WPvivid Review: Can You Trust This Backup & Transfer WordPress Plugin?

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WordPress is the most popularly used website building platform in the world right now with around 60% of the website in the world running on it. Often touted as the best Content Management System (CMS) platform in the world, WordPress is one of the most flexible website building platforms. The high customization abilities make it the easiest to use platforms of its type.

What makes WordPress, even more, user-friendly are the facts that 1) It can be used by anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge about coding and 2) WORDPRESS PLUGINS!

WordPress Plugins

A plugin is a piece of software that contains a set of features that can be attached to a blog of WordPress. They can expand the functionality of your WordPress pages or add fresh characteristics. WordPress plugins are published and integrated seamlessly with WordPress in the programming language of PHP.

There’s a saying going around in the WordPress community: “there’s a plugin for that.” They create it simpler for customers without understanding a single line of code to add characteristics to their website. The formal WordPress plugin folder offers thousands of WordPress plugins free of charge. Besides free plugins, tons of incredible business plugins are accessible from third-party businesses and developers.

What is WPvivid?

WPvivid is a developer of amazing WordPress plugins that every website proprietor in WordPress would like to simplify and automate their website leadership features.

WPvivid Review - Backup Plugin

WPvivid is a WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin all in one. It is a free plugin intended to safely back up your WordPress page to various major suppliers of cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. The plugin enables customers of the app to migrate their WordPress page with a single tap to a fresh domain.

WPvivid Backup Plugin is their flagship plugin that prepares you for the worst possible events that will require a quick restore of your files and is available for download on wordpress.org.


Generally speaking, WPvivid is a powerful packaged plugin feature and is capable of making your backup and migration operations a smooth flow experience. Here are 3 of WPvivid’s greatest characteristics (according to us) out of a lot of exciting and incredible characteristics.  

  • Automatic Backup

Setup and forget that the plugin will automatically back up your website to top-rated suppliers of cloud storage.

  • One-Click Restore

Quick and easy! With just one press, restore your WordPress page from a backup.

  • Easy Site Migration

Migrate your WordPress site to a new domain with a single click.


WPvivid allows users to upload and save their important documents and website settings over the cloud on various well known and reliable cloud services like

WPvivid Review - Cloud Features

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • DigitalOcean

Furthermore, they also support FTP, SFTP methods which you can use on any other remote storage provider supporting these methods. Their team of developers is constantly working hard to add more services to their kitty.

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Backup facilities

When it comes to backing up your website data, WPvivid is studded with some very smooth and powerful tools and options that one can use,

  • Backup Limits

Free setting the number of backup records you want to maintain on your servers.

  • Splitting backup

Ability to divide backups into as many components as you need is convenient if you have size boundaries.

  • No Backup Size Limit

Only your cloud storage and account hosting sizes are limited. We’re not restricting you.

  • Localhost Backup

Ability to generate local backups.

  • Automated backup plan

Multiple ranges of backup schedules: every 12 hours, every day, every week, every two weeks, every month.

  • Backup what you want

You can choose what to back up; the full location, documents or just the database. You can readily generate a local duplicate on your PC and download backups from your web site server or cloud storage to your local devices.

  • Optimized for any host

Improve your success level of backup by generating backups depending on the boundaries of your host.

Creating a Manual Backup

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will have a fresh WPvivid Backup zone in your WordPress dashboard where you will be able to handle backups on your site. Creating a backup manually is super simple, and you can choose to back up:

  • Your entire website, including both the files and the database
  • Just the files
  • Only the database

WPvivid Review - Manual Backup

Having these options is helpful because sometimes you don’t want to produce a complete backup on the same timetable. For example, if your site receives lots of comments, you may want to back up the database every day, but do the files only once a week.

You can also choose to save your backup locally or link to distant storage (more about it in a second). WPvivid also has a devoted Settings tab that allows you to display some technical features for how your backups work where you can divide your backup into components to prevent limitations, exclude big documents, set PHP boundaries and more.

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Migration using WPvivid

Not only for backups, but WPvivid can also assist you to migrate your WordPress page between distinct locations/domains. This instrument can be used to migrate everything from your past internet server, or you can just migrate the database or the records.

WPvivid Review - Migrating Site

This makes playing on your own locations very easy because you can use it to build your own staging alternative or switch from a local growth alternative to your live server.

It also does this without pushing you to upload documents (although you can do so, too). You will need to enter the WPvivid plugin on your initial WordPress page to use this function as well as a new WordPress to migrate your page to.

Why Should You Use WPvivid Backup Plugin?

WPvivid is one of the most popular free WordPress website backup and migration plugins. In terms of ease of use, layout, and functionality, it has many significant advantages over other comparable plugins. Here are the main points to emphasize why you should use WPvivid.

  • Easy to use

Create or recover a backup or use a single button to move your website.

  • Full Control

Set each file’s size boundary. Files exceeding the size limit will not be backed up.

  • Large Database Support

Successfully tested on up to 2 GB database size.

WPvivid Review - Dashbard

  • Clean Temp Files

Clean up all the temporary and junk files created during the backup and restoration process.

  • Instant Email Report

Upon closure, get notified by email of your backup status.

  • Log Files

During backup and restoration, the plugin maintains a path of operations so you can readily solve problems. We will invite you to give us this document if you need our assistance.

  • Super responsive

Design works on all devices, tablets for phones, PCs.

Conclusion: WPvivid Review

Since WordPress is the most popularly used website building platform in the world, it is naturally obvious that website owners would want WordPress plugins that can enhance the backup and migration functionalities of their website.

WPvivid is extremely reliable in this foray and most importantly, it is free! The ease of use of this plugin allows website owners to back up their entire database securely to the most secure cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and more.

You can even choose what all you want to back up to the server, whether it’s just the files or the entire database. WPvivid is also a capable solution to migrate everything from your past internet server, or you can just migrate the database or the records. All in all, WPvivid will effortlessly suffice any kind or backup and migration operations for a WordPress website of any size or niche!

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