ZonGuru vs Sellics 2024: Which One Is The Best & Why ?

Which platform earns the distinction of being the BEST all-in-one Amazon seller software? Which FBA seller toolkit is the most beneficial? To definitively address these concerns, we decided to conduct a head-to-head comparison of ZonGuru and Sellics.

Be careful to educate yourself on which software offers the goods before you part with your hard-earned money!

First, it is necessary to acknowledge the elephant in the room: this is a ZonGuru article. “Of course they’re going to choose ZonGuru!” you’re presumably thinking.

However, I guarantee you that this is not a self-promotional piece.

This is a basic, critical comparison with clearly defined goals and data-driven suggestions. Secure your seats; things are about to get interesting!



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$39/mo $57/mo
Best for

All of this is backed up with the most current, reliable data available to assist you in making the most excellent choices. With ZonGuru, you can foll

Sellics is a comprehensive Amazon FBA management solution that includes tools and features for managing Amazon Sponsored Products and Pay-Per-Click (P

  • Friendly User
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Product Research Tool
  • Review Monitoring
  • Product Detector
  • Niche Analyzer
  • PPC Analyzer
  • Premium Products
  • Listing Optimizer ZonGuru
  • IP Monitor
  • Powerful Data Insight
  • Email Automation
  • The Performance widget displays the sessions and conversion
  • Good Customer Service
  • Compatible with 8 Amazon markets
  • Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards
  • Limited Pricing Plans
  • Historical data is limited
Ease of Use

Zonguru is really user-friendly according to their users. The tools provided by this platform can help you grow your business easily.

Sellics is really user-friendly according to their users. The tools provided by this platform can help you grow your business easily.

Value For Money

Zonguru ability to customize your membership with add-on packages. Most of the tools come with a limit on how many sessions you can use per 30 days.

It is a little expensive than Zonguru. but the number of tools offered by Sellics is more than Zonguru.

ZonGuru vs Sellics 2024: Overview

What Is ZonGuru?

They think the ability to break free from the 9-to-5 grind and earn as much money as you want – wherever you want – is available.

Their team of seasoned Amazon sellers is dedicated to assisting you in living life on your terms by providing an industry-leading suite that has incredibly powerful Amazon FBA seller tools built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to earn you the most money possible while working outside the constraints of a traditional job.

ZonGuru- ZonGuru vs Sellics

All of this is backed up with the most current, reliable data available to assist you in making the most excellent choices. With ZonGuru, you can follow your passion.

What Is Sellics?

Sellics is a comprehensive Amazon FBA management solution that includes tools and features for managing Amazon Sponsored Products and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization & Listing Optimization. Management of Reviews.

Sellics- ZonGuru vs Sellics


Research of Keywords and Products. Profitability is measured and tracked in real-time.

Sellics deducts Amazon fees, shipping (i.e., FBA), PPC costs, promotions, taxes, and cost of items automatically throughout the day, and all data is kept up to current.

Utilize Sellics’ Amazon PPC Manager to optimize and grow your PPC earnings.

Price: ZonGuru vs Sellics

Money speaks! However, while evaluating the cost of any software platform, it is critical to assess its value.

Which toolkit is the most valuable at each level of your Amazon journey?

Sellics offers three different subscription plans: Agency Edition, Seller Edition, and Vendor Edition.

We shall compare the Seller Edition plans in this comparison.

Plans for the Seller Edition begin at $67 per month, with reductions available for 6- and 12-month commitment durations.

Sellics- Pricing

It’s worth noting that all projects have a 14-day free trial and those plan fees are revenue-based; the more income your FBA company generates, the more you pay.

Additionally, BEWARE if you sell on numerous markets! Each Seller Central login requires a separate subscription with a 20% discount.

ZonGuru’s membership levels are intended to scale with your Amazon company, starting at $39 per month for product researchers and $49 per month for sellers.

All membership levels for researchers include access to source, keyword, and listing optimization tools, and all subscription plans offer a FREE 7-day trial.

ZonGuru provides substantial savings on yearly plans, in addition to ongoing specials and discounts.


Remember that we are not only discussing cost; we are evaluating worth! ZonGuru is the undisputed winner, offering more needle-moving tools at a lower price! Simple.

Users of ZonGuru have access to a comprehensive range of tools at each stage of the Amazon experience, as well as customizable plan customization possibilities.

Support & Training Resources: Assistance When You’re In Need!

At times, while selling on Amazon, we all feel a little bewildered.

Navigating the whirling waves may be challenging without the ‘lighthouse’ of other seasoned sellers.

Having a committed support staff on your side that can provide a helping hand when you’re in need may be invaluable.

Combine it with focused training/events, and you have a winning formula for Amazon’s success.

