Yotpo Review 2024: Is It Really Worth it? (Pros & Cons)

Are you ready to reveal your sales data for higher conversion rates? How much do you value the privacy of your customers? Last week, I experimented with a new test service called Yotpo.
If you have not heard of it yet, it’s an ecommerce add-on that supports collecting and publishing product reviews in a number of ways.
Read on to see the results of the experiment and see if I decided to use the supplement in my shop or not.
Read Our Detailed Yotpo Review and get more information about the application.

Detailed About Yotpo Review

Yotpo is a cloud-based customer content marketing platform for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. With the solution, users can collect all user-generated content and use it to create a brand and manage the customer experience.
With Yotpo’s integrated solution, brands can collect, manage, manage and respond to user-generated content from a single platform. Yotpo offers a variety of integrations with third-party rating systems such as Google Seller Ratings, Facebook and Twitter.
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These features allow users to monitor the SEO of their ecommerce websites and businesses their social networks. Yotpo offers a range of content marketing features such as email marketing, marketing analytics, and automation, social marketing, marketing resource management, mobile search, and marketing.
The company offers start-up, mid-range and corporate options, which are settled monthly.

What are the characteristics of Yotpo?

The amazing features of this tool can explain the reasons why many people would not create their marketing content without the use of Yotpo. From its interactive function to its social advantage, no one doubts the usefulness of this tool. Features include:
  • Comments: As a user of the tool, you can leave comments when using it. There is also room for questions/answers from the community.
  • Special Support: Yotpo offers special support platforms for customers who need to ask questions about technical issues.
  • User-friendly interface: Yotpo is simply an “aesthetic” personalization tool that attracts customers with its beauty. It is a relatively simple tool that allows users to interact easily.
  • Powerful Analysis: Yotpo is popular for his great analytical power.

Yotpo review - analytics

  • Multiple electronic commerce: The Yotpo tool has not been eliminated. It is his ability to integrate as many electronic commerce platforms as possible. More than 15 of the major e-commerce platforms.
  • Multilingualism: The Yotpo  tool supports more than 25 languages.
  • Tools to convert your comments into SEO Gold.
  • Social integration and dissemination: Yotpo is a fully social tool that integrates social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Do you want to expand your business?

The growth plan of Yotpo is aimed at companies that are just beginning. With the Growth Plan, you can start modestly and pay for your growth with an affordable and scalable plan.
In addition to all the features included in the free plan, the growth plan includes many of Yotpo’s most popular premium features:
yotpo review - tools and service
Yotpo review, rich snippets, coupons, email notifications, product recommendation widgets, site reviews, and many other features for growing businesses.

What problems will Yotpo solve? (Read full Yotpo Review)

1) Too little criticism.
With Yotpo’s exclusive Mail After Purchase technology, you can get more reviews as the application eases the process for your customers.
2) Do not market with critics.
Reviews are your most powerful marketing tool. You need to use them on search engines and social networks to build trust, increase traffic and increase conversions. With Yotpo you can do all this and more.
Yotpo review - social media marketing
3) Do not interact with customers to keep them
Customers who write reviews will make 4 more chances to make another purchase. Yotpo makes sure that the termination is not the end of your relationship. Answer reviews, send questions to former buyers of new visitors and tie loyal customers to build loyalty.

What marketing issues is Yotpo concerned with?

Companies that do not receive the desired number of comments will want to use Yotpo’s Email After Purchase feature. In fact, this Yotpo feature simplifies and simplifies the customer review process.
Even large companies face another important problem: they can not use their good ratings. Positive customer feedback is the cornerstone of a growing business and should be used accordingly. A good review can be an effective marketing tool if used properly.
Using good search engines and active social networks will increase your brand’s trust, generate more traffic on the main site, and ultimately lead to better conversion rates.
Yotpo Review - Benefits
Too many companies neglect the commitment of the customer. As a matter of fact, customers whose pen ratings are four times higher are buying them again. A review should be the beginning of a business relationship with a customer, not the end of the business relationship.
That’s why Yotpo was developed to respond to those good words and comments and to send polls, coupons and new customer requests outside the city. All of these efforts are aimed at making customers happy in the place that made them happy, on their website.

How it works

Once you sign in to your Yotpo account, AdRoll integrates the latest 5-star rating into a dynamic web ad unit for each recommended product, based on the browsing habits of your visitors.

Yotpo review - customize email

If there is no 5-star rating, the next highest rating will be published. If a product contains no comments, the ad only displays the image, name, and price of the product.
Yotpo review - email work process
Note: Only accounts with an active product feed can use this feature. For each account that uses one of our supported Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or PrestaShop integrations, or if you manually load a feed, a product feed is created for free.
If you are using a different platform, contact your account manager to set up a product flow.

Yotpo Reviews: What you can do with Yotpo

A great question to ask at this point! Once we understand what Yotpo means and what its properties are, we can ask what advantages the use of this tool has in store. Ok, let’s get to the bottom of it.
1. Collect, manage and manage all UGCs from a single platform
As a user, you can collect, organize, and manage all revisions and user-generated content (UGC) from a single platform. With Yotpo’s integrated solution, marketers can respond to all types of user content from a single platform.
2. Yotpo can be adapted to companies.
Again, Yotpo can adapt to any kind of business, be it small, large or medium-sized. The robust Yotpo platform was developed specifically for e-commerce and scalable businesses for all sizes of online businesses.
Yotpo review - business to business
3. You can submit reviews online.
As the number of stars increases the purchases and the average value of your order (AOV), you can quickly add the average number of stars to the number of comments next to each product.
4. Enables you to use and generate social tests for more conversions
By using all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, eCommerce businesses benefit from visibility and criticism.

