Zilculator Review 2023: Should You Try This Property Analysis App?

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Analyis & Reports
Ease of Use


  • Quick Setup
  • Deatiled Analysis Report
  • User-Friendly Forms
  • Compare Two Properties
  • Inventory website & Marketplace
  • Dedicated Help Center
  • MLS & Rentometer integration


  • No Mobile App
  • Expensive Premium Membership

Thanks to its unique features, Zilculator is the best property analysis platform for brokers, realtors, and other real estate professionals.

Price:$ 29

When assessing a property to sell, real estate analysts use a range of criteria and estimates. Many buyers use measures like Net Present Value, Return on Investment, and Gross Operating Income to evaluate their investments. As a result, estate assessment is an essential part of the review process when purchasing a rental property.

Look no further than Zilculator if you are trying to find the best property analytics app for real estate brokers. This property analysis platform is ideal for home sellers, brokers, investors, and other real estate professionals.

What is Zilculator?

Zilculator overview real estate software review

Zilculator launched as a Master’s thesis project in 2010. It had much more simple features earlier times than it does now. Progress has been made over time.

Zilculator is a completely redesigned version of the old app, with a focus on digital usability and compliance with current website development standards.

More specifically, it includes features that have been requested by many users around the world.

Zilculator is able to assist you in making better financial decisions and selling your assets in a quick and effective manner.

Key Features & Highlights

List properties, inquire about the other properties you are searching for, evaluate properties, and generate customized reports quickly and easily.

Zirculator features- zirculator review


  • There will be no data copy pasting.

Zilculator instantly loads property data via MLS®, Zillow®, and other sites, so you don’t have to individually upload files or type in your information.

  • There would be no more Excel spreadsheets.

Don’t waste your precious time with complex formulas and clumsy apps. Without having to watch lengthy tutorial videos, you can simply begin analysing property like an expert. The estate wizard is easy to use, but it can be customised as needed. There isn’t any kind of learning process!

  • Reports geared towards investors.

Any investor would be pleased by complex professional-grade criteria paired with attractive maps. Rental, fix-and-flip, and wholesale transactions can all be analysed with Zilculator.

  • Rental and sales comparables

With the help of Zilculator, you can create a proper CMA. To accurately determine ARV and rental, they use MLS®, Zillow®, and Rentometer Pro®.

  • Make it unique for you

You can incorporate your company’s advertising into your results. You wouldn’t want to direct your customers to Zilculator’s website? You just have to add their inventory plugin on your website.

  • It gives you the appearance of being a seasoned pro

Don’t give away spreadsheets in Excel like it’s the 1990s. With a single tap, you can share Zilculator’s property reporting on social networking sites or email our detailed PDF report.

  • Obtain high-quality investor leads

Their online marketing forms will gather information from potential customers and send it directly to your mailbox or CRM.

  • There is no learning curve

Without the need to watch long video tutorials or reading guides, you can start analysing properties like an expert. Their property wizard is easy to use, but it can be configured as needed.

Creative Tools & User Interface!

Zilculator users and tools- zilculator review

Whether you are a techie or not, you will definitely fall in love with Zilculator.

For Investors

Rental Property Analysis – In just a few clicks, you can produce a stunning and comprehensive online property analysis report. Zilculator integrated Rentometer and shows suggested rent for the property as well as a list of rental comps.

  • Fix and Flip Analysis

Since they run the numbers – including detailed rehab forecasts and investment opportunities in the latest rehabilitation assessment section – rehabilitators using Zilculator never overspend for the offers. With a technical study, Zilculator assists them in raising funds for their programs.

  • Wholesale Analysis

You can now either choose to sell the property to a flipper or a rental property buyer using their latest Wholesale report. In the wholesale report, you can accurately determine the total permissible deal and then you can easily produce a business report for your customer list in just a single click!

  • Sales Comps and Rental Comps

The comparable sales analysis is the most critical component of any property analysis study.

Zilculator investor dashboard- zilculator reviews

By automatically loading all the available comparisons, Zilculator assists you in generating CMA in a fraction of a second. Only the top 10 properties that are most related to your subject property will be shown. You may modify these or add more manually.

  • Personalize Your Reports

With Zilculator, you can conveniently display your property reports with your own logo and address to lenders, friends, or clients..

  • Compare and contrast properties

Choose two or more properties to compare to check whether the investment provides the best gains.


  •  You can create your own Property Inventory website

Zilculator rental listing pages- zilculator review

All of your available offers will be shown in a single section! You can start posting your sales on your own personalised Listings page, which you can distribute to your future customers. No need to send property reports in multiple emails.

  •  Off-Market Property Marketplace
 “Zilculator.com/marketplace is a place where you can list your (off-market) investment deals. Thousands of investors around the country can compete for your properties.
  • “Make inquiries about this house” form

To accurately create new leads for your company, they have made a special contact application form to all of your data.

  • New features are being added

At Zilculator, they are still working on the new innovations that real estate agents like you have requested. MLS incorporation, property flyers and other upgrades will be among them.

They are providing approximately 50% discount on their Premium plan before these improvements are enabled.

