Zipify Coupon Countdown Review 2024 Features & Pricing

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review


  • Free and fast support
  • Boost sales
  • 14-day free trial
  • Offer unlimited customizable templates
  • Fully customizable with professional design
  • Single-use codes automatically applied at checkout!


  • No lice chat support


Price: $ 9

As we know, offering coupons is an effective way for the market. However, no company wants to offer its customers special offers without generating revenue.

To overcome this problem, Zipify Apps had developed a Coupon Countdown application to generate an emergency for customers with the expired coupon pop-up window.

With Zipify Coupon Countdown you can easily generate a unique discount code. Users can also simply use it in their pop-up window with a single click.

On the other hand, in addition to the panel statistics, users should consider many emerging options to give users the best coupon.

Finally, with the professional design of Zipify Coupon Countdown, you can freely choose the color, font or location of a pop-up window. If the application interests you, do not hesitate to download it to discover its extraordinary features for free for the next 2 weeks.

In this post, we have featured Zipify Coupon Countdown Review 2024. Let’s get started here.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review

Bottom Line: Zipify is an all-in-one platform where you can get various tools to increase the sales of your e-commerce store. Zipify Coupon Countdown is one of them and with this you can create various coupons and insert a countdown in it. Isn’t that cool! Try Zipify 14 days free trial today.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review 2024: Top Pros and Cons of Zipify Coupon Countdown

How to Start A Shopify Store With Zipify.

For anyone who is reading this review, you can create an e-commerce store, right now, for free.
When you go to, all you need is an email to start a free 14-day trial. Best of all, you don’t need a credit card for this.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Free Trial

Step 1

As the first step to Get Shopify free trial, you need to enter your email address.

Step 2

After entering your email, click “Get started”, you will be asked for your store name that you want to register and a password.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Shopify Free Trial

Step 3

And then you need to enter some information about your current Revenue.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Enter Details

Step 4

Next, fill in your store information and address.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Add Your Address
First Name: Your name

Last Name: Your surname

Street Address: Your address

City: Your city

Zip / Postal Code: xxxxx

Country: Your country

Phone Number: Your phone number

Here you have completed the registration of the new Store at Shopify. Now you can set up payment, shipping, theme, add domain names, etc.

Step 5

The Last and final step is to check your email for a confirmation message to activate your account.

Getting started on Shopify is quick and easy. With your account activated, you are ready to build your eCommerce store.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Shopify Dashboard

How to Get Started with Zipify Coupon Countdown

Let’s see how it works!

After you’ve set up the Zipify coupon count in your Shopify store, let us see how to make the first coupon.

Go to Applications >> Zipify Coupon Countdown >> Triggers:

You should see that a standard trigger has already been created in your control panel. Here’s how you can create a new one. Click Add new.

You can add many features to your Zipify coupon:


Step 1

Configure the trigger and deactivate it:

You need a name for your Trigger. If you want to create different types of activators (time-limited coupon, coupon offer, etc.), you must use a name to identify each activator or trigger and see how it works on your page.

Step 2

There are 3 possible activation conditions that you can choose:

i) Scheduled Action: This option allows you to set a trigger based on how much time your business pages spend. Your options are:

  • Time at the construction site
  • Time on a product page
  • Time on the product page of a particular collection
  • Time on the page (s) of the respective product

ii) Customer Action: Allows you to set a trigger based on specific actions a visitor runs in your store. Your options are:

  • See the pages of the shop
  • Entry Popup
  • Look at the pages of a particular collection
  • See the specific product pages

iii) Exit Intent: Allows you to set a trigger before a visitor leaves your shop.

Once you’ve decided how to activate your Coupon, you can control when and how often it’s displayed. You can control:

  • Countdown time (in minutes)
  • The time before visitors see pop (in minutes, hours or days)
  • A maximum number of times your voucher is shown to a visitor.

Step 3
The next step is to identify your discount and whom it applies to. You can choose the following types of discounts:

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed amount
  • Free Shipping

Below, you can decide if your visitors need to make a minimum purchase before they can redeem their voucher:

You can choose how this coupon applies

  • The whole store
  • Selected Collections
  • Selected Products

Step 4
Finally, you can choose now, which customers can receive your coupon. If you select the (Selected Groups), you have many options:

  • Abandoned Checkouts
  • Email Subscribers
  • From [Location]
  • New (Customers)
  • Returning (Customers)

Mobile Cutomization:

The default appearance and functionality of the Mobile bar and the Success bar can be configured in Configuration (Mobile).

Note: You can use a custom bar and a success bar for each activator/trigger that you can also configure.

1. Mobile Editing Window:

If you want a mobile version of the mobile bar and the success bar to use the styles already configured for the desktop version, just click the Apply button for the Apply Styles From Settings option. “This saves you time and ensures that the styles on the desktop and on the phone match.

