Zoolz Review 2021 Unlimited Lifetime Online Backup – Is It Legit ? READ NOW!

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Cloud Backup


  • Best Service at the best Price
  • AWS Advanced Technology Partner
  • Also observes universal compliance
  • Allows you to manage your files easily
  • Restore data is just one click of button
  • Really saves you time and space
  • Offers full control over data and users
  • Back up an unlimited number of servers


  • Customer support needs improvement

This post Features Zoolz Review that includes detailed insights of this platform. Zoolz offers low cost storage online service and gives you best storage service for data. Rollover to check out the review now.

Price:$ 360

Zoolz Review 2021 by me is here to share that this online backup service is extremely low-cost storage that provides an optimal and reliable storage service for data for a lifetime.

It promises secure and unlimited lifetime storage for files. Zoolz proved to be very helpful for me and a few of my friends as it could back up and store computer, network, and external drives forever i.e. even after you have deleted the data from your computer it remains stored online unlike other online cloud services like Justcloud or blackblaze.

As other services store the information for a limited period of time this can be very useful to back up and keep the information for a lifetime. Even External devices are not handy always and also will not have unlimited storage. You do not even have to worry as everything is been kept online and not at home or office.

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Zoolz Discount Coupon Code

Pros (+)

  • unlimited lifetime storage
  • keeps the data online even if you delete it from the computer
  • extremely low cost
  • user-friendly interface

Cons (-)

  • slow download and restore speed
  • difficult to restore data via the mobile app from the cold storage

Zoolz And Amazon Glacier: Zoolz Review January 2021

Zoolz is able to do this unlimited lifetime back up with the help of Cold storage Provided by the Amazon Glacier which makes the storage cheap. However, with Amazon Cold Storage Solution –   “Glacier” even though it is very cheap, the download or restoring speed is very slow and can take a couple of hours to do so, other cloud storage services like Crashplan and Carbonite are comparatively faster.

Also, Zoolz has an easy user-friendly interface and is very easy to understand in opposition to Amazon which is very cumbersome to use.

How to BackUp with Zoolz?

Zoolz Cloud Storage Review: Unlimited Lifetime Online Backup DONT BUY ?

Interestingly, we will share in this Zoolz review that backing up with Zoolz is as easy as it sounds. Just make an account or sign up on Zoolz for free and then you can start with your backing up of files. It allows you to select individual files or folders up to 50GB and the trial id is valid for 15days thereafter which can be upgraded. NAS device External hard Disks can also be backed up.

zoolz review discount coupons zoolz review discount coupons

It will ask you to select the files to backup and choose the folder’s location to be it from any drive you want. Before running the final backup a chance would be given to modify a few settings like scheduling the backup which is set on default for every two hours, throttling, encryptions, include and exclude file extensions, Hybrid back up making it even faster to back up, etc. After all, the changes have been made and a schedule has been set up, zoolz starts to backup all your selected data.


Zoolz is a Great online backup service and a low-cost storage platfrom too, it provides reliable and optimal storage for your data with a lifetime access and availability, it stores data online from computer, external drives and network, forever.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

One can restore their data with a single click on Zoolz Platform

😩  Cons

Customer support can be improved in terms of solutions.


Zoolz is a big Yes, It is a long-term Storage platform of your data on internal, external, & network devices with loads of features and few of the key performance modes features like turbo mode and smart mode.

Rating 4.5/5

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Restoring Files

Zoolz Cloud Backup

The basic reason why we backup data is to restore it when required and if it does not serve this primary purpose everything goes in vain.

Zoolz HowTo - Configure Backup

Zoolz review 2021easily depicts that is a good way to restore the oldest data possible as it stores unlimited data for a lifetime and even up to 10 versions of a file BUT it is important we aware and warns you of the fact that it can take a lot of time to restore those files. It can take up to 4- 5 hours to restore the data and if you wish for a faster speed you may have to upgrade your package or look for an alternative like idrive or Justcloud.

Rest assured if you have time and can restore your archived data later it is of great use. Data can be restored from the desktop software by clicking the Restore button, or through the web interface. It often also provides you the service of mailing that is you would receive an email when the data is rescued.  Later you can view the data in the previously selected drive.

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Zoolz Features

Zoolz Windows Server Backup AES 256 Encryption Data Storage Solutions

Zoolz is an effortless and user-friendly Service with unlimited unique features which makes it stands out from its competitors:

Mobile App

Zoolz provides access to its mobile app to ios and Android devices. You can easily read and view the data offline and online but it is not possible to download the data from the cold storage service. With the mobile App facility, we can also enjoy photo sharing and can forward a large pieces of information skipping the email problem.


RAW image quality

Something really cool is that Zoolz produces raw images the way they were captured even when you restore them after a long period of time. This unique feature is a treasure for the photographers as they can archive and reproduce them after years right away.