Zilculator’s Unrivalled Property Reports

Each one of the 11 sections of the comprehensive rental report can be toggled on or off just using the appropriate toggle button. The list of segments is as follows and contains a brief explanation:

Zilculator breakdown analysis- zilculator review for real estate

  • Executive Summary: It outlines the most important measurements, proportions and data rent along with a photo slider.
  • Summary of property: It displays the field of description, information of estate and map of the property. History list of properties and units or apartment rental breakdowns are demonstrated here.
  • Sales History: It allows you to load the estate’s sales history as well as the owner information such as name, location and mortgages (which is subjected to availability).
  • Comparative market analysis: To load the CMA unit, click on Add comps.
  • Estimated Repair Costs: If you break down the maintenance costs into sections in the property type, you will be able to see a convenient chart of repair costs.
  • Operating analysis: Annual operating data (APOD), cash flow measurement, and operating ratios are all seen in the first year of operations in this business analysis.
  • Financial Analysis: This section displays financial measurements and investment return metrics such as the Capitalization Rate, Net Present Value, Cash on Cash Return, Internal Rate of Return and many more. For all potential cash flows, along with the resale of the land, only NPV, IRR, and Profitability Index are considered. The remaining percentages are only determined for the first year of service by default.
  • Financing Overview: This segment will provide specifics within each loan, estimated monthly payments, and a Total equity graph if you have chosen to fund for the deal.
  • Long term Cash Flow Forecast: It indicates expected profits, debt payments, expenditures, potential capital expenditures, and cash flow pre and post taxes over all of the holding period’s years. To see the statistics for extra months, navigate left and right in the datasheet.
  • Resale Analysis: This portion demonstrates the measurement of the resale price using a few different strategies, as well as Yield and Net Assets.
  • Lender Report: it provides an overview of each loan from the viewpoint of the lender, including profit and financial return. This portion is excellent for private lender funding proposals.

How much does Zilculator cost?

Zilculator currently offers customers to choose from 3 distinct subscription plans starting at $17.00 per month and consists of all the basic features including Private and public reports, Property flyers, Comparison tool, Rental property analysis, Fix & Flip analysis, Wholesale analysis, and more.

Zilculator pricing plans- zilculator review

The Plus plan

Price: $17.00 per month (Monthly), $13.60 per month (Annual)

  • Private and public reports
  • 10 saved properties
  • Property flyers
  • 1 property photos
  • Comparison tool
  • Rental property analysis (sample)
  • Fix & Flip analysis (sample)
  • Wholesale analysis (sample)
  • Additional analysis sections
  • Social sharing

The Pro plan

Price: $19.00 per month (Monthly), $15.20 per month (Annual)

  • Commercial and Multifamily properties
  • 20 saved properties
  • Private and public reports
  • 5 property photos
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Rental property analysis (sample )
  • Fix & Flip analysis (sample )
  • Wholesale analysis (sample )
  • Comparison tool
  • Comparable sales
  • Additional analysis sections
  • Property flyers
  • Social sharing

The Premium plan

Price: $29.00 per month (Monthly), $23.20 per month (Annual)

  • Commercial and multi-family properties
  • Unlimited saved properties
  • Property inventory site (sample)
  • 20 property photos
  • MLS® listing loaderBETA
  • Rental property analysis (sample)
  • Fix & Flip analysis (sample)
  • Wholesale analysis (sample)
  • Comparison tool
  • Private and public reports
  • Branded PDF reports
  • Additional analysis sections
  • Comparable sales
  • Property flyers
  • Social sharing

If you are a bit unsure as to whether you should invest in Zilculator or not, then you don’t need to worry much about that either. Zilculator has a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Things we don’t like about Zilculator

  • Mobile

Zilculator’s customers do not have the access to smartphone apps, which is one of the few things they don’t have. The only alternative that is generally available is to use Zilculator in a browser on your computer.

It won’t be very long before they have a real smartphone app as they are continually introducing innovative features.

  • Price

With the complete comprehensive framework that they provide, the Premium membership is a little more expensive than those on the ranking, and it is well worth it in my experience.

Users may also sign up for a free standard subscription and then update when they require more innovative functions.

FAQs On Zilculator:

✅ What if it isn't the best fit for me?

It's not an issue. You can simply drop an email, and they will issue a complete refund and you will be asked any questions about this.

🔥 Do they provide customised tutorials?

Of course! You can schedule an appointment via their calendar.

👉 Do they have multi user accounts available?

You can submit a query on their site or mail if you are involved in Enterprise or Multi user arrangements for your company or brokers.

💥 Will I be able to expense this?

Yes, most probably. To make it easier for you to question your boss or manager, they have created an email template for you.

💼 Is it possible to go from a monthly to a yearly subscription?

Yes, of course. The best offer at Zilculator is an annual membership, which will save you about 20% as compared to a monthly subscription. Just go to your Settings tab, click on the Subscriptions button , and then update your subscription after you have signed in. This can be done easily at any time. To confirm that your subscription is perfectly accurate, they will prepay your invoice and subtract the remaining balance of the following period.

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Conslusion: Is It Worth It? Zilculator Review 2023

It’s very easy to understand why Zilculator is our favourite estate analytical technique for real estate agents. It’s a simple technology that makes locating, matching, and looking for properties quickly and easily.

  • Zilculator is an all-in-one property analytics tool ideal for Real estate professionals including realtors, wholesalers as well as professional investors.
  • Real estate professionals have acknowledged the credibility and performance of the tool mainly because of their comprehensive and insightful property reports that can be retrieved both online and can also be downloaded as pdf.
  • Get access to powerful real estate analytics tools like Rental, fix and flip, wholesale analysis
  • Effortlessly import Property data from MLS, sales comps from MLS and rental comps in partnership with Rentometer
  • An easy to use interface that allows both newbies and professionals to simplify investing and collaborate with customers by allowing them to quickly compare assets next to each other.

Hope this Zilculator review has given the details into pricing, pros and cons and pricing.

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