Your Blog is Your Child – Will You Get Demotivated while Nurturing Your Kid?

Hey bloggers!!!

I know already that if you have landed on this post of mine, you are either still struggling to earn through your blog or have not reached the level of income you expected when you started your blog. Well, demotivation and anxiety go hand in hand for bloggers especially when the blog is still at the stage of building credibility.

Before I start with the key points to motivate you as a blogger, let me share something more practical with you through an example.

As a blogger (Most of you may empathize with me), I started nurturing my blog like a child. I watched it each day for its progress. What were the new developments and what all was needed to feed it in order to make it healthy. This is the same as we do for our kids. We feed them with best stuff so that they come out well in society.

Moving on, I started developing the blog with morals and ethics of SEO and genuine and white hat methods to promote it. Consider this as a child who is 7-8 years old, who knows what to do but needs constant vigilance on what he is doing so that he does not move into ill things. I made sure that my blog was developing in a healthy way.

Your Blog is Your Child – Will You Get Demotivated while Nurturing Your Kid?

Every blogger does and even I was frustrated at times.

Coming back to the motivation objective from where we started, there were several times, I felt

‘What the hell!!! Will I be able to become successful in blogging ever?’ A single comment, an appreciation, cheers on my Facebook profile and pages motivated me as if you see the smile of your child and forget everything.

Now, is the time, when my blog is at a stage of adolescence, the most struggling yet the most cherishing stage of our lifetime. It is lovely to see your child grow to adolescence when you know it is to shine like a superstar.

MOTIVATION– is not to be created; it is to be felt through various means. If you have decided to get into blogging and want to earn, it is for you to decide whether you just want to live with it or you want to relish it.

Talking well about my child-my blog, let me help you nurture your blog in the same way. Here are few key ways you can help yourself to get motivated while you are nurturing your blog and facing challenges:

Passion is not the Only Word

I have seen several bloggers say, ‘Blogging is my passion’, BUT, they hardly mean it. It is important to understand what they say-‘Action speaks louder than voice’. You need to make sure that it is not the mere beauty of words that you love your blog.

You need to show it through your actions. Develop, pay attention to where it is going and write for yourself primarily. Remember anything you are passionate about primarily give pleasure to YOU and not anyone else.

When your passion gives you pleasure and you work on it dedicatedly, this is when people see the results and then you get appreciation. Your actions depict your expertise and then you become popular. So, it is not to please others, rather you need to please yourself first.

Plan your Content

Create Compelling Contents for high rank in Search Engine

It is really important to plan what you need to feed your blog. I am a foodie and often love to give an example. How would you feel if you are invited for dinner and you are expecting a 4-course meal.

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However, to your surprise, the moment you reach, you are served with the main course, and then the appetizers like soups and fruits and salads, thereafter the dessert is served and lastly you get the starters. Isn’t it all topsy-turvy? Would you love it? Would you ever go to the same place again for dinner?

Similary, you need to make sure that you organize your content perfectly. Offer your readers information that goes from basic to advanced level. Talking haphazardly about information you know, will never help and would rather be a turn off for your followers.

Focus on Your Blog – Not Others

Creating a Content Strategy

I remember once my brother was travelling to Chicago and he came across one of the famous personalities in India (not to disclose the name) sitting beside him in the aircraft. He remembered that he was reading newspaper at the airport waiting lounge and he had just read something amazing about this man sitting next to him. So, he decided to start a conversation with him.

He asked politely, “ I just read the news talking about you today. It was motivating. Did you happen to read the newspaper with your clipping today?”

His answer was, “If I was reading the newspaper I would not have been the protaganist of that news. I have achieved because I was focused on what I needed to do.”

This incident motivated me to great extent. It is true my dear bloggers!!

I do not say that do not see around but only when it really helps. Seeing others growing and getting demotivated since you have not reached the same level is not going to help. Focus on what you need to do for your personal growth. There may be some of you who may not agree to this point of mine, however, this is my way of blogging and moving ahead and it has helped me too.

These are simply some ways to keep you motivated while you are blogging. I have tried to hit you emotionally this time. It is not always the practical and technical tips and advices that work. We are humans and we need some emotional support and morale to keep us going.

So, next time you pick your lappy for writing or blogging, make sure you feel it first. And let me know when you started to fall in true love with your blog. Remember, there is a huge difference between nurturing and caring. You must start nurturing your blog to stay motivated, caring for your blog can be done by anyone anytime…….

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