Webix Review 2020 : Best JavaScript UI Library and Framework?

Webix JavaScript UI Library Review
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Comprehensive API






Ease of use




Angular 2 compatibility


Inline editing






Unlimited extensibility


Open Source


72 payment methods


  • Fast and Comprehensive
  • Easy Third-party Integration
  • Multi-browser functionality
  • Callbacks for all events: load, sorting, etc
  • Free Developer Tools
  • WAI-ARIA Attributes
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Unlimited extensibility
  • Paging for big datasets
  • Drag-and-drop- Users have the possibility to drag-and-drop items of the components
  • Copying to/from clipboard
  • Best JavaScript UI library and framework for speeding up web development
  • Understandable logic
  • Cross platform and browser supportCross platform and browser supportCross platform and browser support
  • Get a 30% discount for renewing Webix Packs if your current License is still valid


  • Pricing bit expensive

Here I have shared a comprehensive Webix Review along with pros and cons. Read the complete review and get to know whether Webix is worth your money or not.

Established in 2013, Webix is an advanced and extensive online library of JavaScript and HTML5 tools designed to help developers build high-quality web products! Today, Webix is one of the most popular JavaScript/HTML5 libraries in the market, consisting of multiple UI widgets and controls that have been designed for allowing coders and developers to create unique user interfaces.

The library has a wide array of widgets that can help you to visualize big data including charts, reports, pivots, complex tools and other key components like DataTable and TreeTable widgets. Webix was created by XB Software company, a full-cycle development company of custom Enterprise solutions with extensive UX/UI.

webix review javascript

Webix Review 2020: Detailed Analysis With Pros & Cons

Quality and Dependability!

When it comes to performance and reliability on its quality, Webix consists of highly skilled professionals who possess over 5 years of market experience in developing advanced and performance-oriented tools for JavaScript and HTML5 developers around the globe. The company is also ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.                                                                                                                                                 


Their development tools are commonly used to create a JSON configuration of your view in JavaScript and allow you to work on and implement key solutions from profound business analysis. 

Services offered

webix UI reviewswebix UI reviewsThe creators of Webix are committed to helping developers to build unique UIs better and faster. Their services and tools are used by hundreds of companies and organizations around the globe. The developer tools are suitable for businesses of any size or niche. From small businesses to Fortune 500,Webix UI framework is used by all for creating their products and internal web resources.

The company banks on an average of 5+ years of marketing experience and currently has a track record of aiding 50+ developers, supporting 30+ projects. Their services span across 65+ countries and they boast an impressive client retention ratio of 70%.

Webix services are popularly used for the following developmental projects and activities:

Custom Web Application Development

  •       Custom development of top-notch web apps for different industries
  •       App modernization and migration of legacy systems
  •       Rendering data to tables, Gantts, charts, and diagrams
  •       Custom support and maintenance

Webix Customization and Development

  •       Developing web apps with Webix from scratch
  •       Customization of Webix widgets
  •       Integration of Webix components into the existing apps
  •       Using Webix to allow UI improvement and app modernization of customers’ apps

IT Staff Augmentation

  •       Augmentation of skilled Web developers
  •       QA team augmentation

Service Lines

Webix currently holds expertise in the following Service lines:

  •       Custom Software Development
  •       Webix Customization and Development
  •       Hybrid and Cross-platform Mobile Development
  •       UX/UI Development and Design
  •       Developers/QA and Team Augmentation
  •       Enterprise App Modernization

Technologies used

Webix is a powerful Web App Development Framework with over 100 UI widgets and feature-rich JavaScript CSS / HTML5 controls. 

  •       .NET
  •       React JS
  •       WebRTC
  •       Marionette JS
  •       PHP
  •       Node JS

Webix Jet

webix JS reviewsWebix’s microframework, Webix Jet enables you to easily configure single-page applications, especially the ones that work with massive amounts of data. It enables various parts of the UI to be combined and reused. With the help of Webix Jet, you can create and develop perfect applications with minimal code footprint.

Code and UI are divided into separate modules with Webix Jet. A JavaScript class that can be utilized throughout the app presents each module. It is possible to divide even a very complex UI into distinct sections that can be used and checked separately.

You get to play with a powerful webpack-based toolchain, which allows you to easily configure single-page apps. Furthermore, you can process JS code, LESS/SASS for CSS styles using the ES6 features. You can also embed and bundle any custom resources through Webpack plugins. Creating menus, localization, access control, notifications, and applying skins will be a joyride.

