前 10 名最佳 WordPress Plugins For Live Chat 🏅 [2023]

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Are you looking to take your website and customer service experience to the next level? Do you want to ensure you’re providing visitors with an easy, fast, and reliable way to get help when needed? Taking advantage of a live chat plugin for WordPress is one of the best things you can do. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you – this is where we come in! In this blog post, I’m excited to share my curated list of the top 10 best WordPress plugins available in 2023 to help your website provide fantastic customer support through a live chat system. Not only will these plugin它们不仅可以为客户和员工节省时间,还可以为您的访客提供增强的在线体验 - 使他们更有可能(并且更有可能返回)。

  • Formilla 是一个面向销售、营销和支持团队的用户体验平台。
  • iFlyChat 是一个实时聊天 plugin 最适合社区和社交网站。
  • 通过使用户能够将聊天提升为语音或视频通话,从其他传统的实时聊天解决方案中脱颖而出。


现场 WordPress 聊天 Plugins




Formilla 实时聊天可以轻松快速地安装,并立即进行讨论。 安装并激活后 plugin,实时聊天按钮将出现在您的 WordPress 上或 WooCommerce网站.

The premium version lets you live chat via mobile phone or tablet. It offers you the real-time visitor monitoring option where you can check the number of active visitors on your website.


  • 实时通讯: Formilla 允许企业和客户之间进行即时连接,从而更轻松地解决查询并提高客户满意度。
  • 多平台支持: 它支持各种平台,包括移动平台,确保无缝的客户体验。
  • 主动聊天: 此功能使企业能够发起聊天会话,创造更具吸引力的体验。
  • 聊天机器人: 智能聊天机器人的可用性有助于管理大量查询并提供 24/7 客户支持。
  • 访客追踪: 这使得企业能够更好地了解客户行为,从而为改进产品和服务铺平道路。


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2) 3CX 在线咨询

3CX 实时聊天横幅 1544x500_2021

3CX 实时聊天是功能最丰富的实时聊天网站之一 plugins. It stands out from conventional live chat solutions by enabling users to elevate a chat to a voice or video call. It also allows assigning chats to a particular agent or having groups of agents answer chats. But that’s not all! You can even integrate Business Facebook messages and answer live chat and FB messages from the same interface, making it ideal for increasing customer loyalty and improving engagement.

The live chat version is free for unlimited users.

使用本产品的音频/视频通话功能 plugin,您将需要集成 3CX,免费一年,之后您可以以每位用户每月 1 美元的价格购买订阅。


  • 可定制的界面: 3CX 实时聊天提供了与公司品牌相匹配的界面。
  • 用户友好的仪表板: 该功能提供了一个用户友好的仪表板,其中包含正在进行的、传入的和已关闭的聊天的有组织的布局。
  • 自动回复: 企业可以针对常见问题设置自动回复,从而缩短响应时间并提高效率。
  • 多国语言支持: 3CX 实时聊天支持多种语言,满足全球客户群的需求。





这也是易于使用的实时聊天之一 plugins 用于 WordPress。 安装它,您将立即在线与客户聊天。 专为 WordPress 用户设计, plugin 使用起来很简单。

The color of the chat window can be adjusted as per your choice. Also, get an email from your visitors when you are not online. And, in case you don’t know, this software’s integrated widget supports 140 languages!


  • 实时互动: It allows businesses to instantly interact with customers, addressing queries and concerns.-
  • 访客数据跟踪: Tidio 提供对访客行为和活动的洞察,帮助企业跟踪客户趋势和偏好。-
  • 自动聊天机器人: 该平台包括计算机化聊天机器人,可以解决常见的客户询问,从而实现 24/7 客户服务。
  • 整合能力: Tidio 可以与各种电子商务平台和 CRM 系统无缝集成,使其具有难以置信的多功能性。


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This is one great live chat if you have an online business and want to assist visitors in purchasing.

The software can chat with the visitors on your website in real-time and answer their queries and thus help them with their purchases. The software comes with a  移动优化 该功能可帮助您轻松与访客联系,即使通过小屏幕也是如此。


  1. 实时聊天: 允许企业立即与客户互动,实时解决查询和疑虑。
  2. 访客分析: 提供对网站上客户行为的洞察,帮助企业更好地了解客户。
  3. 聊天路由: 确保客户聊天被定向到适当的部门或团队成员,从而提高效率。
  4. 离线消息: 确保即使代表离线时也能收到客户消息,因此所有查询都会得到答复。


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在线咨询 Plugin (Free & Paid Plans): This live chat software is simple and can be absolutely customized for your use. Now, you don’t have to worry about the mobile device your customers use, as there is a chat app for iOS and Android that makes it easier for you to talk with your customers.

