100+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs 2024 (High Paying for Beginners)

So you are looking for the best high-paying affiliate programs to join and make money out of it. Don’t miss this best affiliate programs list to make money online and don’t forget to bookmark it.

These affiliate programs are used by India, US, UK & worldwide affiliate marketers. So no need to worry if you are from a different country.

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

In this article, you can find every digital marketing expert gives you their own way of reaching success through affiliate marketing.

I will show you some of my earnings from the affiliate programs I have mentioned below so you can see the power of affiliate marketing.

Conversion XL Earning Proofs Earning Screenshots Impact Affiliate

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

The best way to get started with affiliate marketing is by joining one or more standard categories like web hosting, website builders and VPNs. Additionally, there are emerging verticals including sports music video games cryptocurrency marijuana/CBD oil that you can explore as well!

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So why should you trust my affiliate program reviews? 

Jitendra Vaswani is an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker who has been writing about digital marketing for over 8 years. He founded BloggersIdeas, where he interviewed many legends like Neil Patel or Grant Cardone in order to learn from them; then created Digiexe as well – his own agency that provides services such as design thinking strategy consulting, campaigns planning, etc., helping companies grow with success by making sure they stay on top of their game.

There are a lot of ways to get started with affiliate marketing. If you don’t have your own website yet, then start a blog I recommend using managed WordPress solutions like Thrive Themes or site hosting services from BlueHost for only $2.95/month!

100+ Top High Paying Affiliate Programs (High Paying for Beginners)

💥 Spotlight Recommendation PrimeXBT :


Ideally, the amount you may earn with this Bitcoin referral program is unlimited. To give you an idea, though, we are currently affiliated with PrimeXBT. So far, our direct referrals have earned over 1.76 BTC on their own. Our second, third, and fourth levels become much more valuable when referrals are factored in.

While logged in, click the “Account” tab to view your unique affiliate link, which you can then copy. In the same section, you may view your current referral rate, payment %, sponsored referrals, turnover, pending payouts, and payouts that you have earned.

Potential Benefits of PrimeXBT’s Affiliate Program 

PrimeXBT is an excellent trading tool that includes hundreds of indicators and user-customizable features like mapping and coveting. When orders are executed quickly and accurately, there is little room for slippage. PrimeXBT is an excellent partner website because of the persuasive impact these features have on potential purchasers.

PrimeXBT’s speedy and helpful customer service extends to both its investors and its partners. It should be simple to get in touch with a member of the team at any time if you have any inquiries or concerns.

  • PAYMENT METHODS: Bank Wire, Bitcoin, Check
  • MIN PAYMENT: $100
  • LANGUAGES: English, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spain, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian


Trading CFDs is high risk. Losses may exceed deposits. Advice is general only. Please refer to the PDS of your chosen broker.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

1)  Algo Affiliates :

Algo Affiliates is a well-established affiliate network that was established in 2017. Since then, it has gone from strength to power with its reputation for quality and reliability being recognized across all corners of the internet marketer community.

The number of offers available through this program keeps increasing at an impressive rate alongside high levels of customer support, which makes them stand out among other similar companies

Algo affiliates review forex network

Why Choose Algo Affiliates?

  • 1,500+ Offers – Huge selection of top-quality merchants in various niches, including finance, dating, insurance, loans, home improvement, health & beauty, sweepstakes, and more.
  • Outstanding Marketing Tools – Boost your marketing with the massive range of proven and perfectly optimized marketing materials, available in various languages, that drive up conversions.
  • Traffic Monetization Algorithm technology that dynamically adapts ads for the target audience that drives up CTR and EPCs using smartlinks.
  • Lucrative Commissions – Tailored commissions and some of the highest Payouts in the industry.
    Timely Payments – Get paid on time, every time with a range of convenient payment methods.


  • Multilingual offers
  • Tie-up with various brokers
  • Fast support
  • Multichannel support
  • Niche specialization

2. The Six-Figure Mentors

Affiliate Programs Six-Figure-Mentors

Actually, this is much more than an affiliate program, it’s a digital business system. It definitely provides life-changing values. Along with the unique platform, it is one of the highest-paying commissions you will ever see.

This Six Figure Mentor is basically an online business for everyone like you and me. They will teach people how to build an online business that will be profitable and let them escape the rate race.

Go with this program and never ever worry about money again. This training module has a focused and cultivating mindset for success. Once you will get started with these guys you will learn the best marketing techniques that will help you in succeeding.

You can learn the marketing skills with only a small part of the equation. Anyone who learns the strategy of marketing like how to build an email list, run paid ads, and provide value. This program is perfect for the entrepreneur who is looking forward to building a profitable business.

Program Features:

  • Backend/Upsell products
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial
  • Comes with the second-tier commission.
  • The length of the cookie is for lifetime.
  • Up to $8000 commissions per sale.
  • It provides a cutting-edge marketing and business skill set.
  • Recurring monthly as well as yearly affiliate commissions.
  • Gives access to digital skills platforms like web hosting and blogging platforms.


3. Shopify

Shopify- Affiliate Programs

May you have heard that Shopify was at its peak on Black Friday this year. Over $535,726 transaction occurs in a single minute through the Shopify stores.

Shopify has over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries and generates over $23,7 million in revenue. You can just promote the Shopify suite of tools for the people who are willing to start an online store. And you will earn a healthy income by doing this.

Here, these guys will help in running a successful e-commerce store business from website building to the shopping cart, store management, SEO, and many more. The structure of the Shopify commissions runs far along with the variety of products you can promote.

You can now set up stores for a client through Shopify, and in return, you will earn a 20% monthly commission when the store is subscribed. With standard affiliate link promotion, you can earn a 200% monthly subscription per referral.

Program Features:

  • It comes with High-Ticket products
  • The cookie length will be for 30 days
  • Commissions rate-20% plus up to $2400 per sale from the 200% subscription bounty
  • Recurring commissions for the development stores along with the Shopify plus Referral.


PROOF- Affiliate Programs

` Most probably this one affiliate program you haven’t come across. The proof is discovered by Dave Rongenmoser. This one is subscription software that helps business owners in increasing their conversation and sales by the most influential power of social proof.

It uses a simple and powerful pop-up that will let another know who else has signed up/ purchased a product recently. You can see it’s a simple concept, but believe me, it results in huge conversion increases for business.

Program Features:

  • Highly recurring monthly commissions
  • A 14-day free trial period just before signing up or paid account
  • Commissions rate 40% up to $51.6 per customer referred monthly

Let’s move on to another program, don’t wait, just choose one and earn.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta Hosting- Affiliate Programs

This one basically falls under the web hosting umbrella. Web hosting, without any doubt, generates high affiliate income for bloggers. Like many other web hosting companies’ referral affiliate programs, it also comes up with its own.

Kinsta offers the most powerful managed WordPress hosting for WordPress websites. It will also do daily backups, and free website migrations along with top-notch security like Fort Knox. Really, it offers recurring affiliate commissions, only 10%, but that is more than any other web hosting company affiliate referral in the market.

Program Features:

  • A range of promo materials is provided
  • The lifetime value of referrals will be there
  • The cookie length will be for 60 days
  • Comes with an exclusive sign-up bonus along with recurring affiliate commissions.
  • Commissions up to $500 per referral and 10% monthly recurring

6. SEMrush

SEMrush- Affiliate Programs 

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit just for digital marketing professionals. They offer a wide range of magnificent features right for technical SEO audits, fro rank tracking, and competitor intelligence.

You can also use it for spying competitor’s keywords along with discovering of what suits them most. You can get many more similar tools but trust when you will use this one time you will definitely no to others.

Program Features:

  • High recurring monthly commissions
  • $40 recurring along with $160 per month for each referral
  • It uses first cookie attribution in which you will get the commission if somehow a referral cancels and joins aging in future.

7. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach- Affiliate Programs

This one is the prospecting tool that will help marketers create and manage the outbound email campaign just for their business. They are helping marketers build relationships with industry influencers.

Here, this one is the enormous recurring software product in which most business offers between 20-30 %. It has advanced tracking tools for affiliates along with an extensive report feature.

Program Features:

  • High recurring monthly commissions
  • Comes with advanced tracking tools for affiliates.
  • Commissions rate 50% recurring and may be up to $300 per referral per month

8. Olavivo.com

olavivo reviews

Olavivo is a solid boutique affiliate network that specializes in the Crypto, Finance, Sweepstakes, and Health and beauty verticals.
Olavivo has more than 270 offers and covers more than 100 GEOs in 18 different languages.
They take security very seriously, and all Media Partners and Advertisers are being verified to keep the network secure and legit.