Benefits of Yotpo Review

The main benefits of Yotpo are the transformation of its buyers into regular customers, the improvement of the customer experience, the improvement of its processes through social management and the offer of advertising functions.
The good thing about Yotpo is how the user experience changes and encourages random visitors to shop regularly.
If you’re an online retailer or a new business looking for traffic, Yotpo is the solution for you. With Yotpo, it’s expected that hard work will be done once the customer has landed on their website and wants to buy, rather than completing tedious tasks.
Recently, the software introduced a social retention feature that differentiates and collects the best content generated by the customer on Instagram, and makes it easy to find photos, downloadable feeds, and easily manage and moderate rights.
Yotpo review - business Mockup
Currently, Yotpo is the only application that extends conversions by providing customers with legitimate means to respect social platforms and place them on the pages of their products.
The organization improved its structure with the analysis package, allowing it to immerse in its UGC channel and report content, conversions or optimization practices. All participation and conversion data is displayed in a panel where customers can easily visualize the disadvantages and choose how to improve their techniques.
The software also includes advertising features that allow you to dramatically develop your ad serving strategies and adhere to all social advertising models, especially on Instagram. Mobile response applications and e-mail forms make it easy to create reviews so that customers can rate their articles on different devices in different ways.
In addition, the software interface is easy to use and intuitive, which means that it can be used by less experienced people.

Yotpo Premium Packages include:

  • Social Healing: Social Healing makes it easier to gain more traffic and sales by turning your customers’ Instagram photos into better marketing assets for your brand.
  • User-Generated Photos: Collect and present customer photos and take a comprehensive approach to visual marketing.
  • Integral Social Integration: You and your customers can share 5-star ratings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • SEO Success: We offer extensive snippets, Google seller ratings, and product ads that significantly increase Google’s clickthrough rate.

Yotpo review - business Pricing plan

  • Community questions and answers: Answer customer questions directly on the product page or automatically send questions to previous buyers for them to answer.
  • Yotpo Ads – Converts reviews to paid ads on Facebook. Annotated ads reduce CPA by 50% and increase the clickthrough rate by 300%.
  • Vouchers: Offer your customers vouchers to write and share opinions to boost your purchases and review your conversion rate.
  • Product recommendations: Choose products to encourage and encourage potential buyers to increase customer value throughout their lives.
  • Comments – Reply publicly or privately to your thoughts in order to thank or resolve problems.
    And much more

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo offers a free trial and a number of free features for anyone who wants to use them. There is also a “growth plan” that costs $ 29 a month and works as a tiered pricing system. The more orders your company receives monthly, the higher the price.
Yotpo review - business
When you reach the 500 level, it’s time to choose one of the personalized pricing plans that match your sales activity. But the free trial and the free plan are pretty powerful in and of themselves.
The following is included:
  • Comments from products and websites,
  • Smart-reviewed memories
  • Import existing magazines,
  • Manual verification requirements,
  • Badge,
  • Tab “Comments”, SEO page,
  • Comment Carousel,
  • If the critic’s comment,
  • Vouchers,
  • Sales by e-mail,
  • Social exchange, manual and automatic social push,
  • Rich Snippets (for supported platforms),
  • Dashboard,
  • presentation
The upper level is called “Powerhouse” and its price depends on individual Yotpo offers. Include all the above features with these extras:
All functions of the free plan:
  • HTML editor,
  • Customized evaluation forms,
  • Revision request on account,
  • CSS Editor Widget,
  • Questions and answers from the community.
  • Facebook Comment tab,
  • HubSpot integration,
  • Yotpo ads for Facebook,
  • Google product display ads,
  • SEO online,
  • Facilitation of the helpdesk,
  • Advertised products,
  • Blacklist of products,
  • Products of the group,
Live Moderation – Successful manager with three seats and dedicated customer
Yotpo review - business free service Pricing plan
After all, Yotpo’s highest price level is called “visual marketing” and is an addition to the powerhouse plan. Of course, it includes all features of Powerhouse as well as the following:
  • Instagram social cure,
  • User-created photos,
  • Visual Gallery of UGC,
  • Photos of the carousel,
  • Instagram Shoppable,
  • Yotpo Ads for Instagram,
  • Social push with customer photos,
  • Pinterest push

Yotpo: How does Yotpo provide technical support?

Yotpo runs an online technical support discussion forum, where a team of customer service representatives takes care of the issues. Technical support solutions are usually routed to the Help Center. You can also use and submit a support ticket option and wait for a response in a few hours.

Yotpo Review: What are the Pros and Cons of Yotpo?

Here are some details:


  • Comments and content created by the user on the product detail page (UGC)
  • Social interaction with customers when reviewing the product.
  • Automated e-mail requests for comments on products and services.
  • Generate product content.
  • Provide a client-to-client verification structure


  • Browsing the administration portal is not always easy to remember at the beginning.
  • Although the moderation menu looks good, it is considered more confusing. The old interface of the tool is considered a better option, which is easier to follow.
  • The media does not react immediately. Solving a problem can take a day or two.

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Conclusion: Is Yotpo worth the price? | Yotpo Review 2024

The verdict in Yotpo is that it’s worth the price. There are many reasons for that. First, the company has developed a unique product that solves all sorts of business issues.
In particular, it effectively drives new customers to a location and helps to return satisfied customers. This is the key to your success.
The free trial and free trial plan are a smart way for e-commerce professionals to try out Yotpo and see how much they want it. If this sounds useful, you are choosing a higher price level.
There is a small drawback that the highest values ​​are only estimated. It would be easier to assess the profitability and overall value of Yotpo if these higher-level prices were standardized or at least somewhat more transparent.
The Yotpo application has proved successful, attracting millions of satisfied users.
We hope you enjoyed reading and we wish you a lot of success ahead. Do share Yotpo Review post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, share your opinion on the comment section.
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