Zenkit Review 2021: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features ( Worth It ?)

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Customer Service
Ease of use
Value for money
Management Capacity


  • Enterprise-grade organization management
  • Bring more information to your platform, and become better informed
  • Zenkit interface is highly configurable
  • Best Software for Information Management
  • Integrate with over 1500 services
  • Amazing app for SCRUM
  • Zenkit is helping teams to stay connected
  • You can automate your business processes with zenkit
  • Zenkit has all the features of Trello, Wunderlist, etc and adds a lot more


  • The data storage limits are relatively low
  • More pricing options needed

With Zenkit you can define different Collections and Teams for different purposes and adjust them precisely to their corresponding purpose. The productivity suite focused on your natural workflow Zenkit gives you the flexibility and freedom to organize your work the way you want. Zenkit offers very clean and pleasant interface. You must try Free version of Zenkit.

Price:$ 9

Looking for a review of Zenkit that covers all the aspects of this platform. You have landed at the right place. In this article, I will be talking about everything that you should know about Zenkit so that it becomes easy for you to figure out if the platform is worth your investment. 

The market is full of tools that can manage your to-do tasks and lists. Zenkit is one such tool, which is a super robust planning system and at the same time pretty friendly to use. It combines all the essential features that you will come across on platforms like Wunderlist, Microsoft Planner, or Trello with various basic functions like calendar, database, and spreadsheet.

You will also find an option of mind-mapping. In the past, it has offered web services along with mobile apps that included a few prime features. But now, there are apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

zenkit g2 reviews

These are PWAs that mean Progressive Web Apps that do not offer many integrations to the OS services like the notifications, but it can give you offline access to each and every feature without a need of fiddling around the browser in order to manage the offline syncing and storage. What makes it even better is the fact that it has some basic shortcuts for keyboards, which enhances its accessibility. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Zenkit is one of the best project management tool which can help you in managing your day-to-day tasks of your business. It is an amazing alternative to Trello as well. You can manage the data of your project in here and you team can share their ideas and thoughts to help you in the process. Use Zenkit to manage your business easily.

Now that we have a brief idea about this platform, let us dive deeper into the details. 

Zenkit Review: In A Nutshell

To begin with, in simple terms, Zenkit is a platform that offers tools for collaborative project management and is considered one of the best alternatives to platforms like Trello. With this platform, you can manage the data in the life cycle of the project. You can provide a workspace online that can be used by your team in order to organize their ideas and tasks.

What’s More? Zenkit can make workflow both productive as well as comfortable by the functions it offers for collaboration, issue tracking, customization, and management.

Zenkit top features and testimonials

It can work significantly irrespective of the size of your team. You can simply customize the wide array of functions according to your needs. Though the tool is in the German language, that is not a cause of worry because you get support in the English language as well. Zenkit makes your collaboration with the team effortless, and you can very easily track your projects, timesheets, issues, and ideas.

An Introduction to the Zenkit Basics

You can use this tool for personal use as well as it can track for you your events like holidays and parties, your fitness goals, save your recipes, and can have a lot more to offer. 

Zenkit - Overview

The product also enables you to collaborate with your team members with the help of comments, assign them tasks, and also get reminders and notifications. Version 3.0 launched by Zenkit comes with the entire user interface in a redesigned manner and has an enhanced mobile experience to offer.

There are numerous features that are added along, which focus particularly on the improvement of the connectivity of the users by putting into use embeddable and published collections. Another recent addition to this wide array of features of Zenkit is the Zenkit Wiki View.

This feature helps you in organizing corporate data in the internal website that is a knowledge sharing through a platform for content management. Multiple users can easily co-create, co-edit, and collaborate wikis around the topics, interests, and knowledge that are capable of stimulating best-practices and innovation, which can ultimately lead to the growth of your organization.

Wikis can also be grouped into various field labels and types for improved navigation. The custom fields will make it easy for you to track crucial details very easily. 

You can deploy calendars, tables, mind maps, lists, and Kanban Boards in order to work with your data. If you don’t really know what Kanban is, it is a simple method of working that incorporates the ability to limit the amount of work someone can take at a point in time. As Zenkit is a Kanban app, it can compete very easily with big names like Trello. 