Check out their Media Partners benefits and services:

– Top converting, worldwide offers.
– Up to $900 CPA.
– Multiple ad models – CPA / CPS / CPL.
– 30 – 90 days cookie lifespan.
– Cutting-edge live tracking system with API integration capabilities.
– Dedicated account managers that will support you daily.
– Multiple payment methods – Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, Masspay, and Crypto.
– Payment timeframes – monthly, biweekly, weekly on a net 7 basis.
– Awesome referral program – 5%
– Check out their epic blog and reviews.

They are active on Facebook & Instagram.

9. The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps- Affiliate Programs

The 67 steps is founded by Tai Lopez, the social media mastermind guru who teaches how to start various types of business. This one is the personal mentoring system in this system you will know the mindset required for the success. This video of Tai’s can change your life:

Over 204,586 people have joined this amazing program till date. Here you can also promote it as an affiliate and in return, you will get the chunk commissions.

It has a Social Media Program that will teach you how to start consulting just by helping small business with the use of social media. Here in this program, you can earn up to $350 per affiliate program for this particular training program.

Program Features:

  • High-ticket products
  • Backend/Upsell products
  • Rock bottom refund rates for their products
  • Support team gives quick response
  • Commissions rate 50% to 70%, and up to $250 for the SMMA program

10. Instapage

Instapage- Affiliate Program

Instapage is a powerful landing page platform which basically helps business increasing their conversion rate. Their target is to make the marketing team’s along with the marketing agencies.

They offer a 30% recurring commissions and their product price is quite high that’s why you will get healthy returns just by promoting their software. Pricing range starts from $79 and hiked up to $229. Let’s look into the features of Instapage.

Program Features:

  • Highly recurring monthly commissions
  • Cookie length will be for 120 days
  • It has accurate and the reliable tracking software.
  • 50% revenue share on the first payment along with the 30% recurring

11. Etoro

ETORO- Affiliate Program

This one is the world leading social investment network in which you can just trade and invest in stocks and currencies. It has built-in technology which allows you to copy the trading strategies of some of the successful investors.

This program will pay you when any customer completes and make a deposit through Etoro platform. It has the unique banners and the landing pages just ready for the promotion.

Program Features:

  • Etoro has paid, many over $50, 257 in the commissions
  • Detailed reporting, that’s fast and easy to use
  • Commission rate $160 for every customer that basically completes a deposit through the platform.

12. Personal Capital:

Personal Capital- Affiliate Program

Its motto is to promote “wealth management for the internet age”.  It will help you in growing and managing your investment through the data-driven portfolio management. They will offer sleek and an intuitive dashboard right for the complete pictures of the finances.

Currently, they manage over $5.5 billion in the assets just for the clients according to the various financial needs. This program is different from others because they pay per the qualified lead. It works on the commission-free structure and it is not like a SAAS company,

Program Features:

  • Pay Per Lead affiliate program structure
  • Just get paid more for the quality leads
  • Cookie length is valid for 60 days
  • Commission rate $100 per qualified lead

13. Credible

Credible- Affiliate Program

This one is totally dedicated to the students just to find the best loans for their studies. They also help other students for refinancing their loans for the better deals.

Really, these guys have put an effort into bringing the transparency along with the simplicity in processing or refinancing the loan debt.

Program Features:

  • Commissions will be paid when loan offer is accepted
  • The cookie length is 45 days
  • The commissions you will be getting is up to $240 when the offer is accepted
  • Here the best commissions are paid for the loan refinances

14. Colmex

Colmex- Affiliate Programs

If you do have some financial background then Comlex affiliates will be the best option to earn the affiliate income online. Colmex basically provides a trading platform which allows people to trade the capital markets. Some of the things like Forex, CFD’s and Futures.

Program Features:

  • High-ticket sales
  • Tiered payment structure
  • Just choose from three payments plans: CPA, CPL, and the Revenue Share
  • Provides commissions up to $1000 on the CPA model per funded account


15. Webnode

Webnode affiliate programs

Webnode is a well-established and user-friendly website builder with more than 40 million users worldwide. Bringing traffic to Webnode’s website can be highly lucrative as their Affiliate Program offers a 100 USD commission for a purchase made by a referred customer.

A recommended customer is each visitor you bring that creates a new Webnode account and purchases one of the Webnode’s Premium Plan (Limited, Mini, Standard, Profi, or Business). The pricing starts as low as 3.90 USD per month. For those looking to establish their own eshop, Webnode also offers E-commerce Plans.

Why Webnode stands out from other website builders:

  • Over 40 million users worldwide,
  • 100+ stunning templates for a website of any type,
  • 20+ languages,
  • local support.

Webnode’s Affiliate Program cookie window lasts 90 days. When a visitor decides to sign up within those 90 days and at any time later purchases a Premium Package for their website for the first time, you receive the 100 USD commission. It does not matter when this user purchases a Premium Plan.

Registering to Webnode’s Affiliate Program is free and simple.

16. Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels Review

Profit Pixels is an excellent advertising network that lets people monetize their traffic and make money from the comfort of their own homes. Profit Pixels has a wide range of advertising programs, including ones for Crypto, Forex, Nutra, and Astrology. Its goal is to meet the specific needs of each of its users.

Top Features:

  • Detailed reports area with stats and lead statuses from call centers that are updated in real time;
  • Offers in-house for almost all GEOs;
  • Used a program that learns from machines to get the best CR and DR;
  • AI-based system that prevents leads duplicates;
  • Payouts every week and high CPA rates;
  • 24/7 professional manager help; S2S and API support; call centers where people speak their own language.

What I like about Profit Pixels is that they focus on giving their clients the best help possible. They know how important it is to work together well and help each other succeed. With skilled and quick account managers, you can be sure you’ll get the help and advice you need to make the most money possible.

Some Health, Fitness and Beauty Affiliates Programs

Health & Fitness- Affiliate Programs

In these niches, you may find some difficulty in getting the high paying affiliates program. You might get difficulty in finding the appropriate affiliate marketing when you are not well familiar with the industry.

Here the main problem arises because many high-ticket products are being sold by the industry influencers. But they are not visible in any of the major affiliate networks. So just explore on the internet and some of the high paying affiliate program.

Also, read these:

1. Organifi

Organifi- Affiliate Program

You may say what the heck is that because it’s a physical product. The problem with the physical product is that it has very terrible commissions. Here Organifi is a type of food Supplement Company which basically offers a subscription-based model right there for the products.

Here they have created wide range of whole food plant based supplements. They have flagship “GREEN JUICE” powder for getting a complete protein. It comes with the 120 days money back guarantee. The green juice has nearly sold over $30 million worth of units sold.

Here you can earn recurring commissions just for their product subscription. You can see such paying commissions for any physical products.

Program Features:

  • Lifetime commissions paid on the subscription
  • You can join it for free, just apply for it
  • Highly recurring monthly commissions
  • You will get 30% commissions up to $74.49 referral per month

2. PHEN 375

Phen375- Affiliate Prigram

Here again, this one is the physical product in the list here. This one is about the weight loss products. PHEN 375 has strong grip in the market.

It has over 219,857 customers globally. They just create weight loss products like weight loss pills which may help other in trimming the fat.

Program Features:

  • Commissions rate 45% and up to $90 per sale
  • Cookie length is for lifetime
  • Comes with 60- day money back guarantee

3. Sell-health

sellhealth affiliate program

Sell-health is the known affiliate program if you are in the health niche. They offer hundreds of products for the wellness and health affiliate program. The commission structure is also simple; if you sell products then you will get the commission ranging from $100-$350 per sale. This affiliate program is free to join and they release bi-weekly payments if you reach the threshold payout. They release payment through various modes such as payoneer, paypal and money transfer.

4. Fitbit.com

Fitbit affiliate program

Fitbit.com is well known for producing designer trackers for the customers where they can wear the trackers on their wrist or as the clip on clothes. The idea behind the device is to show that how much calories you have burned to reach your fitness goal. They offer 12% of the commission per sale and their affiliate program is offered through another well known affiliate program ShareASale.

5) US Medical Supplies Affiliate Program

US medical supplies affiliate program

US Medical Supplies is one of the largest home medical equipment distributors with thousands of discounted items.

