Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks In 2020

Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs
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      So you are looking for best affiliate program or  networks to join and make money out of it.  Affiliate networks might be the best option in place of google adsense to generate large revenue using your website. On the internet there are lots of affiliate networks & it’s always too difficult to choose the best affiliate network that can help you to increase your money through your websites. Here we analyzed and displayed the detailed report of some popular affiliate networks on the web that can help you to join the best.

      These affiliate programs/networks are used by India, US, UK & worldwide affiliate marketers. So no need to worry if you are different country.

      In this article you can find every digital marketing experts gives you their own way of reaching to success through affiliate marketing.

      Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks In 2020

      1) Regal Assets

      Regal Assets is US based 500 listed company and well-known for precious metal investment like   gold and silver.

      Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

      • The ranges of transaction between $18,000 – $85,000. This company attracts people that are looking to invest with some serious money.
      • As an affiliate, you earn a 3% commission on sales. This might seem very low but do the math on 3% of $50,000!
      • You can make a money by referral. Any of your referred customer make any transaction, you can get paid as commission.
      • They provide lead-capture forms and you can become a super affiliate and earn increased commissions.

      2)  American Bullion :

      Great deal to catch up since $30 per lead. $60 per call. 3% of direct sales ex: if your investment $100,000 than you can make $3000 as extra money).

      3) eBay Partner Network

      If you think out of the box than even you can make money through eBay.

      eBay is a very popular website for listing cars for sale. You can make significant money by promoting cars for sale on eBay. The more expensive the car the more commission you make. Great‼ and these commissions very according to where you locate in the world. Example: For UK you can make 75% commissions and if you are in US it limit to 50%

      eBay partner network page:

      Key points of eBay affiliate program:

      • Earn DOUBLE commissions in your first three months. I wouldn’t join unless you can take advantage of this straight away to maximize your earnings!
      • They offer link generators, ad creatives and widgets for you to promote eBay items.
      • Track your sales and payments so you can optimize. They also have reporting features geared towards measuring and improving ad performance.
      • Promote pretty much any type of item you want. eBay has over 162 Million active buyers shopping.

      4) Ashford

      A luxury watch and jewellery retailer. This can be fantastic affiliate program if you’re into watches or jewellery.

       Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

      • Up to 6% commission on all products.
      • The average order amount is $650.
      • Your website can customized banners as well as coupon codes.
      • No Limits of threshold for payments.

      5) Colmex Affiliates

      Colmex affiliates could be a great way earn an affiliate income online in finance domain.

      Its great trading platform that allows people to trade in capital markets like Forex, the stock market, CFD’s and Futures.

      Key points of their top affiliate program:

      • 40% commissions for every client you convert from your website.
      • You will be assisting by an affiliate account manager when you sign up with them.
      • Get up to $650 per conversion
      • Choose between three payment plans. CPA, CPL and Revenue Share.
      • Promotions and marketing materials for you to use. Custom reporting is also available.

      Few of other Finance related affiliate program listed for you.


      Affiliate Partners

      Plus 500 Affiliates


      6) QUITN6

      QUITN6 Amazing platform to the people who want to live their freedom and bliss of life.

      QUITN6 is owned by a guy called Matt Stone. An entrepreneur who has built multiple successful six-figure businesses on the internet.

      The affiliate program isn’t “high-ticket” per se but ultimately the most important thing is your average earnings per click compared to your CPC. QUITN6 happens to have an average $4.85 EPC for their internet business course.

      You can have a high ticket product that pays $1000 but if you’ve had to spend $998 dollars to make the sale then it still sucks.

      Key points of the affiliate program:

      • 75% commission on all courses.
      • Ready-made funnels for you to drive traffic through.
      • Email swipe, banner ads and other marketing materials available.
      • 10% Tier 2 commissions for affiliate you refer to the company.
      • Very low refund rates for courses (below 5%).

      7) Shopify

      Shopify is a full on e-commerce business solution that you can promote to people looking to start their own online store. These guys provide literally everything you could possibly need for running a successful e-commerce business, from website builders to shopping carts, web hosting, analytics, store management, SEO and more.

      Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

      • Earn up to $2400 per customer.
      • Pre-sale commissions allow you to earn 200% of a customer’s subscription fee, each time you refer someone.
      • Plenty of marketing materials such as banners and templates for promotion.
      • Industry leading conversion rates.
      • Shopify affiliate dashboard allows you to view exactly how your campaigns are doing.

      8. Sell-health

      Sell-health is the known affiliate program if you are in the health niche. They offer hundreds of products for the wellness and health affiliate program. The commission structure is also simple; if you sell products then you will get the commission ranging from $100-$350 per sale. This affiliate program is free to join and they release bi-weekly payments if you reach the threshold payout. They release payment through various modes such as payoneer, paypal and money transfer.

      9. is well known for producing designer trackers for the customers where they can wear the trackers on their wrist or as the clip on clothes. The idea behind the device is to show that how much calories you have burned to reach your fitness goal. They offer 12% of the commission per sale and their affiliate program is offered through another well known affiliate program ShareASale.


      Jvnotifypro is the place where the internet marketers inform the affiliate marketers when their product will be alive, so those affiliate marketers can go and promote their products. This website is the best way to find the high paying affiliate. So, go to the website and read the articles on the products and find the date when the product will be launched. Once, done you can start promoting and earn high on single sale made.

      11. ClickFunnels

      ClickFunnels is the highest paying affiliate program where you can step in and earn huge on the each sale made. Also, while promoting their program you can enrol into the dream car contest and can earn huge. So, they offer you everything which you will need to make a sale. You can earn from $100-$500 commission on each sale made for them.

      High Paying BLOGGING Affiliate Programs up to $7500 PER SALE

      It’s a newbie way in which Blogger or any Social media Geek can make out passive income while suggesting products to their audience.

      This income varies according to the affiliate program or offers you choose.

      And I know that what comes first in your mind about introducing affiliate program into your blog post… either the thought is you don’t really know how it works or you think it really applicable to your blogging niche?

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      Forum Posting sites list

      Don’t you worry!!!!

      Let me help you to examine details about this affiliate program and how much you can earn within months or may be in a day.

      So, let’s jump on some affiliate programs that can make up to $7500 offered by different-different companies.

      WAIT, firstly a little query for that I have to give an answer in succinct is-

      HOW it works?

      You need to target blog traffic that converts which means people who are really interested in your content.

      And they want to buy what you have to offer via affiliated links in your blog post.

      Companies will pay you commission when your blog audience make a purchase.

      Brand or Company follows these two strategies to pay you a commission :

      CPC and CPA

      CPC or Cost Per Click (also known as PPC or pay-per-click) pay you a commission based on clicks you get on navigational links of that particular company you have chooses.

      There are several networks that lies under CPC as listed below:

      CPA or Cost Per Action pay you a commission based on the actual purchase made by your audience as a result of affiliate link you have provide in your blog-content.

      There are several networks that lies under CPC as listed below:

      Ahhhhh!!! Well, you know CPA commissions are harder to grab than CPC however, they do pay passive income better.

      Here we go with the list of high paying affiliate programs:

      Programs you can trust, you can use, and legitimately promote to your audience.

      Pro-tip: bookmark it.

      Liquid Web Up to $900 per sale

      Liquid Web is a web hosting company and you can earn up to $900 per sale. It sells Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated server services.

      As an affiliate you promote LiquidWeb, you earn $125 to $900 per sale, + you earn 5% recurring commissions.


      MaxCDN– Up to $4800 per sale

      It have Content Delivery Network services which make your website, apps load faster across the world and provide content instantly.  Plans start at $9.99 per month.

      Affiliate get paid 200% first payment. The commission goes up to $4800 per sale.

      There are a lot of useful open source tools such as Jquery or Font Awesome are served through MaxCDN. So, it is a CDN trusted by talented developers.

      There is a Double-Payout Commissions like if you sell a package that costs $79 then you will get paid $160.

