12 Best Adidas Proxies 2023: Avoid Subnet Ban & Geo-Restrictions

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Adidas Proxies, most individuals find Proxy-Cheap and Oxylabs are the best options.

Are you about to go on an Adidas shoe collection exercise? Then you should be aware that without proxies, your chances of successfully obtaining limited-edition pairs are almost nil.

Learn more about the finest Adidas proxy providers by reading the information provided below.

Adidas is Europe’s biggest sportswear producer — and the world’s second-largest. Its footwear is very popular among sneakerheads.

Obtaining a pair of its limited-edition shoes, dubbed special editions, is a challenging undertaking. This is because you are not the only one who is interested in it.

There are a large number of individuals interested, ranging from sneakerheads to resellers, and as a result, it gets so competitive that an Adidas bot is required to succeed. Surprisingly, Adidas bots necessitate the use of proxies.

And when it comes to obtaining limited-edition Adidas footwear, you must exercise caution while selecting a proxy service. Not all proxies work with Adidas.

Adidas has developed an anti-bot technology that is capable of detecting proxies. As a result, you’ll need to seek proxies that are capable of evading detection.

What Is An Adidas Proxy – What Makes an Adidas Proxy Unique?

You may be asking why proxies from a certain provider may be referred to as Adidas proxies. To be dubbed an Adidas proxy, a proxy must possess certain characteristics and traits.

Without them, it may be less effective and efficient, lowering your chances of snagging a deal and purchasing at retail pricing. What are these characteristics?

The most critical quality is that it must be Adidas-compatible. That is, it must be capable of sending requests to and receiving replies from Adidas websites without being detected or encountering any other proxy-related issues.

Apart from compatibility, a proxy server used with Adidas must be quick to outperform the competition, provide location targeting, and support Adidas-supported locations.

Top 12 Adidas Proxies 2023

The following proxies provide the greatest proxies for obtaining limited-edition shoes.

1. Oxylabs:

Oxylabs dedicated proxies - The Best Adidas Proxies

In terms of features and pricing, Oxylabs is comparable to Bright Data as an Adidas proxy supplier. The IP pool of approximately 60 million proxies is practically the same, as is the list of locations.

The extensive network is not the only factor that contributes to Oxylabs’ success as a supplier.

You may geo-target certain cities, and although the list of cities is not public, you should have little difficulty obtaining IPs from the majority of the world’s main cities.

Another advantage of this Adidas proxy service is its simplicity of setup, making it a good alternative for first-time customers with limited expertise with proxies.

The price structure is pretty similar to that of Bright Data. There are many packages available; you pay for the amount of bandwidth you need, but you have access to all Adidas proxies.

Because the duration for testing proxies is the same, you may take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

2. Proxy-Cheap:

Proxy-cheap overview

Adidas’s last proxy provider on this list is a budget option. As the name implies, Proxy-Cheap is one of the cheapest providers available on the internet.

Unlike Geosurf, this supplier provides a proxy pool of over 6 million IPs in the same number of locations, however, they may not be identical.

This, along with the suite of capabilities accessible through the dashboard, makes this a very competitive option. The cost for these Adidas proxies is classified according to the amount of bandwidth provided in the bundle that includes all functions.

However, the payment alternatives are extremely restricted — the only ones accessible are PayPal and cryptocurrency. As a competitively priced choice, there is no free trial period or money-back guarantee.

3. Geosurf:

Geosurf - The Best Adidas Proxies

Geosurf is one of the more established Adidas proxy services on our list. Regardless of how long this organization has been in business, the number of IP addresses and locations is far lower than the competitors.

Their proxy pool is comprised of around 2 million Adidas proxies located in more than 130 countries.

While the country variety is acceptable, the number of accessible proxies is much less than normal. One advantage is that it is suitable for even unskilled users.

Along with the different settings and choices, you receive a dashboard with an abundance of data and graphs. Although the costs are a little high in comparison to the number of proxies, they are far from the most costly.

The packages are differentiated by the amount of provided bandwidth, while the rest of the features are equal. You get 24 hours and 1 GB of bandwidth to try the proxies, but there is no opportunity for a return.

4. Atcproxys:


ATCproxys is perhaps the least well-known Adidas proxy service on our list, and we’re not sure why. A unique feature is that they provide data center proxies optimized for use with sites like Adidas.