It is among the highest paying affiliate programs when it comes to medical equipment programs. Affiliate can make money every time when visitors buy one of their many home medical or mobility items in their catalog.

Their affiliate program  pay you 10% commission for online orders up to $999.99, and 12% on orders higher than $1000. And commission range from $65 to $780.

There are many high paying affiliate programs you can promote and get high commission if your niche is medical equipment.

Check out their affiliate programs :


These above listed programs are among the highest paying health affiliate programs because:

  • Affiliate (bloggers) can promote them to their audience they care about. They are proven effective programs.
  • The really pay commissions.
  • Their landing page converts well.
  • They worth their price. You don’t have to fool your audience to make a sale.
  • They can be used in most niches related to online activities.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2024

Web hosting is one of the most popular affiliate marketing categories in this day and age, so it makes sense that starting an online business would require a website with its own host. The best web hosts offer some pretty great programs for their affiliates–which I’ve rounded up here!

So lets cut to the chase, here are my top 10 web hosting affiliate program recommendations you can join and make extra money through them. I go into details of these host and you can earn handsome commission if you make sales.

1) iPage ($105)

ipage wordpress hosting

iPage hosting is renowned hosting company. You receive $105 per sale w hen the hosting itself is only $2 per month,  and can be cut down to $1 with coupons. It also offers lots of great free products such as a free domain, free advertising (worth $150 all together), and other great freebies.

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2) Fatcow ($100)


Fatcow is another high payout web hosting company. It has a slightly better reputation and quality then iPage, though it is more expensive and offers slightly lower payouts.

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3) Bluehost ($65)


Even though the payouts are lower, Bluehost has a better reputation and people are more likely to buy it. It also has a better quality and better servers, and the website is more visually appealing.

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4) Hostgator

hostgator wordpress hosting

Utilizing their tools to create custom coupon codes and tracking links, you acquire new signups for HostGator services and then receive a commission of up to $125 per qualifying signup!

Payout $50-125 per sale. Hosting starts at $4/mo.

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5) InMotion Hosting

inmotion wordpress hosting

The Web host affiliate program from InMotion Hosting is a great way for you to get paid CASH just for recommending InMotion. All you have to do is sign up for an affiliate account, place a link or banner to us from your site, and for every sign up we receive, you earn money. It’s that simple.

Each day you recommend products and services to friends, family, and co-workers, so why not earn up to $100 for each recommendation?

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6) Dreamhost ($97)


Get your friends and colleagues to sign up for hosting at DreamHost and you’ll earn up to $97 every time PLUS an extra $5 for each referral they make! Refer just one new customer per month and you’ll earn up to $1164 per year! Simple! No gimmicks, no tricks. You don’t even need to be a DreamHost customer to sign up.

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7) WebHostingHub ($100)

webhostinghub logo

Nice site design and attractive payouts make it easy to promote. You can earn good commission from each of them.

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8) A2 Hosting

a2hosting logo

Mediocre hosting companies, good  payouts.  One thing to note, prices are extremely low and visitors will have a higher chance of buying. So why not promote it and make some extra money.

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9) SiteGround

They give great commissions, but most of their  affiliates endorse them for a different reason – their service quality. If you want to recommend a host that will not fail your customers, readers or friends, join their affiliate program now!

Affiliate Hosting Program by SiteGround

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Image Credits: Flickr

The above mentioned are best and top rated affiliate program you can join for making money are and they all known for their excellent performance. You can easily generate considerable revenue by joining anyone of them.

10) BionicWP

If you are looking for a hosting affiliate program then the BionicWP affiliate program is the best fit for you. Here is what BionicWP has to offer to its affiliates.

BionicWP offers lucrative commissions to all its hosting affiliates. Bloggers, YouTubers, freelancers, and other affiliate marketers can easily earn a commission of $75 + 12.5% for two years. What this means is that they will get $75 on each confirmed sale and a 12.5% recurring commission for two years on each invoice paid by their customer.

BIONICWP - Overview

BionicWP has a 60-day conversion cookie so that affiliates don’t miss out on their hard work. They are paid for any conversion that was made during the 60-day window.

BioniWP also offers a complete dashboard where affiliate marketers can track their earnings. They can see who has signed up through their referral link and get their earnings after the 60-day payment window is over. This 60-day payment window ensures that the user has stayed with BionicWP.

Key points of BionicWP affiliate program:

  • Earn commission for each new sale you generate through the referral link
  • No minimum commissions payout threshold
  • Monthly payouts
  • You can earn a commission of $75 + 12.5% for each new sale that you generate for BionicWP
  • BionicWP has a 60-day cookie which means that affiliate marketers get all the earnings if someone subscribes through their link within the 60-day period after visiting the website.
  • Custom promo codes for affiliates
  • BionicWP pays all the affiliate marketers after a 60-day window, which is one of the lowest payment terms in cloud hosting industry
  • BionicWP will offer all the assets you would need including image, banner, and other similar assets

Best Software Affiliate Programs

1.Lambda Affiliate Program

Why LambdaTest Affiliate Program

LambdaTest is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in the field of cross-browser testing. If you are looking to make money with best software affiliate program then Labdatest can be best fit for you. Everyone having a website needs to test it for cross-browser compatibility be it an individual or an agency. So, it is an amazing opportunity to be a part of LambdaTest’s software affiliate program since anyone can buy LambdaTest to fulfill his testing needs.

On the top of it, affiliate partner get a flat 25% recurring commission on all yearly plans. On monthly plans, get 50% commission on first transaction followed by recurring 25% monthly commission for lifetime. So this is the best affiliate program in the market for making money in the market.


2. Wrike

Wrike may be a leading work management and collaboration tool that helps groups everywhere the planet complete comes on time and on budget. You will get $100 per paid skilled subscription and $200 per paid Enterprise subscription.

Wrike Affiliate Program

What they provide

Free to be part of Wrike Partner Program is liberated to be part of. The sole investment needed to become an answer Partners to travel through our coaching and certification method.

Real-time Reports

As you are part of, you’ll gain access to time period reports on generated trials, paid subscriptions, and commissions earned.

Growing client Base

Wrike may be a common collaboration code with a quickly growing client base. The intuitive interface and powerful options make Wrike the most effective alternative for several groups.

Best selling Material

We’ll offer you with Wrike’s bestselling, sales, and implementation materials. be happy to use them the maximum amount as you wish to come up with high-quality leads and upsell your current paying accounts.

Marketing Support

If you wish any help from the sales team relating to closing deals (like negotiating the worth or any sales materials), we’re here to assist.

Commissions and perks

Attractive commissions

You’ll get two hundredth commission from all annual payments and upgrades and 100 percent commission from all monthly payments. The minimum payment threshold is $200.

Earn even a lot of

When you offer Wrike implementation or your own skilled services, you retain 100 percent of that revenue.

Free Enterprise Account

As a further performance bonus, we’ll grant you a free 15-user Enterprise account if you fulfill your commitment.

How will it work?

Join Program

Apply for the Wrike answer Partner Program immediately and our Partner Manager can contact you shortly for a brief qualification call/chat.

Refer your customers

As you are part of the answer Partner Program, you’ll be ready to refer your customers to Wrike by claiming freshly referred leads.

Earn Commissions

  • You earn a commission once your referred leads
  • Sign up for any of Wrike’s Paid subscription plans
  • After a 45 day verification Period, Commission’s square measure paid via PayPal solely.

Onboard and Support

As a Wrike answer Partner, you’ll be accountable not just for generating leads however additionally for doable nurturing, training, and up-selling to referred leads.

3. Stellar Data Recovery

Be a part of our program currently to form $3,000 per week amounting to over $150,000 a year! Our program provides an economical approach for web site house owners to get a lot of financial gain with virtually no expense! Life as a stellar affiliate is simple and sweet!

You get to market world’s popular information recovery, information erasure and information migration code that square measure awarded by high media homes at the foremost profitable commissions.

Stellar information Recovery since its beginning in 1993 could be an international leader in information recovery product and services. As a knowledge recovery answer supplier, Stellar includes a robust presence in USA, Europe and Asia with over two million + customers unfold across a hundred ninety countries.

Stellar has over 100+ utility code on information recovery, repair, and maintenance for each Windows and raincoat platform. Our award-winning code tools square measure marketed and sold-out globally by over 6000 affiliates.