      Volusion– Up to $2000 per sale

      Volusion is a perfect ecommerce solution. It help entrepreneurs, bloggers to build and manage successful online business.

      Get paid up to $2000 per sale like with Shopify. It makes it easy to set up payments to get paid via PayPal, Amazon payments, etc…

      It includes everything you need to start selling online like marketing services, web design, hosting, social media management, PPC and shopping feeds management, search engine optimization.

      Here are the two articles that explain how to get approved by CPA networks

      how to get accepted into cpa networks

      CPA networks instant approval

      NetQuote’s Insurance Affiliate Program

      NetQuote offers you top payouts and strong conversion for sure.

      It is one of the highest paying affiliate program with strong payouts and even better conversion rates.

      NetQuote, the insurance industry’s leading lead generation company, connects consumers with insurance agents. Consumers fill out a short application for auto, home, health, life, renters or business insurance and we provide their detailed information to our network of independent agents and leading national carriers.

      Working with netQuote means working with the largest and longest running insurance shopping service. This translates into meaningful revenue for you. They pay their affiliates for every valid lead — giving them the opportunity for unlimited income.

      Don’t wait. Their approval process is quick and set up is easy — apply now.

      Forex Affiliate Program

      Forex or foreign exchange market, is a world’s largest financial market with millions of traders and over 3 trillion dollars traded daily. This is also one of the fastest growing financial sectors.

      It is hot niche and those that are promoting Forex offer are killing it. The commission offer the lead varies according to the country but it stated from $300 per lead.

      Let’s dive in one of the highest pay CPA affiliate network.

      What you have to do is only you  need to only promote this offer as I mention it is a CPA offer-

      • Firstly, sign up with FlexOffers affiliate network and then search for IFOREX.
      •  now to get access to the CPA offers by searching in advertisers category of Flexoffers.
      • After getting approved then you can start promoting the offer.

      US Medical Supplies Affiliate Program

      US Medical Supplies is one of the largest home medical equipment distributors with thousands of discounted items.

      It is among the highest paying affiliate programs when it comes to medical equipment programs. Affiliate can make money every time when visitors buy one of their many home medical or mobility items in their catalog.

      Their affiliate program  pay you 10% commission for online orders up to $999.99, and 12% on orders higher than $1000. And commission range from $65 to $780.

      There are many high paying affiliate programs you can promote and get high commission if your niche is medical equipment.

      Check out their affiliate programs :



      These above listed programs are among the highest paying affiliate programs because:

      • Affiliate (bloggers) can promote them to their audience they care about. They are proven effective programs.
      • The really pay commissions.
      • Their landing page converts well.
      • They worth their price. You don’t have to fool your audience to make a sale.
      • They can be used in most niches related to online activities.

      Here is List of Best High Paying Affiliate Networks to Join in2020

      best affiliate programs to make money



      Top Best CPA Affiliate Networks 2020

      1)  Terraleads:



      TerraLeads is the first CPA Hub in the world producing its own products in-house and taking control over the full cycle of product creation, promotion, and delivery to the end customer. What are the advatages of becoming the Hub’s partner? They are the TOP payouts, high approval rate, personal multilingual support 24/7, possibility to withdraw money everyday and a special bonus-system – TerraStore.


      2) MaxBounty


      MaxBounty wins this year for their consistent quality, longevity and experience. Received high votes in all categories. It is unique CPA network providing weekly payments across hundreds of ad campaigns, as well as a $1000 performance bonus to new affiliates. MaxBounty takes the stance of non-competition with their affiliates.


      3) Neverblue

      Being acquired by GlobalWide Media a year or two back hasn’t slowed down Neverblue at all. Another very strong showing. GlobalWide Media is a data-driven digital marketing leader, providing premium media solutions for the world’s leading brands and agencies.



      4) Clickbooth

      Clickbooth seems to have been around forever. Lots of scale but just a fewer votes across the industry than the top two networks. For over 10 years, Clickbooth has taken an innovative approach to affiliate marketing, surpassing industry standards set for CPA affiliate networks.


