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In this Article we have Covered Target Test Prep Review We gonna tell you about how you can improve your GMAT score significantly. With more than 3,000 practice questions, 800 additional questions with teacher-led answers, and a dedicated GMAT math team, this is an exam preparation option that will give you peace of mind. Let’s reimburse your score

Note that Target Test Prep GMAT only provides lessons for the quantitative sections of the exam. This means that the preparation courses do not include customization exams, language courses or writing skills.

If you need full GMAT preparation in all categories, check out our sophisticated Magoosh GMAT scans for a sophisticated and easy-to-use platform, or complete instructions and tutoring options in The Princeton GMAT Review.

However, if you are a student who believes you understand the verbal and written parts of the GMAT well, and you really want to be quantitative with everything you have, you should continue to see the benefits of a highly specialized approach.

Target Test Prep Review 2020 | Is It Worth Your Money?? {MUST READ}

Introducing: Target Test Prep GMAT® Quant

Structure of the program

Target’s GMAT Quantitative Course consists of 20 chapters. Some chapters introduce types of problems and strategies for passing exams, while others cover important mathematical concepts, from the most basic to the most advanced. Each chapter contains several lessons with more than 500 lessons in total, accompanied by practical questions that underpin the theme of each lesson.

After a few chapters, Target asks you to create simple, intermediate, and difficult questionnaires for review. These reviews reinforce what you have learned and draw your attention to the weak points. Once you have completed the 20 chapters, you will receive six GMAT practice exams that will serve as a cornerstone and indicator to focus your final pre-exam study efforts.

Key features Target Test Prep

Target offers slightly more than the basics of its GMAT preparation portal, thanks to its simplest test preparation method. But for the most part, it’s more than enough. One page of his portal records the number of lessons and questions he has recently asked to help you track them. You can also take notes online for class material or mark the entire lessons for later review.

Target Test Prep Review - Home

These are not innovative features, but you need to be able to seamlessly adapt them to your personal learning goals throughout the course. The goal is to improve your math skills without surprising you with high-tech features that you may not need.

Exercise question format
We have found an area that could be improved. The field tests do not use the adaptability of the questions. The adaptive question format is being used by GMAT as well as by many of the larger competitors for their test bench products.

If you want to use Target’s math program as a complement to your main study material, there is no problem with the lack of a fitting-out question format.

Increased GMAT score guaranteed
Target offers a very strong score guarantee. If your GMAT score does not increase after attending the destination course, you are entitled to a full refund of course fees.

To be eligible for the warranty, you must meet the following conditions:

You completed the GMAT at least once before you completed the target course.
Send your original GMAT result to [email protected] within two weeks of purchase.

Target Test Prep Review - Rating
Complete the GMAT target class in its entirety.
Send your new GMAT result to the same email address as Target within two weeks of receiving your new result.
The full partition guarantee is included here.

GMAT Course Summary

The main goal of Target Test Prep is a self-directed online course that includes everything you need to know about the quantitative part of the GMAT. This last part is important. The goal covers only the quantitative part of the GMAT.

For more information on other alternatives, see our GMAT Review Course Guide.
With a small team (his website has five employees), Target seems to be less successful. In fact, the program shows that Target has created an incredibly comprehensive program.


1. Number of exercise questions

One of the key factors in classifying GMAT preparatory courses is the number of practical questions that each class offers to their students. Learning happens through questions and information. Many practical questions have a big impact on your results. Top performers in this category include the Economist and Kaplan, each with more than 5,000.

With Target Test Prep, students receive over 3,000 practice questions. At first glance, this does not seem to be comparable to the competition, but remember: Target only teaches quantitatively!

Target Test Prep Review - HD Videos

This means that Target Test Prep does not contain 5,000 or 4,000 questions in all practice categories, but 3,000 dedicated quant questions that will help you to deepen these difficult techniques.

2. Video solutions under the guidance of a teacher
Combine the number of practice questions available in Target Test Prep with the fact that many of these issues feature teacher-led video solutions.

These videos are in the middle of all the lessons and guide you through each step to find the right answer. Regardless of whether you get a right or a wrong question, the videos emphasize the right practices, mistakes, or pitfalls to avoid on certain types of questions, and how to maximize your time spent.

Most GMAT preparation courses provide detailed explanations for right and wrong answers. The GMAT Economist Tutor stands out, especially in this category.

With Target Test Prep, however, you can see the instructor solve the problem by hand, giving you the feeling of being with the teacher. Target Test Prep makes every effort to help students learn from their mistakes.

3. Live support and private tutoring
The Target Test Prep website provides a range of resources for students who need extra help, whether it’s choosing the right product, searching for their course, or general GMAT testing advice. The Target Test prep blog is packed with useful course material additions and live help is available around the clock.

For more in-depth help and personal instructions, read the GMAT tutorial on preparing targeted tests. From 275 USD / hour you can choose the right training time for you.