Stellar Partner Program - Software Affiliate Programs

Benefits of Stellar Affiliate Program

  • Best commerce code

Get to Sell Industry’s popular code tools awarded by laptop magazine, TopTenReviews, Chip, laptop World etc. we provide world’s largest vary of code utilities, over a hundred on information recovery, repair, and maintenance.

  • High Commission Rate

Earn up to five hundredth commission for each sale. The product square measure priced from $39 to $999. You’ll be able to earn High commissions up to $350 per sale.

  • High Conversion Rate

The stellar product has a high conversion rate of twenty-two with high EPC. Which means you’ll be able to earn embassy for the visitant you send to our product page.

  • Promotional Material

We offer promoting collaterals as well as product content, box shots, screenshots, product feed, text links, banners etc. to assist you to sell and market our product expeditiously.

  • 240 days cookie amount

We work with 240 days cookie amount to make sure you do not miss any sales. we tend to conjointly supply custom binaries to assist you to supply free trial version on your website.

  • Best Affiliate Networks

We work with the simplest Affiliate Networks for Digital product to make sure you get the simplest promoting tools and on time payment. You’ll be able to make a choice from Avangate, OneNetworkDirect, Element5 or RegNow to fit your business.

  • Affiliate Support

We offer dedicated full-fledged affiliate government for each platform to help you to extend your sale and resolve your queries timely

  • Regular Notification

Get regular email notifications and affiliate newsletters with latest promotions and new inventive to assist you to market Stellar product a lot of effectively.

Commission Plan:

  • Entry level Commission: 30%
  • Performing Affiliates: 40%
  • Powerful Affiliates: 50%

4. Spotmau

It is a chief supplier of code utility product mainly designed for configuring, optimizing and repairing pc systems. Our products’ power and low-prices can profit all pc users within the home, SoHo and Business markets.

MICROSOFT WINDOWS needs a lot of tender amatory care to stay it running optimally. so as to tweak settings, run required maintenance and fix the inevitable glitches, you’ll be able to search among myriad tools if you’re able to get online.

Most of us, though, don’t need to accumulate dozens of separate utilities to satisfy any natural event, and that we would like an answer that works once Windows won’t even embark.

Software Affiliates - Spotmau

Spotmau Affiliate program provides nice advantages to its partners:

  1. You may be related to AN business leader, merchandising the most well-liked computer products!
  2. simple to take care of – we tend to handle any client service, post-sales support, and the pursuit of sales
  3. Build extra cash – Earn half-hour of damage for all sales generated!
  4. Unlimited action occurrences and forty-five-day cookies!
  5. Monthly newsletters with up to now promotions and recent artistic
  6. An avid affiliate manager to help you with any queries or specific requests

How will it work?

Just add our links to your website, and once your guests click through to our website and build an acquisition, you get a chunk of the action! Earn half-hour of damage for every sale generated!

The additional sales you generate, the more cash you make!

We provide you with all of the tools you wish to be a triple-crown Spotmau.com Sales Affiliate – you’ll be able to get new links to our website and access reports online twenty-four hours each day, seven days per week thus you’ll be able to see however well you are doing as AN Affiliate.

You only place your links and we tend to look out of the rest: we handle taking the order, billing, shipment, client service and technical support when the sale; you visit your mailbox once a month and develop your commission check.

We are here for you… YOUR success is OUR success!

Affiliate Commissions: You’ll get 30% of purchase price for all sales generated on the 1st Tier And 5% on the 2nd Tier.

5. Bill4Time

Founded in 2006, Bill4Time.com is one in every of the web’s most old suppliers of cloud-based time and request software package with over 50,000 registered users. The corporate is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., with offices in Pittsburgh and the big apple.

Bill4Time’s Affiliate Program is absolutely managed in-house. This guarantees that we offer timely payouts, reliable client service, inventive content, and far additional. We tend to additionally give banners for you to engraft on your website.

Bill4Time Software Affiliate Program

The Bill4Time affiliate program offers versatile choices to fulfill the business desires of 3 differing types of resellers:

  1. Professional associations like bar associations and societies;
  2. Consultants & resellers WHO offer skilled services and technology to lawyers and accountants; and,
  3. Publishers and bloggers, particularly people who compose body, social control, and practice-management subjects

Get paid quicker

Studies have found that companies providing additional payment choices generate additional revenue. Take your business to ensuing level by providing purchasers convenient online payment choices via master card or PayPal.

  • settle for payments anytime on any device & direct funds to any checking account
  • scale back collections & bank fees from dangerous checks
  • Secure online consumer payment portal

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Whether you’re within the workplace, reception or on-the-go, Bill4Time provides immediate access to your business on any laptop computer, pill or mobile device.

  • Works on any platform, software, smartphone or pill
  • Access/enter consumer info online/offline and car synchronize
  • Track time anytime, anywhere


Affiliate Commissions: Provides 40% of monthly subscription fees for up to 3 years which makes you a nice fat recurring income.

6. NetSuite

NetSuite solutions produce new opportunities for net designers and promoting consultants operating in each B2B and B2C environments. NetSuite provides a solid foundation that permits net designers to specialize in the front-end user expertise and not the loony and bolts of the real workplace.

NetSuite includes pre-built integrations with Google Ad Words, eBay integration feeds to sites like Froogle and looking.com, additionally to accounting, client management and promoting tools, and support for Affiliate Management, Promotion Codes, and different tools.

The 10% Referral Fee isn’t the sole profit to connexion the Referral Partner Program. Turning into a Referral Partner and introducing shoppers to NetSuite permits you to supply a higher-value, higher integrated answer to a bigger variety of shoppers.

NetSuite Software Referral Partner Program


  • NetSuite Referral Partners get pleasure from the program in several ways:
  • Association with the leading supplier of integrated, on-demand code.
  • Exclusive access to info on NetSuite service options, edges, and new product releases.
  • Access to co-branded promoting materials, whitepapers, and webinars.
  • There’s no value or current demand for membership within the NetSuite Referral Partner Program. Additionally, NetSuite bears the price of mercantilism, closing, implementing and service corporations you refer.


Companies you introduce to NetSuite can get pleasure from a well lower total value of possession (TCO) than they’d expertise with “traditional” software; end-to-end CRM and ERP functionality; and industry-specific capabilities that may enable them to become additional economical and competitive.

Affiliate Commissions:  it consists of 10% of the first year’s license.

7. AutoDesk

Autodesk could be a world leader in 3D style, engineering, and diversion code. Autodesk creates code for people that make things. If you’ve ever driven a superior automobile, loved a soaring building, used a smartphone, or watched a good film, the likelihood is that you’ve known what various Autodesk customers do with our code.

What we provide our new affiliate partners

  • Cookie length of sixty days with unlimited action referral occurrences
  • Top-performing product data
  • Attractive deals and promotions
  • Ability to push merchandise across geographies (Americas, Europe, and Asia)
  • Possibility to affix our alternative international programs
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to help you

Autodesk Software Affiliate Program

High earning potential

Every referral counts. As associate Autodesk affiliate, you earn with each sale your website generates. There’s no limit to what proportion you’ll sell and earn.

It’s easy to affix

They  partnered with CJ Affiliate to form it simple for you to urge started. We’ll provide you with all the selling tools you wish to achieve success and can pay attention to the following, order process, product fulfillment, billing, and paying out of your compensation.

All you’ve got to try and do is be part of and begin promoting our merchandise to your customers to earn your sales commission.

Commission rates

Affiliates earn twelve-tone music commission for sales created through the Autodesk website.

Tools Available:

  • Product catalog – obtainable freed from charge
  • Coupon Codes – contact the United States of America for details
  • Trademark bidding ok – SEM tips for restrictions
  • Autodesk’s store sells primarily to people, professionals and little businesses within the following categories: design, Engineering, and Construction, Media & diversion, producing Infrastructure, and shoppers.

Affiliate Commissions:  5-10% depending on the product. Average order is over $1000 and some software products are close to the five-figure range

8. Evergreens Business Systems:

 Webinars may be a term accustomed consult with, online-based seminars. The Evergreen Business System provides services for group action webinars to websites that use the Word Press platform. Promotional things like ready-made email newsletters and banners are able to be employed by marketers for higher conversions!

This is often one affiliate program that shouldn’t be incomprehensible as every eminent referral you send, you may be rewarded with a payment of commissions!