Real Security

Zoolz makes sure that safety and security are taken for all its users and is very sincere about it. It has made sure that it encrypts our files before we leave our computer. Not only this, It securely transfers our data and stores them on encrypted servers using military grade 256 AES Encryption. This proves that in all ways we can maintain our peace of mind by not losing our important data ever.


Zoolz features

Hybrid+ gives you the privilege to backup to a local drive and also upload your data to the cloud simultaneously.  You can customize the size storage if needed.

Zoolz Dashboard

Zoolz Dashboard


Zoolz is a user-friendly service. It has a tech support system that responds within 24hours and for further queries, it is reachable on email and phone. It also offers the less available facility of live chat for its users so that the user does not face prolonged problems and issues can be sorted instantaneously. It also has a helpdesk that compromises the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by its users.

Versions of Zoolz

With the file version, you can go back in time and restore earlier versions of the files if you have made an unwanted change or if you are the victim of a ransomware file corruption. The Zoolz Home Cloud Backup version stores up to 10 file versions and does not delete them. For comparison: Backblaze removes its versions after 30 days.

However, Backblaze has its advantages, such as unlimited retention and ease of use. If that sounds interesting, read more in our Backblaze article.

Zoolz Home Cloud Backup can save all RAW formats and create a preview image for RAW images. This makes it an ideal tool for photographers. After downloading, you can use the central Web console to preview your RAW and JPG images. We will talk more about security in the Security section of this Zoolz review. 

For more information about features and online backup services, see our online backup library.

Restore Zoolz Home Cloud backup files

To restore the backed up files, open the client and turn on the large red “Restore” checkbox. A separate client window will be displayed, guiding you through the recovery process. However, it may take a while for the client window to display a single folder. This may be because Zoolz Home Cloud Backup uses Amazon Glacier, which usually takes some time to recover the files.

After selecting the files you want to restore, click the Next button. Then you can choose to restore your files to their original location or to another location. If you use local storage, you can enable the Hybrid + check box to restore it. Another option is to restore only files that are within a specific date range.

If the recovery location already contains backup files, you can select a replacement policy. Then click on “Next” and the recovery process begins.

Pricing Plans

Let’s throw light on the pricing in this Zoolz review and help you decide better if it really suits your pocket.

Zoolz Cloud Storage solutions for home users

Basic: It is great for personal use

  • Price: $14.99 1 Year
  • Storage: 100 GB
  • More Info: One user, No backup limitations, No external drives, and Standard support

Plus: Great for Advanced Use

  • Price: $49.99 1 Year
  • Storage: 500 GB
  • More Information: 3 users, 1 external or network drive, No backup limitations, and Standard support

Family: It is great for household protection

  • Price: $79.99 1 Year
  • Storage: 1000 GB
  • More Information: 5 users, 3 network drives, Premium support, and No backup limitations.

Heavy: it is great for heavy usage.

  • Price: $299.99 1 Year
  • Storage: 4000 GB
  • More information: 5 users, unlimited external drives, Premium support, and No backup.

More about Zoolz:

It is one of the smart ways to backup and access business files or any data files right from anywhere.  Basically, Zoolz is an intelligent cloud backup solution that you can easily rely on and the best part is that it is affordable and it is mainly built for businesses.

Introducing Zoolz Intelligent Cloud - The Future Of Cloud Backup

Free introductory offer:

As the name suggests you can start with their free introductory offer just sign up today and you will get each and everything without paying anything. Here you will get the following things in the introductory offer:

  • 10 GB lifetime storage
  • Free servers and users
  • Provides mobile backup
  • AI  facial &  photodetection
  • Protection against ransomware
  • OCR for    50 scanned documents

Here the best part about this introductory offer is that no payment or any credit card information will be asked during the sign-up process.  So it’s super easy to get started with it and once you are familiar with this platform you can go for their pro versions.


Problem Solved by Zoolz Cloud Backup Service:

As we all know the importance of data and if you are in business the data is more valuable. And no doubt it’s a treasure trove of information. But here the main problem is that how can you secure your important data.  

The problem to this solution is Zoolz, as this cloud backup provides the best and the safest backup for all of your files and they are basically using Artificial Intelligence and they provide all the companies right with a unique approach for backup, analysis along with organizing their data in a super-easy way.

What problems does the Zoolz Intelligent Cloud solve?

This Zoolz review will share much detail on how it can make things easier and reduce your problems.

I have a lot of data, but they are not structured. Can you help me?

Companies around the world are facing this problem. Unlike traditional backup services, Zoolz Intelligent lets you protect and automatically organize large amounts of data. How do you do using artificial intelligence, the platform can automatically analyze the content and structure of files without having to move a finger.

How can I find my files faster?

We live in an era of instant access. We also live in the age of an inefficient file search. Automatic product recognition makes it even easier to search for files immediately. It works very much like a search engine.

How can I increase productivity?

The main advantage of this platform is helping companies increase their productivity and efficiency. Time is money for every business. Optimize your colleagues’ workflow with a solution that helps you find files instantly and reduce operating costs.