Zenkit word Image

Next, let us talk about the features of Zenkit.

Features Of Zenkit

zenkit advanced features

In this section, I will be talking about the prime features of Zenkit. 

  • Real-Time Collaborations

With Zenkit, you can easily invite all your co-workers, colleagues, and freelancers to collaborate with both you as well as your project.

  • The Global Search

With the option of integrated Global Search, it gets super easy to find literally anything within Zenkit in no time. 

  • Switch Views

The Switch Views option lets you see your data in various representations such as Calendar, Mindmap, List, Gant, Kanban, or in the form of a Table. 

  • Offline Mode

With Zenkit, you can access Zenkit anywhere and anytime you want, even if you do not have an internet connection. What is more incredible is the fact that the web version too supports the offline mode. 

  • Sharing Files

It is super easy to share your images and documents from the cloud storage service providers or your desktop with complete offline support. 

  • Rich Text Editing 

With the simple and easy to use rich text editor offered by Zenkit, you can very easily create visually aesthetic texts in order to make your work even better. For giving your words an edge over others, you can use markdown, HTML, or even the basic text. 

  • Favorites

This option lets you mark the crucial items in your favorite list. This way, you can access it in a jiffy and also tag them in the groups. 

  • Tracking The Activities

Zenkit with this feature lets you watch the activities right as they happen. You can very easily keep a track of all that is going on in your team or in collections and also in your individual items.

Zenkit suite


  • Notifications

The notification, rather than distracting you, is meant to help you and to make that possible, you can easily customize the notifications in such a way that you get the information you are looking for wherever and whenever you need them. 

  • Labels

The label fields of Zenkit are super flexible, meaning it helps you with categorizing the items, assigning priorities, tracking the progress, and a lot more. You can also organize the Kanban Board by the label field you are creating. 

  • Robust Filters

With the Zenkit’s robust filters, you can quickly drill down and find what you are exactly looking for. You can save the filters you frequently use in order to create the custom views. 

  • Bulk Actions

Zenkit lets you add, remove, or even replace any value in any field with multiple items so that you never get stuck in doing any sort of tedious data entry ever again. 

  • Drag And Drop 

This feature lets you organize all your projects intuitively and also move your items along as you will be progressing with drag and drop. 

  • Direct Email

You can email tasks directly to Zenkit and then assign tasks through unique email addresses. With this, you can also create new items from the inbox. 

  • Shortcuts

This feature is for the Keyboard based working. You can add items quickly, move the branches of the mind map, add the labels, and do a lot more with the shortcuts on Zenkit. 

  • Commenting

You can easily collaborate with the team working on your project through comments. This way, your conversation, and work stay connected. The comments can also be edited with the right information in case you made any mistakes. 

  • Mentions

This feature proves out to be really helpful if you need to immediately notify a team member regarding some crucial mention. By using this feature, you can ping a colleague and bring the team members you want into a particular conversation.

  • Zapbook

You get to integrate with more than 1000 of the services and apps of your choice with the help of Zapier Integration by Zenkit. 

  • Customized Backgrounds

You can easily customize the platform in a way that it will suit both you as well as your team. Simply add backgrounds as well as images of your choice by upgrading to Zenkit Plus. 

  • Colorful Items

You can very easily color your items and make them stand out. 

This will also help you in differentiating between various tasks when you use bright and bold colors. 

  • References

You can connect various items in order to create a database that is entirely custom relational. It is super easy to use it as a to-do list and is definitely way more robust as compared to a basic link. References help in keeping all your data in sync. 

  • Aggregations

You can have a look at the aggregations of any field of numbers in any view so that you can have a quick overview of the data. 

  • Formulas

You can create formulas by using any reference or number field to combine, connect, and also analyze the data that comes from any collection. 

  • Rearranging The Kanban Views

This is a plus feature that lets you group your board of Kanban by any label in the rows and lists. You can also track the progress made by members and also create priority matrices.

  • Recurring Tasks

With Zenkit, you can set up the recurring tasks. This way, you never miss your appointments. The repeater-rules offered by Zenkit are super flexible and robust enough to fit in almost every situation. 