Sellics hosts frequent webinars with a heavy emphasis on PPC and business analytics.

support- ZonGuru vs Sellics

Their website has a vast blog library and the Sellics Academy, which provides insights into SEO and optimization tactics.

While the Sellics platform does offer a live chat option, it’s a stretch to term it ‘live’ with response periods of up to 12 hours.

ZonGuru offers weekly LIVE training sessions with professional Q&A sessions, in addition to a vast resource collection that guides consumers through each stage of the Amazon process.

More significantly, a quick live chat option and, when necessary, one-on-one help conversations guarantee that consumers feel supported at all times.

Sellics training is unmistakably geared for seasoned salespeople and agencies.

They are unconcerned with assisting product researchers or private label FBA merchants who are just getting started.

By comparison, the ZonGuru team has plenty to offer researchers and sellers of ALL experience levels.

zonguru- ZonGuru vs Sellics

From the most fundamental how-to instructional video to complex listing and PPC strategy standard operating procedures, ZonGuru has you covered.

Why not experience the difference for yourself by attending one of ZonGurus’ upcoming live training events?

Customer Engagement Is Critical For Amazon Sales Growth

We are all aware that ratings play a significant role in sales conversions.

High ratings demonstrate that you’re offering a fantastic product that people like, which may catapult sales! Obtaining ratings on the board may be a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.

However, the correct tools may automate this process while adhering to Amazon’s terms of service.

Hold the phone; Sellics lacks a rating request feature? Sellics does provide a ‘Reviews’ part, but it is intended for use after a buyer writes terrible comments.

This application shows Amazon listing reviews and provides the ability to remark on them publicly. That undoubtedly qualifies as a concise section summary!

ZonGuru’s customer interaction features are robust: Email Automator and Review Automator. Email Automator provides:

  • Customers with total control over communications.
  • The extra feature of not sending refunded orders.
  • The ability to pre-schedule the time/day when emails are sent to purchasers.

This increases open rates and ensures that you get the most interaction and reviews possible!

ZonGuru offers a Review Automator solution that integrates with the Amazon Seller Central platform.

Review Automator sends mass communications to purchasers following Amazon’s terms of service.

This area is self-explanatory; ZonGuru is your go-to resource for more significant customer interaction and rating growth.

ZonGuru’s well-designed tools provide elements that every seller desires, including open email rates, shipping preferences, and refund exclusions.

Is it time to boost your rating count to new heights? Consider how Email Automator may help you increase your rating count immediately.

Monitoring & Alerts: Keep An Eye On The Situation

The Amazon may be a wild place that changes at the drop of a hat.

Monitoring and alert systems will assist you unless you’re ready to be hooked to a laptop 24/7 checking for changes.

These programs work tirelessly in the background and immediately notify you of your listings and rival activity changes.

This enables you to react quickly and rectify issues before they become serious ones. Phew!

Sellics has two different types of alerts: one for product reviews and another for hijackers.

Sellics users are effectively left to fend for themselves, with even the most basic features such as price adjustments and listing status notifications being omitted.

It is a pitiful product that can have a catastrophic effect on the bottom line.

ZonGuru has two primary alerting mechanisms: Product Pulse and IP Monitor.

Product Pulse notifies you anytime monitored listing changes.

Tracked listings may include both user-submitted and competitor-submitted items! Changes to the selling category, size, weight, ratings, and reviews are all available as alert events.

Users have complete choice over which notifications are significant and have access to historical vs current numbers, allowing for effective tracking of changes.

Additionally, Product Pulse enables you to monitor the economic effect of alert occurrences.

When a nominated event happens, it is recorded on the Business Dashboard, allowing you to evaluate the impact on your bottom line immediately.

If this had been a running race, ZonGuru would have reached the finish line before Sellics took the starting block.

Two alert choices are insufficient. ZonGuru goes above and above in this area, providing customers with a comprehensive variety of alert settings and functionality capabilities.

Business Metrics & Numbers Interpretation

When attempting to comprehend your company KPIs, do you feel like you’re going through the Bermuda Triangle? Most company owners would easily say that understanding how your organization’s financials are tracking is critical.

Many, though, find it a time-consuming endeavor. With the correct software and tools, this becomes a simple process, allowing sellers to concentrate on what they do best: selling!

Finally, a category took seriously by Sellers! Sellics provides two dashboards for company metrics: Profits and Cockpit. The cockpit offers a fast overview of system performance and is the initial point of contact upon signing in.

Seller’s Profit dashboard is far more robust, including key performance indicators, a visual profit breakdown, and trend graphs.

Each area is fully customizable and has an abundance of possibilities.

