Teachable Alternatives 2024: ✨Which Teaching Platform Is Best & Why ?

If you are interested in the online education sector, you would certainly have found Teachable. Not only that, many of you would have tried.

Although it has a reputation for being one of the best platforms for organizing your course, there are so many competitors in the marketplace that it is now necessary to reassess your options.

Teachable Alternatives is widely used due to its user-friendly interface and basic building blocks.

This is a handy and fast option to activate for beginners and for those who are not interested in the advanced tools that many educators know.

You may have also chosen Teachable in the past, but now you want to develop a bigger brand on your journey. You can also look for a simple and inexpensive way to market your course with confidence.

Regardless, if you’re one of those interested in finding out which is the best and most effective option for your online course, these teachable alternatives will provide you with valuable information about the various online options.

This guide also helps you to understand exactly what to look for in order to find the best alternative for your business.

Teachable Alternatives

✨What Is Teachable ?

Teachable Alternatives

Teachable is a great course creation platform. It’s best for beginners because it doesn’t require any knowledge about coding or technical skills.

You can create as many courses as you want for free, with no restrictions. With Teachable, you can bundle your courses to sell eBooks and services with them, and even hold workshops or conferences.

Teachable also offers events where you can learn more about selling your knowledge to students.

Benefits Of Teachable Include:

  • Create as many courses as you like
  • No technical knowledge or coding required
  • Free starter option
  • Bundle courses and sell various digital products
  • Lots of community support and events
  • Easy to use back-end environment
  • Design simple sales funnels

✅Teachable Alternatives 2024: Which Teaching Platform Is Best & Why ?

There are many alternatives to online platforms. They are also different types, such as self-hosting platforms and education platforms in the market.

With personal hosting platforms, you can customize courses and maintain full ownership while giving students moderate reach and volume.

The educational platforms of the market are all geared towards exposure. Teachable Alternatives They do not offer many customization options, but they compensate with a large number of students who meet them.

So you can generate more sales in less time. Both platforms are checked here.

1. SkillShare:

Teachable alternative-skillshare

This platform has a high rating because it allows a very reasonable exchange for students and teachers. Skillshare was developed primarily for the education of teachers and students so that they can pursue their passion.

In this way, both parties can achieve exactly what they are looking for.

Teachable Alternatives It focuses more on producing online video as the primary teaching method and relies on giving its users many quick tips and tricks.

The short and long intervals of the courses allow a good response from students who, due to their interests and the speed of their choice, are generally successful in all courses.

There are also community administrators and a stream of experienced and well-connected instructors who are learning a lot of time on the platform.

Overview Of SkillShare Features:

  • Promoting Class
  • Shared Learning Experience
  • Publishing Classes
  • Class Creation
  • Compensation for Teachers
  •  Building Channels
  • Catalog of Premium Classes
  • Referral
  • Free Classes

Skillshare For Students:

teachable alternatives- skillshare ease of use

This online learning platform tries to keep your learning environment as close as possible.

Teachable Alternatives It’s easy to say that the overall configuration of the site provides a sense of community between educators who publish videos and students with interactive contact methods.

With SkillShare, not only can students do simple tasks to validate their comprehension, but they also allow teachers to add tasks to their respective videos.

Teachable Alternatives Students can then publish their final products to other students who can rate and comment on them. It does not stop there.

There is also a great “class project” where all students in the same class can work together and pool their knowledge to create a sophisticated and progressive public product.

These final creations are displayed separately on Skillshare on their own page. They provide additional information and feedback from colleagues.

2) Graphy By Unacademy:

graphy review

Graphy is a platform for creators to grow their audience, monetize their skills, and host live-based courses. Graphy has over 200+ creators including the likes of Vishwanathan Anand, Abhi & Niyu, and Vidit Gujrathi.

Graphy is an easy way to share your knowledge with others. Teachable Alternatives You can host live sessions, launch courses, and grow your community.

Graphy offers 24/7 support so if something goes wrong they can help fix it as soon as possible.

Graphy Features :

Graphy is way ahead of its competitors in the market.

On Graphy, you can host live sessions and courses, and use innovative features like raise hand, QnA’s, whiteboard, and more – they’ve got it all covered.

Use their exclusive community feature or connect your existing one from Slack, Telegram, or Discord. You can accelerate your growth by hosting live sessions.

Since every subscriber who joins your community on Graphy becomes a part of your email list, you can expand your email list at no additional cost.

If you want to host free sessions and webinars, Graphy is the best option.

