Top 5 Aweber Alternatives for Ecommerce 2023: 🚀 Level Up

Welcome to the ultimate guide for e-commerce enthusiasts seeking to revolutionize their email marketing strategy!

In the bustling world of online commerce, an efficient 电子邮件营销平台 是游戏规则的改变者。

This article, “Top 5 Aweber Alternatives for Ecommerce 2023” is your compass to navigate the sea of options and discover the perfect alternatives to Aweber that will power up your ecommerce endeavors.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital entrepreneur or just stepping into the e-commerce sphere, our insights and recommendations will pave the way for heightened engagement, increased conversions, and a flourishing online business.

List Of Top 5 Aweber Alternatives For E-commerce In 2023 🌟

1. Omnisend

Omnisend tops the list because it is a multichannel tool that focuses specifically on e-commerce solutions. While you can build top notch emails simply with a drag-and-drop function, Omnisend does much more.


Email is important, but there are also other electronic points of contact such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

What really sets Omnisend apart from others and earns it the number one spot on this list is the fact that you can add several channels to the same automation workflow.

Omnisend Review- Best Aweber Alternatives for ecommerce

With email marketing at its core, Omnisend offers list building and email capture features, like popups, landing pages, and dynamic Wheel of Fortune forms.  

Online merchants get the most out of Omnisend’s ecommerce-friendly features like their Product Picker, which allows you to pull products directly from your site’s inventory and import that data into your messages.

看看我们的 详细的Onisend评论 点击此处。 



说到底, Omnisend offers robust automation that can help power your marketing strategy. The fact that you can add in more channels means you can implement an omnichannel marketing strategy quickly and painlessly.

It’s definitely worth testing out, especially since they include both a free plan for basic email and a 免费14日试用版 他们的付费计划。


2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp是最受欢迎的电子邮件营销解决方案之一,也是最好的电子邮件营销解决方案之一。 它的易用性使其成为适合初学者的正确解决方案。

Mailchimp also has a drag-and-drop function which makes creating emails simple, but it also has a wide array of predesigned templates.



虽然它们提供自动化功能或在同一工作流程中添加多个渠道,但它更多是附加功能,而不是主要功能。 就跨渠道的有效性而言,这可能是Omnisend和Mailchimp之间的最大差异。



MailChimp 定价已更新

3. 恒联

If Mailchimp is the most recognizable name on this list, 恒联 is a not-so-distant second. It offers great features, a recognizable name, and delivers results.

您会注意到的第一件事是轻松创建外观精美的电子邮件。 有预先设计的新闻稿模板,可视化电子邮件编辑器,各种注册表单和营销自动化功能。


如果电子邮件是电子商务中唯一需要的通信渠道,那么“持续联系”将是该列表中的第一名。 但是,正如之前多次提到的那样,事实并非如此。

我看到的最大弱点 恒联 is its lack of additional channels.

This weakness will only continue to grow as multichannel marketing becomes more and more important to an overall ecommerce strategy because while email is important, it is not the only thing.



Constant Contact仅提供两种定价计划 “电子邮件计划”“电子邮件加” 计划。 第一个是免费的,第二个则少于$ 50 /月。

4. Mailjet

Mailjet is not the best aweber alternative, but it is something different and does offer some additional features.

Unlike the other five options listed, it does not offer an email capture function so you will need to find a third party provider for that feature.

Mailjet确实提供了 可视化电子邮件生成器,大量预先设计的模板和细分功能。 还有一个营销自动化功能,可让您满足特定客户的电子邮件需求。



For instance, if you are comfortable with a specific email capture platform and ad building function, then you can continue to use those features and combine them with the email marketing expertise of Mailjet.




5. 活动监视器

Campaign Monitor使您可以创建外观吸引人的电子邮件,并在适当的时间将其发送给适当的客户群。

There are adequate segmentation and personalization features that help you target specific customers with specific content.

The best feature for personalization is that 营销活动 Monitor actually allows you to send emails at the optimal time for each specific customer.

Campaign Monitor评论-Aweber替代品

他们提供了也许是最先进的工具 营销自动化 他们的“视觉之旅设计师”。

The reason that Campaign Monitor finds itself number five out of five solutions is that it cannot include text messages, Facebook的广告, or any other channel to your workflow.

This is a big disadvantage that will only perpetuate as multichannel marketing continues to grow in importance.


Campaign Monitor提供基本计划,无限计划和高级计划。

Campaign Monitor定价

FAQs about Aweber Alternatives For ECommerce

👉 这是我第一次尝试电子邮件营销。 我可以免费使用 Omnisend 吗?

是的,您可以注册我们的免费计划并无限期地使用 Omnisend 的所有功能,每月最多发送 500 封电子邮件。 发送您的电子邮件活动,使用我们的表单收集新订阅者,设置自动化来为您完成艰苦的工作,并细分您的受众以个性化覆盖范围。 只要您准备好,就可以升级到付费计划。

👀 How do I switch to a different Mailchimp plan?

You can switch to a new plan at any time by going to the Billing page in your account. Select the plan you’d like to switch to and immediately start using new features.

✨ Can I connect my CRM to Constant Contact email marketing?

我们提供与许多顶级业务管理、电子商务和 CRM 系统的集成,包括 Salesforce、MindBody、DonorPerfect、Zoho 等。

💥 What happened to my unused Mailjet email credits?

Email credits don’t roll over from one month to another and unused emails expire at the end of each billing cycle. You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime, to adjust your plan according to your needs.

🔥 Does Campaign Monitor offer a free trial?

It’s free to create an account and send a campaign to five subscribers. Send to more than five people when you choose a paid plan.

Conclusion: Top 5 Aweber Alternatives For ECommerce In 2023😍

In conclusion, when it comes to elevating your ecommerce game in 2023, considering Aweber alternatives for ecommerce is a strategic move.

Omnisend, in particular, emerges as a front-runner, promising a seamless and powerful email marketing experience tailored for online businesses.

With its feature-rich platform, intuitive interface, and keen focus on boosting customer engagement, Omnisend proves itself as a top contender.

Embrace this opportunity to level up your 电子邮件营销策略 and witness the transformation in your ecommerce endeavors.

It’s time to switch gears and embrace the future of ecommerce email marketing with Omnisend. Elevate your brand, engage your audience, and drive your ecommerce success to new heights.

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