Reasons to Use Zoolz  Intelligent Cloud

Zoolz Review Intelligent Cloud Storage Just Got Smarter


  • Increase efficiency and productivity: Don’t waste time on an effective file search along with wasting money on maintaining your service just start with this cloud backup service and optimize your work the way you want.
  • Data organization and greater insights: Here it really doesn’t matter how many files you upload to the system here it will automatically analyze all of the files and simply structure all of the data for you.
  • Advanced security: You just forget about security as your data will get the same security treatment as the date of Nasa,  Netflix, or any of the US government files, and trust me your data will be secured. You can also track the account activity in real-time.
  • Integrated solution: I just want to say stop wasting time and money with the third party software or paying any of the developers. Just start with this awesome cloud backup service at an affordable price.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Benefits

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is changing the way companies manage their data and all data management processes. By combining artificial intelligence with software, users can now maximize all available data and further improve their workflow.

This will give you valuable information on activities, productivity, and productivity. Increase the results and lead your companies to their goals.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud includes a number of advanced data management features. When recognizing documents, filenames do not have to be used. This automatic recognition feature facilitates immediate and accurate file search. Similar to a search engine, users get accurate results without having to specify the exact phrase.

With the media streaming feature, users can stream HD and 4K videos as needed without delay or buffering, regardless of size. This means you will never lose rhythm with your audio files. Zoolz Intelligent supports hundreds of media formats.

The platform is equipped with optical character recognition technology. This innovative feature allows users to search for PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files based on the words they contain. All supported in 22 languages.

The photo recognition feature makes data recognition more interesting by increasing photo recognition. Users can search for items such as glasses, phones, and cups and get instant results.

Users have full control over the full functionality of user management. With this software, you can set up permissions, manage users, access a complete testing tool, and track the activity of all accounts in real-time. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud was designed for large amounts of data. If you have terabytes or petabytes of data, you can be sure that the platform can handle all of this easily and accident-free.

Quick Links:

Cold Storage plans of Zoolz

Zoolz Pricing Unlimited Users Servers for 30 mo.

It has a very safe method of payment with a 30-day money-back guarantee, daily tested McAfee secure and VeriSign secured. You can pay by visa, master, American Express, or PayPal. We have made it even cheaper for you if you avail of the offers in this Zoolz review.

Should you Buy Zoolz? Zoolz Review January 2021 Unlimited Lifetime Online Backup LEGIT? READ

Zool Clients

In the end, I would say with this Zoolz review that it excels in numerous aspects and is one of the best cloud storage services available. It is efficient from its competitors like SugarSync or BlackBlaze in the price comparison. It is very economical, accessible and the best of all it saves your unlimited data for LIFETIME.

I would say if you can get data in just a few hours anytime even after years, WHY NOT????  It’s a long-term Storage Facility of your data on external, internal, and network devices with a treasure full of features with its several performance modes like smart mode and turbo mode. Before or After one should DEFINITELY try it!!!

Want to know more about Zoolz follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and you can also check out their “About Us” Page.


4 thoughts on “Zoolz Review 2021 Unlimited Lifetime Online Backup – Is It Legit ? READ NOW!”

  1. Hello,

    how is the back-up and restore still working after your review on Zoolz? are you still happy with the product? I would like to buy also the 30$ / 1TB lifetime package, and wanted to make sure it is worth it.
    A short reply from your side would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  2. Just an FYI. I purchased the 1TB lifetime package more than a year ago. What Zoolz does not tell you is that all Lifetime users share the same unlimited bandwidth channel. And some of these users have, according to Zoolz “have been abusing this channel. This has led upload speeds to drop for compliant users.” What this has meant for me is that I can only get Zoolz to back up about 380gb of my 1TB and the backup schedule is not respected. I have been trying to back up my entire drive of around 700gb for months and it has never worked. And today when I aske Zoolz about is when they tell me that every lifetime user is sharing the same channel. BUT in the same email they offer a solution – which is a $10/year subscription that – again according to Zoolz – will get me a “my own dedicated channel meaning you will not be affected by other activity on the network”.
    So even though I paid for a 1TB lifetime plan I now have to pay $10 a month for the backup schedule to even work!!!
    I’m probably going to stop using ZoolZ (at least for cold storage) and start using another service that doesn’t make me pay a subscription for a Lifetime plan just to get it to work.

  3. All lies, Zoolz is little more than a hoax. They sold ‘lifetime’ plans then decided they can no longer support them, then they offered a ‘great discount to loyal customers’ reducing the yearly plan (on something that is similar to what was purchased for lifetime) at 60% discount “forgetting” to say that is a one time discount for the first year. finally they upgraded my wife’s account which was 2TB I wanted to keep and not mine. How did they even connect us? privacy concern here for sure. in short – I would strongly suggest to have nothing to do with them.


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