Zoho Vs Zendesk 2023: Which One Is The Best & Why ? (Pros & Cons)



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Zoho Desk is an omnichannel customer care solution that enables companies to manage customer support operations easily. Managers can assign, configure

Zendesk is a unique, one-of-a-kind yet imperfect support desk solution. If you can get beyond some of the deleted features, your organization will fin

  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Easy to setup
  • Open API
  • Full of features
  • Gamification is an excellent approach to motivating sales team members to exert more effort.
  • Free plan is suitable for the essentials.
  • Zia automates several of your chores.
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple
  • Remote and SSO authentication with CMSs like WordPress
  • Customer support is not always straightforward to reach.
  • Expensive if you want to use all features of Zendesk
Ease of Use

Zoho CRM is just so easy and intuitive, and it satisfied every one of our requirements. It saves a ton of time and really allows us to have smooth, quick interactions with customers, allowing to fit in more work per day.

Easy & simple to use

Value For Money

Zoho CRM continues to be a pick, providing superb value with easy-to-use marketing and reporting tools, versatile integrations, and an excellent user experience.

All plans of Zendesk Suite include features such as a robust ticketing system, multichannel communication, a help center, automation capabilities, automatic responses, and connectors.

Customer Support

Customer support is not always straightforward to reach.

Social Media Support, Chat Support

Looking for a comparison between Zoho Vs Zendesk? We got you covered.

It is reasonable to assume that if you are researching Zoho Desk vs Zendesk, you are in the market for new help desk software. And let us tell you, that is not a simple endeavor. So much must be considered!

If this is your first ITSM tool, you may want to ensure that it has all of the functionality required by service desk software. And if you’re looking for a help desk alternative to the one you presently use, keep in mind that switching fees and a few anxieties may be holding you back.

Let us have a look at the two IT help desk platforms Zoho and Zendesk, in detail. 

Zoho Desk Overview 

Zoho Desk is an omnichannel customer care solution that enables companies to manage customer support operations easily. Managers can assign, configure, and monitor help desk ticket notifications.

Businesses can personalize the platform to guarantee customer support satisfaction.

Zoho Desk helps agents to engage consumers immediately and provide satisfaction. And since everything is in the cloud, installation, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Through REST APIs and SDKs, businesses may link the software to other applications, add unique features, and develop help desk-based internal applications.

Zoho Desk: Zoho Vs Zendesk

The platform provides agents with command over client tickets sent by phone, email, or online. Support teams may enhance resolution time and customer service by developing a Knowledge Base with practical solutions.

The program allows teams to handle tickets and everything else in a centralized location. Agents may monitor customer requests across channels, brands, goods, and divisions.

The system’s direct assignment and round-robin automation save managers time and effort, allowing them to concentrate on crucial duties.

It facilitates using filters such as Urgency, Priority, Customer Type, and Ticket Status. The Work Modes tickets will shift automatically to the appropriate column, enabling agents to prioritize their tasks.

The platform supports the generation of reports and visualizations for monitoring team performance. Its in-built dashboards assist teams in monitoring and enhancing service utilizing the most prevalent indicators.

It generates time-based reports, including First Response Time, Average Response Time, and Average Resolution Time. Date, channel, and agent may filter the data.

Zoho Desk enables managers to set time tracking for each department individually. Its Insights feature lets customers measure the time spent on each ticket by department, agent, and module.

Team members may manually clock in for each ticket or automatically configure the system to compute time. In addition, this function allows users to log the time spent on follow-up activities, offering a comprehensive picture of the team’s efficiency.

With Zoho mobile application, teams can provide customer service from any location at any time. The application transmits immediate alerts about tickets, accounts, and contacts.

The smartphone app allows agents to generate tickets with a single swipe. They can also set the status, assign owners, connect to CRM contacts, and adjust the priority.

Additionally, support teams may use response templates to answer issues. The Zoho Desk mobile application is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


Zendesk Overview – All You Need To Know Before Comparing

Zendesk is a unique, one-of-a-kind yet imperfect support desk solution. If you can get beyond some of the deleted features, your organization will find something useful.

Regarding usability, Zendesk is an excellent software application for users of all levels of expertise. This platform’s style and design are a bit different from the competition.

Still, after completing the introductory training, you’ll discover that these distinctions significantly impact the user experience.

Zendesk: Zoho Vs Zendesk

In addition, Zendesk price is fairly flexible. There are several price categories, so businesses of all sizes and requirements should be able to find one that meets their demands. Who is Zendesk intended for? essentially everyone.