 ZonGuru vs Sellics- metrics

Additionally, the Profits dashboard provides a deep dive into the success of particular products, including more esoteric measures such as return rates, contribution margin percent, and average units per order.

For sellers with many variations, product data may be sorted by parent listing, which is a good addition.

Customers may choose the display date range, currency, and marketplace within the Profits dashboard.

There includes a specific expenses section for precise cost of goods sold reports and a time-saving bulk upload tool for sellers of several SKUs.

However, if consumers want access to a standard profit and loss statement, they are limited to a tiny drop-down calculator lacking export capabilities.

Additionally, Sellics does not support the Australian market. Sorry, Australians, there is no data available for you! Additionally, it is not feasible to examine ALL needs simultaneously; for example, if you sell in the United Kingdom and the United States, users must view financial data individually for each location.

Along with the Cockpit and Profits dashboards, Sellic’s offers a PPC Manager and an inventory management tool.

The PPC tool is an excellent alternative for anybody who hates Amazon’s advertising module, and the inventory tool offers convenient reorder prompts.

Moving on to ZonGuru, the Business Dashboard offers critical indicators, profit and loss statements, and graphs of sales trends.

Customize the results by date, market, or product. Notably, the results may be shown in any currency and can span ALL markets simultaneously.

Additionally, users may obtain a brief financial report at any point for distribution to potential investors, purchasers, or accountants.

Users may input COGs, similar to Sellics, for precise reporting and stock level control.

A convenient sales breakdown is part of the dashboard data, including paid vs organic sales, ACOS indicators, and inventory purchasing prompts.

 ZonGuru vs Sellics- mertix

All on a single screen! Daily sales graphs may be completely customized, including alerts for significant listing event modifications. Visualize the impact of an unexpected price rise on your bottom line!

ZonGuru outperforms the competition in this area by providing functionality where it matters most and displaying all critical data points prominently.

ZonGuru eliminates the need to switch between programs, fully supports Australian vendors, and offers on-demand access to downloadable company financials.

While Sellics provides a strong product, it falls short on several critical elements.

Tools For Keyword Research and Listing Optimization That Work

After sourcing your goods, you’ll want to ensure that it’s optimized for maximum views and conversions.

Enter keyword phrases! They are the means via which your consumers discover your items.

Your listing may be buried in the jungle or prominent on page one, depending on the quality and placement of your keywords.

Sellics disappoints again. While a keyword tool is available, it is only to report on the rankings of current listings.

It is not intended to uncover keyword possibilities and provides practically little information about keyword relevance.

Other than ranking data, the only extra measure offered is search traffic, and even then, calling this a metric is excellent.

Rather than that, it is a modest visual guideline that does not indicate the underlying statistics.

Additionally, consumers cannot pick which ASINs supply the search recommendations, and insufficient keyword quality.

The term ‘Yoga Mat’ was entered in the test case, and the top keyword recommendation provided was ‘capri pants for ladies.

Sellics includes Optimizing keywords that allow you to optimize your listings.

This program imports listing data from Amazon and determines if the copy contains keywords.

Once again, there is a heavy focus on rankings and a shortage of facts. Users are flying blind, with little to no guidance on the relevance of a keyword inclusion or the overall quality of their listing.

Optimize Keywords’ main appealing feature is its ability to add leftover keywords to backend search phrases automatically.

It’s worth mentioning that Sellics does provide a tool called ‘Competition,’ which analyzes ranking data for up to 25 rivals.

Additionally, this tool includes analytics on rival keyword coverage, pricing, and reviews. The objective is to demonstrate the keywords their competitors utilize and rank based on the keyword list provided.

This is a very specialized tool that focuses on specific keyword ranking comparisons rather than overall listing comparisons.

ZonGuru offers three tools for optimizing keywords and listings: Keywords on Fire, Keywords Spotlight, and Listing Optimizer.

ZonGuru’s most potent tool, undoubtedly, is Keywords on Fire. It is meant to generate the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your listing.

To ensure that you have all the necessary information to make educated choices, ZonGuru gives stats for each keyword, including real search traffic, total income, daily launch sales, top 25 competition rankings, and predicted PPC bids.

Additionally, users retain complete control over the ASINs utilized to generate keyword results.

Users may refine results and save curated keyword lists for easy interaction with the Listing Optimizer tool through Keywords on Fire.

Additionally, you may export data to Excel or click on a term to display its Amazon search results.

ZonGuru’s Listing Optimizer excels, providing consumers with clear information on the possibilities of a term by putting search volume and relevance indicators front and front.

ZonGuru automatically updates data when new keywords are input, streamlining the keyword and listing process. You’re constantly aware of the most valuable keywords for your listing!

Additionally, a reference column changes quickly with stars and ticks to indicate when a term is used and whether it is a comprehensive or precise match.