Evergreen Business System is one among the foremost fame brands within the web selling trade, and definitely a market leader at intervals the webinars niche. There are over 5000 happy customers and additional and additional take part each day.

EverWebinar Software Affiliate Program

It’s options Includes:

  •  Buy once. Use again and again.

Create as several machine-controlled Webinars and use on as values that you just own as you wish for one low worth with no monthly fees.

Our competition has $197 set-up fees and value $97 per month! Some are even additional per month and need you to own AN Infusionsoft account.

Yep. The overall value of some competitors may close to $500 monthly and that they do not do a fraction of what we do for that worth simply one-time.

  • Affiliate Program Integration

We know that you just run your business with good tools like Infusionsoft, Click bank, 1Shoppingcart, Pay Dotcom, or PostAffiliatePro.

Well don’t worry: our system works can all of those systems and additional. In fact, we have a tendency to even work with any certified public accountant network.

You continue to use our links for pursuit and append a Smart-Affiliate id distinctive to your affiliate software package to our links when process the link structure one-time within the admin dashboard. Then once your affiliate uses these links, it drops a cookie on the user’s page to trace to your affiliate program.

  •  Smart Rolling Date and Time Technology

This is a requirement have however most software package competitors simply do not get this. Most force your visitant to decide on a Date locked-in with a time thereon date.

Or some get confused after you say show next four webinars which imply the four decisions shown to the prospect are an identical date with four completely different times. Ughhh. That’s as a result of they derived what they saw the U.S.A. doing in our beta however they didn’t latch on right.

The key’s to supply each date and time as “Separate” choices. so means that if you would like to try to four webinars per week and four times on a daily basis you’ll. Your visitant initial selects from one of four completely different days, and so selects once more in another section from one among four completely different times.

//When we have a tendency to see the others try and emulate this, however, latch on wrong we simply cringe. That’s as a result of it had been not developed by marketers, simply derived by programmers. You’ll expect additional from the U.S.A. as a result of we have a tendency to designed for the U.S.A. too.

Affiliate Commission:  A fixed $200 per sale

9. mSpy

mSpy is that the most well-liked and easy application for observation over your youngsters, preventing larceny, and superintendence your employees’ performance. Our mobile watching computer code runs on the target device to trace all activity together with decision log history, GPS location, calendar updates, text messages, emails, net history, and far more!

When following our straightforward, step by step directions on a way to produce your own personal on-line mSpy account, you will log in to instantly begin viewing the caterpillar-tracked knowledge.

Software Affiliate Program - mSpy

  • Manage Calls

mSpy permits you to look at all incoming/outgoing calls with their period and timestamp.

  • Track text messages

This cellular phone pursuit computer code permits you to scan all text and transmission messages sent or received by the target phone user

  • Read Emails

With this mobile pursuit application, you’ll ensure your employees’ time isn’t wasted on writing personal emails, and your youngsters don’t seem to be vulnerable to online predators.

  • Track GPS Location

MSpy may be established to track GPS location of your target phone. Get to grasp if your son is wherever he’s speculated to be or if your worker is basically in an exceedingly tie up.


  • Choose the terms of Partnership that may work best for You
  • $192 most Initial Commission quantity per single conversion
  • 120 Days Sales pursuit – you ne’er lose your client
  • Recurring commissions on maintained customers
  • Flexible pay cycles and multiple payment ways


  • A range of Special Rewards to achieve in the slightest degree times whereas operating with the U.S..
  • Start Up Bonus – begin quick, earn extra, scale more
  • Referral Bonus – herald full-fledged affiliates and collect your bounty
  • Achievement Bonus – custom performance – based mostly premiums for special achievements


  • You optimize your Conversions – we tend to optimize Your Share
  • Top Performers are ne’er left unpraised and there are continuously new heights to clear
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers can do their best to assist You to reach successive Level

Affiliate Commissions:

  • 1+ sales: 50% per sale
  • 99+ sales: 60% per sale
  • 299+ sales: 70% per sale

Referral Commissions:  10% per sale

10. Veeqo

Veeqo is an associate all-in-one resolution that helps users to manage inventory and orders. it’s a straightforward however powerful system that well tracks and manages your inventory and orders and permits you to specialize in a lot of vital tasks.

Direct integrations with FedEx and Royal Mail permit you to ship orders from Veeqo while not having to travel through alternative systems. And with the platform’s automatic delivery label creation (including addresses and barcodes), you don’t need to copy and paste from now on.

In short, victimization Veeqo you’ll be able to stock, sell, and ship in very few clicks.

Software Affiliates - Veeqo

Veeqo Advantages

Inventory management: management inventory, synchronize inventory in real time across your website and marketplaces.

Multichannel product listing: Helps retailers sell across multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.

Order management: No a lot of overselling: synchronize orders in real time across your website and marketplaces.

Shipping integrations: Save time, Veeqo permits you to ship up to one hundred orders and print traveler labels with one click.

Discounted shipping rates: Save money: save to hr on your shipping price with Veeqo shipping.

Point of sales: Sell on any device with Veeqo POS (phone, tablets, and PCs) and mechanically update stock real time in-store or online.

Veeqo Options:

  • Print shipping labels for Royal Mail, MyHermes, and FedEx
  • Sync inventory in real time with Amazon and eBay
  • Sync your e-commerce sites together with Magento and Woo Commerce
  • Sync your sales with Xero

How will it work?

It could not be simpler! We’ve efficient our entire affiliate method to confirm easy use, whereas still maintaining very correct chase strategies. the method is as follows:

Visitor clicks on Associate in Nursing affiliate link on your website or in Associate in a Nursing email.

The guests IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for chase functions.

The traveler browses our website and should commit to ordering.

If the traveler orders (the order needn’t be placed throughout an equivalent browser session–cookies and IPs area unit keep indefinitely), the order is going to be registered as a buying deal for you.

We will review and approve the sale.

You will receive commission payouts on the fifteenth of each month (if your balance is a minimum of $100) via PayPal.

That’s it! You send U.S.A. business; we tend to send you money!

Affiliate Commissions: it consists of 20% per sale on a monthly recurring basis, order values range from $100 per month to $500 per month. In addition, a tiered 5% monthly recurring commission per sale for every affiliate a super affiliate refers.

11. Macphun

Macphun Affiliate Program Promote the popular icon software package for mac &earn real cash start & register because the affiliate Sign-in if you are already associate degree affiliate icon piece of writing software package for mac by Macphun affiliates it’s liberal to be part of, straightforward to set-up, and most significantly, it works Macphun makes powerful photography tools, accessible for artists of all talent levels

Software Affiliate Program - Macphun

Key facts concerning Macphun Affiliate Program:

  • $84 is a mean cart worth
  • Up to 100 percent conversion rate on landing pages
  • CPI, PPL, Rev. Share offers
  • Our software package is often distributed globally – no restrictions for the country of purchase
  • Your advantages because the Macphun partner
  • Unlimited revenue chance with the performance-based mostly commission structure
  • Attractive commission, beginning at two hundredth and growing up to five hundredths with higher performance
  • Regular product promotions with engaging affiliate incentives and bonuses
  • Dedicated Macphun affiliate manager to assist you to grow and achieve success
  • Access to a range of high-quality selling materials, together with banners & email templates
  • Custom campaigns, landing pages, personal discount codes, exclusive offers, etc
  • Transparent daily news via the business leading management system – Impact Radius
  • Early access to all or any the new product and code updates by Macphun

Affiliate Commissions: it provides 20-50% from every purchase (revenue share), $0.35 for free trial installation (pay per lead).

Best Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers To Make Money 2024

{Latest 2018} Best Affiliate Programs For Beauty Bloggers To Make Money

Pic credits: Pixabay

Now let’s dig into all the how’s about Affiliation Program for Beauty Bloggers-

How does Affiliate Program fit into your beauty blog?

  •   Maybe it sounds like it’s too complex or  that it will be a bulk on your blog. Think about it like it is completely relevant to your blog.
  •   You will only need to put some efforts in choosing only those affiliated links that best suits your  beauty blog.
  •  And then after finalizing, affiliate those beauty products and  programs to navigate that fit into your blog content.

How does one can choose a best, quality assured beauty product in this Affiliate Program?

  •       It’s may be a biggie task. Don’t you worry not that big.
  •       Here you have to choose products that you are going to appeal infront of  your audience through navigation(links), so be wise and ready to put this at “Quality come first” agenda in your mind.
  •       Go through a research about beauty products you choose to align in your blog post.
  •       While choosing the products, the more honest and authentic you are, the better your readers response towards you.

