15 WordPress Themes for Real Estate Website

People love property. They love buying property. They love renting it. They love living in it. They love using it. They love reading about it — especially when the website they are visiting looks as good, as the templates from our today’s list.

People are drawn to property and real estate, because it promises them something they very much want. Perhaps it is a fresh beginning. A promise of better tomorrow. Maybe a hint of unexplored opportunities and lifted boundaries of past responsibilities. In any case, people love property. And if you are interested in selling them some, you need to know how to make them interested in you.

With the WordPress CMS you get a website that functions without any problems. The WordPress CMS has all you need: responsive designs, ability for further customization, user-friendly dashboard and more. However, the real question is different: how to match the look of your website with the bright dreams of people who will visit it in search of better future? Well, ready-made templates are just what you need.

Today’s list is compiled from the examples of pre-built templates from TemplateMonster.com. As you will yourself, those themes are beautiful, informative and very different. And look at the benefits if you are still not convinced:

– It’s cheaper: only a hundred dollars will get you a very handsome design that will suit even the most intricate of your needs.

– It’s smarter: the time and money you save on buying a ready-made template could be spent on something more important.

– It’s faster: when you build a template yourself or order a custom one, you often have to wait an indefinite amount of time before actually using it on your website. With ready-made templates, you can have one installed on your website today.

– It’s simpler: installing and customizing pre-built designs is very easy. Should you encounter any problems, a support team will be there for you (that’s why we recommend buying a pre-built template through an established template provider, such as TemplateMonster.com. They will throw in a few other bonuses as well, like a license to use pictures featured in the demos).

Now, are you ready to look at 15 of some most handsome designs for website on real estate? Let’s get going.

1. Design for Achievers: The Mortgage Co. WordPress Template

A clean and simple ready-made theme for WordPress, that establishes a confident look for your website and creates a respectful image for your service. When people enter your website, they will instantly understand what they need and where to find it. A great example of a design for achievers.


Details |  Demo

2. Design for Dreamers: The Unique Real Estate WordPress Theme

For a more relaxed impression, the Unique Real Estate theme uses a lot of white color combined with various shades of brown and grey. If you add a great photo in the middle, the message will be simple: we know the road that will lead you to the hose of your dreams.


Details |  Demo

3. Design for Trend-Setters: The Advanced Real Estate WordPress Layout

The combination of bright orange with dark gray superimposed on clean white background is striking. With the Advanced Real Estate theme your website will be unforgettable. This is something for brave people, aimed at discovering new horizons and defying boundaries.


Details |  Demo

4. Design for Believers: The Loans & Mortgages WordPress Theme

It is absolutely possible to create a website with an instantly recognizable look while not over complicating things. The Loans & Mortgages template is all about that: it uses a combination of different classic approaches to create something new. Pay attention to the lower part of the website. The information, divided into a few simple blocks, will be very easy to understand.


Details |  Demo

5. Design for Perfectionists: The New Real Estate WordPress Layout

Imagine resting near a pool, with a fresh cocktail in your arm and designer glasses on your face. It is a very appealing image, isn’t it? Now, an image is often the only thing that counts — especially in the business of selling things and especially in the business of selling property. With the New Real Estate template, you are promising people things they will not be able to resist.


Details |  Demo

6. Design for Creatives: The Future Estate Template

A lot of thought were put into the balance of this theme: how all the elements in it get together with each other. Well, the result is obviously mesmerizing. Clean design pattern, very handsome fonts, bright icons to highlight the important messages and an overall quality. It’s everything a customer wants from his or her new house, packaged into a website — your website.


Details |  Demo

7. Design for Romantics: The Reality WordPress Theme

A fresh, gorgeous evening somewhere in the foreign country — in a country where there are no problems and deadlines, and responsibilities. Only the warmth of wind or the last breaths of dusk. The Reality template was built around the idea of an imaginary place, where all the dreams will come true — and it promises to turn that place into reality.


Details |  Demo

8. Design for Lookers: The Classic Real Estate WordPress Layout

A lot of place was saved for pictures in this template. And if you think about it, that is not a coincidence. Those people who will enter your website in order to search for a place to buy or rent will want to look at what they are buying right away. The Classic Real Estate layout does a great job of underlining the essential beauty of the places you are showing.


Details |  Demo

9. Design for Thinkers: The Estatic WordPress Template

This template is packed with information. It will be an ideal choice for those who want their clients to have everything they need right in front of their eyes. The designers behind this theme made sure that it will not look overly complicated, without sacrificing any actual important element.


Details |  Demo

10. Design for Stars: The Minimal WordPress Theme

A total opposite of the previous entry. It’s simplicity is at its best, creating not only a very user-friendly environment (it’s absolutely impossible not to ‘get’ such website), but also a very trendy image. Put a perfect photo as a background and you are all set.


Details |  Demo

11. Design for Explorers: The Smart Real Estate WordPress Layout

A design approach that is bound to be popular among your clients. Only a few colors, only a few pictures — but what a feeling! It’s all about feeling in this template. The feeling of unexplored lands filled with sunshine and fresh air.


Details |  Demo

12. Design for Lovers: The Devoted Real Estate WordPress Theme

Something about this template is very pleasant and very friendly. Sometimes it’s not the actual design techniques that make an impression — sometimes it is something very subconscious. The Devoted Real Estate layout will be a great choice for a website that wants to appear loving and caring.


Details |  Demo

13. Design for Designers: The Blue Real Estate WordPress Template

Confident design for people who value their time. The Blue Real Estate template is not filled with information or images or colors. It is simple, but not too simple, bright, but not too bright. A very nice choice.


Details |  Demo

14. Design for Discoverers: The Corsica WordPress Theme

With all the actual design elements implemented in various shades of dark brown color, all the actual attention is put on the images right in the middle of the page. It’s actually a gallery, where images change each other, catching the attention of your client. Then this client is drawn into learning more — and eventually buying more.


Details |  Demo

15. Design for Impressionists: The Loft for Rent WordPress Layout

An original template that was specifically built to be perceived as different and creative. If you have the desire to appear hip and ultimately brave enough to use something inspired, this is the design for you. Good luck.


Details |  Demo

Did you like these themes, want to recommend more themes, do share it in comments below.

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  1. Hi Jitendra,
    After going through this list of WordPress themes for Real Estate, I am now confused! Yes, I am confused because I now have a problem of choice! Each of the themes are awesome, it is hard to pick one and leave the other.

    The guys at TemplateMonster have a lot going for them and I think its worth investing the $100 in any of these themes.

    I am not even talking about the cost, but the customizable and loading features are very much important!

    • Hi Sunday, I am glad that you like these real estate theme wordpress. If you need any help buying these please let me know.

  2. Olamosh

    Hi Jitendra,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful collections of real estate themes, All the themes are beautiful with great features.

    Using any of this themes will make real estate website development easy. I will definitely be buying one of them when the need arise.

    I have already bookmarked the blog post link for future reference. I will urge you to kindly keep up the good writing.

    have a nice weekend

  3. Kaloyan Banev

    I have used one of the above templates on one of my latest developments. It is a fact that WordPress is light and easy to work with, however a real estate website based on WordPress with more than 500 properties will turn WordPress into something very heavy and slow.

    • Hi Kaloyan you have to customize the code for that to make your website load faster.

  4. Efe Peter

    Thanks Jitendra Vaswani for this great i have been searching for real exstate theme I will use for my client
    your post is a time saver for me and I hope most of themes will not need html knowledge to make them work well?


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