Additionally, you may bulk submit any leftover keywords to your backend search terms, ensuring that you never miss another keyword chance.

We’ve left the most attractive feature for last: direct comparison of your listing to rivals.

You may compare up to eight separate Amazon listings directly. Each listing is assigned a score based on its optimization.

This score serves as a barometer of the overall quality of your listing since it is determined by the power of your keywords and their placement.

At a glance, see how your listing compares to the competition and watch as it evolves in real-time as you modify your text.

Once you’re satisfied with your copy, a single button click sends your data to Amazon Seller Central.

Once again, ZonGuru leads this category.

ZonGuru knows the user experience and gives all the keyword and listing optimization tools necessary for a competitive advantage.

The keyword is king! With Sellics omitting such a critical stage, it’s tempting to conclude the platform comparison right now!

Which Product Research & Validation Software Is the Best?

This is the first step in the process: identifying and evaluating your product niche ideas! If this stage is incorrect, the whole process may swiftly unravel, leaving prospective sellers unhappy and out of money.

It is ESSENTIAL. To make educated data-driven choices, you need the correct tools and accuracy.

Interestingly, it seems as if Sellics missed the message on the critical nature of product research.

Sellics is not a product research company. The site makes no apologies for its lack of tools to assist vendors in locating their ideal niche.

On the other side, ZonGuru offers five distinct product research and validation tools that guide customers through the critical first processes of niche selection, validation, and product sourcing.

To begin, there is the powerful Niche Finder. This program is an idea generator that reliably generates hundreds of product niches with a few mouse clicks.

It includes default filters for various company models as well as sophisticated filter options, allowing you to fine-tune your findings to your heart’s delight.

The results have graphics, launch budget, search volume, PPC bid cost, and sales data, among other things.

Users may save niches for future research or transmit them to other programs for further investigation.

Additionally, ZonGuru offers a Chrome Extension that easily interacts with Amazon and delivers quick, up-to-date analytics on a niche or individual product.

Additionally, users have access to the Niche Rater rainbow, a visual representation of a niche’s desirability.

It examines critical factors such as buyer demand, income potential, competitiveness, and capital needs.

Once a viable niche has been found, customers may utilize Sales Spy to investigate seasonality and past sales patterns.

Additionally, the Love-Hate tool mines thousands of reviews within a place to reveal what people love and dislike about a product rapidly.

With this knowledge in hand, ZonGuru users may quickly build goods that are certain to garner enthusiastic followers.

Finally, Easy Source matches consumers’ criteria with a selected list of Alibaba.com providers.

As an authorized partner of Alibaba.com, ZonGuru can give crucial supplier information directly on the site, including projected pricing, minimum purchase quantities, lead times, and even product images.

ZonGuru easily wins this category. If you’re looking for product research and validation, Sellics is not the place for you.

Therefore, whether you’re an established merchant trying to grow or a newcomer just getting started, ZonGuru can assist you throughout the product selection and certification process.

Additionally, ZonGuru establishes a logical flow between each tool, from product concept development through seasonality testing, user feedback, and sourcing.

Customer Review of ZonGuru:

zonguru review

zonguru reviews

FAQs On ZonGuru vs Sellics:

What is the price of Sellics?

Sellics price begins at $ 57.00 per month for a single feature. They do not provide a free version of their software. Sellics provides a risk-free trial.

How is Sellics?

Sellics is an excellent tool for Amazon sellers that want the convenience of having all their statistics in one location. It does away with the requirement for different agencies and extensions. This, in turn, saves you time and enables you to manage your company more efficiently.

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ZonGuru vs Sellics: The Verdict

Wow! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on your accomplishment! No issue if you’ve gone ahead to the conclusion.

Let us go straight to the point. Which Amazon FBA toolkit is the finest all-in-one?

First, let us state that Sellics and ZonGuru are both incredible toolsets that have assisted thousands of individuals in achieving Amazon’s success.

However, in a head-to-head comparison, ZonGuru wins.

Sellics is not a one-stop shop. Their toolset has MASSIVE holes that keep users in the dark, especially for product research, keywords, notifications, and customer communications.

It is unabashedly focused on rankings, with little regard for anything else.

ZonGuru is constantly evolving and releasing new tools where they are needed.

ZonGuru’s product research, keyword research, and listing optimization tools are unmatched in the industry, providing sellers with the most relevant data available to help them grow their company.

Combined with the value-added subscription options, it creates a fantastic platform for researchers and sellers of all skill levels.

You now have all of the information necessary to make an educated choice on the best platform for you.

However, it would help if you did not take our word for it. Why not give our tools a test drive by signing up for a FREE seven-day trial today?

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