Zendesk provides a variety of customer support alternatives, such as support articles, user forums, product updates, webinars, industry publications, email assistance, live chat, and even 24/7 phone help for certain price levels.

On the service’s quality, I’ve heard differing perspectives regarding the speed of the live help, yet, when I used the live chat feature, I got prompt replies to my inquiries and concerns. Zendesk’s primary value is its unique and user-friendly platform.

I like it when software providers take something simple or useful from another tool or platform and find inventive ways to implement it on their platform.

This is particularly evident in the problem creation and management system, which uses browser tabs to complete these activities.

A further advantage of Zendesk is the number of price choices they provide. On the other side, Zendesk ticketing system software is available for as low as $5 per user each month. It depends on your company’s requirements


Zoho Vs Zendesk: Common Features

Help desk solutions are advantageous for customer-centric businesses with a high frequency of client contacts. They are scalable for businesses of any size. Regarding functionalities, Zendesk and Zoho Desk have a few similarities:

  • Customization options: Importantly, both Zoho Desk and Zendesk may be tailored to your requirements. You get fields, reports, forums, and templates that may be personalized.
  • Issue tracking: Immediately see the status of your customer support problems on a dashboard where your team can manage ticket assignments and escalation. Schedule problems and reoccurring monitor ones to improve the workflow of your agents.
  • Collaboration functionality: Collaboration on a given ticket to increase efficiency is essential to help desk software. You may create discussion forums and decision trees. In addition, your agents categorize knowledge base items and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to enhance CX.
  • Automation: Want to save time on repetitious tasks and make agents’ physical labor easier? Use automation. Additionally, it enhances the client experience. For instance, triggers warn support agents when an assigned ticket remains unresolved for an excessive time. You may configure an SMS trigger for urgent or abandoned issues, comments, and closing tickets.
  • Self-service portal: They are essential. 90% of consumers anticipate you to have one. This site is not just for customers who want to solve their problems but also for enterprises. Why so? They cut expenses and customer turnover while enhancing CX. You get access to sophisticated community forums, a knowledge base, and a customer portal with Zendesk and Zoho.
  • Communication channels: When comparing Zendesk vs. Zoho support, both systems provide different options to submit and reply to tickets. Customers may be reached by live chat, email, in-app help, social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), telephone, and website.

Zoho Desk Vs Zendesk Comparison



zoho desk pricing

In terms of cost, Zoho Desk is a more affordable choice than Zendesk. After activating a Zoho Desk account, you get a 15-day free trial.

All premium Zoho Desk plans include capabilities such as a public knowledge base, help center themes, SLAs and escalations, customer satisfaction ratings, third-party connectors, and reports.

Live Chat is only accessible with the Enterprise subscription, which costs your organization $40 per agent each month.

Nevertheless, you may use other sophisticated capabilities like artificial intelligence Zia, help center customization, multi-level IVR, and worldwide reporting, among others.


Zendesk –

Zendesk Pricing- Top 5 shopify customer support apps

Comparing Zendesk to Zoho Desk demonstrates that the former is rather costly. Even the most basic package costs a staggering $49 per agent monthly. However, new customers may enjoy a free 14-day trial period.

All plans of Zendesk Suite include features such as a robust ticketing system, multichannel communication, a help center, automation capabilities, automatic responses, and connectors.

You may choose their Enterprise Suite package, which begins at $150/agent/month if you operate a big organization. Advanced capabilities such as custom team roles, knowledge management, chat widget branding, and APIs are available.


Customer Support:

Zoho –

Zoho Desk’s customer assistance is pretty unsatisfactory because it varies per package. In other words, you will be required to pay more for superior customer service.

The Standard package, for instance, provides email and phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, only the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions include live chat help.

The firm provides a protected knowledge base to provide customers with round-the-clock support. The most excellent aspect is that self-service articles are separated into several folders.

Thus, agents can access the articles intended for them, and developers can get all the necessary information without tripping on one other’s toes.

Zendesk –

In this comparison of Zendesk vs Zoho Desk, it will become clear that Zendesk is superior in client onboarding and after-sales support.

Their digital onboarding campaigns include instructions for feature activation and improved use of crucial Zendesk features. You may also access a comprehensive help center that addresses frequently asked questions such as “How do I forward incoming email?” and “What are triggers, and how do they work?”

Additionally, you may use Zendesk’s extensive network of active users. You may read news, upcoming events, user advice, and more. You may engage in Q&A conversations to respond to inquiries or to get the answers you want from community members.


