into trouble for sharing high resemblance with other articles available online. In such cases other products can even get you blacklisted by Google and jeopardize your business. However, you will never face any copyright issues for the content generated by this premium WordPress plugin as it is directly retrieved from the Official website API program.

Site management

With WP Robot Plugin you can create your own set of keywords, set them for a specific category and the plugin will automatically create categories of your choice on autopilot. There is no limitation set to the number of keywords, that way you have a goldmine of contents in terms of long tail keywords.


WP Robot Review - The Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

After you are through with all the mini technicalities which can point towards your profit, now I can introduce you to the idea behind Modules. If you wish to make money out of it, then you will need modules to multiply your effort and financial returns. Here are the companies who will join forces with you to improvise your income.

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  • Amazon Module


Amazon is the largest online retailer with its services extending to the far corners of the earth. It is also a rich database of products which will lead you to endless topics to relate to. The Amazon module lets you post Amazon products for any keyword you like; all Amazon posts will be automatically associated with your affiliate link. All you need to do is enter your Amazon affiliate ID once inside WP Robot setting. Although the posting templates are automated, but you can always customize them before posting.

  • YouTube

A YouTube module costs 15$ in addition to the WP Robot Plugin and helps you add videos as per your requirement in your Autopilot blogs. This will also automatically add 25 comments from the YouTube video to your blog and improve your visibility. The trend of adding comments to your account also holds true for Amazon and a few others.

  • Commission Junction Module

With WP Robot Plugin you can install a plugin with Commission Junction which sells hundreds of online products. This will allow you to automatically post CJ products with descriptions on your blog so you can advertise some buy URLs and earn some affiliate commissions.

  • EBay Module

EBay is foremost sight which introduced online auctioning and today is a well versed marketplace. It will provide you tons of product with which you can relate your keywords. An installed EBay Module will let you put an endless number of auctions on your blog. However, I will suggest you to not to overcrowd your blog with ads, this will compromise on your image among the readers.

By the way, you can also select the language of your EBay auction and also the country for which the link should redirect. The country specific URLs will expand your advertising profile for international readers and monetize your future or current posts.

  • Translation Module

Another way to keep your posts fresh is by selecting offshore articles which are available in their national languages. The Translation Module is a tool available from Google to translate international languages. It does not post any contents on your blog, but it certainly translates and rewrites post to create a unique content.

  • Shopzilla Module

When it comes to product comparison Shopzilla is one of the biggies. With Shopzilla you can automatically post comparison shopping content on your blog. You can add these results to other WP Robot modules, for ex: add a price comparison to Amazon products. Your commission will be based on sales you refer by joining Shopzilla affiliate programme

You can also ensure that you post articles in human limitations by setting limits in the timer option. Right now WP Robot Plugin is available with 22 modules, with further more additions in process. The automated plugin supports all standard Image and can also add targeted tags for every post on autopilot.

Let’s discuss money

During my experiments with WP Robot Plugin I found these methods of establishing a significant online presence and juicing the most out of it.

Method 1. Quality content writing

Every warrior is trained to make ambush and to break any army by surrounding it from outside. You can only do your bit in the digital warfield by creating quality content, but in order to magnify your efforts, you will need to outnumber your opponent with the quantity of blog. Being a robot, WP Robot Plugin will share content from diverse sources on your blog automatically and help you like additional manpower.

WP robot review article spinner

However, if you really wish to make good money by attracting a good lot of people then you have got to work hard. Do not rely completely on WP Robot Plugin and share your articles on as many platforms as possible. Even if you are deploying robot, you should not post any more than two to three articles a day via WP Robot Plugin. Rapid sharing of contents from other sources can slim your chances of being indexed on Google, and trust me it’s bad for business.

The other hack you can try is using an article spinner. An article spinner rephrases every word and phrase in an article to reduce its resemblance with the original article. That way you will have more unique contents in addition to the bulk generated by WP Robot Plugin. I am suggesting you search tools so that you can generate better workflow for your website as well as get yourself indexed on Google.

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Method 2. Diversify your niche

When you have exemplary tools at your disposal, then you must fuel your roots to grow in all directions. Dynamism is a very important quality of an entrepreneur, which ensures profit in good times and survival in bad times. If your blog creates content on topics varying from online blogging to fitness, then you can become a hub to all kinds of readers.

Watch this video by WP Robot to learn how you can create blog posts related to your niche

Once you have taken care of the content part in all aspects, WP Robot Plugin kicks in to monetize your blog. With the help of this plugin you can create a mixture of articles and further categorize them to expand the range of readers. After this you can add Buy URLs from different online stores and attach them on the kind of article which best fits with their profile. WP Robot Plugin allows you to buy modules with online retailers like Amazon, ClickBank, eBay etc.

With the module system you get a vast amount of keywords which can be covered with one related product or other. But I will cover that in a later part of this article.

Method 3. Blog Auctioning


So far we have discussed methods which demand you to improvise and expand your blog posts in order to receive monetary gain on the basis of clicks, purchases and other AdSense related norms. But here is how the WP Robot Plugin proves to be a loss free investment.

With the developer license that it provides, the WP Robot Plugin can be added as a plugin for as many sites as you wish. It lets you increase your number of automated posts with each kind of blogging sites and also contributes to increase in its resale value. Yes, it is legal and you can sell your site to anyone with an average price going no less than 130$.

You will need to get WP Robot developer license for yourself as well as the clientele. This will allow your clients to receive all future updates on WP Robot and its new versions. Anytime you register a new client, you will be able to install plugin on their site along with module and features, just like a vendor. The difference lies in the fact that you are selling them sites with pre installed plugins and expect a good value.

The client on the hand will also find the entire package to be a great deal, as it includes a blogging site content, site theme a domain name and a WP Robot license which is worth $129. If you can go in profit by using just an auto blogging robot which creates mediocre quality content, then some additional work and quality content can really incline the value of the auction. This is your chance to get free of all strings attached and start creating something on the face of World Wide Web.

WP Robot Pricing

WP Robot The Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin Review

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I found the WP Robot Plugin to be easier in comparison with tools which are meant for SEO purposes. One way or the other, the target for your blog should be to stay persistent with quality and create an online presence. I will say it again that being indexed on Google can make your pockets deeper with increased value during auction. Using WP Robot Plugin will multiply your efforts and create tremendous results even with limited manpower. The cost for WP Robot Elite version (unlimited campaigns and modules) is 129$ and WP Robot Developer version comes at $499. WP Robot Developer version includes all features of elite version and comes with a license to resell sites.

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