There are numerous options available, all of which provide gigabyte connections and limitless bandwidth.

Their residential proxies are drawn from a global pool of over 40 million proxies. The places are unclear, however, they claim to be from all around the world. The cost options are solely limited by the amount of bandwidth offered.

Each package includes unlimited IP rotation and threads, as well as access to the whole proxy pool in all regions. Additionally, you receive a free trial to try the proxies before committing to monthly payments.

5. Soax:

soax - The Best Adidas Proxies

Soax is a far less common alternative for Adidas proxy. One explanation is that the pool of IPs is somewhat less than that of the competitors.

With more than 8 million proxies in more than 120 countries worldwide, it is adequate but much less than Bright Data or Oxylabs.

Soax does not disappoint in terms of features. The sophisticated geo-targeting option enables you to choose a specific area, nation, or city, given that Adidas proxies are accessible in that location.

What they lack in proxy pool size, they compensate for with cost. The primary benefit is that it charges less for its services than rivals.

Another significant benefit that Soax has is its price structure. You will purchase as many proxies as you need, but there is considerable flexibility over the period.

Daily packages are available for up to three years. Both the bandwidth and the trial time are restricted. You have one hour to test the proxies before purchasing them.

6. Shifter:


Shifter, formerly known as Microleaves, is an exceptional proxy service worthy of inclusion on our list. The pool of IP addresses is comprised of approximately 31 million proxies located across the world’s continents.

One feature that sets this apart from the majority of other providers is their availability of two distinct sorts of proxies. Their inventory includes both basic and special proxies, however, the special proxies are recommended for use with Adidas bots.

The price system is similar to Stormproxies, in that you purchase the number of proxies you plan to use and get unlimited bandwidth. Because these Adidas proxies do not provide a free trial period, you will need to make a purchase first and request a refund within three days if you are dissatisfied.

7. Flipnode:

Flipnode - The Best Adidas Proxies

Flipnode is a great Adidas proxy service that is not often included in most lists. With over ten million proxies in over 100 countries, it can compete with the most popular choices on the market. This is not the end of the good news.

While the feature set may seem minimal, it is more than enough for the purpose. Automatic proxy rotation, in conjunction with an easy-to-use dashboard and configuration choices, is just a portion of what Flipnode has to offer.

There are several different ways to get these proxies, all of which are extremely adaptable.

Unlike some of the other companies on our list, you may get as many proxies as you need and each one comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Where you will notice a change in how you register your account. Individuals are only eligible for a three-day refund, but businesses may test the proxies for seven days for free.

8. Bright Data:

bright data


While not the top on our list, this is the undisputed champion when it comes to what an Adidas proxy provider has to offer. Bright Data has the world’s biggest proxy network, with over 72 million proxies in every nation.

When you combine that with a slew of features like sophisticated IP rotation and geo-targeting, you may have found the ideal Adidas proxy service.

However, this is questionable. The fairly convoluted interface may be challenging for first-time customers, and then there’s the price. Bright Data is one of the most costly providers on the market, regardless of what it delivers.

All price options have access to the same set of features and the whole IP pool, except bandwidth. Bright Data gets one thing right: the free trial.

Because they are not inexpensive, you have the option of testing the proxies for seven days before making a purchase.

9. Smartproxy:

smartproxy - The Best Adidas Proxies

Leaving the budget-friendly providers behind, we arrive at Smartproxy. This Adidas proxy service has far more functionality than Stormproxies at a greater fee.

With an IP pool of over 10 million proxies in the majority of the world’s nations, they undoubtedly have an edge over the majority of providers.

This is an appealing alternative because of its ease of setup and feature-rich offerings. While the city-level geo-targeting is a good feature, the limited selection of just eight locations seems inadequate in comparison to others.

You may purchase these proxies in a variety of packages, and regardless of which one you pick, all proxies will be available to you.

The distinction is in the amount of bandwidth offered. As with Stormproxies, there is no free trial period, therefore you are limited to a 3-day money-back promise.

Leaf Proxies is a proxy server company that specializes in the sneaker-collecting sector. They, like other suppliers, claim to suit consumers’ requirements.