  • Business-Ready Templates

If you are someone who is not sure where you should begin with, you can simply opt for and download one amongst the plethora of business-ready templates.

  • Global Calendar

This feature will aggregate all important dates and events in your data. This way, you will have all your information right at one point. 

Zenkit - Calendar

  • Team Inbox

You get one single place where you can view all the items that are assigned to you or to someone you have collaborated with. With this inbox for a team, you can very easily create and assign items automatically to a team without getting stuck in the technicalities of a challenging project. 

Zenkit - Inbox

  • Gantt Chart 

With the Gantt Chart, you can track and schedule all your complex projects with a clear timeline, lead and lag, critical path, milestones, and a lot more. 

  • Team Wiki 

The team wiki lets you create as well as publish content-rich and beautiful wiki in no time. You can collaborate with wiki members in real time. 

  • Checklists, To-Do-Lists, and Multi-Level Subtasks

You can very easily add sub-tasks to your tasks by using checklists. It lets you visually track progress and also mark things off that are done. This feature also enables you to turn your projects into a to-do list, making your task super easy. When you mark a task done, you can watch it move down your list. Not only that, but you also get the option of Subtasks.

Subtasks work in a similar way like a checklist do, but it comprises real items. This way, you very easily build hierarchies of your tasks on any level. 

Zenkit -Chat Magic

  • Delegating Tasks

It becomes super easy to delegate your tasks and assign them to the team members. You can also notify them about new tasks that require their attention. 

  • Syncing With Calendars

This feature will ensure that you do not miss any appointment as the Zenkit’s integration of Google Calendar will ensure that your calendar is in sync all the time. 

  • Top-Notch Administration

Zenkit employs SAML-based SSO, uses provisioning in order to manage users, and also audit as well as monitor the activities in the organizations. 

  • 2 Factor Authentication

This feature is available for every user of Zenkit that ensures the security of your account. 

  • Assigning Roles 

You can assign users with roles that will enhance the security of work and also boost the productivity of the team. 

  • SCIM Provisioning 

The platform uses SCIM providers like MS Azure AD that automatically keeps all your users in sync with the remaining infrastructure. 

Now that we have an idea of what this platform is all about and its features, let us take a look at the benefits of using this platform. 

Benefits Of Zenkit

Zenkit benefits

zenkit advanced features

There are many benefits of putting this platform into use, and in this section, I will be explaining all of them in detail.

  • Wide Array Of Features

zenkit management features

Zenkit is a platform that is power-packed with numerous incredible features that will help in leveraging the process of project management. The platform comes with the progressive web apps, public API, and many other features. You will get a great mobile experience, and in order to enhance the connectivity, both embeddable and published collections are available for the users to connect.

Other wide ranges of features you get to lay your hands on are integration with the Microsoft Teams, iCalender sync with any other calendar app, and split-screen support for iPad. All in all, this platform is pretty user-friendly and intuitive, and you do not need any sort of tutorials for getting started and using the product in an effective manner.

You get to lay your hands on a wide array of features, and that gives you a chance to select what you need to fulfill your requirements. 

  • The Wiki View

With the Zenkit Wiki View, you can organize all your corporate data into the internal websites or knowledge base that will allow your team to cooperate, collaborate and share things around their knowledge, best practices, and interests.

It is totally built on the content management system, and that makes the wiki view very simple to index all the unstructured data around the hierarchical groupings, topics, labels, or text fields. Even the creation of wikis is pretty flexible: you can make a choice from plain text, markdown, or HTML. It is also possible to add rich media like social media, images, and videos. 

  • Consistent Development

The platform consistently improves and updates its system so that you do not have to worry about switching to other apps in case your demands and needs increase over time. The developers of the platform also keep a track of the novel trends in the arena of project management and collaborations so that they can incorporate these in their tools.

  • Mobility and Synergy

All the items that Zenkit has to offer are very closely linked to each other. This way, it becomes very easy to create data that is related to database linking. What makes it even great is the fact that it is available for both mobile as well as web versions. This basically means that you will get access and the ability to use the platform anytime and from anywhere so you can be productive. 