If you want the mobile bar and the success bar to look different, do not click this button and instead use the available options:

2. Devices and Appearance
In this block, you can configure:

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Device Appearance
3. Popup position – Select the option “Default” or “Sticky”.
The default option for mobile devices displays the Coupon bar at the top of the page.

Note: This also applies if the client has shut down the page. This means: You will not see the coupon bar until it appears at the top of the page.

The Paste option or the Sticky option displays the coupon bar at the top of the customer’s current view and moves the page up and down on mobile devices.

Note: Selecting a pop-up window on mobile devices may result in a Google SEO sanction.

4. Popup background – Choose a contextual background color.

Note: It is not possible to set a wallpaper for the mobile pop-up window, as this is possible with the desktop pop-up window.

5. Close Button Color – Choose a color for the Close button (X in the upper right corner).

To save your changes, click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen.

Offer owner: In this block, you can edit the displayed header text with the options in the WYSIWYG editor.

6.Countdown Timer Clock

In this block, you can configure the appearance of the timer by selecting a font style, a font size, a font family, and a color.

7. Call to Action Button

Set the appearance of the button on the bar by specifying the color, size, border, and text format.

8. Success Bar Headline

Edit the discount confirmation text that appears in the progress bar after a user clicks the Call to Action button.

9. Variables

Zipify coupon countdown

You can use variables to automatically display some information about a specific trigger that you have created:

  • Discount Value – Overwrites the Discount value of the specified trigger configuration. For example 10%, 100% or free shipping.
  • Discount Code – Replaces a generated discount code.
  • Discount Lifetime – Gives information about the duration of the reduction.
  • The condition for Discount – Contains information on the conditions of use of the discount.
  • Discount Additional Condition – Contains information about additional Discounts Preferences / Terms.
  • Discount Minimum Purchase – Contains information about a minimum order value specified in a Trigger’s configuration for the discount to function properly.
  • Customer Country – Contains information about the country of the visitor.
  • Customer Region – Contains information about the region of the visitor.
  • Customer City – Contains information about the city of a visitor.

These variables are replaced by @discount_value in the text in the WYSIWYG editors. It is important to replace and delete variables in the specified format.

To save all your changes, click the Refresh button.

Click the Restore Defaults button to undo the changes and apply the defaults that were used when you first installed the application.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Desktop Module: 

Now is the time to make the look of your coupon on the desktop pop-up to run successfully in your store.

On the right side, you will find all the settings to customize the style of your voucher.

1 Device Appearance

Zipify countdown deskptop

Here you can control the position of your pop-up window, its size, color, and image.

2 Offer Headline

It allows you to use HTML and text to customize the title to your liking.

3  Countdown Timer Clock

Here you can set the duration and font style of your timer.

4 Call to Action Button

This will allow you to create an eye-catching button that allows visitors to receive your voucher.

5 Endnote Text

Here you can add terms or other details to your Coupon (ie it will expire for a limited time, requires a minimum purchase of $ XX, etc.)

6 Success Bar Headline

It allows you to use it to create a personalized text to confirm that your voucher has been received.

 Zipify Coupon Countdown Pricing Plans

The subscription fees for Zipify Coupon Countdown are:

  • $9 / month
  • $89 / year

Your subscription can be canceled at any time. If you cancel before the end of your billing period, you can use your Coupons until the end.

Zipify Coupon Countdown Review- Pricing Plans
If you are not sure about using it, keep in mind that Zipify offers a 100% risk-free promise (30-day refund or 14-day free trial). Therefore, you should have no reason not to start and check if the Coupon can be effective for your business.

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Pros Of Zipify Coupon Countdown

  • 14-day free trial
  • Boost sales
  • Easy to use
  • Countdown timers to create urgency!
  • Dynamic triggers like “Page Visited” and “Time on Site”
  • Single-use codes automatically applied at checkout!
  • Work with each of your product or the whole collection in a minute
  • Set countdown for hot events of your stores such as holiday and sales,…
  • Offer unlimited customizable templates
  • Free and fast support
  • The prices and features
  • Fully customizable with professional design

Cons Of Zipify Coupon Countdown

  • Interface of the Zipify Coupon Countdown is complex for beginners

Final Verdict: Zipify Coupon Countdown Review 

We recommend that you try this app if possible. I’m creating this review to help Shopify’s online stores find the best countdown for their website.
Setting up the Zipify Coupon Countdown in a Shopify store can be done within a few hours or less. Visitors will surely see pop-ups with special discounts that encourage them to stay in Your stores and shop. 

All information contained in the analysis (including features, description, and price) will be collected from the provider’s website (Zipify) or on its own published channels/sales pages.

Feel free to drop comments if you have used Zipify Coupon Countdown in the past.

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