The Webix Jet framework has been designed to make it easier to organize code and reuse components among multiple entry points of your app. It is a great solution for device-responsive apps as well. You can build apps for both desktop and touch devices. The interfaces you define for devices are super responsive and can be made for different screen sizes. 

DataTable Widget

The JavaScript DataTable (DataGrid) widget is the top element of the Webix UI system represented by 5 predefined skins. There are two variants of this UI library. Under the GNU GPLv3 licence, you can obtain Webix Standard as a free open source UI library. And there’s a commercial permit that provides the full edition access.

Webix UI library is developing business alternatives and solutions with a focus on sufficing for high efficiency and customization requirements. For instance, it can be used in CRM alternatives from Salesforce. Editable table JavaScript enables seamless data entry. By pressing any cell you can edit its contents quickly by entering fresh information into the input area or by choosing any item from a drop-down list.

You can sort the table objects with a single click on a column header. For particular sorting behaviour, you can use the DataTable sorting feature. Using built-in filters in column headers, table objects can be analyzed. For particular sampling patterns, you can use the DataTable filter feature.

By pulling them to a specific place, you can alter the order of the lines. The ‘order’ method enables you to decide whether or not the objects can be taken from the borders of the panel.

TreeTable Widget

webix demo tutorialswebix demo tutorialsThe Webix JavaScript TreeTable is focused on the DataGrid element, which is why it has all its characteristics and peculiarities, including Sparklines, Clipboard help, sophisticated filters, and many more. The Webix TreeTable element incorporates its features with various data groupings accessible in DataGrid, such as rowspan, colspan, and grid grouping.

For rows and columns, the widget can boast its thorough Drag-n-drop elaboration separately, the possibility of changing the width of all margins and creating vertical headers. Tree Table promotes the entire spectrum of grid manipulations. By entering the fresh value in the input domain or choosing an alternative from a drop-down list that can even be provided with checkboxes for greater usability, you can readily edit its contents.

In one of the accessible methods, TreeGrid enables you to pick information: cell, row, column, multi-cell, multi-row, multi-column, block or zone selection mode. This JavaScript Tree Table element makes it possible to export information for further processing to PDF, PNG and Excel documents. You can also describe the subsequent table appearance by incorporating different export alternatives.

You can use checkboxes in the TreeGrid element in addition to the object choice. This function helps to select various objects at once to be edited or removed. Tree Table promotes filtering from the client side. You can use built-in filters or you can identify custom filters. You can use one of the accessible filters for the required column depending on the sort of information submitted in your panel.

Webix JavaScript UI Library Plans and Pricing

webix pricing demoWebix currently offers a well sorted line-up of 4 packages that customers can choose from. The price tags are also very reasonable, making Webix an extremely cost-effective service.


Perfect for one developer working on a single project or an MVP

Price: $349

  •       One project
  •       One developer
  •       One year of updates and support
  •       Webix UI Library
  •       Perpetual Commercial License
  •       Basic Support

Complex widgets: (Optional)

  •       Spreadsheet ($329)
  •       Pivot ($99)
  •       Scheduler ($99)
  •       File manager ($99)
  •       Kanban ($99)


Perfect for internal company projects or a single commercial project

Price: $2499

  •       One project
  •       Unlimited number of developers
  •       One year of updates and support
  •       Webix UI Library
  •       Perpetual Commercial License
  •       Standard support

Complex widgets: (Included)

  •       Spreadsheet
  •       Pivot
  •       Scheduler
  •       File manager
  •       Kanban


Perfect for development companies that work on projects for multiple clients

Price: $3999

  •       Unlimited number of projects
  •       5+ developers
  •       One year of updates and support
  •       Webix UI Library
  •       Perpetual Commercial License
  •       Standard support

Complex widgets: (Included)

  •       Spreadsheet
  •       Pivot
  •       Scheduler
  •       File manager
  •       Kanban


Perfect for large development companies with multiple projects and large teams

Price: $3999

  •       Unlimited number of projects
  •       Unlimited number of developers
  •       One year of updates and support
  •       Webix UI Library
  •       Perpetual Commercial License
  •       Standard support

Complex widgets: (Included)

  •       Spreadsheet
  •       Pivot
  •       Scheduler
  •       File manager
  •       Kanban

**All plans come with a perpetual commercial license and one year of updates and support.

Free Developer tools

Apart from offering the above-mentioned paid packages, Webix also gives users some additional native developer tools that are available for free on their official website. The tools are open to anyone having to sign up.