How does one can guide about Yay! or Nay! To beauty product in this Affiliate Program?

  •       By analyzing about properties and other pros and cons about every product.
  •     And also by giving them your personal opinion after testing it at your own.
  •       By doing those couple of task or surfing about, you can guide your blog audience to find best among rest products that they will purchase and find useful.
  •       And you need to keep generating traffic towards it.

How does Affiliate Program benefits you?

  •      Benefits!!! OHYEAH!!! That’s we all want to earn.
  •      You will gain commission when purchasing of product is done through those given affiliated links in your  beauty blog.
  •      You don’t even need to create a product at your space.
  •      While following these above criteria you also experience that  it is a inexpensive way to earn more money from your blog.
  •      Just do promotion of those beauty products while writing your blog content.
  •      And last but not least affiliate links looks untrouble and sober to see  in between content of blog than some out-fashioned images of beauty products. Ugh.

Woah!! There’s a lot of benefits.

How does a blogger join Affiliate Program 2024?

  • Affiliate Networks are easy to join!
  • Firstly, All you have to do is fill out a form.
  • There are several Affiliate program out there because it’s a marketing at ease level.
  • So you will definitely find an affiliate program that are ideal for your beauty blog.
  • In order to get accepted into a particular beauty brand’s Affiliate Program, you’ll have to apply for it.
  • And the strategy is if you have a relevant, quality blog, website that generates traffic, you generally have a good chance of getting accepted into their affiliate program and start earning a commission.

Below is a list of the most popular Affiliate Networks and their top 100 Affiliate Programs. They’re especially great for beauty,fashion and lifestyle bloggers! Like you.


A luxury watch and jewellery retailer. This can be fantastic affiliate program if you’re into watches or jewellery.

 Key points of their high paying affiliate program:

  • Up to 6% commission on all products.
  • The average order amount is $650.
  • Your website can customized banners as well as coupon codes.
  • No Limits of threshold for payments.


You can register by filling out this form.

This is most favorable Affiliate Network I have found so far, and the most popular one. Their website is detailed and easy to nagivate and they cover most of the brands I truly love. You can view detailed earnings reports and graphics.



You can register by filling out this form.

One more in the favorite list because of how easy it is to navigate and create links. For the healthy bloggers, they have a huge selection of green and natural brands.

Commission Junction

You can register by filling out this form.

A lot of big brands are on Affiliate By Conversant (formerly Commission Junction). It’s not as easy to navigate as the other networks, so I wouldn’t suggest them if you’re new.

  • Shopbop (1%)
  • Ulta (5%)
  • QVC (1%)
  • Chantecaille (5%)
  • Strawberrynet (8%)
  • American Apparel (3%)
  • American Eagle Outfitters (2%)
  • Banana Republic (1%)
  • Forever 21 (4%)
  • Free People (4%)
  • Gap (1%)
  • Gilt (3%)
  • LOFT (5%)
  • Lululemon (2.5%)
  • Mango (2%)
  • Old Navy (1%)
  • Philosophy (5%)
  • Revolve Clothing (5%)
  • ROMWE (10%)
  • Urban Outfitters (5%)
  • Zappos (8%)

You can register by filling out this form.

This is eBay’s Affiliate Network, and they also offer a ton of options for fashion bloggers especially.

Impact Radius

You can register by filling out this form.

If you want to be a Target affiliate, you have to go through Impact Radius. The commission is a flat 4% on most items, and custom links are easy to create.

  • Target (4%)
  • Too Faced (8%)

Of course, thre is a heap to charm to flick audiences — the international intrigue, the suspense, the action. however one in every of the most attracts to those films, particularly the Bond flicks, is that the assortment of advanced spy instrumentality the most character uses to thwart his enemies.

Whether or not straightforward and realistic or ridiculous and over the highest, these gadgets excite audiences and build the need for several to possess identical gear for themselves. Spy gadgets appear to feed into our need to understand what is going on behind the scenes, and for several years they weren’t far more than props within the movies.

Spy gear meant for home security and police work has become a reality, Now, as technology improves and therefore the curiosity for these gadgets continues to grow. Individuals involved regarding break-ins, suspicious activities or alternative voters spying on them will search online for any range of security cameras, listening devices, and trailing devices and counter surveillance instrumentality.

Sell spy tools and instrumentality to your readers and subscribers. Best for those within the niche of protection, security, spying activities et al. associated with it. This affiliate program incorporates a whole vary of spying merchandise that you simply will favor to promote and earn commissions from.

Here are the best high paying sports affiliate programs :

Theglobal sports industry is expected to be worth a lot of money by 2022. This number, $614.1 billion, is following a rate of increase of 5.9%. This industry has a ton of opportunities for people who want to make some money. The passion for this industry doesn’t seem like it will slow down any time soon, no matter what. If you are thinking about getting into this industry, you should not just think about the big-box retailers. We put together a list of the best sports affiliate programs to help you explore potential niches in this industry.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Commission: 5% on average
Cookie Duration: 10 days

2. Draft Kings (referral program)

Commission: 40% of referral’s net gaming revenue first 30 days, 25% days 31+

3. Fanatics

Commission: Up to 10%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

4. FanDuel

Commission: $25-35 per signup, 35% rev share for referrals’ first 2 years

5. Sports Memorabilia

Commission: 9% of sales
Cookie Duration: 365 days

6. TaylorMade Golf

Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Under Armour

Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Pinterest

Since May 2017, affiliate marketers can put their affiliate links in their Pinterest pins instead of on their blogs. This change made it easier for affiliates to make money without needing a lot of website traffic.

This also opened the door for influential fashion, beauty, and lifestyle affiliates to reach the 200 million+ Pinterest users more efficiently. With 29% of U.S. adults using Pinterest and 93% of Pinners saying they use Pinterest to plan purchases, it is a good way to generate affiliate revenue.

The best way to market your products on Pinterest is to join an affiliate network with products that match what people are already interested in. Popular categories on Pinterest include food and drink, DIY, home decor, women’s fashion, and health and fitness.

Here are some networks to join for Pinterest:

1) Amazon Asscoiate :

You can sell any product on Amazon by posting a pin about it on Pinterest. If you’re in the US, you will need to have a website or blog to get approved. Once you’re approved, you can earn up to 10% commission on products from over one million different items. They also help you post links and promote products on your site with banners. Another big benefit is that when someone clicks one of your Amazon affiliate links and buys any product during that session, you get credit for it. Plus, if they add a product to their cart and leave it there, you still get credit for it!

2) eBay

eBay’s partner network uses a similar system. You can promote listings for 1.1 billion items using affiliate links. With eBay, you earn between 50 and 70% of the sale price when someone buys something within 24 hours of visiting eBay. However, you only make money if someone buys something within that time frame.

3)  Shareasale

Shareasale is a popular affiliate network. It has over 5,900 merchants in different types of businesses, like fashion, home and garden, food and drink, fitness, and software.

For example, you could work with a home decor merchant to promote their products. If you are interested in food and drink, you could promote Winc Wine’s products. They offer $18 for every transaction made through your referral. There are many opportunities with their large merchant base.

4) SendOwl

You can sell online courses and ebooks directly on Pinterest. You can also sell memberships as SendOwl integrates with three of the top membership sites.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Email marketing software is used to send out email newsletters, marketing materials, announcements, and other relevant information to customers or specific targeted audiences.

This is usually done by the business owner to create brand awareness and promote the business’s products or services through email marketing campaigns.

The right email affiliate program will be the one that the business owner can wholeheartedly recommend due to using it in their own business.

1) ConstantContact

ConstantContact is a good email marketing company. If you refer someone to them, you get $5 for every person who signs up for a trial, and $105 when they become a paying customer.

2) Moonmail

If someone joins Moonmail through your affiliate link, you will get a 25% commission (recurring).

3) Mailjet

If someone signs up for MailJet and sends emails through their service, you will earn a 15% commiss

Best Spy Gear Affiliate Programs 2024

1. Zetronix

Zetronix corp. was based in 2006 in Boston, MA on principals of marketing innovative technology superb quality consumer electronics.

Zetronix was one amongst the primary tiny client electronics businesses when Founded in Boston in 2006, to cultivate strategic partnerships with Asia-based makers with the aim to bring high-quality and cheap merchandise to Yankee shoppers.