Zoho –

Zoho Desk and Zendesk provide seamless connectivity with native and third-party applications.

For instance, Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM may be integrated to facilitate cooperation between customer support and sales teams.

In addition to native tools, Zoho Desk may be integrated with Jira, Slack, Salesforce, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Intercom, and Twilio.

Zendesk –

Zendesk promises to provide more than a thousand connectors with third-party business applications.

To facilitate navigation and installation, the integrations are categorized as productivity & time tracking, e-commerce & CRM, surveys & feedback, phone & SMS, etc.

Zendesk Support Suite can be integrated with several popular applications, including Trello, Intercom, Salesforce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zoom, Notify, and Botmind.

Reports and Analytics:

Zoho –

Zoho Desk provides a simple reporting dashboard that may help you monitor and enhance the service quality of your business.

Zoho Desk allows you to monitor your team’s initial response, reaction, and resolution time from a centralized dashboard. However, the platform lacks sophisticated help desk metrics that may provide further information.

You may also monitor your happiness ratings to determine client satisfaction with your support contacts.


Comparing Zoho Desk vs. Zendesk demonstrates that Zendesk is much superior in reporting and analytics. You may review reports to comprehend historical patterns and make binding judgments in the present.

Zendesk, unlike Zoho Desk, enables you to generate reports for several communication methods. For instance, you may check complete reports for chat, phone, and email exchanges.

Zendesk even enables sharing help desk reports to keep coworkers and other stakeholders informed about performance and objectives.

Live Chat:

Zoho –

Zoho Desk features live chat capabilities exclusive to the Enterprise package. You may transform live chat interactions into tickets and monitor their progress in a centralized location.

Depending on your requirements, you may simply integrate a live chat widget into your support center or website. You may automatically direct chat interactions to the most qualified staff members, ensuring that every visitor receives a suitable answer.

Overall, the chat widget is antiquated and needs further customization choices.

Zendesk –

Zendesk enables you to add live chat functionality to your mobile applications, website, and social media platforms, allowing consumers to communicate with your staff in real-time.

You may develop and personalize your Answer Bots to automate your customer support process. These bots may answer consumers’ typical questions like product availability, shipping status, and more.

You may also send proactive customer communications to keep them abreast of current problems and decrease your ticket traffic.

Knowledge Base:


If you own many brands, Zoho Desk can assist you in developing a unique support center for each. In addition, with CSS and HTML support, you can customize your help center to fit the appearance and feel of your website.

Regarding data security, Zoho Desk performs adequately. You may limit access to your knowledge base, for instance, by making it accessible to everyone or by asking visitors to establish their accounts.

Zendesk –

With Zendesk, you can rapidly set up your help center and provide consumers with exceptional self-service experiences. You may share article suggestions driven by AI inside help desk requests.

Comparing Zoho Desk vs. Zendesk reveals that Zendesk enables your agents to cooperate on the creation of premium content. Support agents may collaborate to build FAQ pages, service policies, troubleshooting instructions, and more using Team Publishing tools. To appeal to a worldwide audience, you may construct your help center in more than 40 languages.

Ticket Management:

Zoho –

Zoho Desk is a multichannel ticketing solution that allows you to collect tickets by email, live chat, phone, social media, and online.

Zoho Desk also allows you to avoid creating tickets manually, saving you time and effort. You may rapidly configure assignment rules to distribute tickets to the appropriate agents and departments.

To arrange your help desk’s inbox, you may even filter requests based on priority, urgency, kind of client, or ticket status.

Zendesk –

Zendesk provides a robust ticketing system for managing discussions across several media. You may quickly log a ticket as a question, incident, or task and connect several events to a single issue.

In this comparison between Zendesk and Zoho Desk, the former enables you to automatically tag and classify incoming tickets. At a look, agents can determine if they need to allocate a ticket to someone else or handle it themselves.

Overall, the ticketing system provides several automation features. However, Zendesk’s UI is antiquated and lacks a contemporary aesthetic.



Zoho Desk provides an intuitive interface that agents may utilize to access the platform’s features and capabilities. You may view all client requests and concerns through the Tickets link on the left side of the page.

After opening a ticket, you may access all connected discussions in a single thread. Agents may also examine any associated attachments, assignments, or approvals. From the main menu, Zoho Desk makes it simpler to access interactions from the community, social media platforms, and live chat.

Zendesk –

When you log in to the Zendesk Support Suite platform, you are confronted with an obsolete UI. The dashboard is dated and lacks a contemporary aesthetic. It may be difficult for novice users to identify the tool’s sophisticated capabilities, making it a potentially tricky tool.

