HostGator vs Wp Engine 2020 Which Is Better at Hosting ?

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      Web hosting and related services are a very integral part of any website business or online blog. These hosting companies help you in keeping your site live and running. They allow you to make it accessible over the world of the internet. Here we talk about two very popular choices: HostGator vs. Wp Engine.

      Why the Comparison between HostGator vs. Wp Engine 2020

      wpengine vs hostgator

      You see there are loads of options and services you can find online when it comes to web hosting. Therefore, it may sometimes become very difficult to choose a service as most of them offer the same services and all claim to be the best! I myself have tried numerous of them while my stint as a digital marketer.

      Therefore in this series I provide you with some interesting comparisons and showdowns between the most popular hosting companies. Also Check out here best web hosting services.

      We will see which one is better on the basis of:

      • The number and quality of services they offer
      • The quality of support they offer
      • How good these services really are
      • How costly are these services

      In this post we will talk about HostGator vs. Wpengine

      Both firms offer the same kind of services more or less although, Wpengine is more focussed towards WordPress. With HostGator you can get services like web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, dedicated IPs, reseller hosting and some others. With Wp Engine though, you will have to buy all other services like VPS as it does not provide the same.


      hostgator control panel

      HostGator uses Dual Xeon Servers which are very powerful. With Wpengine, most of the things are managed and you have to just focus on updating your WordPress blog from time to time.

      With HostGator the average load time can be 2-4 seconds while Wpengine takes 0.3! That is a big plus and clearly propels Wp Engine to winning. While earlier we saw that uptimes of HostGator are better compared to that of GoDaddy and Bluehost but we have another winner here: Wp Engine.

      User Interface

      wpengine control panel

      HostGator uses cPanel as their control panels. Well, most of us are acquainted with cPanels therefore the user-friendliness is there.

      With cPanel you can install popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Weebly at the click of a button. HostGator does provide customer focus as it has loads of customization options to give your website a more personal look and feel and also allow you more control!

      The interface of Wp Engine is lacklustre. You just are left wanting for more. I believe it needs more features and a more attractive layout. There is a version of PHPMyAdmin which has tools to help you redirect domain names, access to error logs. They also have a backup tool but not much more!

      Therefore HostGator is the winner here!

      Pricing and Features

      HostGator Website Hosting Services VPS Hosting Dedicated Servers

      In all services, you can choose from different packages which include varied scales of:

      • Domains
      • Unlimited Disk Space
      • Data Transfer
      • Email Accounts and more.

      I have to say that Wp Engine is the costlier option for Indian online enthusiasts as the same service on HostGator can be availed for less.

      Wpengine Hosting pricing plans
      Wpengine Hosting pricing plans

      For instance, web hosting can cost you INR 400-675 on HostGator while the same starts at approx. INR 1800 for Wp Engine.

      So Wp Engine is definitely the costliest.

      Customer Support and Feedback

      Support is of premium importance when it comes to hosting services. This is because every online enthusiast out there is not a techie. This is why we so many times run into confusion and then a god support team is all we want and need.

      Issues can arise like:

      • Site is down
      • Site has crashed
      • Plugins are not updating
      • Hosting is flawed
      • Anything else!

      Luckily both services provide quality support for their customers. You can choose from different options like email support, live chat or phone call to their support officers. Both provide equivalent and awesome support with faster response times and genuine solutions.

      So who wins when it comes to HostGator vs. Wpengine

      Well I believe it depends on who is using it.

      I recommend to WP Engine to:

      • Hard core WordPress users who have traffic flowing to their websites and want the top WordPress services can go for it. It is not at all a good choice for newbies and small scale businesses which are just getting started and want to make a substantial online presence. It is costly and should only be opted by those who can afford it! Find Wp Engine Coupon Here

      I recommend HostGator to:

      • Anyone who is looking for quality features and good support. This included already established online firms who want to take it up a notch. If you are thinking about increasing your operations and availing the service of strong servers then HostGator is a good option for you! Find Hostagtor Coupon Here

      How is your experience with Hostgator & WP Engine. Please share your views in comments below.

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