Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2023: How Much Can You Earn?

Walmart Affiliate Program Review

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The Walmart Affiliate Program is a great way for customers to make money while shopping at one of their favorite stores. The rates are competitive and there are no monthly fees, making this an excellent choice for those looking to monetize their website.

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  • Access to tens of thousands of different items and categorie
  • It is simpler to encourage shoppers to make purchases.
  • Guarntees precise monitoring
  • Application will often be approved in less than 24 hours


  • You only get a 1% reward off the total of the cart
  • A cookie is only stored in the browser for three days


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Walmart is a household name, and that’s why it has created an affiliate program for its customers.

The Walmart Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission on purchases made through the Walmart website or app when users click on your referrals.

In this Walmart Affiliate Program review, we’ll explore what the program offers, how to get started, and how much money can be earned with the affiliate program.

Walmart Affiliate Program 2023

The creation of a sizable eCommerce site for Walmart is not only a wise business decision on the part of the corporation. Additionally, it helps individuals who create blogs and advertise affiliate programs online.

Bloggers and website owners may now advertise any item that is offered on Walmart’s official eCommerce platform thanks to the company’s recently introduced affiliate program.

Walmart Affiliate Program Review

The Walmart affiliate program has benefits and drawbacks. It is crucial that you give the advantages of this program great consideration. It’s crucial that you take into account any potential software flaws at the same time.

Who Is Walmart Affiliate Program For?

Although enrolling in the program is often thought to be simple, you should be aware of the criteria. When you apply to operate the program, Walmart and the affiliate managers consider a few factors.

You’ll probably be rejected for the offer if you don’t fit these criteria.

You will advertise affiliate links on this website as part of the Walmart program. Your account won’t be accepted if, at the time of application, you don’t have a publicly accessible website.

Walmart wants to know precisely where the affiliate links will be placed and what kind of website will be sending traffic to their online storefront.

You should already have material on your website. Applying via a website that is blank and under construction is not recommended. Your website should include material that demonstrates to affiliate management the kinds of articles you write.


This makes it possible for them to determine if the information on your website is compatible with the goods that may be promoted via the Walmart affiliate program.

Make sure that North America is where most of the traffic to your website comes from. All digital Walmart shops primarily aim to serve this market.

Therefore, it would be pointless to promote goods that your audience cannot obtain if the majority of your visitors are from other nations. The affiliate managers at Walmart may request details about your traffic and referrals.

Your website must also be appropriate for children. In essence, Walmart is a family-friendly retailer with a customer service-focused approach to all of its products and services.

Make sure there is nothing on your own website that would make it inappropriate for children if you want to advertise things on your blog that link to Walmart’s website.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Structure

First off, it should be noted that Walmart is a huge company that makes a lot of money.

The ultra-cheap items on their shelves still have production, shipping, storage, and advertising expenses attached to them; however, those margins are razor-thin. Then they have to manage those thousands of shops.

To cut a long tale short, their affiliate revenue rates mirror their high overhead costs. On all items with the exception of “Contact lenses” and “Business & Personal checks,” you may earn a commission of 1% to 4%.

Personal checks seem a touch too Payday loan for our tastes, while contact lenses sound intriguing but are also a highly crowded sector.

Therefore, you must be very cautious when selecting the things you use to advertise via affiliate links. As long as you’re comfortable with receiving a 1% fee, you are free to publish text links to whatever you like.

Walmart affiliate structure

Anyone marketing the Walmart affiliate program will profit from the fact that you will get at least some compensation across all of their well-liked product categories.

One of your visitors will be sent directly to the Walmart checkout page after clicking this button.

Placing the item in their cart and then asking them to make a payment is meant to assist them to avoid the objection process. It’s not an awful concept and could raise conversion rates.

Last but not least, because your Walmart affiliate payments are made net of 60, any sales you make today won’t be shown in your account for two months. Therefore, you must consider it while deciding if you must earn money by the next week.