It includes a pre-built landing page and a fully functional course website that you can use right away when you sign up for the service.

You are welcome to have as many free live sessions as you want! But if you want to have paid sessions, Graphy only charges 5% of your earnings.

And not only that, they give you statistics about your performance so that you can evaluate how well it is going.

Graphy Customer Success Stories :

Graphy by unacademy reviews

3) FreshLearn :


FreshLearn is a knowledge commerce platform that lets creators launch their branded knowledge business online with zero coding knowledge.

Anyone can turn anything they know into digital products, Teachable Alternatives- online courses, live workshops, digital downloads, live cohorts etc. and sell them directly to their fans and followers on their branded online knowledge store.

FreshLearn is one of the very few online course platform which is powerful, easy to use and affordable.

Build any digital products – courses, cohorts, live workshops, podcasts, connect to your preferred payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, customize your site with your brand colors, connect to your domain, market and sell directly.

FreshLearn not only offers an always for the free plan but also offers complete migration from your current platform to FreshLearn if you take up FreshLearn’s subscription plans – Pro @ $25/m or No brainer @ $41/m.

It’s also incredible to see that, FreshLearn provides 24 * 7 customer support on Live chat, email and on-call as well.

Overview Of FreshLearn Features:

Freshlearn dashboard

  • Advanced and Flexible Course Builder – Upload, Embed videos, audios, documents, assignments, live class URLs and quizzes.
  • Launch Masterclass (Live Workshops) – Paid or Free
  • Built-in CMS – Design and publish your website, sales pages and blogs.
  • Connect to your payment gateway – Bring your popular payment processor, i.e., Stripe or Paypal and take money directly to your account.
  • Customize Checkout – Customize your checkout and thank you pages to suit your brand and audience
  • Customize Emails – Connect to your SMTP and customize emails to be sent out to your audience.
  • Connect to your domain – Launch your branded online knowledge store by connecting to your domain.

Pricing Plans:

FreshLearn Pricing

4. Thinkific:


Thinkific is one of the most popular platforms to automatically host your course. Teachable Alternatives-  With a free entry-level plan, Thinkific allows users to create a personalized course page with their own outreach strategy.

In addition, you have a lot of control over the design and material of the course.

Unlike market building platforms, Thinkific lets you control all the functions of your course. You can also update the course features and download them as needed.

You can also access the list of students associated with your course, which is not often the case with market learning platforms.

With a very user-friendly interface and excellent customer service, Thinkific may be the best option for you if you want to organize your own course.

You can even adjust the speed with which the price is sold.

This largely determines the sales and the return of your course. So, if you have a clear idea of your marketing strategy and pricing, Thinkific could be a very lucrative platform for you.

If you are one of those people who does not have a great idea of these aspects of your business, you may find it difficult to make a lot of money with Thinkific.

If you dislike Teachable because of its payment structure or real estate strategy and are looking for a hosting platform with a simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure, Thinkific might be the right choice.

Overview Of Thinkific Features:

Thinkific Features

  • Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Tool – Awesome voice-over slide tool.
  • Pass/Fail Quizzes – Easily track student outcomes.
  • Free Trial courses – Instructors will be able to offer trials of their courses.
  • Student Welcome & Completion Emails – You will have access to increase your relationship with your students with Thinkific’s customized and automated welcome and course completion emails-option.
  • Affiliate Reporting
  • Bundles & Upsells
  • Drip (Scheduled) Content
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Direct Active Campaign Integration

5. Udemy:


Udemy can definitely be described as a veteran of existing online learning platforms. He has amazing numbers of more than 20,000 instructors and 12 million students.

It may not be one of the most eye-catching or beautiful platforms on the market, but it compensates for the lost glamor with immense range and volume.

The reason why Udemy is so famous among educators is the network of students and instructors he has built up over time.

The platform provides a free plan to develop a basic course, but earns money in transaction fees, depending on the students who acquire the course through various marketing measures.

If you come with students, a transaction fee of 3% will be charged while Udemy will charge more than 50% of the transaction fee.

If you plan to have an instant show in your class and do not want to worry about various efforts to present your class to a specific audience, Udemy could be a great option for you.

However, you must be sure of the different costs of Udemy.

Teachable Alternatives- For example, if a student joins an outside partner, Udemy will charge 75% of the fee and leave a small benefit to the student.