Whereas the U.S. saw a spike in demand for cheap up-to-date merchandise, like spy pens and dashboard cameras, Asia-based suppliers weren’t producing merchandise that met the high-quality standards Yankee shoppers demanded.

Zetronix sought-after to bridge the gap between the growing demand for progressive security merchandise within the US and therefore the subpar quality of Asia-based makers by operating directly with engineers overseas to supervise each stage of development, from conception to production, to form high-quality merchandise sold-out solely through Zetronix.

Zetronix -SPY Affiliate Program

We are able to provide high-quality merchandise to Yankee shoppers at factory-direct costs As Zetronix works directly with the factories o the development and quality assurance.

Before Zetronix fine-tuned this model, shoppers had to settle on between shopping for merchandise at higher retail costs and shopping for substandard quality merchandise directly from overseas factories to save lots of cash. shoppers don’t need to accept low costs anymore at the expense of quality with Zetronix. Additionally, not like several overseas makers, Zetronix prides itself on glorious client service.

What regarding our affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are common throughout the net and provide web site homeowners further thanks to unfold the word regarding their websites. Among others, our program is liberated to be part of, straightforward to check in and needs no technical knowledge! As our affiliates, you may generate traffic and sales for our web site and receive enticing commissions reciprocally.

How will It Work?

When you be part of our affiliate program, you may be equipped a variety of banners and text links to position where you wish. Once a user clicks on one amongst your links, they’ll be dropped at our web site and their activities are tracked by our affiliate program. Once this user completes a buying deal, you earn commission!

Affiliate Commissions: 100 percent Pay-per-Sale for the primary order of a client, five-hitter for next orders.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a world leader in observance solutions dedicated to satisfying end-user desires for security, safety and convenience. mSpy is that the preferred observance and safety application on the market with lots of glad users round the globe.

Our computer code works by trailing all activity within the background of the monitored phone together with GPS location, net history, images, videos, emails, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, keystrokes and far additional.

The straightforward to use instrument panel and 24/7 live client support build mSpy the most effective resolution for keeping your kids safe and staff productive.

There are high spyware activities offered by alternative app suppliers on phones, laptops, iPads & Desktops alike, however not the case with mSpy! with the assistance of completely legal computer observance computer code from mSpy, Computers can be managed.

mSpy Affiliate Program

Laptop spying will save your information from being transferred to any third party. You’ll be in danger by avoiding the employment of best spying computer code on your device (phone or computer). mSpy observance will offer you real information being transferred to your computer and it’s super effective within the sense of obtaining lost information or knowing the work done on the devices.

MSpy huntsman app is that the best option to understand the net activities on any mobile or desktop. It’s primarily employed by folks for his or her kids and employers for trailing their business staff. Mobile network doesn’t matter in terms of spying and it’s done primarily through the mobile device, with the assistance of huntsman apps.

Whether or not it’s Version or AT&T network, cell trailing may be in serious trouble any mechanical man smartphone (Google Play app), Windows device or iPhone. You’ll take trial for brief periods to induce the thought concerning these huntsman applications.

Mobile observance of phones will work if the net affiliation is active on the mobile device. iDevices need jail breaking for installation of any spy computer code application, however there are options concerned in mSpy for a way to induce installation while not resorting to prison break of your phone.

How will it work?

The process may be split into two components. 1st, you introduce a possible shopper to product/offer/opportunity, wherever she is needed to click your trailing Link to proceed. The ordinal half starts when the clicking – we track the activities of the potential shopper and reward you once the specified action (sales, lead submit etc.) is performed.

Reasons to affix mSpy affiliate program

  • Choose the terms of Partnership that will work best for you
  • $192 most Initial Commission quantity per single conversion
  • 120 Days Sales trailing – you ne’er lose your client
  • $82.7 Average Check can assure you get a solid come
  • Recurring commissions on maintained customers
  • Additional comptroller offers for you to decide on from: PPS, mounted value & Trial2Paid
  • Flexible pay cycles and multiple payment ways
  • 60%-50% commissions for your outstanding results
  • Multi-Tier Revenue Share system fosters improvement and continues growth
  • Top Performers area unit ne’er left unpraised and there are forever new heights to clear
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers can do their best to assist you reach ensuing Level
  • We will pay you a tenth commission on your referral commission and a Referral Bonus
  • Extra 100% referral commission

Spread the word concerning mSpy Affiliate Program and earn 100% from the profits of your referred partners, nonstop.

Bonuses for brand spanking new members and best performers

A range of Special Rewards to achieve in any respect times is given by operating with us.

Startup Bonus: you will receive an award supported however before long you begin promoting our offers. The counting starts the date your application is approved (not the date of initial conversion or initial click).

Referral Bonus: on high of normal 100% commission from the earnings of affiliates that you just ask our affiliate program, you may receive an additional $200 reward anytime new affiliates build initial $1000 in their payouts. You may be able to keep track of earnings of every affiliate, so forever knowing once the bonus is due.

Achievement Bonus: we tend to run website-wide promo campaigns to spice up sales once client getting intended is anticipated to be significantly high. As a matter in fact your deep involvement is often welcome, therefore we are going to inform you concerning the coming promo and list the special rewards you will receive throughout the campaign.

3. BrickHouse Security

Get connected to the industry Leader in Security, Safety, GPS following, Covert police investigation, and Counter-Surveillance: If you have got an online website or diary, you’ll be able to be part of our Affiliate association Program and earn cash, beginning currently.

Once you refer folks to our website from yours, and that they purchase from our website, you earn a forty five commission – it’s that simple. With thousands of product to settle on from, there’s one thing for everybody, together with probably unlimited commissions for you.

We have a tendency to handle all the main points – from ordering to shipping to client service – thus enhancing your financial gain and your website does not get any easier. With a catalog of thousands of product, we’ve got one thing for everybody.

BrickHouse Security Spy Gear Affiliate

Our product area unit tested and curated by our consultants, and embody trade leaders in GPS following, hidden cameras, and spy gear, among others. we offer you with a large choice of commercialism tools together with pictures, buttons, banners, text links, and search boxes.

Thus you’ll be able to select the BrickHouseSecurity.com product that best suit the content of your website. This includes the flexibility to feature individual product links from nearly our entire inventory. We’ll conjointly send you frequent e-mails and newsletters light key promotions, new/hot product, and commercialism suggestions to maximize your sales.

BrickHouse Security is committed to providing a superior expertise to every and each one in every of our customers. It’s vital to us that our customers suppose well people and can bear in mind our name successive time they need a desire for answers.

For you, this suggests happy guests. BrickHouseSecurity.com has one in every of the best EPC ratios among web retailers. which means we have a tendency to convert browsers into consumers & with a high average order size of on the point of $300, which interprets into a lot of commissions for you?

It’s fast and simple to launch your BrickHouseSecurity.com affiliate partnership as We’ve partnered with the Commission Junction. you will have access to daily coverage to trace the success of your program.

We provide all the tools you’ll like together with pictures, buttons, banners, text links, and search boxes. you’ll be able to select the BrickHouse Security product that may be coupled from your page, craft them to suit the content of your website.

4. SpyTech

Easy-to-manage security and surveillance gear and software package to people, businesses, schools, personal investigators, agencies, aided living facilities and spiritual organizations, these all are delivered by SpyTech. As each manufacturer and online retail merchant, SpyTec sells direct, reassuring customers that they are obtaining their full money’s price.

Our product choice cannot be beaten. SpyTec offers a large vary of indoors and out of doors surveillance cameras, in-vehicle dash cameras, hidden cameras like nanny cams, wearable’s, bug detectors and GPS trackers that attach to special assets you would like to guard, fasten to single and fleet vehicles or area unit carried by folks.

Users can examine this location of their trackers on their phones, tablets, and computers from anyplace through SpyTec’s standard GPS platform. they will pinpoint positions on a map or transfer a tracker’s history. Models are accessible for a spread of applications from keeping tabs on AN absent relative to riding small-arm on a cargo.

Our platform’s iOS and mechanical man apps will provide you with a warning once, for example, a tracker moves outside a GEO fence you’ve got set or a vehicle has exceeded a precise ordinance. it is simple to customize alert triggers and also the ways that to be notified.

Spytech Spy Software -SPY Gear Affiliate Program

Cameras are accessible as offline appliances that save the video to memory cards or as Wi-Fi-capable devices. for viewing and dominant its line of connected cameras from smartphones, tablets, and computers, SpyTec bundles free apps.

