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Tenorshare Ultdata Review
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Customer Support


  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Free Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Restore Data As It Was
  • Preview of Data Before Recovery
  • Supports Multiple Platforms
  • Printing the details of data is available
  • The scan time for recovery process is very less
  • There are options to select only certain files for recovery
  • It supports more than 550 file types with a high recovery rate


  • Data recovery process is little bit slow

Losing Data is something that happens to everybody and there are too many reasons behind that. It can possibly due to a virus, malware in your system or because of some incident. There are almost all reasons why your Windows lose data:

File Corruption

  • Software Error
  • Virus Infection
  • Error Saving Files
  • System Crash

Hardware Failure. 

  • Disk Damage
  • Drive Failure
  • Bad Sector
  • CPU Failure

Human Error

  • Delete Accidentally
  • Format Disk
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Delete Partition

Unexpected Incident

  • Sudden Power Cut
  • Thunderstorm
  • Earthquake
  • Electromagnetic Interference

If you have already done the backup of data, then you can easily recover your from being lost. But imagine a scenario where no data backup is there, then how would you recover your data?

There are many services and software available in the market that offers recover lost, erased data. In this post, I am going to show you one of the best data recovering software: Tenorshare UltData – Windows Data Recovery. This product can recover everything without any risk. In this post, we have featured Tenoshrare UltData Review 2020 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, fcuntionality and more. Let’s get started here.

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Tenorshare Ultdata Review- A Reliable Recovery Platform

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Detailed Tenorshare Ultdata Review 2020

First we will talk about Tenorshare which is an international software company founded in 2007. They have made too many award-winning and highly-rated branded software products. They only employs the most talented builders to create high-level products.

Tenoreshare Review- Reliable Recovery Platform

The main focus of Tenorshare is Data Security and System Fixes for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms and core technology study. They provide their users with solutions for data recovery, device content management, system repair, password recovery and other practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Today, Tenorshare’s products and services are more reliable than any other company and it is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. Tenorshare won too many awards like CHIP, MUO, Cult of Mac, SOFTPEDIA & many more.

About UltData

Tenorshare UltData is a superior Windows data recovery tool that is structured to recover your erased or lost Windows/Mac files and data. This tool can simply recover the range of data which includes deleted data, formatted data, files, videos, photos, emails, PDF, system files, RAR/ZIP files, office docs & more.

Tenorhare Ultdata- A Reliable Recovery Software

You can say that UltData is a powerful and efficient track to resettle all your backup issues related to lost or dead files on your Windows.

This product is accessible for both Windows and Mac. I am going to show my experience on how this product function and what upsides and downsides are related to UltData Windows Data Recovery software.

Key Features of UltData Windows Data Recovery Software

There are some of the best features of Tenorshare UltData that I have highlighted for you. Check out the list which is best feature according to you:

Recovers Almost All Types of Major Files

Sometimes thing that annoys me about data recovery tool is that most of them just support the basic file types which includes pictures, music, and docs but I think that that’s not good enough for some people. Fortunately, Tenorshare UltData goes way past your basic data recovery and enables you to recover things, for example, formatted data, files, videos, photos, emails, PDF, system files, RAR/ZIP files, docs, attachments, and more. With the help of this for these different file types which makes this one of the most flexible data recovery tools that you can get.

Tenorhare Ultdata- What It Can RecoverRecover All Lost Data in Any Case

Another incredible feature of Tenorshare UltData is that it supports data recovery of lost data in practically any situation that you can think of. The upheld situations includes recovery of data lost because of software error, virus attack, system crash, disk damage, CPU failure, drive failure, formatted disk, deleted accidentally or some other cases. No matter which of the above cases made you lose data on your Windows, you will most likely recover all of your data using UltData.

Restore Data As It Was

Once the process of recovering the lost data is completed, you will find that every files and storage are in its place as it was. So you don’t have to waste your precious time finding particular file and other things because you will find everything in its place.