So, go on to increase your business with the use of this fantastic system. The chat is designed purely for the 小本生意。


  • 实时聊天工具: 提供实时聊天功能,使企业能够与客户即时交互,以快速解决查询。
  • 访客分析: 提供对访客行为和活动的洞察,帮助企业更好地了解其受众。
  • 聊天记录和历史记录: 允许企业跟踪所有实时聊天交互,确保不会丢失有价值的信息。
  • 可定制的聊天框: The chat box can be customized to match the business’s branding, creating a seamless experience for users.





This allows the representative to proactively interact with customers and keep them involved. The interaction tilts the buying decision in your favor; thus, sales escalate. The live chat offers a chance to provide a human touch, and when you are present to solve their query, they will surely stay and buy the product/services provided on your website.

The interaction between the potential customer and the sales rep happens in real-time with the help of the live chat widget.


  • 实时互动: The primary feature enables immediate and direct conversations with website visitors.
  • 访客分析: 提供有关访问者行为及其与网站交互的宝贵见解,促进更加个性化的方法。
  • 可定制的聊天窗口: 允许企业自定义聊天窗口,塑造一致的品牌形象。
  • 罐头回应: 能够快速、一致地响应常见问题,减少响应时间并提高客户满意度。
  • 聊天路由和分发: 此功能可确保根据预定义的规则将聊天路由到适当的部门或个人,从而确保有效的查询解决。


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这个惊人的 Plugin offers a strata to dispense critical information to customers, which yields more sales.  The chat platform is used by customers to uncover essential details like a salesperson at the actual store, thus making the purchase process warm and closing more sales. Let the customer eliminate the query he may be facing and expedite the sales.

The live chat can be customized as per the need. Also, there are different tabs and multiple conversations available.


  • 实时对话: Interact with your customers, answering questions and solving issues promptly.
  • 可定制的界面: 个性化聊天窗口的外观和风格以匹配您的品牌。
  • 离线消息: 即使您处于离线状态,客户也可以留言,您可以稍后回复。
  • 多语言支持: 通过多语言聊天支持与全球客户群互动。
  • 用户对话存档: 记录所有聊天对话以供将来参考和质量控制。





这种高性能和更快的实时聊天 plugin can be used to interact with website visitors other than monitoring the site traffic and getting data regarding the web activities. It’s free and straightforward to use- when the visitor clicks a live help button, they connect to the representative, and then the visitor is guided and given the required information.

The software is provided by an 应用服务提供商(APS) 因此不需要安装硬件。 该软件是免费的,但可以以最低价格获得高级版。


  • 在线沟通: This feature allows real-time customer interaction, facilitating instant support and problem resolution.
  • 访客追踪: With this functionality, you can monitor your website visitors in real-time to better understand their behavior and activity on your site.
  • 聊天记录: This feature records all chat interactions, providing valuable data for later analysis and training.
  • 移动优化: MyLiveChat 旨在跨桌面和移动平台提供无缝服务,让您无论客户身在何处都可以与他们联系。





这种精彩的实时聊天适合社区和 社交网站. The users can engage in one-to-one private chat, group chat, or chat rooms (different chat rooms on separate pages). There is also a facility to add an anonymous user, and one of the most exciting features of this software is that cloud servers handle all the chat-related processing for your website.

This live chat support allows for features like deleting messages, theme customization, and file sharing.


  • 在线沟通: 允许网站或移动应用程序用户之间的实时交互。
  • 聊天机器人集成:  允许自动聊天机器人响应客户的询问,提供一种无需等待操作员即可快速获得答案的方法。
  • 分析: 通过实时聊天记录客户对话和互动,使公司能够获得有关客户行为和偏好的宝贵见解。
  • 定制:定制 聊天窗口的外观和感觉具有各种主题、颜色和字体。
  • 多国语言支持: 支持多种语言,允许访问者用他们喜欢的语言进行交流。


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PaaS 前 10 名最佳 WordPress Plugins 用于 2023 年实时聊天

To wrap it up, you must determine which plugin 将为您提供与您的网站完美配合的最佳实时聊天体验。 根据我们的 10 佳 WordPress 列表 plugins for live chat 2023, we hope you can decide which suits you best. Don’t hesitate to give any feedback; it’s beneficial for us! After all, we aim to ensure you get the most out of your live chats and have an excellent customer service experience. The time has come for you to use one of these plugin并升级您的网站,使其具有足够的客户覆盖率。 让我们共同努力,让您的客户体验尽可能愉快!


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