11k in 11 Days With Adsterra [Case Study]

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Today I want to tell you how I earned $11k in 11 days with Adsterra using Facebook Ad Manager.

Adsterra screenshot advertisers (1)

The workflow is the following: Facebook > Your Domain > Ads

It is not perfect, and Facebook sometimes doesn’t approve my ads, bans my FB accounts, etc. But anyway, here is what I earned:

Adsterra Case Study


My manager from Adsterra advised me to concentrate on mobile South Africa traffic, and I did. All this traffic is pure 3g 4g South Africa.


So, how do you start?

First of all, you need a domain. Don’t use free hostings like blogspot, or you might be banned for sure. Facebook doesn’t like blogspot. 

You can go to Namecheap and buy a domain less than $9, and first month of hosting for $1. You don’t need to be a web specialist to create a site, all files will be automatically installed, and you just start working in a minute.

I placed fake player and several fake download buttons on my promoted page.

Secondly, you need an account in Adsterra. You can use my referral link to register 🙂 Adsterra

After you have been approved, get a direct link code, ask for anti-adblock solution. This code contains different ads for different verticals. 

Take your direct ad link and attach it to your fake player and buttons. It’s Facebook safe option.

Now you need to launch Facebook Ad campaign. Hope you know how to do it, if not, follow Facebook instructions, it’s easy as pice of cake. 

You need several Facebook accounts with business accounts created.

Click Create button, choose Ad.

Adsterra Case Study 1


Click on Traffic


Adsterra case study 2


Scroll down, set up your budget, billing method and ad campaign. 

I used the following targetings: South Africa, age 18-50, gender all, Behaviours > Mobile Device User > Network Connection > 3G & 4G



Adsterra Case Study 4

Add a link to your webpage with the ad codes.

By my experience thumbnails with play button and light erotic context collect more clicks. But the chance to be banned by Facebook is higher. It depends on some luck.

Here is how my best performing thumbnails: 




Adsterra Case Study 5


Adsterra Case Study 6

Don’t use these images, by the time you are reading the article, they already blacklisted by Facebook. You need to find new images every time. You need unique images.

The best strategy is to have multiple Facebook accounts with 1-2 campaigns running at the same time. Don’t invest more than $10-20 per campaign. Facebook for some reason delivers less clicks if you invest more.

Wait till money spent and invest again.

Look at your conversion rate from Facebook impression into Facebook Clicks. Try to keep it above 12%. If it is less, change your thumbnail. 

Not all people who clicked your ad on Facebook will click on your direct link ads. It is normal. Try to keep conversion rate from Facebook Clicks into Adsterra impressions higher than 80%.

If it is less, change your landing page. Change player image, buttons, tut them in different place, make bigger, blinking, etc.

If you want to try, please follow my registration link, there is a referral program: Adsterra

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