However, are you to trust them? To learn the truth about them, continue reading our review below.

10. Leaf Proxies

leaf Proxies

Leaf Proxies is a supplier of data centers and residential proxies for sneaker copping. Apart from proxy servers, they also provide sneaker servers and sell Nike accounts to individuals in need.

On the Leaf Proxies website, you’ll note that they provide a variety of options, including datacenter proxies, residential proxies, last-minute proxies, and daily datacenter proxies.

While their proxies function, they do have several drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Leaf proxies provide high-speed data center proxies that you may use on a few sites with several sneaker sites such as Adidas, Nike, and Shopify detecting and preventing bots.

If you want to purchase data center proxies from Leaf Proxies, you will need to choose between monthly proxies, daily proxies (Monday – Sunday plans), and last-minute proxies, which are useful when you need to get proxies for an upcoming drop.

Leaf Proxies offers personalized customer service over Discord. This function is accessible to everybody, regardless of whether they have bought a plan.

A link to their Discord server is located at the bottom of their webpage. Leaf Proxies provides round-the-clock service with quick response times. Their personnel speaks many languages and is quite pleasant.

Customers interested in Leaf Proxies may create a ticket in their Discord server to get further information about the service or to obtain assistance for current products. This is an excellent option, particularly for individuals new to shoe betting.

11. DSL Rentals:

dsl rentals - The Best Adidas Proxies

DSL Rentals is a proxy service provider that offers data center, residential, and mobile proxy options. This proxy supplier has been in business for over eight years, and as such, there is no doubt about its legitimacy.

They are, however, not as popular as they should be given their longevity on the market. DSL Rentals enables you to unblock websites and online services while being completely anonymous.

Additionally, DSL Rentals provides its customers with limitless IPs and bandwidth.

However, this is not all. DSL Rentals features a huge IP pool (350k IPs), support for around 21 locations, and over 350 servers. They have serviced over 15000 customers throughout their eight years in business.

Their IP addresses are static, but you can always modify your given IP address with a single click in the control panel. DSL Rentals is not without its flaws.

As you will find later in the essay, it does have certain drawbacks that may be a deal-breaker for you depending on the needs of your project.

If you’re looking to do SEO in the United States, DSL Rental is here to help. You may utilize their high-quality US residential, data center, and mobile proxies. They are compatible with the market’s most popular SEO tools.

Social media automation is the process of outsourcing jobs on social media platforms to bots to automate them.

Consider Twitter; using DSL Rental proxies in conjunction with a Twitter automation bot, you can automatically send tweets, follow and unfollow users, as well as respond to comments and direct messages.

DSL Rentals is ideal for this since their IP addresses stay static for an extended period and are not cycled regularly unless you request it.

If your IP address has been banned by a website or service that is geofenced and available only to users in the United States, but you are located outside of the United States, you may utilize the DSL Rental proxy network to unblock the website or service and get access to the resources you want.

12. BuyProxies:

Buy Proxies

BuyProxies is an established supplier of private proxies that do not impose any limits on the use of their proxies! Provide outstanding Firefox and Chrome plugins, as well as API integration.

They were created in March 2011 and have been active ever since. They pioneered the provision of high-quality, cheap private proxies.

Their private proxies are an excellent choice for all of your SEO software requirements. Their response time and service are exceptional. Unlimited bandwidth, hundreds of locations, and API connectivity are just a few of its standout features.

Their API connection enables you to read proxies included in ‘.txt’ files straight from running scripts, which is convenient.

They provide four distinct types of proxies: dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated proxies, sneaker proxies, and Ticketmaster proxies.

Their private proxies operate with a variety of platforms, including Instagram, Google, Facebook, ScrapeBox, and Twitter.

Additionally, they guarantee that they control all of their proxies, which means you will not get older proxies that have been hacked or scraped by other proxy providers. They’re all fast and reliable servers that are also environmentally friendly.

They feature a customer care area that is ticket-based, enabling you to submit a ticket to a certain department and priority level. Their customer care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.

They assert that they have resolved over 49,000 tickets, which is incredible! This is another significant advantage of their longevity.

They will replace any of your expired proxies (which might occur as a consequence of the proxy purchaser’s excessive spamming) within a few hours!