And best of all, the target test preparation tutorial actually covers all sections of the GMAT (quantitative, verbal, and integrated thinking).

Target Test Prep Review -Increase Guaranteed

While tutoring options are generally the most expensive method, they can be very effective in learning specific materials. You can consider this as a supplement if you want to focus on quantity while giving a brief overview of some other areas of the exam.

If you like the idea of ​​Target’s specific quantitative approach, but do not want to completely neglect other areas of the test, you should consider this as an intermediate option.

4. trial period of $ 1
Each student learns differently and each preparation course teaches differently. Although we’ve found plenty of benefits in the best GMAT prep courses, there is not a single solution. That’s why courses such as Target Test Prepare a great way to give students a trial period to see if format, style, and tempo are right for them. For just $ 1, you get access to Target Test Prep Quant for 5 days, including a diagnostic test, lessons, and practice questions to help you assess your position.

5. Diagnostic tests and field tests

First, run a diagnostic test and select the quantitative score you want to customize. In the learning modules, choose between the exam chapters easy, medium and hard. Select the duration per problem for each test to track your time per question. The timers indicate how much time you have left and how much time you have left.

Detailed analysis shows how you and other Target Test Prep participants ask specific practical questions to help you judge how difficult or simple a question is and how well you measure your performance. Once your practice exams are assessed automatically, Target Test Prep identifies the types of questions and topics that cost you dearly.

Target Test Prep Review - Rule

You can also create custom tests. Choose between simple, medium and difficult questions for all modules or select modules. A good feature is that you can choose to include only new questions (non-recurring questions) in your practice exams or to create an exam that contains only the questions that you have missed in the past.

6. More than 800 teachers conducted HD video solutions

Video solutions are integrated with practical questions in learning modules. All questions in the course content very detailed explanations for answers (in the form of written solutions or video explanations).

To answer the explanations, you can also go directly to the chapter lesson, which deals with the material that is most relevant to the respective question, via the links to the learning modules in the field Practical Test Test Revision. The link will open a new tab and window so you can easily switch between the tutorial results and the related lesson results.

7. Experienced tutors

Target Test Prep provides access to highly qualified tutors who can help students around the world. As tutors and trainers, tutors break down the various levels of quantitative problem solving and offer personalized instructions and strategies that help students solve problems quickly and accurately. Tutors use Skype or WebEx to interact with students.

8. High score guarantee and flexible pricing options

If your official quantitative GMAT score does not increase after using the GMAT Quant Target Test Prep, you can request a full refund of the purchase price, although strict requirements apply: You must have passed a GMAT test before registering for the Target Readiness Test.

Target Test Prep Review - Rating

You must email a copy of this official earnings report to Target Test Prep within two weeks. More information and requirements can be found on the company website.

If you do not know how long you will be learning for the GMAT, you can choose monthly payments of $ 99 per month. You can easily switch to a 4- or 6-month plan to save money if you choose the right course.

Which course should I choose?

As I will mention, Target offers very high-quality education, and students who follow their diets will certainly achieve their goals. However, the simple design lacks interactivity and may not be suitable for all students.

For this reason, I would recommend that participants first test the course with the 5-day goal test, which is worth $ 5, unlike other companies. A complete presentation of the course. The best course option depends on the exam date and your initial quantitative abilities. If you have good math skills and only have to go through certain areas, you will probably fare better with the flexible course option.

If your math skills need to be significantly improved, it is best to choose the Dedicated or Maximum rate and benefit from the lowest prices per month.

For students who take a few months to complete their exam, you should use one of the longest subscriptions for which a lower monthly fee applies.

GMAT market prices

The GMAT test is one of the most requested business school magazines to support their approval decisions. Over time, this has resulted in a variety of GMAT exam preparation courses being launched.

This gives students the opportunity not only to choose the quality of education but also to find the most economical exam preparation. They are aimed at exam preparation examinations in order to orient themselves in this course search. Similarly, the facilities offering the services aim to reduce the exam preparation in order to encourage students to choose their services.

Target Test Prep Review - Featured

Some students can make the right decisions and save $ 900 for the Goal test. If you want to save money with the Target Test Prep Promotion Code, 2019 will be the year for you as many institutions try to attract students through discounts and quotes for their courses. These promotion codes and discounts allow students more freedom in course selection. And all savings are welcome when you are a student.

Prepare the target test in GRE program format

After enrolling for the math course, students are invited to a quantitative diagnostic test. The questions are very similar to those of ETS, so students can be sure that the grade they receive is pretty much exactly how they would be judged by the exam.

The course consists of 36 modules with an approximate duration of 120 hours. The modules consist of lessons with slides describing mathematical concepts, followed by practical questions with explanations in video and writing. In the videos, the instructors solve the problem, but you do not see them, listen to them. The videos are good quality and the sound is clear.