      Also, read:

      5) Mundo Media

      One of the several Canadian networks in our Top 10, Mundo Media is growing fast across several verticals using proprietary technology. MUNDOmedia is the world’s leading online performance-based marketing company, specializing in bridging digital clients with hyper-targeted consumer acquisition solutions.


      6) Mobidea


      Mobile affiliate marketing network (CPA & CPI), leader in traffic monetization. Antoine Moreau is the commander-in-chief of Mobidea, a technology-driven network in the mobile affiliate marketing industry. You can join Mobidea and learn how to make money online!

      Check Review of Mobidea here 

      7) AdWorkMedia

      AWM is an innovative global performance marketing network with global reach featuring content monetization tools such as Content Lockers & Link Lockers.

      • » Powerful Tracking Platform
      • » Exclusive Publisher Tools
      • » 3% Referral Commissions


      8) Adscend Media
      Adscend Media

      The content-locking kings, Adscend has terrific reach. If you want to monetize content, look no further.  Award-winning offer wall, content locking, affiliate marketing, and advertising solutions for mobile app and web publishers. Earn more with Adscend Media!


      9) Above All Offers


      Another impressive rise in the rankings this year, Above All Offers in based in Eugene, OR, but serves clients all over the world. Based out of beautiful Eugene Oregon Above All Offers serves clients from around the world and is well known for having the most experienced and dedicated staff of any affiliate network.


      10) Matomy Media


      Matomy is rapidly expanding via acquisitions and strategic partnerships, transforming itself into an international behemoth. Matomy provides a single gateway to all media channels,delivering maximum results to our advertiser and media partners. They lead you from complexity to opportunity. They bring you results at scale.


      11) A4D


      Formerly known as Ads4Dough, A4D has a loyal and enthusiastic tribe of publishers. Based in San Diego.


      12) CPAWay


      Tom Dietzel is well-respected in the industry and is known for new technology initiatives. CPAWay is changing TheWay online marketing is done. Their approach is simple.


      13) W4

      w4 ad network

      W4 makes it safe & easy for Advertisers to use CPA marketing to achieve their customer acquisition or lead-gen goals, and helps Publishers earn more money A good, highly professional network with one of the most experienced teams in the industry.




      14) Convert2Media


      Over 7 years Convert2Media has set the standard in Online Performance Marketing. When it comes to directing your online budget, there are many places to choose from. Still a strong network with good offers.



      15) Adknowledge


      Adknowledge is a digital advertising technology company specializing in helping demanding clients get a great ROI from their digital media spending—in a brand safe way, at scale.



      16) ClickDealer


      They have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network specializing in CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS into a global marketing agency that now provides its clients with a wide range of advertising services.



      17) Affiliate Crossing

      Affiliate Crossing

      Affiliate Crossing is an innovative full-service advertising, digital, affiliate and performance marketing agency, working hard to minimize CPA and maximize sales and exposure. As one of the top-ranked digital performance marketing agencies, Affiliate Crossing takes pride in providing publishers and advertisers with professional and observant account management. Formally known as Affiliate Venture Group this network has re-invented itself and they are very excited to unveil their new brand.


      18) Diablo Media


      Company was founded by experts who were building Cost Per Action campaigns before there was even a name for it.Their passionate team works smarter, takes a creative approach to solving problems, and raises the standard of excellence for what a performance marketing partner can do for your business.

      Diablo Media makes another good showing in the rankings this year. Out of  from Denver, CO, this network is very popular with publishers.



      19) Adperio


      Based in Denver CO, for almost 20 years, Adperio’s approach is to offer transparency and visibility for their client’s online ad spend.



      20) YeahMobi


      Another new comer this year is  international network, YeahMobi,  a subsidiary of NDP Media Corp. and their flagship business with a focus on mobile.


      21) CrakRevenue


      Based out of Québec, Canada they have been around for over 10 years but this is the year they “cracked” the Blue Book rankings.


      22) GlobalWide Media

      GlobalWide Media is the well known CPA Affiliate network where you can earn money through their affiliate program. It was previously known as Neverblue and it have the wide range of affiliate programs. You can avail the variety of services like timely payment and other customer related services. The performance GWM had over these many years it just encapsulates that it will grow more in future.