Preview of Data Before Recovery

This is probably the best feature of Tenorshare UltData and it comes in exceptionally helpful when you are recovering data from your Windows. Basically this preview feature allows you to see a preview of data that can be recovered using the product in this way allowing you to recover just the data that you need to. This will save you a huge amount of time and headaches as you won’t recover the data of your PC that you don’t need.

100% Secure

There are multiple Windows data recovery software out there but I think none of them as secure as UltData. Other software may recover your data but people will find a way to cheat or they show silly ads on your PC to make more money. But UltData is the most powerful platform in this field. So you don’t have to worry about the security and you can easily perform the data recovery process.

Tenorhare Ultdata- Recover Any DeviceSupports Multiple Platforms

One more best feature of Tenorshare UltData that I need to share to you all is its cross-platform accessibility. UltData is accessible on all the major platforms, you can use UltData for Windows, UltData for Mac, UltData for Android, and UltData for iOS. This means you can recover lost data on your iPhone and Android using either a Windows PC or Mac.

How to Recover Data From UltData

Here’s a series of steps to recover data for your Windows:

Step 1: Download & Install

First part of this section is that you have to download the software from its website. After that install the software and launch it in your system.

Step 2: Select Files Location

After installing the software tick the location on the main interface where the lost files were saved. But if you have no idea where your files are, then check The Whole Computer because this will scan your whole computer.

Tenorhare Ultdata- Windows GuideStep 3: Scan and Preview

Now you have to click Scan then UltData will start the scanning process in your system. This process will take some time but once it’s done UltData will list the deleted files in the selected location.

Tenorhare Ultdata- Scan and Share

Once the list is showing on your display click on the Window icon in the bottom-right of the screen to switch to Preview Mode. You will find a thumbnail for each found item on the right pane then you can go through them to see if you need these data. Now click the Preview button for the full information of your lost files.

Tenorhare Ultdata- Preview ModeStep 4: Restore Deleted Files

Once you have previewed all the lost data and you find everything then select the files you want to restore. Now click on the Recover button to save the recovered data.

Tenorhare Ultdata- Store and Delete FileNote: Do not save the same partition where you lost them in case of disk overwritten and may cause permanent data loss.

User Interface

So, we know everything about what UltData is offering to us and how it recovers the data from Windows.

The User Interface is great and you will discover each one of the controls right where they should be. Everything is labeled so you don’t need to invest energy figuring out what a button does. Overall, I observed the product to be very simple to use and I don’t consider any of you will have any issue in using Tenorshare UltData to recover your lost data.

Cost & Availability

You can easily download the Tenorshare UltData for Windows data recovery from its website and use this software very easily. This software has a limited free trial which you can use to check out the software.

Tenorshare Ultdata Review- A Reliable Recovery Platform

It means only the paid version will allow you to recover any lost data. There are different types of pricing plans available which depends on the duration of the software license and the number of PCs that you want to use. But if you want it for your personal use, the best plan is the Lifetime License and it will cost you $59.95 for 1 PC. There are more offer for you:

  • 1 Month License: $45.95
  • 1 Year License: $49.95
  • Lifetime License: $59.95

(For 1 PC)

  • 1 Year License: $89.95

(For 2-5 PCs)

You will get these offers along with these licenses:

  • With UltData your personal information will always be secured.
  • You will get 24/7 customer support with UltData.
  • Ultdata offers free updates for lifetime after the purchase.
  • You will get full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their services.

Pros & Cons


  • The scan time for recovery process is very less
  • Printing the details of data is available
  • There are options to select only certain files for recovery
  • It supports more than 550 file types with a high recovery rate


  • Only recovers data for Windows 10

Customer Reviews

Tenorhare Ultdata- Customer Reviews

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Conclusion: Tenorshare Ultdata Review+Discount Coupon 2020: Get Upto 70% Off

There are many software out there in the market which claims to free but didn’t work as fine as UltData. When it comes to recovering deleted or lost files from media storage like hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc., other softwares just give up on their service but UltData is not like them. It recovers every file from hard drive, memory card, dynamic disc, USB sticks, and removable devices. That’s why I call it the most powerful software in this field.

So, I have told you everything about this software and if you care about your data then give this software a try to prove why it is best.

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