Powerful online tool for creating web forms in few clicks. Determine a field and layout, generate your code form automatically in a second.

  •     Webix Code Snippet

A useful tool for prototyping JS dashboards, quick previewing of results and sharing with team members or customers via social networks.

  •     Webix Skin Builder

Online web design tool for setting user interface styles and working with theme templates such as Material, Compact, Touch, etc.

Why should you use Webix?

In a nutshell, here are the top most recommended reasons as to why Webix is an ideal and the easiest working solution for JavaScript and HTML developers.

  • Easy to understand and logical

Webix has a low and comfortable learning curve, allowing you to effortlessly understand, learn and use every moderate and complex tool at ease.

  •  Variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries integration

Registered subscribers get access to complex widgets and can associate projects with jQuery JavaScript library, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js, MVC frameworks AngularJS, third party UI extensions.

  • Fast performance for big datasets

Whether you are encountering massive Data tables, Trees, Lists, or any other data representation tools, your web applications will work fast due to paging and dynamic loading.

  • Work from anywhere ON THE GO with browser support!

Webix has been designed to work Cross platform with browser support, that will allow you to build HTML5 web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones with touch screen interface that are compatible with all major browsers.

  • Pure JavaScript

Webix offers a full client-side solution for animated or highly interactive dashboards due to the instant updates of HTML5 components.

  • Standard Web accessibility

The Webix HTML5 UI library adds accessibility support and meets WAI-ARIA standards. This makes it ideal for those who need assistive technologies.

  • Simple server-side interaction

Users can efficiently play around with solutions for Java, PHP, .NET, and more. Furthermore, all backend technologies can communicate with our JavaScript UI framework.

  • Extremely flexible

Users can freely customize the wide array of available components and create new ones. You can easily modify all component’s options without losing out on any of the key functionalities.

Learn more from the Webix Blog!

webix javascript reviewsWebix has developed an extremely informative blog section containing high-quality articles and guides that have been curated to help confused customers with the minor problems they may be facing with, while using the tools and services offered by Webix. You can check out their blog where their highly skilled and knowledgeable technical writers talk about business web solutions based on Webix.

Quality Customer Assistance!

webix javascript review onlinewebix javascript review onlineIf you think that you somehow are unable to find the solution to your problems through the Webix blog, then you can straightaway contact their support team. Webix boasts of a strong, responsive and performance-oriented customer support team that is ready to share with you the profound experience gained during the years of efficient work.

They are willing to assist you round the clock with whatever problem you may encounter while using their tools in developing web apps and integrating Webix framework into existing web applications.

Webix FAQ

Is Webix a free plan?

No, Webix doesn’t offer any free plan. However, you can try the demo of Webix Apps along with JavaScript Dashboard.

What are the pricing plans offered by Webix JavaScript UI Library?

The basic plan of Webix starts at $849 followed by various pricing plans based on the number of projects and developer support.

Is Webix Tutorials Worth Trying?

Yes, you can try Webix tutorial to master the apps of features offer by Webix. It comes with in-depth tutorials that you can make use of in order to get optimum results.

Webix Review Conclusion 2020

Webix has a low learning curve and it is extremely simple to get started  with and to implement. When it comes to variety and flexibility, Webix brings you a comprehensive set of UI components comprising a broad range of API-friendly widgets that can be readily manipulated. All developments can be built using JavaScript without HTML, and when you use TypeScript you will get complete type checking and IntelliSense in your IDE.

Particularly, Webix Jet Library adds all the required features for SPA development, which makes its usability an easy to handle experience for everyone! 

The Webix customer support team offers great assistance to troubled customers and are really quick in answering any questions you have on their forum or via email. The developer tools are bug-free and stable, effectively running even the most complicated GUIs at ease and offers great design, awesome responsive material skins, and icon packs. The project management tools are pretty advanced and are frequently updated on a regular basis.

All in all, Webix is one of the most powerful and diverse online libraries that JavaScript and HTML developers would love to play with. The best part is, Webix seemingly works great for online businesses of any magnitude, small, moderate or large!

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