Udacity Free Courses: The Best Online Free Tech Courses

COVID changed how we study and work. Most persons working from home during the outbreak worked full-time. 92% of employees work remotely at least once a week.

With a computer system and the internet, one can learn almost anything, wherever. Technical skills count.

Now is the right time to add IT skills to your CV. Tech contributed $2 trillion to the U.S. GDP or 10%. Tech is vast and rising.

Udacity teaches the latest technology skills to advance careers. Our initiatives have helped almost 2 million kids. Nanodegree programs are popular, but Udacity also offers 200 free courses.

The most popular free online courses are listed here.

Udacity teaches people the latest technology skills to help them advance their own careers. Our initiatives have helped almost 2 million kids. In addition to our Nanodegrees, we provide 200 free courses to assist anyone who starts a profession.

Udacity Coupons

This list highlights Udacity All time free popular courses.

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AWS ML Foundations

AWS Machine Learning Foundations is a free two-month online course. Learn how to leverage AWS AI products like SageMaker and DeepComposer for machine learning (ML). Start your Machine Learning Engineering Nanodegree here.

Python Programming Introduction

This course is for beginners with no coding or Python expertise. The course covers error handling, scripting, functions, data structures, loops, conditionals, data types, variables, and third-party libraries. Five weeks are needed. This course covers the prerequisites for the Data Analyst Nanodegree.

Kotlin Android app development

Google published the intermediate-level course Developing Android Apps with Kotlin. Students study Android app creation in two months utilizing Work Manager, Room, and more. After this course, consider the Android Developer Nanodegree.

Structures and Algorithms Introduction

This free online course discusses Python’s data structures and algorithms (perfect for preparing for those daunting technical interviews). A month of teaching, interactive quizzes, and simulated interviews will prepare you. This course is the finest preparation for the Programming Nanodegree.

AI Introduction

This free online course on machine learning covers data gathering, algorithms, and performance evaluation. This course is the starting point for our School of AI’s Nanodegree in AI.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning Introduction

Intermediate-level engineers can learn deep learning in weeks by taking TensorFlow’s free online course. This course teaches how to develop picture classifiers, work with massive datasets, and create AI apps. If you want a Nanodegree in Machine Learning Engineering, start here.

Git’s Version Control

Version control with Git is vital for skilled coders. This four-week curriculum will teach pupils about version control in schools that don’t. Newcomers will learn about Git repositories, commits, tags, branches, and merge conflicts. React Developer Nanodegree is a great way to learn real-world coding.

Kotlin Bootcamp

Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers is a two-week online course for intermediate-level developers. This course teaches Kotlin. This training will assist Android Developer Nanodegree.

The Android UI

Free Android Basics: User Interface course for front-end mobile developers. This two-week session begins with designing an app’s layout. You’ll build an app from scratch. Take this course to start the Android Nanodegree.

Deep Learning with PyTorch

Facebook’s AI team created it to teach intermediate-level engineers how to build deep neural networks in two months. This course will prepare you for the Deep Learning Nanodegree.

Online learning basics

Udacity has many more free online courses. Our technology courses benefit coders, product managers, analysts, and designers. Sign up today to learn how we can boost your career.

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