What is Yeesshh? Private Marketplaces For Pop Traffic

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What is Yeesshh?

Yeesshh review

Yeesshh is an international digital advertising network which provides advertisers and publishers with high quality pop-under and pop-up solutions. It is a network that ensures highest profit for both publishers and advertisers based on advanced bidding system. Yeesshh picks only the best ads to deliver to its publishers, since it prefers quality over quantity.

They ensure that only best ads with high quality are being delivered to their publishers which they like displaying on their websites. Yeesshh accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, which is a very good thing about them. This clearly means that publishers can monetize their both kind of websites.


Yeesshh ad network does not offer referral commissions for its publishers.

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Yeesshh Ad formats

Over the years, Yeesshh has cemented them as one of the best in pop-up and pop-under advertising network. Today they offer pop-up and pop-under ads as its primary solution to publishers.

They offer 5 different ad formats to its publishers to monetize their website:

  • Pop under ads
  • Pop up ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • New tab ads
  • Direst link ads


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Yeesshh: Highlight features

Yeesshh offers a bucket full of services and features that will help Publishers boost their monetization and advertisers to pump up their business.


  • Heavy Load

Yeesshh auto scale infrastructure is powerful enough to take any load and ensures no down time!

  • Content control

Yeesshh enforce a strict policy regarding our ad campaigns, and only send you the ones you will like.

  • Fill Rate

1000+ Offers accross 15 categories on 36 geos: Available to you day and night from direct advertisers with accurate real-time tracking.

  • No Minimum Threshold

They offer flexible payments with no minimum threshold and personalized attention.

  • Competitive Bids

Yeesshh only picks the best bids thanks to direct advertisers. This is how they achieve well above average returns and we are proud of it.

  • Fast

Yeesshh serve from all corners on the globe and are experts in answer time, proudly ensuring no time out!


  • Exclusive, massive traffic

Yeesshh are specialized in developing private exchanges to bring traffic you will not access directly. Exposure to 700 m+ users everyday, worldwide through mobile and desktop display.

  • Targeting

Yeesshh offers efficient and powerful targeting with the help of geo, carrier, OS, device, keyword, browser, vertical, domain, behavioral or contextual, time related, with any frequency.

  • Live Bids

Yeesshh effectively sees your delivery and provides live tracking of stats that are updated every 100 seconds. Monitor how they adapt bids to your performance and then access it from one location, on any screen.

  • Auto Blocker

Ask their experts to plug Yeesshh Auto blocker through which they identify automatically non converting source and block them on the go 24/24. This service is extremely efficient and allows you to keep only converting sources.

  • Close relationships

Yeesshh have extended contacts, names and faces so you will not need to worry about generic email at Yeesshh. They even have multilingual partners and customer support that speak your language, and are easy to deal with.

  • Content filtering

Yeesshh thoroughly makes sure that every advertisement and corresponding traffic is disclosed and is accepted by a manual validation. Thus users will get only what they want, where they want.

What should you join Yeesshh? (Major advantages)

Yeesshh provides a spectrum of services to both publishers and advertisers to yield the best possible results.

  • If you join as a publisher, this network offers the highest possible rates as your ad space is sold to the top bidder when advertisers bid for your ad space.
  • Now as an advertiser, you get the option to promote your content only on the best and most profitable ad spaces. Thus, it results in a boost in both performance and profit for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Their ads are fast loading and compatible to all devices. So, whether you have web or mobile traffic, you can monetize it. Also, it provides 100% fill rate, so, none of your traffic remains unsold. So, you can expect higher revenue from this network.
  • Apart from its high quality and high paying ads, this network also offers some other great facilities to its affiliates. Some of the highlight features offered by Yeesshh include detailed stats reporting system, low minimum payout, easy website approval and great support.
  • Yeesshh allows you to see country based and date based stats of your ads offers through their detailed stats reporting system. Its stats reporting system shows date, clicks, country, feed id, feed name, CTR, revenue, CPC, etc.
  • Its stats reporting system also offers an export feature that you can use to export your reports in two different formats.

Yeesshh Signup & Approval

Every user prefers a service to have easy sign up and set up. Yeesshh offers you just that. Their sign up and approval process for publishers is simple.

  • To sign up on it, the all you need is to fill up a simple registration form and submit it.
  • Once that is done, you can instantly login to your account.
  • Now you can create your campaign and make a topup
  • They approve your URL once that is done and every time you change the URL. It is simple and fast.

If you want more information regarding their offers and services, just jump into their official website www.yeesshh.com and signup for free. Fill in the required credentials and submit it for review by their team.

For additional support, customer care and social follow up make use of the following information.

Customer Support: www.yeesshh.com/support

Yeesshh payouts

The minimum top up for advertisers is 150$ only, they have reputation of being good players, all at net30.

Yeesshh offers four of the most preferred payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal, Credit card( 3DS), Bitcoin and Bank Wire.

Yeesshh pros & cons

Every marketing idea has its set of merits and demerits that either make it the best or worst thing for customers. Yeesshh is nothing different.

From my personal user experience and from reviews from my fellow internet marketing friends who tried out Yeesshh for publishing and advertising projects, I have about a dozen pros compared to just one con.


  • One stop shop for POPS (Pop up, Pop under, Interstitial, Direct link, New tab)
  • Only 150$ minimum topup
  • Real time updates of the stats
  • Quick website approval process
  • Auto placklister of sources depending on your campaign performance
  • Good customer support
  • Payment frequency on Net 30 basis for publishers
  • 100% fill rate
  • Pay for worldwide traffic
  • High CPM rate


No referral commission for its publishers.


Over To You :

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