      23) Panthera

      Panthera is another well known CPA Affiliate network and it has made in the list of top CPA Affiliate networks. It has the objective of performance based publisher network and it is fulfilling its objective. They already have the thousands of publishers registered and they are able to generate millions of leads per month for their advertising clients. It has something for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers can earn huge, lots of offers and the personalized support. They have the campaigns in almost all the categories and they have surveys which can be accomplished through email, mobile and web etc.

       24) Cpamatica

      Cpamatica is the leading CPA Affiliate network presently in the world. They have dating offers for their affiliates. It functions as the global network partner for the famous advertising clients. So, the affiliates have the excellent opportunities to earn huge. Cpamatica have the great customer support for the advertisers and the affiliates. They have the weekly payment structure with the minimum payment of $50.

      25) Admitad

      Admitad is the fastest growing CPA affiliate network. This German based network has the huge base of advertisers and the publishers. They generate the interactive dashboards where you can track your growth and earning.

      The interface is quite easy to use and it has the easy signup process. So, the advertisers and the publishers have the great opportunity to enter into the global market and earn huge. Also, it provides you the individual account manager which can resolve all your queries.

      26) CPA Lead

      CPA Lead is the fastest growing and widely popular CPA Affiliate Network. It has the several varieties of campaigns and the great customer support to offer. They offer the campaigns on the wide range of products and services with many other added advantages.

      27) Glispa

      Glispa is another CPA Affiliate network where they have lot of offers to provide for the affiliates. They also provide mobile CPA offers. They have the great customer support and they pay on time. The dashboard looks quite different but you will get adapted to the design easily.

      28) Adsimilis

      Adsimilis is the popular CPA network in the current marketing industry, where they are known for the better conversions and the better payouts. They have the wide variety of the campaigns where you can select the suitable one. Also, it understands the needs of the publishers and it delivers exactly what the publishers require.

      So, the campaign portfolio of Adsimilis is quite different and it provides 24/7 customer support. Also, they have the range of international offers in their kitty.

      Top Best CPS Affiliate Network of 2020

      1) Amazon Affiliate program

      Amazon Affiliate program

      The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs, with over 900000 members joining worldwide. The industry entry-point for many publishers. Ease of use and broad product offerings make it simple.


      2) AvantLink


      AvantLink is the industry leading cost-per-sale tracking and technology platform for affiliate marketing professionals.

      3) ClickBank

      Clickbank Money

      As a top 100 online retailer with 200 million customers, ClickBank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. From advice for getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes and dating advice, ClickBank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in 190 countries. Check their best product Clickbank University

      4) LinkConnector


      A terrific range of trusted brands and a focus on proprietary technology keeps LinkConnector high on our list.

      5) eBay Partner Network


      eBay did a very smart thing by buying PepperJam. The combination of eBay’s scale with PepperJam’s relationships is hard to beat. You can earn a lot of money with the eBay Partner Network, by driving high quality traffic to eBay or one of their partners.

      6) Avangate


      An energetic European network focused on digital downloads and SaaS, Avangate overtakes oneNetworkDirect in this year’s rankings.

      7) oneNetwork Direct

      oneNetwork Direct
      Established in 2006, Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect affiliate network was developed with the goal of driving traffic for Digital River commerce customers and being a top affiliate network for affiliates around the world. oND is still popular but there are signs that the network is suffering from poor PR in regard to associated Digital River company Direct Response Technologies.

      8) FlexOffers

      A network that promises original product review content for publishers and full compliance monitoring for advertisers – within a multitude of product verticals.

      9) WebGains


      Strong contender out of the UK, with some excellent core values that should keep them around for a long time.

      10) Affiliatefuture


      A new entry to the Top 20, based in NY and owned by Progressive Digital Media Group.

      11) AffiliateNetwork


      Ranked as one of the top 20 affiliate networks in the world, works with the best publishers and advertisers to produce the highest level of performance and ROI Based in Manhattan and with a great reputation, especially for their email campaigns.