However, once opening a ticket, Zendesk shows the complete client information. For instance, agents can access the customer’s name, email address, phone number, contact history, etc. In addition, agents may observe a customer’s multiple user tags, such as “Top User,” “Community Ambassador,” etc.

Types of Users:

Zoho –

Zoho Desk is a cost-effective platform intended to address the customer service requirements of small and medium-sized organizations. Even if your firm is just a week old or you’re a freelancer, you may begin with its lifelong free plan and subsequently upgrade to premium plans for more robust features.

This tool may be a great solution if your client base and support staff are tiny.

Considering its price point and functionality, Zoho Desk is suited for SMBs. This application may not be the best solution if you operate a big organization and need more customization options.

Zendesk –

Zendesk is used by the world’s largest companies and corporations because of its AI-powered capabilities and automation tools.

Zendesk may not be the best solution for startups or small enterprises due to its expensive price and complex features. However, the solution is scalable and suitable for huge firms and corporations.

Zendesk is an option if you manage thousands of clients and have a large support crew. However, if you are a major company seeking to cut support expenses, you may want to avoid Zendesk.

Why Do I Recommend Zoho Over Zendesk?

  • Streamlined processes: Blueprint, Zoho Desk’s no-code process automation builder, will clarify your internal and external operations. To strengthen responsibility, create process milestones and assign them to any internal or external entity. Effectively shorten resolution time by displaying future steps to your agents. Using the complete blueprint dashboard, you can make data-driven process improvements by monitoring active designs.
  • Increased productivity: No longer spend time determining which tickets to work on. Utilize Work Modes to organize tickets by status, priority, due date, and client type and prioritize those that need quick attention. Utilize email templates, snippets, and AI-powered answer ideas from the Reply Assistant to save response times.
  • Improved agent experience: They have concerns for their users. Therefore, Zoho Desk is intended to decrease the number of steps required to complete any task. The highly-intuitive UI is filled with pertinent information, shortcuts to assist speedier navigation, one-click bulk operations, drag-and-drop builders, dynamic filters, and various other visual cues to make the product user-friendly.
  • Personalized support: Provide your customer service teams with fast and relevant information on customers, chats, and transactions. Integrating your CRM with Zoho Desk will make every customer encounter relevant. Ensure that no client goes ignored and no business opportunities are missed by coordinating the efforts of the sales and support departments.


FAQs On Zoho Vs Zendesk

Does Zendesk integrate with Zoho?

Zendesk Support connects with several Zoho applications, such as Zoho Inventory, Zoho Projects, Zoho Sprints, Zoho Books, etc.

Why do companies use Zoho?

Zoho is the first context-aware help desk software on the market. It provides an intuitive interface and a robust collection of features for managing your sales, marketing, and customer service operations. The software is readily customizable and suitable for teams with up to one thousand members.

Why do companies use Zendesk?

Companies choose Zendesk because of its robust reporting features, a wide choice of third-party interfaces, innovation, and straightforward setup. Additionally, support teams may quickly tailor the platform to their requirements. The firms select Zendesk because of its very intuitive and straightforward knowledge base. Additionally, they may contact Zendesk support 24/7.

What can you do with Zendesk?

Zendesk may be used as a CRM system. You may manage tickets from many channels, including email, mobile phone, the Help center, and social media. You may monitor, prioritize, and handle client tickets in a centralized location. In addition, your support personnel may communicate with consumers immediately. Moreover, you can measure and enhance the client experience.

What is the knowledge base in Zoho desk?

You may develop a knowledge base in Zoho Desk as a support desk solution for your clients. The knowledge base contains information on frequent difficulties so that the customer support staff can respond to client queries with the most suitable solutions. In addition, clients may use items for self-service. Administrators and support staff can add and amend all FAQs in the knowledge base.

How Does Zoho Desk work?

Zoho Desk is a help desk application where end-users can simply allocate, monitor, and configure triggers for client problems. The platform allows you to deliver your clients a proactive Help Center and Knowledge Base.

Is Zendesk a CRM?

A separate product from Zendesk, Zendesk Sell, provides easier access to information. The system has an intuitive interface, data-driven bespoke reports, campaign management, seamless integrations, and email automation.

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Conclusion: Zoho Vs Zendesk 2023

In this neck-and-neck contest between Zendesk and Zoho Desk, who has the upper hand? Zoho Desk might be an excellent solution for startups and SMBs with a small customer care department.

With enough automation tools and capabilities, you can provide excellent customer service.

That is why I recommend Zoho. 

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