  • Security and Collaboration 

The main feature of Zenkit is to allow each and every team member to work independently for a shared target. There is no need to be worried about the security of your data as the platform employs state-of-the-art standards and measures for protection in order to ensure that your data is recoverable when needed and is also safe at the same time. 

  • Integrations

Zenkit puts into use Zapier, an application that will help you in the creation of integrations between the services online and the apps that are not natively connected.

Zenkit - Integration

What makes it even better is the fact that you do not need coding knowledge of any sort for using Zapier. To put it in perspective, you can easily connect Zenkit to 1,000 plus other tools that include significant ones like Asana, Evernote, GitHub, Gmail, and many more. 


Zenchat review pricing

As we all know a massive chunk of the everyday business communication is all about both upcoming and current tasks. But with Zenkit, you do not even need to switch to some other platform to get it managed. Zenkit offers Zenchat which is basically a team-messenger that comes with a built-in system of task management. The successful combination of tasks and chat offered by Zenchat makes the entire communication experience incredible.  

With Zenchat you do not have to switch much between the task management tools and chat much often. It is very much less cluttered and also requires less searching and crossing. It also successfully dodges the confusion regarding where you can add the vital information and the comments.

Zenchat makes sure that you do not require much integration and administration between the task and chat app. Overall you get much more time to work within your natural flow as it motivates, inspires and improves the engagement within a team.

Zenchat also offers you much more understanding and overview of all what is on and boosts the valuation of your information with chatting about the topics and tasks. It is also important to know that Zenchat is a product of Zenkit Suite and that basically means that Zenchat is very much integrated with the other products that Zenkit has to offer. 

Zenchat review pricing

What makes it even more unique is the Bird Eyes Perspective it has to offer. With the Bird Eyes Perspective, when you chat regarding a topic or task, the chat related to it is informed by the mini messages. All in all this helps in giving you a birds eye view of whatever you do which includes both important and current topics. The messages of chat are stored in the comments of the topic so that you can always access them later whenever you need it.

Zenkit Solutions

zenkit solutions Zenkit solution 2

Pricing Of Zenkit


Zenkit Base

Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $9/ €9 /month $25/ €25 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $8/ €8 /month $21/ €21 /month Custom

Zenkit To Do 

Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $4/ €4 /month $19/ €19 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $3/ €3 /month $15/ €15 /month Custom


Personal  Plus Business  Enterprise 
Monthly  Free $5/ €5 /month $19/ €19 /month Custom 
Annually  Free $4/ €4 /month $15/ €15 /month Custom

Zenkit Review Testimonial

Zenkit Zenchat top features Zenkit testimonials online

Zenkit - Testimonials

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FAQs On Zenkit

👉Can I use Zenkit for free? If yes, then for how long?

You can use Zenkit for free. Moreover, there is no time limit on how long you can use this service for free. You can use it for free as long as you like. However, free plans lack behind in terms of features when compared to the paid plans and may miss out on various useful features and tools.

👉What languages are supported by Zenkit?

Zenkit currently has support for various major languages spoken across the globe. Moreover, it regularly adds support for more and more languages. By default, Zenkit opens in the language you are using in your browser. For instance, if you are using Chinese as your default browser language, Zenkit will load up in Chinese.

👉What platforms are supported by Zenkit?

Zenkit supports all the major software platforms. It can be used on various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Snapcraft. The software is available to download on the Zenkit website, from where the users can simply click on their platform banner, and they will soon see the software downloading to their respective devices.

Conclusion: Zenkit Reviews 2021

Overall my experience with using this platform has been great. It is super intuitive and has a combination of everything from serious functionalities of project management to simple to-do lists. Zenkit enables you to collaborate with various views like Calendar, List, Mind Map, Table, and Kanban. What makes this platform even more incredible is its flexibility and how it enables its users to become creative with entering, manipulating, and viewing data.

Even the Kanban view is incredible for organizing the projects, and the Mind Map function will help you in bringing transparency in your flow of thoughts. The process of onboarding is really very intuitive. You also get to lay hands on various incredible features like multi-variable filtering, editing, rich text, checklists, and activity tracking. 

All in all, it is a great application for improving collaboration, increasing productivity, and bringing transparency to the workflow. 

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