      12) RevenueWire

      A network specialising in digital products, built on elevated principles of sustainable and ethical commerce. RevenueWire is a global eCommerce platform specifically designed for companies that sell digital products online. Combined with industry-leading services like AffiliateWire, our eCommerce solution optimises your revenue potential. Start transacting quickly with a solution that enables sales worldwide in over 120 countries.

      13) Performance Horizon Group

      Performance Horizon Group

      PHG is breaking new ground in terms of real-time, large scale SaaS tracking. A new paradigm? The team at Performance Horizon anticipated this shift. In 2010, they invested in ground-breaking technology capable of enabling their clients to apply performance-based commercial models to drive sales growth across a much wider range of digital marketing partners – from affiliates, comparison shopping engines and aggregators through to apps, media partners, meta-partners and social media portals. And so Digital Partner Marketing was born.

      14) Impact Radius

      Impact Radius

      Run by legends of the industry, with top-class technology and great results. Well worth their inclusion.

      15) Comission Junction(

      Comission Junction

      CJ Affilate is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate networks. All of their offers are CPA, meaning that publishers get paid only when users convert into either a lead, subscriber, sale, or some other action beyond a mere impression or click. With thousands of advertisers and hundreds of thousands of offers, CJ is very popular among bloggers and small Web publishers.

      Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2020

      So lets cut to the chase, here are my top 10 web hosting affiliate program recommendations you can join and make extra money through them. I go into details of these host and you can earn handsome commission if you make sales.

      1) iPage ($105)

      ipage wordpress hosting

      iPage hosting is renowned hosting company. You receive $105 per sale w hen the hosting itself is only $2 per month,  and can be cut down to $1 with coupons. It also offers lots of great free products such as a free domain, free advertising (worth $150 all together), and other great freebies.

      Sign Up Now

      2) Fatcow ($100)


      Fatcow is another high payout web hosting company. It has a slightly better reputation and quality then iPage, though it is more expensive and offers slightly lower payouts.

      Sign Up Now

      3) Bluehost ($65)


      Even though the payouts are lower, Bluehost has a better reputation and people are more likely to buy it. It also has a better quality and better servers, and the website is more visually appealing.

      Sign Up Now

      4) Hostgator

      hostgator wordpress hosting

      Utilizing their tools to create custom coupon codes and tracking links, you acquire new signups for HostGator services and then receive a commission of up to $125 per qualifying signup!

      Payout $50-125 per sale. Hosting starts at $4/mo.

      Sign Up Now

      5) InMotion Hosting

      inmotion wordpress hosting

      The Web host affiliate program from InMotion Hosting is a great way for you to get paid CASH just for recommending InMotion. All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate account, place a link or banner to us from your site, and for every sign up we receive, you earn money. It’s that simple.

      Each day you recommend products and services to friends, family, and co-workers, so why not earn up to $100 for each recommendation?

      Sign Up Now

      6) Dreamhost ($97)


      Get your friends and colleagues to sign up for hosting at DreamHost and you’ll earn up to $97 every time PLUS an extra $5 for each referral they make! Refer just one new customer per month and you’ll earn up to $1164 per year! Simple! No gimmicks, no tricks. You don’t even need to be a DreamHost customer to sign up.

      Sign Up Now

      7) WebHostingHub ($100)

      webhostinghub logo

      Nice site design and attractive payouts make it easy to promote. You can earn good commission from each of them.

      Sign Up Now

      8) A2 Hosting

      a2hosting logo

      Mediocre hosting companies, good  payouts.  One thing to note, prices are extremely low and visitors will have a higher chance of buying. So why not promote it and make some extra money.

      Sign Up Now

      9) SiteGround

      They give great commissions, but most of their  affiliates endorse them for a different reason – their service quality. If you want to recommend a host that will not fail your customers, readers or friends, join their affiliate program now!

      Affiliate Hosting Program by SiteGround

       Sign Up Now

      Image Credits: Flickr

      The above mentioned are best and top rated affiliate program you can join for making money are and they all known for their excellent performance. You can easily generate considerable revenue by joining anyone of them.