Overview Of Udemy Benefits:

  • Retargeting Ads
  • Course Marketing
  • Action-Based Email Campaigns
  • Ad Hoc Email Campaigns
  • External Partnership Promotions
  • Search and Discovery
  • Course Quality Checklist
  •  Earn Extra Income

These are just a few of the options available for e-learning platforms. There are other options like Learndash and Podia that offer similar packages and features.

But when it comes to veterans of online platforms, it must be Teachable and Udemy, which are the two main types of online platforms.

There may not be a clear winner in terms of the best features or the lowest price due to the variable structures on which these platforms are built.

However, you can probably distinguish what type of service you are looking for. The personal hosting platforms are intended for people who have a brand identity or existing value.

It is also intended for those who want a wide range of customization and control over graphics, design, and student lists. Teachable Alternatives- There can be no better alternative to Teachable than Thinkific if it is your specific needs.

Check The Online Courses On Udemy:

Udemy Subscribers - Make Money From Udemy

Liberty is there on Udemy that anyone can create a course of any subject.

Teachable Alternatives- But the condition is that they should contain the relevant topics so that it can clear the confusion of the students from all over the world.

The current situation of the Udemy is that it has around 6 million subscribers across 190+ counties. It offers courses in more than 100 languages. The top 10 instructors of Udemy earn more than $17 million.

If you want to be the best instructors on this platform, then you will have developed some particular sets of skills.

🏆How To Choose Best Online Learning Platform Guide:

1. Customization Options:

Some platforms offer a variety of adjustments with a relatively small range, while others have minimal adjustments but allow a high range.

Platforms such as Thinkific are known for their versatile customization and control options. Some users prefer the high traffic generated by other platforms like Udemy.

Udemy does not allow any adjustments but offers a large number of students who have access to their course. So the potential to make money is bigger.

You need to know what priority is currently your company’s highest priority and make a decision based on that assessment.

2. Credibility:

Some platforms have been around for a long time, others are emerging. Depending on the requirement, it may work in your favor or against you.

If you are looking for a credible platform, a proven platform can be a good idea. Teachable Alternatives- Platforms like Udemy and Teachable have a large number of students, which makes them very credible.

If your brand is not yet developed, these platforms can help you increase your reach and get a quick return before you build the brand.

3. Marketing And Scope:

If you want to invest very little time and resources in your online learning business, a self-hosting platform can be the right one for you.

Even if you’re an experienced marketer looking to create a brand and implement your own marketing strategies, a self-hosting platform like Thinkific might be the better option.

However, if you plan to gain a large number of customers in a short time and do not know exactly the different marketing tactics in the industry, Teachable Alternatives- you may want to use a market platform like Udemy do all this work.

4. Pricing:

Many platforms offer free packages for most beginners. While this can be a very lucrative function for many, it is essential to understand the cost structure for each course sold.

Transaction costs vary from one platform to another, but you have to keep in mind that market building platforms like Udemy are not interested in promoting your individual brand.

There may also be snags that are the only options for determining the course price.

Teachable Alternatives- Therefore, make sure that you have followed the pricing guidelines for each of your options before making a decision.

5. Ownership:

Some people plan to create a large number of courses for a broad audience. Others try to experiment on different platforms to determine the best platform option and type of course for a brand they want to establish.

It should be understood that some platforms, such as Thinkific, allow full ownership of course ownership and educational materials while others, such as Udemy, do not allow this.

Teachable Alternatives- This could be another factor to consider when choosing your online platform.

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❓FAQs: Teachable Alternatives 2024: Which Teaching Platform Is Best

➡️What is Teachable?

Teachable is a hosted online course platform that generally allows you to build your course website, host your online courses along with sell and market your course and deliver your content and engage with your audience.

📌 Which are the best Teachable Alternatives?

Here I would like to say, all online courses offer courses of many types and also offers certification. Teachable is one of the best online course platforms, but there are various platforms that give teachable tough competition. Get the list of best Teachable Alternatives on our blog.

✅ Which is best Thinkific vs Teachable?

Without having any second thoughts I would like to say Teachable is better than Thinkific in many terms.

👏Conclusion: Teachable Alternatives 2024: Which Teaching Platform Is Best & Why ?

Since I’ve shared all the insightful information of all the platforms, you can pick up anyone according to your requirements.  To be fair both the software have their up’s and downs.

For me, I individually like Teachable the most since this program gives me the most freedom and advantages.

Teachable is a very powerful tool for learning online. You can create a course with an easy-to-use editor and plenty of tools to help your students have the best experience.

Teachable may not be right for you, though. If you want to learn about sales or make some money through courses, Graphy.com & FreshLearn could be the perfect choice!

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