Zutrix Review 2023: Is It Best Rank Tracking Tool?

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Ease Of Use
Tracking Tool


  • The platform is pretty easy to use. 
  • Zutrix is powered by artificial intelligence and can thus offer accurate results. 
  • With this platform, you can get multi-channel notifications. 
  • Zutrix offers live demo options. 
  • It has rich functionality. 
  • You get a free trial for a period of 7 days. 


  • The API is not available on Zutrix.

Price:$ 9

In this post, we have featured Zutrix Review: which’s included detailed insights features, support, pricing, and pros&cons, and more.

Is Zutrix really worth your time and money? Wish to know more about the platform before you can make a well-informed decision? You are right where you should be. Here in this curated post, we will be encompassing and discussing all the nooks and corners of this platform, so that you can figure out if you should be opting for its services or not.

In today’s time, when most of the businesses are online, there is cutthroat competition to stay on the top of search results. The higher the ranking, the greater the trust in your brand and business. But in order to keep an eye on how you are performing, there are various sophisticated tools at our disposal. One such tool is Zutrix. 

Zutrix, in simple terms, is a Google Rank Tracker that is powered up by Artificial Intelligence and puts into use the complex-level algorithms in order to track the position of your keyword accurately. The platform has a tool suite to offer for getting the suggestions for the keywords as well as the in-depth white-label reports.

Now that we have a basic idea about the platform, let us get into the details.

About Zutrix Review: In A Nutshell

The basic motto that Zutrix works on is to provide accurate, highly effective, quick, and easy solutions for the customers. The platform is said to be the most competent rank tracker that can work for almost everyone. It can work for a diverse set of clientele ranging from digital agencies and personal users to small businesses and SEO professionals

Zutrix is a leader in the arena of keyword rank tracking that can offer you analysis on the basis of Artificial Intelligence or AI. This way, you get the AI-powered results that get delivered to you with the excellent accuracy that is needed.

The platform offers a plethora of services like real-time notifications that include email and slack notifications, real-time telegram, and tracking the competitors. Zutrix also has GEO targeted results, Google SERP tracker, and keyword lab to offer. The Google SERP tracker is built for the purpose of sharing the live reports. Zutrix’s reporting system encompasses white-label integrations, scheduled reporting, and a lot more. What makes it even better is its user-friendliness and simple interface that comes along with various how-to guides. 

Zutrix - Overview

It is pretty simple to set up the account and also can choose the pricing plan that can fit in their needs and budget. All the plans have secure systems for online payments and a money-back guarantee. You also get 24*7 support for the customers that ensures an excellent connection between the company and the clients. All in all, the platform has flawless results to deliver and provides a pretty firm foundation for the businesses to grow.

Now that we have a detailed idea about the platform let us jump to the key features.

Key Features Of Zutrix 

The following are the key features that are provided by the platform.

  1. Results are independent of the location and are powered by Artificial Intelligence. 
  2. You get the real-time email, telegram, and slack notifications.
  3. The platform offers keyword lab and competitor tracking.
  4. You can import the search console. 
  5. With Zutrix, you can lay hands on scheduled reporting and white-label integrations. 
  6. The platform offers mobile and desktop results. 
  7. Apart from the above-mentioned key features, you also get daily updates, unlimited frequency, and also live sharing options for the reports. 

Who Is It For?

Zutrix can work great for anyone ranging from small business holders to the Search Engine Optimization holders. It can work great for the digital marketing agencies and entrepreneurs as well. Apart from these professionals, anyone who wishes to track the keywords can use this platform. It can also work great for you if you are someone who wishes to bring about an improvement in their Search Engine Optimization strategies. 

Zutrix - Features

Creating A New Project With Zutrix

In this section, I will be talking about how you can create a new project on this platform. It is imperative to know about creating a project on Zutrix because some of the vital features can be reviewed only then. Following are the steps for adding a new project on the platform. 

Step 1

On the dashboard, click on the “Add Domain” tab in the upper right corner. 

Step 2

Next, you need to add the domain name and select the country. You can also fill up the two optional pieces of information, viz the Project ID or the description, and search for the location. You can either just add the domain or opt for “Domain+Keywords” in case you wish to add only particular keywords in order to track.

Step 3

In the third step, you need to add the keywords that you wish to track. On the left-hand side, you can add the desired keywords manually. You can add a keyword on the right-hand side, and Zutrix will give out the keyword suggestions on the basis of the term you entered. If you wish to add it to the tracking list, which is on the left side, you have to click on the desired suggestion. Moreover, you can also select those devices that you wish to track your keywords on.

On the right-hand side, you will come across the option of integrating Zutrix with the Google Search Console. Once you are done, all you need to do is click on the tab that says “Add Keywords.” You will find it at the bottom of a dialog box. 

You can then see the project gets added to the Zutrix dashboard in the list.

Step 4 

Lastly, for the purpose of additional details, you can click on the name of the project. This way, you can get all the details of the project you create.

Getting Into The Details Of The Feature

Here in this section, we will be taking a closer look at the prime features that this platform offers. 