      The above mentioned affiliate programs are free to join and the affiliate process is quite simple. They are the best affiliate programs in the market today and they provide the great customer support as well. So, this makes them the best affiliate networks for both the publishers and the affiliates. So, what are you waiting for go sign up and earn huge on each sale you make.

      Over To You: High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

      What type of other affiliate marketing programs 2020 you are using on your blog to make money, do you want us  to include more affiliate monetization programs please let us know in comments below.

      Join affiliate of best affiliate programs or online merchants for bloggers, online marketer & webmasters. These affiliate programs are for India, US, UK & worldwide marketers.


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        regarding mobile traffic, i also recommend mobite media group. i use them for all the mobile traffic from my sites and they give much better rates than some of the networks i tried from this list.

      9. It’s a huge list of affiliate sites.. Happy to save all the sites from the list. I hope will help me to make some decent money online, also kindly share with me any affiliate guide to follow from you too !!


      10. Jakob

        Hi, thx for this great list. I have been stupied and not using Clickbank very much.
        Think I will add that to my list, how much have you made from Clickbank?

      11. Zona Taylor

        I notice that this list is missing some of the most successful affiliate options available…the ones with which a person has the best likelihood of truly being able to make a living. In the interest of a balanced representation, I am thinking of the people who have made millions as affiliates due to receiving appropriate training and education on proper use and current trends in online marketing.

        No matter which of the above networks a person decides to search for great products, that person still needs to know how to market the product to make a living income from it.

        Most people starting out need good quality education and training programs, but more importantly they need proven systems in order to do more than break even…if they even manage to do that.

        Just my observation.
        Thanks for the list. It is good to have them all in one place.!

      12. Rohit

        hi jitendra,
        please post this review as it will help lot many publishers to save their money and efforts.
        icubeswire indian network cheating with his publishers and infact with his team as well and cutting publisher payments without solid reasons and keep max with itself and this was confirmed from their affiliate managers only like bhavna & stuti and when they said to be transparent then they thrown them out of company.
        so my advice is no one to do business with them as my self also face a loss of more than 30k in commisson. their team almost left and the remaining one are leaving now.
        so my dear publisher friend do avoid icubes wire as they can anytime shut down operations and you will have losses.

      13. Bhupendra Sharma

        Hey Jitendra,
        Good work. I have tried hands on a couple of the networks mentioned by you here, and based on my experience I can say that your views make complete sense. I will definitely share this list with my audience.
        While I like this post, I would love to see you covering Indian affiliate programs in a separate post some time. Many bloggers get maximum of page views from India; that post may help them big time. What do you say?

      14. sowmay

        Great read man.
        Is there any specific referral program related to finance sector?

      15. Hi Vaswani,
        Quite a nice job here. Your list is extensive and I must confess I have not heard of some the sites listed here. Sometimes, elaborate list like this can even cause confusion. One really has to pay attention to details before deciding on which program/product to promote.

        The various niches you have listed are money-making niches. But I am surprised you did not list about the three top earners in the web hosting niche – Cybercon, LunarPages and WPEngine. Each of them pays between $100 to $300 per referral.

        There are a lot of affiliate programs and networks time will not permit me to talk about. CJ and ShareASale are great places to get multiple choice of products to promote. Unfortunately, however, joining ShareASale is like the head of a bull passing through the eye of a needle. They are just over careful to a fault.

        Thanks once again for a nice job. Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

      16. Rahul Chaudhari

        Hey Jitendra, Great post and a detailed information for newbie like me to start affiliate marketing business, just curious, do you suggest any best affiliate marketing script for wordpress to start with in India?

      17. Hi

        which one will be best affiliate program for my website. It content quiz, questions and information for general knowledge. Also can i used affiliate program with adsense. You reply will definitely help me. thanks

      18. livya

        Nice post .Amazing list to affiliate website

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      21. Priya

        Awesome post thanks for sharing this information with us.
        The way you explain about affiliate examination it’s really very cool.


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