Yevhenii CEO at TerraLeads Shares His Success Secrets in Affiliate Business

So glad to have another kickass affiliate marketer and founder of the CPA hub Terraleads Yevhenii who is doing CPA marketing for very long time and he loves his business very much. He loves traveling too just like me so I had ask him specific questions regarding his business and growth plans for Terraleads.

Yevhenii CEO at TerraLeads
Yevhenii CEO at TerraLeads

Please introduce yourself to my blog readers? Explain who are you apart from online business life?

Hi, my name is Yevhenii. I am a CEO at TerraLeads, the first CPA Hub in the world. To be honest, almost all of my free time I devote to my work as I am really passionate about CPA marketing. But I do have some free time doing other things like reading classic literature, playing soccer and court tennis… And of course, traveling and exploring the world 🙂

How an affiliate marketer can use TerraLeads to make money? What are the hot offers in TerraLeads?

Well, you can simply run traffic to our products. And see visible results reflecting in high ROI and top payouts. Besides, our products are of high quality, being produced in Europe, and passing all clinical tests there. Therefore, you can be sure to promote the products that bring real results and carry no harm to the end customer, which makes your karma as white as our offers 🙂

As to the top offers, currently, they are ChocoLite, VaryForte, PowerUp, Gold Mask, and our brand-new black toothpaste for teeth whitening.

How does TerraLeads differentitate itself from other CPA networks?

TerraLeads review

TerraLeads doesn’t differentiate itself from other networks, it is different. Moreover, it is the first and the only CPA hub in the world. Having created a hub means that we’ve managed to unite an advertiser, a network, and a publisher all in one. TerraLeads is the only advertiser producing its own offers in-house.

TerraLeads has its own media buying team, which is responsible for A/B split testing of our landing pages, which then are provided to our partners. And finally, TerraLeads is a connection point of the best affiliates who are the leaders of CPA marketing.

What is the secret of your success? Followed by your inspirational person?

The secret to success of any person is very simple – it’s humanity. When you can walk in someone else’s shoes, trying to feel that person’s problems on your own skin. That’s how I know what is the right way to help our partners when they need it. And by helping them be successful, I help our business prosper as well.

My father is the guise of strength and care. I have grown up seeing him as a strong person capable to move the mountains if his family needed anything. At the same time, I felt being loved and cared about. These two feelings now help me in my work with the partners, as they always feel my support and protection.

Could you tell us the best way to earn money online even for new online businesses?

I consider affiliate marketing to be the best way of earning money online as it’s both beneficial for online businesses and affiliates. The first ones get their products distributed and sold faster and to broader audiences, the latter ones get their commission from sales by simply advertising the already manufactured product.

Jitendra: What are your favorite social media tools? Which tools do you prefer to use so as to increase user engagement?

Well, this is the right question to ask our SMM manager 🙂 But personally my favorite social media tool is Instagram for Business, which enabled to get valuable business insights and provided the ability to create ads and promote posts directly within the Instagram app.

How did you create the concept of TerraLeads? Can you share something in detail?

Before the concept was created, there was a long story proceeding. We had an experience working on the CIS market for quite long, but then decided to try some other geos and discovered Europe as a very profitable region. Then we came up with an idea that we didn’t want to be like other CPA networks, but we wanted to produce our own products and be the only advertiser. So that’s actually the short story of how the concept of a hub was born.

So now we are gathering the best and most experienced affiliates under the TerraLeads roof, expecting that with our high-quality offers it will be much easier for our partners to advertise and actually sell the products.

One of the critical decisions a newbie affiliate marketer has to make is choosing what product or service to promote. How do you do it? What is your process for selecting products or services to promote to have the greatest chance of success?

Those affiliate marketers we partner with possess a decent experience and know for sure what geo they want to work in and what sources of traffic they’ll be using. Anyways, if you are still not confident with your decision, you can always ask an advice from our account managers who are ready to support you 24/7.  Regarding the choice of the offer for promotion, it is very easy to do in our system, as it provides all necessary information like the description of the product, the geos it’s available in, the approximate approval rate, the payouts, and the amount of t-coins.

This information is more than just enough to help you make the right decision 🙂

What are the main competitive advantages of working with TerraLeads?

TerraLeads is not an intermediary, so we can allow ourselves to offer higher payouts. In each European geo, we have our local call-centers with the native speakers who help us achieve especially high approval rate. Our every partner has their personal manager who provides support 24/7. Moreover, we are constantly working on launching new exclusive offers and we give the possibility for each of our partners to create their own product line…

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that we have a special bonus system called “TerraStore”. As a partner, you get a definite amount of t-coins for every approved order, which you can later exchange for valuable presents like smartphones, watches, and many more. That’s a very cool idea that keeps our partners motivated 🙂

What are your goals for TerraLeads for the next 5 years?

To be honest, TerraLeads has got quite ambitious goals, which are to cover all European geos till the end of the year. We also target at conquering the Asian market soon. If we look at a larger time frame, which is 5 years from now, we have a goal to cover the whole world.

TerraLeads’ mission for the upcoming years is to change the initial perception of the CPA market as a black into the white one by introducing white offers to the market.

What do you think about the future of the CPA market? Is it going to get slow?

Well, the CPA market is definitely going to be saturated, as with every single day it’s becoming more and more attractive for new people. Accordingly, the competition among affiliates is going to increase greatly.

Is the CPA market going to get slow? Definitely, not. On the contrary, it is going to be supported by the cutting-edge technologies, which will be able to help affiliates reach the right target audience more successfully, create win-win ad campaigns that would bring higher ROI. So expect the times of hustle to come soon.

Who are the top affiliates in TerraLeads and how much are they making? Can you share rough figures?

From the very beginning, TerraLeads is positioning itself as a private hub where each of its members feels supported and protected. Due to this, the information consisting of our partners’ names and income is confidential. So sorry but we cannot share it with anyone.

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