The course is divided into two sections. The first section is dedicated to the knowledge, content, and skills they need to get the best percentage of GRE math. The second section is the practice test phase where students repeat four GRE practice tests under realistic test conditions. It’s not clear if these exams are just sections of the math, but that’s probably going to be the case.

Target Test Prep Review - Overview

Use This Course If

You need a flexible program
Since this program is self-taught, it offers flexibility for people who have a lot to do and can not attend a weekly course. Although Target Math Prep GRE Math is very well organized, it is important that you are too. Because there are no scheduled lessons, you should plan the days and times when you can finish lessons, practice tests, and check for problems lost in your calendar. Usually, I ask my students to schedule each Sunday night for the next week.

Internet Access

Not only do you want to make sure you have good Internet Access to use this course, but you also want a device that lets you read and watch videos. So, if the screen of your phone or laptop looks like a spider web, learning is difficult.

Again, the math lessons in text form and not in video form. Although the explanations of the problems are videos, some students may not be satisfied. If you have difficulty learning math in a textbook, you may have difficulty with this program.

More About Target Test Prep

The GMAT test is an adaptive global computer test. Postgraduate Business Education programs use their GMAT scores to assess not only their academic achievements, work experience, referrals, and other support, but also their willingness to work at a higher level.

While passing the GMAT exam can be a daunting task, there are many ways to prepare for the exam. Preparing for the GMAT Goal is one of the few recommended preparation courses to help you prepare for the exam.

Preparing for the Goal Test GMAT is an innovative self-study course that allows students to improve their performance in the quantitative sections of the GMAT.

Target Test Prep Review - Trial

It offers a carefully crafted approach that provides students with clear and comprehensive learning material focused on quantitative problem-solving.

Students enrolling in the program also benefit from personalized care provided by trained instructors. As a result, these candidates learn to solve even the most difficult quantitative issues of the GMAT.

Features of the GMAT preparatory course for the Goal Exam

Highlights of the GMAT Test Preparation Course include:

  • More than 800 HD videos made by a teacher
  • More than 3000 practice questions
  • 140 chapter Tests
  • More than 500 individual lessons
  • A curriculum step by step.
  • Models that you can take notes with
  • Intelligent performance analysis
  • Performance-based adaptation of individual student tests
  • A custom tool for creating tests
  • Interactive study calendar
  • Private tutoring.
  • Live support around the clock

Price Policy: Target Test Prep Review

Target Test Prep offers a paid introduction to its services for a period of five days instead of the traditional seven-day free trial period, which is often offered by the competition.

In terms of the actual costs of these quantitative programs, the plans are based on these monthly payment levels, such as:

The contact information can be found here with a typical form submission system, which promises a more individualized and more personal design after admission and payment of the student.

Target Test Prep Review - Effective Course

The price is simple and based on access to course material. For maximum flexibility, you can purchase monthly access for a recurring fee of $ 99 or longer access periods for a discount of $ 299 for four months, or $ 399 for six months.

Flexible preparation
The flexible preparation course is Target’s main product offering. Students have full access to all course functions. This option offers maximum flexibility with monthly access and the ability to cancel at any time. Notable features include:

  • More than 500 individual quantitative lessons.
  • Access to 3000 GMAT practice questions.
  • 800 lessons in High Definition Video.
  • Complete analysis to track your progress.
  • Very customizable practice test software.
  • Availability of courses from month to month.
  • Available for 99 USD per month with the option to cancel at any time.

Special study program
This course option offers students a balance between the availability of additional courses at a lower monthly price.

It contains all the functions of the flexible course.

  • Access to 4-month courses.
  • Cost of $ 299 or $ 74.75 a month.

Maximum Learning Course

The maximum price offers the lowest monthly price in exchange for full access to the course for 6 months. Students who need more help in the quantitative part of the GMAT will get the most out of this course option.

 Perfect 5 Rating

Access to all course functions.

  • 6 months of full access.
  • Cost of $ 399 or just $ 66.50 per month.

Although Target Test Prep offers personalized tutoring on Skype and WebEx, it does not offer teacher-led math lessons, but only those that follow your pace. You have three options for your program at your own pace, each of which differs only in access time: monthly access, four-month access, and six-month access.

The three options include …

  • More than 600 different GRE math lessons
  • Over 3,100 questions about the GRE practice
  • More than 800 GRE HD videos
  • Learning analysis in the goal
  • GRE custom practice engine
  • life support

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Bottom Line: Target Test Prep Review (Our Verdict)

With a solid background in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology, founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart launched his Target Test Prep program with the goal of assisting students in quantitatively conducting GMAT testing.

Scott offers its programs and personalized tutorials to those who need them, using Skype and WebEx as the main platform for direct communication with users.

Scott and his small team of experts help students achieve higher scores in the quantitative part of this exam.

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