Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin: Kill Your Bounce Rate

For a website owner the prime objective of operations is to drive increasing traffic to the website and increase the revenue potential. After all, sales and passive income is the prime motive of running a website. One puts in a lot effort in terms of design, content and marketing when it comes to websites.

There are numerous strategies which are employed to ensure visitor engagement.  The landing page design, the user interface, the quality and quantity of content and Search engine optimization are some of those involved.

One of the prime goals of the website owner or a digital marketer who is in charge of boosting website performance is keeping the bounce rate to the minimum.

What is bounce rate?

When you build a website, your aim is to keep visitors engaged. Only that can ensure conversion and high click through rates. When visitors start moving away from your landing page as soon as they log on to it, the phenomenon is called bouncing. The rate at which visitors move away from your website is called the bounce rate. This means two scary things:

  • Huge loss of traffic and consequently
  • Huge loss of revenue

The average bounce rate for any normal website is 50% to 70%. This means that potentially 50-70% of your traffic can go down the drain. High bounce rate also means poor SEO which implies your search engine ranking will plummet and you can end up on the last pages of any search engine.

That is where Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin comes to your rescue. Here is review of Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin.

Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin Review

It allows you to redirect your visitors to any URL of your choice when they click the back button. This means that you can virtually eliminate your bounce rate and turn even the lost traffic into potential and assured profit.

The benefits are not limited to this.

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Here is how Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin boosts your entire Website’s Performance and Potential

  1. Improved and High Quality SEO

High bounce rates means less Google rankings. It is one of the major factors when it comes to ranking websites. When your bounce rate is minimised, your SEO will automatically improve and so will your ranking.

Thus you will have a greater chance or ensuring engagement and thus realising increased conversions and revenue.

  1. Lower CPC with Adwords

When your landing page has a low quality score due to a high bounce rate and poor SEO then you will have to pay a lot more for Adwords. With a virtually non-existent bounce rate, your quality score will automatically improve and thus ensure that you pay optimum prices for your required keywords.

  1. Increased Sales and Revenues

Increased traffic means increased scales. As your bounce rate drops your earning potential will improve. You can use the Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin to redirect your visitors to coupons, discounts and other related offers to keep them engaged and ensure conversions and sales.

  1. Make a profitable portfolio of pages

If people ignore your forms regarding sign-up etc. then you can redirect them to squeeze pages for conversions and sign-ups. This is a great advantage as you negate your chances of losing valuable traffic.

  1. Increased Affiliate Sales Potential

You can easily redirect your visitors to sites like and use your affiliate link to make substantial passive online income.

  1. Increased AdSense Revenue Potential

You can redirect lost traffic to AdSense for Search pages and get paid every time a person clicks on a result. This is known by very few people and you can use this trick to your advantage.

  1. Network Multiple Sites and Improve Conversions

You may be having multiple sites in the same niche. You can use the Zero bounce WordPress plugin to link them all so that the lost traffic gets redirected to one of your pages only when it bounces off your page. This can exponentially increase your conversion and click through rates.

  1. Improvise Feedback Mechanism

You can easily redirect the bouncing visitors to survey forms and get feedback about the issues with your site. This is great way of genuine improvement and data collection. You can optimize your site better with this kind of input.

Thus, we can see that this one tool can maximize the full potential of the website. You can achieve all your targets with the right form of redirection. The potential for success with this tool is therefore immense.

 Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin 2

You can also use the Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin in customized ways

It has a manual on/off switch. This gives you control when using the plugin. Therefore when you want to temporarily disable it, you do not need to uninstall it. You can just turn it off. You can easily redirect the visitor to absolutely any URL and boost your revenue potential and eliminate your bounce rate at the same time.

You can also set different redirect URLs for different pages. One major advantage which the plugin provides is Dynamic Redirect Rotation. This means that you can create a set of redirect URLs and can test each for the best performance when it comes to conversion. Thus you get to learn and improve by experimentation and research.

The Selective Redirect feature allows you to redirect visitors who come from certain specific sites. The plugin in laced with string technology which allows you to set redirect links for visitors from specific sites.

One more added bonus is the automatic timed deactivation. There may be moments when a visitor has not bounced off from your page. In these cases you can set a certain time limit after which the plugin will turn itself off. You can also set whether you want to redirect mobile users or desktop users or both. This provides you with more demographic targeting.

Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin

The newest and latest updates and features allow you to:

  • Redirect only a certain percentage of visitors
  • Redirect the visitor as soon as the mouse leaves the browser window
  • Overall Performance appraisal and infinity loop fixing
  • Redirect a visitor only once.
  • Enable the plugin specifically for a post so that the redirect process takes place even if the plugin in off in the settings.
  • Disable the plugin for the Homepage/Post or any other specific page
  • Redirect by Referrer
  • Redirect by country

Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin plans

Plus all the packages of the Plugin provide all the future updates for free. The packages range from $49- $149 based on the scale of your operations. If you handle up to five sites you can go for the lowest package. If you are an established marketer and handle more than 200-250 sites per month you can go for the $149 plan.

I believe that the packages are fairly priced as all the future updates are free and will be automatically notified to you in the WP-admin area. Plus, the payment is one time and the plugin is available to you for you for life. You can use it on multiple WP-dashboards as it comes with a unique license key.

Ultimately I conclude that the Zero Bounce WordPress plugin is a must have tool for online careerists and enthusiasts. I recommend it all bloggers, digital marketers, affiliate partners and ecommerce owners.


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  1. I had been getting raving reviews of this plugin lately. This is the first time I read through the whole plugin review and am all glued on to buying it.

    Redirecting users to the customized pages can definitely help us in the bounce rate.


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