Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Timesheet App

In most companies, classic time recording with a time clock has long been a thing of the past. In the meantime, online timesheet software takes over this function and offers a variety of new possibilities as well as easier management of the working time overview. Even more practical are the possibilities of mobile time recording, which are now being used by more and more companies.

How does mobile time recording work?

In many companies, time recording is an important tool for personnel resource planning in order to optimize the deployment of employees and increase productivity on the basis of regular evaluations. The basic requirement for mobile recording of working times is the use of a smartphone with a corresponding app for time recording. Such an app can be opened via a personal access code and then offers numerous functions. 

Benefits of digital timesheets for companies

There are a number of advantages digital timesheets offer for companies:

  • Flexibility
  • Time savings
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Legal certainty

Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Timesheet App

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One of the main advantages of electronic concepts for recording working time is the increase in flexibility. Whether flextime or function time, working in a home office or at the company location: With mobile software for time recording, all time models can be clearly mapped, and the documentation of hours is possible at any time and from any location.

This also gives SMEs the opportunity to digitize their personnel-related processes and, in times when working from home and other flexible working models are becoming increasingly popular, they are not only future-proofed: They can also increase their attractiveness in the context of employer branding.

Time savings

Another advantage of digital time recording via app or PC is the enormous time savings. Using traditional methods of time recording is always a great deal of effort. Now it’s largely automated with the help of modern time recording tools. Irregularities are detected by the time recording system, and evaluations of individual time accounts can be displayed at the touch of a button.

Payroll accounting is also much simpler: HR managers have access to all important information at all times, and the transfer of data to the accounting system or the tax advisor is also automated. The time-consuming collection of individual timesheets, the transfer of information filled in by hand, and the linking of different pieces of information are thus a thing of the past.


When time recording software is used, both employers and employees benefit from increased transparency. Individual time accounts can be viewed in the system by both parties, regardless of where they are working – eliminating the need for manually created overviews printed out at the end of the month. In addition, digital time recording offers employees

the possibility of self-monitoring: this is particularly important in the home office, where the boundaries between work and private life easily become blurred. In addition to providing an insight into the hours worked, the software also creates transparency with regard to compliance with break times. Any punching errors can be identified by employees themselves and corrected promptly. HR managers and executives can therefore access a correct and complete database for planning tasks and evaluations.


Since overviews don’t have to be printed out at the end of the month, digital time recording brings companies one step closer to a paperless office. Applications and overviews, timesheets and notices: all this can be digitally and clearly mapped in a corresponding system and is also available in real time. This not only protects the environment, but also eliminates paper mountains and the chaos of notes that often accompanies them.

Legal certainty

Usually, labor law requires companies to keep precise records of employees’ working hours and rest periods. By using a digital time recording system, employers can easily and conveniently fulfill this obligation. The system also automatically records any exceeding of the maximum permissible working hours and informs both managers and the person responsible.

This gives HR managers the opportunity to quickly identify repeated deviations from prescribed time standards, intervene if necessary, and thus comply with legal requirements in the long term. Some web-based applications and apps also ensure the legally compliant handling of employees’ sensitive, personal data and thus also meet the requirements of data protection.

Benefits of digital timesheets for employees

For mobile time recording, employees enter the start of their working hours and the end of the working day into the app. This data is synchronized immediately, provided there is a mobile Internet connection. If this is not the case, synchronization starts automatically as soon as an Internet connection is re-established. In addition to the start and end of the workday, employees can also record their break times via the app. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether one or more breaks are taken during a workday.

The app adds up the break times automatically. In addition to the function of recording working hours, such apps usually offer other functions, such as the time recording of individual customer appointments. This data is later relevant for billing purposes. In addition, employees can edit and view shift planning at any time via their mobile device and the app.

This also applies to vacation planning. Whereas a vacation request used to have to be submitted in writing, it can now be submitted in the app within a short time. It is also possible to access submitted leave requests and their current status at any time.

Conclusion – A digital timesheet app is very beneficial

Both, employers and employees can profit from making the switch from using traditional timesheets to modern digital timesheet apps. 

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