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    If you are an internet marketer like me then you are always on a lookout for good SEO tools that can help you popularise your and your client’s websites. SEO tools not only help us in increasing traffic on our website and getting a good rank, but they make our work easy, save us time and give us guaranteed results.

    The best things about SEO tools are they help us achieve our goal quick and easily. Their amazing features have made SEO tools a necessity for every internet marketers and website owners.

    Today I am going to tell you about one such tool called Xrumer.

    Xrumer Review

    There are tons of SEO tools available in the market. But the problem is most of SEO tools available are just scams. Lot of us lose money on such fake SEO tools. If you Google you will find lot of people telling their stories how they got ripped off by these fake SEO tools. That is why I did a thorough research on SEO tools before investing money.

    I went through blogs, websites and forums and that is how I came across XRUMER. Even though there were good things written all around about XRUMER, I had my suspicion. Most of reviews we find are written by people who are paid to write things by the creators.

    Don’t fall prey to fake SEO tools. Do your research before investing your hard earned money.

    I have been using it for more than 2 years. And I must say it is one of the smartest decisions I have taken in my career. Xrumer has helped my business grow at much faster rate than I expected. It is one of the best link building programs available in the market.  It saves you from long, time taking, and boring task of building backlinks. You may be aware that backlinks are the best way to improve ranking of your website. But as I said building backlinks is not an easy task.

    Here is where XRUMER comes to rescue. It scours hundreds and thousands of websites, blogs, and forums related to niche of your website and creates backlinks there. It will give you list of new websites every day.

    Xrumer Review

    Let me tell you about some amazing features of Xrumer

    Xrumer is a fully automated tool which doesn’t need any human intervention. You don’t have to babysit this tool. You just have to provide the content and click start. Xrumer will create profiles on popular websites related to your niche, verify the email, fill forms and even create avatars.

    Xrumer can solve 150000 types of graphical captcha and 110000 kinds of textual captcha and can defeat websites mechanism that tends to defeat robot or automation software. You see how easy it makes your work.

    Now you don’t have to sit in front of computer and do everything step by step. All you have to do is click start and Xrumer will do all the work for you.

    Xrumer Review

    Due to its fully automated feature I don’t have to hire people, which save me lot of money and time. Because of Xrumer the time I save I spend it in meeting new clients and planning my strategies to expand my business.

    One of the best features of Xrumer is that it is not limited to English websites and search engines. You can provide the text in English and it will translate it in the language of your target website. The proxy feature of Xrumer is impeccable, when you are using an automated SEO tool to scour websites and blogs there are chances are that you might get spotted and get blocked or blacklisted. But impeccable proxy feature of Xrumer will not let you get caught.

    You will receive list of updated proxies every now and then.

    Xrumer Review

    Only thing missing in Xrumer is an Article spinner. You cannot submit same content on various website you might face duplicate content penalty. But don’t worry you can buy tools which can help you create hundreds of unique contents within seconds. You need to be careful when you are submitting contents using Xrumer. You need to maintain adequate time gap. Don’t submit content on 1000 websites within minutes as Google and other search engines can detect you and blacklist you.

    Xrumer has everything you will ever need to increase traffic on your website and get it on the first page of Google. After using this amazing tool for two years now I can confidently say Xrumer is the best tool available in the market.  If you use it smartly you can dominate the market and surpass your competitors.

    You can buy Xrumer from here

    I strongly recommend Xrumer to all my fellow internet marketers and website owners. And if you don’t like the software or you are not happy with the result, don’t worry. You are protected under 14 days money back guarantee. I hope your journey with Xrumer proves to be as pleasant as mine.

    Here is a video of Xrumer to let you know more about it in detail

    Video Credits: SEO And Methods Of Online Marketing

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    1. Alex

      Yep, a great powerful tool for SEO. By the way, there is SocPlugin (Facebook tool) included in XRumer 12 😉

    2. Sowrabh NM


      Thanks for your kind words. I am a newbie blogger & have come across Xrumer, Senuke, GSA SER & Scrapebox. I am totally confused to buy one tool among these so request you to please suggest me the best tool for backlinks building.



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