  • Keyword Lab

The Keyword Lab by Zutrix is a top-notch feature that offers everything concerning keyword research. With this feature, you can figure out the competition, difficulty of a keyword, CTR, and much more information related to the term you searched. Whatever keyword you opt for, you can enter that term and can look at the top domains that rank for the keyword you have entered. You can also get to see their Domain Authority (DA). Apart from this, you will also get to see the graphical representation of the CTR. 

Zutrix - Keyword Lab

On your dashboard, you will also get a separate column for the “Z-Rating.” Z-Rating is basically a unique rating that is given by the platform on the basis of the complex array of various metrics that they analyze. On this very basis, they decided the domain that ranks higher for the particular keyword that is analyzed.

  • Competitor Tracking

In order to track the keywords of your competitors, you need to click on the “Competitors” tab that can be seen on the left-hand side of your screen. But it is important to keep in mind that this option can be used only after creating a project on Zutrix.

Next, you have to click on the “Add Competitors” tab, and then on the basis of your domain, Zutrix will put forward the best possible competitors automatically. When you hit the suggestions tab, you can add these to the list of your competitors. All these options get added to a dialog box on the left-hand side. Once you are done, you can simply click on the “Save Changes” tab.

Zutrix - Tracking Competitor

When you are done with it, Zutrix can begin with tracking the competitors. The platform has incredible competitor analysis abilities to offer. Whatever term you search, you can see the key metrics for the competitors. You can also have a look at how a particular domain is performing, its top keywords, its current performance as well as the volume. 

  • Reports

Next, let us talk about the reporting option of Zutrix. You can begin by clicking on the “Reports” option on the left-hand side panel. The main screen will show no options if you do not have any reports. 

To get started, you need to click on the “Add Scheduled Report” tab. Next, you need to add your email where you wish the platform to send you the scheduled reports on. You will also get an option of choosing the frequency domain as well as the time you want to get your reports on. The platform also offers the option of White Labelling but only on the advanced paid package.

Zutrix - Dashboard

Once you are done with filling up all the details, you can add that to the “Scheduled Email Reports.” The mail will be sent to you in the PDF format. The report you get is pretty neat and very simple to understand. You will also get to see a section in the report that can review the performance of the keyword for the domain given. 

  • Notifications

Zutrix gives you the option of deciding how you wish to be notified regarding the up-to-the-minute updates. As you click on the “Notifications” tab, you will get to see various options that include email, slack, and telegram notifications.

Zutrix - Notification

It is pretty easy to turn on these notifications by clicking the slider option that is given below. You also get the option of configuring the accounts under every section. In addition to all this, Zutrix also lets you set up those events that can trigger the notifications. If you wish to lower the frequency, you can simply change your settings by using the slider.

Pricing | How Much Does Zutrix Review Cost?


Zutrix Pros And Cons

Here in this section, we will be talking about the pros and cons of the platform. 

Let us begin with the Pros. 

  1. The platform is pretty easy to use. 
  2. Zutrix is powered by artificial intelligence and can thus offer accurate results. 
  3. With this platform, you can get multi-channel notifications. 
  4. Zutrix offers live demo options. 
  5. It has rich functionality. 
  6. You get a free trial for a period of 7 days. 

Coming to the cons of the platform.

  1. The API is not available on Zutrix.

Testimonials Of Zutrix Review

Zutrix - Testimonials

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FAQs On Zutix Review

👉Is it possible to track the keywords in some other country through Zutrix if you are a resident of a different country?

Yes, the platform will let you both review as well as track the positions of the keyword in each location. It also offers you the option of entering the location where you wish to see the ranking of your keyword.

👉Do you get customer support at Zutrix?

Yes, the platform provides you 24*7 customer support through the chatbot on the platform. In order to contact the team, you can also send an email to [email protected]

👉 Do you get a free demo at Zutrix?

Yes, Zutrix lets you have a free demo. You just need to register the email for trying the tool.

👉Do you need to have a credit card for getting started with the platform?

No, you do not require a credit card and can try the rank tracking tool free after the registration of the email address.

👉Is it possible to get the keywords from the Google Search Console at Zutrix?

Yes, you can very easily integrate the Google Search Console with the Zutrix. Just as you add a new project on the platform, you get the option of configuring the Google Account. Once you are done, you can add the keywords from the Google Search Console to the project.

Conclusion: Zutrix Review 2023

All in all, Zutrix is surely one of the super user-friendly tools in the market. Its advanced abilities for reporting purposes as well as the intuitive interface make it one of the best platforms. Though there are many other tools that can offer you notifications in real-time, Zutrix takes it a step further and allows you for getting notifications on Slack, Telegram as well as emails. The entire experience with this platform is hassle-free. What makes it even more impressive is the option of live report sharing. This way, you can stay ahead in knowing the changes that happen in the ranks dynamically. 

The platform can very well take out the pain from the process of rank tracking. This feature-packed platform has the potential of competing with the big beasts in this arena. From common features to the innovative, far-sighted ones, the platform has a lot to offer. Along with all these vital nooks and corners, the design of the platform is such that it is super easy to find all the vital metrics and navigate through them. Overall the platform has rich functionalities, is user-friendly, and definitely, a must-try.

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