How Does the Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

You must submit an online application and wait for approval to join the Walmart affiliate program. Upon approval, Walmart will provide you with promotional items like widgets and banners.

Additionally, you may set up the Walmart WordPress plugin or the Walmart Chrome extension. Put links and banners in high-traffic parts of your websites, such as blog pieces that benefit the visitor and promote the usage of the items you offer.

When customers at Walmart use your link to make a purchase, Walmart will give you a modest commission. At first glance, it may not seem like much, but the more people who use your links to make purchases, the more money you can earn.

There are several strategies for promoting affiliate goods. Start by displaying banners on your website and providing connections to your resources page.

Of course, you should spread your connections out as much as you can (that makes sense, anyway). Add your affiliate links to your newsletters, email sequences, and product reviews and tutorials.

Walmart affiliate membership

In addition, produce YouTube movies on things you really use and advertise your links on social media. Although you don’t need to have a website to advertise affiliate items, you might think about building one.

A blog post that provides a product evaluation or a lesson establishes the author as a reliable source in the eyes of the reader. When people get value, they are more willing to interact and purchase goods.

Joining The Walmart Affiliate Program

  1. Visit this page and choose “Join Now.”
  2. Completely fill out the application. Information about you and your business must be entered.
  3. Enter your marketing strategies next. Choose the things you will promote and the nations you will promote in.
  4. Include the sort of media property, as well as the name, URL, and description of your website or company.
  5. Click the box after reading the agreement, then press “Submit application.”
  6. If you are approved, you will be notified through email (within 24 hours).
  7. Now that you have access to affiliate marketing tools, links, and banners.
  8. Put banner advertising on your website and use the links in your emails, blog posts, social media postings, and YouTube descriptions.
  9. Watch for people to click the links to get money!

Walmart Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


  • The management of the Walmart offer is done via a reputable affiliate network platform. This guarantees that you get precise monitoring for each click that originates from your website. any queries you may have.
  • The Walmart affiliate program has a simple sign-up procedure, and your application will often be approved in less than 24 hours.
  • You have access to tens of thousands of different items and categories.
  • Because Walmart is a well-known brand, it is simpler to encourage shoppers to make purchases.


  • You get a 1% reward off the total of the cart when you recommend an online purchase to the Walmart affiliate program. When compared to some of the other eCommerce affiliate programs that are available, this commission is quite low.
  • Tracking links for the Walmart affiliate program have relatively brief referral or cookie durations. A cookie is only stored in the browser for three days when a user clicks on your link.

FAQs On Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2023

✔️ What is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

The Walmart Affiliate Program allows customers to earn commission on purchases made through the Walmart website or app when users click on your referrals.

👉 How do I get started with the program?

To get started, visit the “Join Now” page on the Walmart Associates website and create an account. Once you are approved, you'll have access to your affiliate dashboard where you can begin sharing links and earning commissions from sales.

💰 How much money can I make through the program?

The amount of money you can make through the program depends on how many people click your referrals, as well as how much they spend. Generally, commissions range from 3-8% for most items. Some items may have a higher commission rate as well.

❌ Are there any fees associated with the Walmart Affiliate Program?

No, there are no monthly or hidden fees associated with participating in the Walmart Affiliate Program. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and you're ready to start earning commissions from transactions referred by you.

🔥 Is the Walmart Affiliate Program free to join?

Yes, signing up for the Walmart Affiliate Program is completely free, and there are no upfront costs or ongoing fees.

🤔 How do I track my affiliate program performance?

You can easily keep track of your affiliate program performance by using the online reporting system in your dashboard. It provides real-time data so you can view commission rates, how many referrals have been made, and how much money you've earned from the program.

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Conclusion: Walmart Affiliate Program Review 2023

The Walmart Affiliate Program is a great way for customers to make money while shopping at one of their favorite stores.

With a wide variety of products available and easy-to-understand instructions on how to sign up, anyone can start generating commissions from transactions they prefer.

The rates are competitive and there are no monthly fees, making this an excellent choice for those looking to monetize their website.

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