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    Besides an already great video quality, iPhones nowadays come with live photo options. Yes, these are locomotive pictures that are not entirely video. For preserving the fun that they hold, these live photos must be converted to an animated GIF.  Don’t know the way to do it? Never worried, try iSkysoft TunesOver – Best tool for iPhone/iPad/iPod to transfer music and convert to animated GIF images.

    Let’s check out the multitude of functions iSkysoft TunesOver performs:

    iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows Transfer Music from iPhone iPad iPod to iTunes

    1 Click to Transfer Music  from Apple Devices to iTunes/Computer

    iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows Transfer Music from iPhone iPad iPod to iTunes 1

    It’s a total bizarre; TunesOver owns a 1 click to copy mechanism for transferring all songs from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes Library, a folder on your computer or another iPhone, iPad and iPod. Simplyconnect your Apple device with a computer that TunesOver has been installed and click the option that’s right for you. While transferring music from Apple device to iTunes Library on computer, it only copy these that iTunes lacks, avoiding any duplicate generate.

    Copy Music/Videos/Photos to Apple Devices without iTunes

    The best part about transferring data with TunesOver is that it can be done without the interference of iTunes. Its mere absence opens a broad gateway to the app downloaded songs and photos from iTunes Library, which earlier cannot be copied under iTunes.

    An iTunes-free data transfer simplifies other processes like renaming, creating and deleting playlists/ albums. Further, there is a host of impromptu enhancements from TunesOver, for the betterment of existing music quality. It fetches you with song information and is even capable of fixing album art for any song present inside of the library.

    For exchanging data between Apple devices, simply connect them to your computer and choose the file you wish to transfer. Now, click on export and have it sent to the next device.


    Sync Any Song/Video to Your Apple Device without Incompatibility Issues

    TunesOver seamlessly performs a number of conversion tasks. It supports almost all the audio and video formats, making it very easy for users to put any song or video to iPhone, iPad and iPod for enjoyment. Whenever you add the medial files to your Apple device, when detected incompatible, the software will remind you of converting it. Just ensure the conversion. That’s it.

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    1. Connect your Apple device to a supported Mac OS.
    2. Now, the content inside your device is displayed on the top left of the interface.
    3. Browse through the files and select the media of your choice (music or video).
    4. Click Add to browse the files on your computer. If the file is of any non-compatible format, then click on ‘Convert to GIF’ present in the top bar.
    5. In a few moments, the data is processed into an Apple friendly format and consecutively transferred to the connected device.

    Convert iPhone Live Photos to Animated GIF Images

    iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows

    As sophisticated as they appear, live photos are an overlapping of JPEG and MOV format. While the former supports an HQ photo, the latter is meant to handle video associated tasks. No matter how fascinating a live photo may sound, its magical effect is bound to an iPhone 6/ 6s. The minute you have it exported to computer, uploaded online or shared to other iPhone,  iPad and iPod touch, the motion within the picture is lost. iSkysoft TunesOver can preserve the locomotive essence of live photos by converting them to GIF.

    1. Connect your iPhone 6 or 6s to the computer, since they are the only models that can record live photos.
    2. Launch the TunesOver application on your system and click on ‘Photos’.
    3. Now, select the ‘live photos’ option from the revealed set of actions.
    4. Choose the live photo you wish to convert and click on ‘GIF maker’; this leads you to a fresh window for the conversion process.
    5. Select the ‘Live Photo to GIF’ option to continue uploading the photo.
    6. Once uploaded, click on ‘Create GIF’ option for executing the process.

    Easily Manageable

    Irrespective of the data’s nature, TunesOver can simultaneously convert and transfer data to other devices. From a song/ image/ video to an entire playlist/ album and video library, you can transfer all of this without getting caught up with duplicates. TunesOver compares the data and filters matching results, for taking required actions.

    Cross Compatible

    iPod/iPad/iPhone Transfer and Manager - iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac

    Mix and match this cross-compatibility for procuring gif images out of your apple devices and computers. It doesn’t even require any Internet connection for running conversion process. Once processed, these live photos, videos and images can be quickly shared on a majority of social media platforms.


    iSkysoft TunesOver for Windows testimonials

    TunesOver is one of those market-leading products by iSkysoft that provides a real-time hack for everyday usage. Other than producing HQ gif images and transferring them to a variety of Apple devices, TunesOver owns many other features to help you with data backup and enhance your Apple experience. There is nothing to lose here. Follow this link for downloading iSkysoft TunesOver and judge the performance on your Apple.


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