The website is easy to browse, and locating deliveries, customer support, and other pertinent information was quite simple. However, the design is cluttered and distracting, and it seems a bit outmoded in our view.

Additionally, the website is quite sparse, with nothing for users to browse or utilize other than purchasing packages and contacting assistance.

It would be wonderful to see some tutorials, articles, and other supplementary materials. Having said that, it is an excellent website.

Why Do You Need Proxies For Adidas Sneaker Copping?

Adidas does not mandate the use of proxies. Even without a proxy server, you will be able to browse the Adidas-affiliated websites during a drop or release, add an item to your basket, continue to checkout, and complete the purchase.

Having said that, there are still a few reasons why you may need the usage of Adidas proxies.

1. Bottling and Acceleration:

Adidas bots demand a combination of a strong computer/server and a lightning-fast proxy server to maximize your chances.

Interestingly, proxy servers positioned near the hosts of Adidas websites reduce latency and ping, resulting in increased performance.

2. Acquire Geolocation-Based Offers:

Certain limited-edition releases are subject to geographic restrictions. If you are not physically present in the place, you will need a proxy with an IP address from that location to be eligible.

3. Purchasing Multiple Pairs:

Adidas prohibits anyone from purchasing more than one pair of their limited-edition shoes to avoid depriving others. They associate accounts with IP addresses, and you may be able to use the same IP address to access many models.

As a result, you will want extra IPs – and proxies are the most convenient method to get additional IPs.

FAQs Related To Adidas Proxy

🙇‍♀️ How Many Proxy Servers Do You Require?

The number of proxies required is generally determined by the number of pairings you want to cop, which is equivalent to the number of accounts. Each account is intended to have a unique IP address assigned to it. If you want to purchase ten limited editions of the same footwear, you will want ten Adidas accounts and ten IP addresses. Fortunately for us, the majority of residential proxy providers do not sell single proxies but rather supply proxy pools. The IP address given to your traffic changes either on a per-request basis or after a certain period. As a result, you will not need to purchase ten proxies — a $ 75 membership to Smartproxy will enable you to get up to fifty.

💁‍♂️ Why Are Residential Proxies Required?

When browsing the list of Adidas proxies above, you will see that they are all residential proxies. Does this rule exclude the usage of data center proxies? Without hesitation, I will say yes. Proxies from data centers should not be utilized to get limited-edition Adidas, since you will almost certainly miss out. Accepted; they are the quickest on the market. Adidas, on the other hand, is capable of identifying data center proxies, rendering their use pointless. It is feasible to find a data center proxy service that works, but this is a risk you should avoid.

🙆 To what extent are Adidas proxies illegal?

Adidas proxies are completely legal. They are intended and implemented to assist you in evading detection. The reason for avoiding detection is that Adidas does not like visitors accessing their website using a proxy. This is why utilizing residential proxies is the safest option.

🙋‍♂️ Will I be blocked from the Adidas website if I use Adidas proxies?

The purpose of utilizing Adidas proxies is to avoid detection, which means that you have a lower probability of being banned by Adidas if you utilize proxies.

🧏‍♂️ Is it necessary to use Adidas proxies with my bot?

While using proxies is not required, it is advised. Adidas proxies will benefit your bot when it comes to multithreading or when it comes to concealing your actual IP address.

🤷 Which of these Adidas proxies is the most reliable?

On this list, there is no top or worst supplier. Each of them has outstanding Adidas proxies, so which one is the finest is entirely up to you and your needs. Consider what each service has to offer and if the price fits your budget.

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Conclusion: Best Adidas Proxies 2023

In conclusion, the journey to find the best Adidas proxies can be a challenging one, but with the right tools and mindset, success is achievable. Just like the athletes who rely on Adidas gear to excel in their respective fields, sneaker enthusiasts must also equip themselves with the best proxies to secure limited edition releases.

From residential proxies to datacenter proxies, the market is flooded with options. However, it’s crucial to choose proxies that are reliable, fast, and offer a high level of anonymity. By doing so, you’ll be able to bypass any geographical restrictions and secure your coveted pair of kicks.

Remember, the world of sneaker copping is a competitive one, and having the right proxies can make all the difference. So don’t hesitate to invest in quality proxies and stay ahead of the game. Happy copping!

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