WPS Office Review 2024 Features & Specs: Should You BUY ?

I have been using WPS Office 2018 for a couple of days now and in this review, I will share my experience and tell you whether it is the ideal choice for an office suite that suits your pocket or not. WPS Office 2018 comes in a freemium package costing around $45 for a year or just $80 for your lifetime and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office with many additional features to impress you.


Though you might argue with me that most of the open source competitors offer such a package free of cost, WPS Office 2018 surely is worth the price for the features its offers.

The Suite is a leading package for office suitable for both PC and mobile devices.  The office is available for Linux and Windows based PCs and also iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

The popularity of WPS Office can be seen in its numbers as till date it has recorded more than 550 million mobile installations. That’s Impressive!

WPS Office Review

Let us go through the features of WPS Office  in detail below:


WPS makes use of the Ribbon interface to be fully compatible with the Microsoft. Although, the menu doesn’t exactly copy the menu from the office yet provides you with the same options except for the citations.

If you are like me, who doesn’t like Ribbon Interface, no need to get worried! You can quickly change to the Static Menu Style by just clicking on the Interface Icon in WPS. Once, you restart the program; the static menu is what you see!

All the apps incorporated remember the last interface you used, so you can comfortably select different menus for different apps. For instance, Ribbon can be used for the Presentation and Static menu for Spreadsheets and Writer as per your convenience.

If you have purchased WPS, it shows the label “Premium” on the top left side.


On clicking the label, menu with File Options like Close, Save, Open, etc. is shown. This menu also has an option of “”Backup and Recover.” Here, you see the directory where WPS saves the copies of your files. On clicking the file, the backup folder gets opened, where the default location is seen.

There, you shall see a down arrow to see more options for the standard menu options like File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Window, Help.

This can be taken as a shortcut!

All the open documents are contained in a single window in WPS; this feature is lacking in Microsoft Office. Thus, it is easier to shuffle between the different files.

Compatibility and Included Apps

WPS includes Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets as the name suggests.

Compatibility offered is excellent in both handling the files and using the apps.

File Roaming is one of the amazing features that includes to save the files from different devices like laptop, mobiles and desktop to a shared cloud storage and then share the files as per your convenience. Although this feature is still in beta phase so wait for the next update to experience it.

WPS Office Writer

Once you open the WPS Office Writer, you are bound to feel nostalgic about Microsoft Word as it resembles it so much. Also, when you start typing on it, the feeling is same as it acts like Word only. But, if you are used to bibliographic formatting, grammar checking, and citations, you may feel a bit lost as these features are not included in WPS Writer.

But other features make you fall in love with this Office Suite.


Firstly, the backup folder that contains the backup files that are time managed for a better location. Secondly, the Eye Protection which turns the background of the document to medium free and the Night Mode where the background is changed to medium grey.

You get a wide choice of 130 templates to select from by clicking on the Premium button > View > Online Templates. The different categories include Resume, Memo, Letter, Invoice, Card and many others.

Once downloaded, these appear directly into the black document quickly.

WPS Office Presentation

The Suit is much more compatible with Presentation as compared to its competitors. The Microsoft presentation gets converted to WPS Office Presentation with minimal issues.

If you were bowled over by 130 templates in the WPS Writer, what you have to say about the 639 available templates in Presentation. Add to these, meetings, 19 different sound effects, and 56 eye-popping transition wipe options!


The charts are however same as in Writer and only in 2D with only the basic nine shapes.

WPS Office Spreadsheets

If looking for some change in the standard Office Excel, the Ribbon menu can be altered to the static menu as from office 2003.

The spreadsheets work excellently as expected. To help you begin, there are around 70 different templates to select from which include budgets, finance, general business, invoices, weight loss trackers and others.

Let us take a look at the new features included in iOS:-

Recently, the packages have come up with the latest features for the iOS version to offer greater productivity, better convenience through presenting, recording and advanced file sharing features.

File Transfer – This is a unique, and very helpful feature added that permits users to send files from their PCs to iOS devices.
The files can be easily shared by entering the IP address in the PC’s browser and then with the ‘Drag and Drop’ option,’ move the files from computer to the iPhone. Also, the same data can be shifted back to the computer as well.


Wire Projection – With this new feature, your iOS device converts into a presenter.
This is done with the help of a VGA adapter and a wired connection. Easily, users can project their presentation from the iOS device to a computer. Also, the WPS Wire Projection feature can be fully optimized to make sure of the maximum resolution irrespective of the TV or Projector size.

Wireless Projection – If your iPad or iPhone doesn’t have a dongle, then Wireless Projection saves you. With this feature, you can wirelessly send your presentations to any AirPlay device or Smart Connect TV.

Record PPT – With the help of this feature, you can easily create videos from the content on presentations and use them for YouTube or your webinars. Also, there is a feature in Record PPT where users can record their voice while the slides are presented. The voice recorded gets saved as an MP4 file.

The main differences in the Free and Paid Versions

Though the free edition provides the same features as offered in the Paid Version, some of the features get unlocked only when you click on the first pop-up ad.

The features of the ad are comments, Mail Merge, track Change, Save to PDF and others. Sometimes, these ads do get annoying, but these disappear int the premium versions.


WPS Office is an excellent choice with the amazing features and without burning a hole in your pocket.Look out for the latest features that are surely bound to allure you towards the suite!

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  1. HI,
    WPS office is really good , I use it on PC as well as Android Smartphone. WPS office offer so many features. Installing package is very tiny which don’t take lots off space of hard drive.
    Ravindra Paradhi.

  2. Hi Aishwar,

    Thanks for your great post!
    I also used WPS and I agree with you that is a great application where you can used in editing as well as can used as reader unlike the other applications. And as of now still using WPS and really A+


  3. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this impressive and informative post. I always love to read your articles and I’ve learned many important things in your articles. Please keep writing.

  4. Hey Aishwar,

    WPS is really great for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets. Compatibility is excellent, both in using the programs and handling files in the Office format.

    One feature that almost works and could be helpful is File Roaming, still marked beta. The idea is to save files from our desktop, laptop and mobile devices to personal cloud storage, then share those files between all devices. It saved files from various devices, but those files weren’t visible to the other devices.

    WPS Office does an excellent job of fulfilling its promise to be as much like Microsoft Office as possible while costing less and providing a few more neat features. Competing with Microsoft on price is one thing, but competing with OpenOffice and LibreOffice at zero bucks is quite another. WPS Office has a narrow niche and fills it well. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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