How to Connect With Your Higher Self By Mindvalley’s Spirituality Teachers

What is the name of your higher self? And, in order to connect with your divine essence, are you required to be a spiritual superhero?

Connecting with your higher self might be difficult, especially if you are an overthinker. But even if you are, you can do it!

What is the nature of your Higher Self?

Your higher self is so much more than your familiar physical form. It’s you, manifested as soul consciousness – limitless and immortal.

It’s the part of you that inspires you, directs you through intuition, and teaches you through insight.

Your higher self is completely aware of your intents, ambitions, and secrets. However, it’s likely that you’ve only had a brief interaction with it.

If you allow this communication to thrive, those tremendously valuable bursts of intuition and inspiration can become a far more prominent part of your life.

But there’s a catch: connecting with your higher self is a paradox because you’re constantly linked. It’s more than just a link. It’s about coming together.

You can’t separate your physical self from your energetic consciousness. However, because we are in this physical state, there is a part of us that feels disconnected from everything else, including our higher self.

How to Get in Touch With Your Higher Self

You can communicate with your higher self in a variety of ways. Some methods are basic and straightforward, while others necessitate some training.

1. Dreaming lucidly

First and primarily, your higher self communicates with you in your dream state, or subconscious realm.

That’s when all of your mental constructs fall apart and you lose control of your world. It’s the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, when the activity of the brain’s neurons is as busy as it is during waking hours, with the exception that your body is entirely relaxed.

The majority of vividly remembered dreams happen during REM sleep, which is also when you connect with your higher self.

It is critical for anyone who wants to develop their consciousness to begin recalling and journaling their dreams.

2. Meditation for a higher self

One of the most effective ways to intentionally connect with your higher self is through higher self-meditation.

You and your higher consciousness are not separate. It is constantly present and has a high vibrational frequency.

When you live from your higher self-consciousness, you experience love and genuine gratitude, and you truly forgive. As a result, the meditation is intended to assist you in connecting with your higher self and then incorporating that connection into your daily consciousness.

3. Astral projection

Another method of communicating with your higher self is astral projection, commonly known as an out-of-body experience (OBE).

Because your higher self is your energetic consciousness, the first step is to let go of your physical body’s identity.

To put it another way, once you recognize you aren’t your physical body, you may comprehend the concept of the higher self, which is exactly what astral projection allows you to achieve.

4. Intuitive writing or journaling

Intuitive writing or journaling

You can ask questions and then write or type your initial, instinctive responses. Then go back and read them again, this time paying attention to your bodily and emotional reactions.

You’ll be able to tell whether your response came from your ego or your higher self.

Journaling can also assist you in making sense of messages that you don’t understand straight away.

It’s the higher self if the responses appear smarter than normal. They’re from the ego if the replies feel forced or if they sound like you’re telling other people what they want to hear.

5. Creativity

People sometimes ignore imagination, although it is essential to your ability to create, allowing you to connect with your higher self.

Even while it may appear that we make things up, Allyn Evans, a licensed Reiki Master instructor and residential training for the Monroe Institute, emphasizes that imagination comes from ourselves.

The imagination is divided into two parts: active and passive. In the active phase, you actively imagine connecting with your higher self in a parallel reality, and then you remain open to receiving whatever comes your way.

Imagine your higher self as a physical presence, like a best friend sitting next to you. You can also visualize yourself in a warm, nurturing environment. Choose the images that are most appropriate for you!

Become aware of your higher self.

As your higher self guides you toward your highest alignment, your life will take on a whole new meaning — and maybe a whole new direction.

You’re only a few abilities away from a whole different path. Mindvalley is the place to go if you want to improve your intuition so that you may not only connect with your higher self but also live your daily life from a higher consciousness.

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