You’ll be able to make sure that SpyTec has created the mandatory investment, therefore, its merchandise area unit straightforward to grasp, straightforward to line up and simple to use. SpyTec is thought of its generous nevertheless distinct technical support.

The SpyTec employee’s aims to assist customers in AN workplace or reception select the proper solutions for his or her security or social desires.

We designed our affiliate program to be a hit with our customers and affiliates in mind. Customers get to be introduced to Spytech’s triumph product, and reciprocally, affiliates build nice commission fees. Your sales commissions can begin out at four-hundredth and may mature to the maximum amount as five hundredth betting on what number sales you generate!

Betting on what proportion time you set into this program you’ll be able to build anyplace from a couple of hundred bucks a month, to thousands (really!). Our success along depends on if you’re able to build some smart money!

5. Infotracer

Our Comprehensive Background Report can uncover a wealth of data as well as if an individual was ever in remission, Sued, has a listing, filed for Bankruptcy, was Married, Divorced, owns a Property or a Business, has a full of life Warrant, served time in Jail and far more!

We’ve one in all the foremost intensive databases within the trade with over two billion records covering all fifty states. if the person was in remission, has a full of life or outstanding Warrant, law-breaking Records, Conviction and Disposition Details, law-breaking Charges, DUI/DWI Records, Mugshots, Jail Records, Police Report Details, Parole/Probation Details and far more, then The Criminal Records section of your report can contain info of it.

InfoTracer com Affiliate Program

  • Large Commission Payouts

65% lifespan commission on all of your sales, as well as initial and rebills.

  • Long Term financial gain

Get acquired every and each month the client retains their Info Tracer subscription.

  • High client Retention

Subscriptions often last brim over twelve months. create on the average $90 per customer!

  • Big Data

We have one in all the most important public records databases with over two billion records covering ninety fifth folks adult population

6. EyeSpyPro

EyeSpyPro is a supplier of leading edge spy gear, video police work solutions, & counter-surveillance product for private and business protection Since 2007. It’s main focus is on providing the spy gear, spy gadgets, and video police work product that may facilitate the business owner, home owner, or involved individual with the tools they have to produce proof to enforcement once a larceny or different incident happens. we tend to scour the world for the newest in technology to guard you and your assets.

We solve your most difficult covert police work, recording, fleet management, pc & computer observation, and criminal catching issues.

If you do not are aware of it, your privacy and security is compromised on a daily basis. you’ll realize we feature a spread of product to guard yourself, conversations, and knowledge from being compromised. you’ll conjointly discover info regarding your partner, children, or staff that impact your life.

We conjointly offer the tools to observe a mate, partner, lover, child, employee, as they use a vehicle, itinerant, and pc throughout the day. we are able to see wherever somebody has been throughout the day supported GPS trackers in their vehicle, yet as observation their pc, and itinerant usage.

EyeSpyPro Spy Gear Affiliate

We’ve got several enforcement and personal Investigators as shoppers, WHO have to be compelled to discretely record info, and that we settle for Government and faculty Purchase Orders.

For home and business house owners, or faculties and Churches, you would like to guard your physical assets and no higher thanks to do this then with a multi-camera video closed-circuit television.

We simply launched the EyeSpyPro.com Affiliate program. Our website has the newest spy & surveillance instrumentality, and our growth is steady for the last 2 years.

We are paying 100% commission on all of our things, and that we have tons of costly electronic equipment which will pay you alright for simply referring patrons to our website.

We are using iDevAffiliate, and it is a nice program to manage all of your knowledge. we tend to pay on the first of the month, and that we can offer you $10 credit, only for connexion.

We denote dozens of banners, text links, and text ads. There also are page peels, and an enormous video library of coaching videos therefore you’ll maximize our program and build high commissions.


  • Earn 100% commission on all product.
  • $10 credit after you checks in.
  • Free access the EyeSpyPro.com knowledge feed obtainable in each .CSV and .XML formats.
  • Frequent affiliate promotions to spice up sales and conversion.
  • Opportunity to figure one-on-one with associate degree professional team of pros.
  • Fast growing Spy & police work gear destinations on the web.
  • Competitive costs offer your customers the worth they’re searching for on-line.

Access to EyeSpyPro.com’s broad vary of product including: Spy Gear, surveillance instrumentality, CCTV Cameras, Network IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Pocket DVR’s, DVR Cards, Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams, Digital Audio Recorders, Granny Cams, then rather more…

7. DPL-Surveillance

It is a world leader in providing surveillance and security merchandise and connected services to Government, enforcement, personal Investigators, tiny and enormous firms worldwide since1997.  We’ve got one amongst the biggest forms of progressive police investigation and counter-surveillance instrumentality as well as biometric authentication Systems, Anti-terrorist-related instrumentality, Personal Protection and Bug Detection merchandise.

Our distinctive approach of providing high-quality, skilled grade instrumentality to our purchasers whether or not they rent, lease or purchase has set US except the remainder.

DPL Surveillance Equipment Affiliate Program

How the Program Works:

When you become a member of our Affiliate Program For mercantilism police investigation and transaction Security instrumentality, you just link your information processing system to ours. Thus, you may be directive guests from your web site to ours. All they need to try and do is click.

We will keep track of the amount of tourists you send to our web site. we’ll conjointly track the merchandise these guests purchase or rent on our web site. You, in turn, can earn commissions on these purchases or rentals. we have a tendency to handle the whole shipping and client service method.

You will even be able to place our logos, graphics, associate degreed banners on your web site whereas you’re an affiliate. All logos, graphics, banners, and alternative content provided by US should be used as provided and will not be altered in any means. Please don’t use any emblem, graphic, banner, or alternative content that harms the worth of our, service marks, goodwill, or misleads customers in any means concerning your relationship with US.

How to Join:

  • It could not be easier to hitch our Affiliate Program. You ne’er even ought to leave your pc.
  • Read and comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Complete the web form.
  • Login to your account and opt for the banners or link to look on your web site.
  • Sit back and relax. And visit the bank to money your commission checks once it arrives.

7. Spygadgets4u

You will find merchandise at Spygadgets4u.co.uk long before you see it anyplace else. it’s our mission to forever be initial with the most recent spy gadgets. we have a tendency to pride ourselves on our fight and do our utmost to be able to provide a comprehensive vary of the most recent technology, which incorporates a large sort of spy cameras and spy gadgets and every one at fantastic costs.

If you’ve got an internet site you’ll earn cash by change of integrity the Spy Gadgets 4U Affiliate Team through affiliatefuture.co.uk

How it works…. if you become associate degree affiliate and a client makes an acquisition from the spygadgets4u.co.uk website via your link, we have a tendency to pay you commission to reward you for transferral America that sale!

Spy Gadgets 4U Affiliate Program

Benefits of Joining:

  • Earn 8 may 1945 Commission on sales generated through your web site
  • All orders are handled directly by Spy Gadgets 4U
  • Login to manage your account and consider your statistics
  • Add/change banners and links to use on your website
  • Its absolve to be a part of and can ne’er value you a penny!

8. Phoggi

Phoggi focuses on providing custom-made cellular phone observance and security solutions to massive businesses, faculties, and enforcement agencies since 2003. once six fortunate years within which we tend to help thousands of individuals with our application, we tend to set to bring the gift of Phoggi to the lots and launched the Phoggi cellular phone observance application for the final public in 2009.

Our goal is to supply a reasonable cellular phone observance application that may profit individual folks and employers find it irresistible has benefited our in-depth list of company shoppers within the past.

Affiliate Commissions: first Tier payout rate is seventieth. $300 Bonus is paid to you as shortly you create your 1st ten Phoggi sales once you are part of it.

Best High Commission Paying Affiliate Programs 2024

Really this one is the long list of best high paying affiliate programs through which you can easily make a huge amount of money. Don’t just read it go with one of them and be super affiliates. Do let me know if you are using any such affiliate program and please add some of the other programs if I missed here. This all is for you just give you valuable feedback.

I hope you liked this article on top-notch little-known high-paying affiliates program. Show your love and support and share this article on all trending social media platforms.

What type of other affiliate marketing programs 2024 you are using on your blog to make money, do you want us  to include more affiliate monetization programs please let us know in the comments below.

Join affiliates of best affiliate programs or online merchants for bloggers, online marketers & webmasters. These affiliate programs are for India, US, UK & worldwide marketers.

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