8 Best Datacenter Proxy Services 2023: Tried & Tested

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Datacenter Proxy Services, most individuals find SmartProxy and Oxylabs are the best options.

While testing website performance or extracting web data, you already know the importance of choosing a quality proxy service. Proxy services don’t necessarily require you to be online in order to use them.

Using proxies is a common way to hide your identity when browsing the web or watching videos that are usually blocked in your country.

In addition to those examples, proxies have a variety of other applications.

Proxy servers are gateways that connect users to the internet. Proxy services hide your location and IP address while you browse. In most cases, you can use an internet connection to appear to be in a foreign country if you choose to.

8 Best Datacenter Proxy Services 2023 

1. Smartproxy


Smartproxy offers a truly great deal when it comes to datacenter proxies. They offer 100K+ HTTP(s) datacenter proxies worldwide with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

You’re charged only for monthly bandwidth, and you can have limitless concurrent connection requests. IPs rotate automatically with every request; however, if you want, you can choose sticky sessions and keep the same IP for up to 30 minutes.

To have an effortless scraping experience, try out Chrome or Firefox extensions that bring essential proxy features into your browser.

If you’re not a big fan of shared datacenter proxies, there’s something for you too. Smartproxy also offers dedicated datacenter proxies. With these proxies, you can truly have full control over the IPs that you’ve bought! This means no more abused or disappearing IPs in the middle of your projects.

With dedicated datacenter proxies, you’ll get unlimited GBs and threads. Also, you can change all IPs you have by simply renewing your subscription on the dashboard. You can choose from sequential or non-sequential IPs.

Reasons to Select Smartproxy as the Best Datacenter Proxies Provider:

  • If you choose datacenter proxy plans, you pay only for your monthly bandwidth and get access to the whole proxy pool that consists of 100K proxies worldwide.
  • With dedicated datacenter proxy plans, you get unlimited traffic.
  • With every plan, you get access to handy apps: Chrome and Firefox extensions, X browser, Smart Scraper, and address generator.
  • Expect cool freebies, such as extensively documented software and over 35 setup guides.
  • Awarded 24/7 customer support via LiveChat
  • Pricing starts from $30 for 50 GBs

2. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal makes the promise that you will be able to make additional money online in a non-active manner simply by sharing your internet connection with other people. If this is something that interests you, check it out.

IPRoyal is a GPT website that will pay you to share your internet connection with its customers in exchange for a commission on their purchases.

IPRoyal residential proxies function according to an easy-to-understand model. They, like the vast majority of residential proxy services, do not exercise control over the IP addresses that are utilized in the process of routing client requests.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that operates in an ethical manner and even compensates individuals for their participation in the network, in contrast to competitors who engage in unethical tactics to obtain IP addresses for their pool.

They offer a business that is called IPRoyal Pawns, and it pays those who are willing to give over their Internet protocol address and connection in exchange for being used as proxies.

If you make use of their proxies, the traffic from your web browser will not be sent directly to the web services you select. Instead of that, they are sent to the IPRoyal service, which then performs a search for an available IP in the pool and sends your request to the specified website by utilizing the IP that is found.

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs data center

As of now, Oxylabs proxy network exceeds the network of Bright Data, which has the second-largest dedicated proxy network in the market. More than 2 million dedicated proxy servers are in the company’s pool, along with another 32 million residential proxy servers.

There are more than 80 Oxylabs datacentres around the world, and the company offers proxy servers in countries including the US, UK, India, Russia, Germany, and more.

Proxy servers from this company are world-renowned for their speed and performance, and the location coverage is excellent.

There are no limits on bandwidth or the number of concurrent sessions offered by the company’s data center proxy servers. Additionally, 99% uptime is guaranteed, the setup process is quick and easy, password authentication is supported, and the user interface is very slick.

Oxylabs claims to offer quality proxies particularly good for web scraping, even helping users find clean proxy servers for scraping sites. In addition, the company’s proxy services are often used in brand protection, market research, video ad verification, and travel fare aggregation.

Reasons to Select Oxylabs as the Best Datacenter Proxies Provider :

  • In the same way as most of its competitors, Oxylabs charges per IP. A premium provider will have a bit higher pricing than the average.
  • For a month-long price of $180, you get 100 IP addresses, which means $1.8 per address. Some of the other plans are cheaper per IP (as low as $1.20), however, they’re all very expensive.
  • Oxylabs offers price estimates to companies interested in purchasing large quantities of IPs (25K+). The cost of Oxylabs’ non-US IP addresses is more expensive for some users. Having said that, the company’s free trial period is much longer than most of its competitors, which is a very generous offer.

4. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire is a proxy provider that offers high-quality residential and mobile proxies. They have a network of millions of proxies that can be used to bypass firewalls, avoid geo-restrictions, scrape data, and browse the internet safely.

ProxyEmpire has a variety of packages that fit every need, and they offer a test drive for just $1.97. This allows you to try out their services and see if they are a good fit for you.

Businesses or individuals can use ProxyEmpire for their needs, and they offer custom packages to fit every need.

5. Bright Data

bright data

The  BrightData proxy service is an absolute powerhouse if you need any type of proxy service. There are over 40 million proxy servers available to the company, of which approximately 500.000 are located in sophisticated data centers.

It is possible to use proxy locations in 85 countries in the world with Bright Data because it has access to more than 1500 subnets. Over the years, the company has earned a great deal of favor with Fortune 500 companies thanks to its ethical business practices. It’s always a good idea to pick Bright Data if you’re unsure which proxy provider to choose.

There are both dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses from Bright Data, both of which have unlimited bandwidth and a limitless number of concurrent requests.

There is also a ‘cooling period’ where IP addresses are guaranteed not to be accessed for an appropriate period of time. In addition to Bright Data’s proxy manager interface, you can also add it to Google Chrome so you can monitor all your IPs at once.

The customer support team at Bright Data is not only very knowledgeable and professional but also one of the best in the industry.

6. Stormproxies

Among the newest providers on our list, Stormproxies created a name for itself by offering solid back connect and rotating proxies at first. There are now a variety of services offered by the company, including dedicated proxies for Instagram, Facebook, and ticketing websites.

IP addresses for residential and data centers can both be found here. The IP pool for data centre proxy addresses consists of over 70.000 addresses located mainly in the United States and Europe. As well as shared (rotating) proxy servers, Stormproxies offers dedicated ones.
It is quite common to use shared proxies because they rotate IPs every 3 minutes, every 15 minutes, or at every HTTP request.

As a result, users have a wide variety of options to choose from and can use proxies for numerous online activities. Dedicated proxies provide a high degree of anonymity and maximum performance.

We do not recommend using these proxies for very specific purposes. You can also use Stormproxies to access sneaker or ticket websites, as mentioned.

7. SSL Private Proxy

SSLPrivateProxy- Datacentre Proxy Services

As another veteran provider of proxy and VPN services, SSL Private Proxy offers a wide variety of options. With over 7 years of experience, the company offers specialized packages such as sneaker sites, video games, social media platforms such as Instagram, and more.

Over 120.000 dedicated IPs are available through SSL Private Proxy’s network, with 40 data centers located across North America and Europe.

With SSL Private Proxy, you can connect on HTTPS as well as HTTP, and you can use highly anonymous proxies with monthly randomization.

A few other highlights include IP whitelisting, username/password authentication, non-sequential IP addresses, and unlimited bandwidth.

Accessing multiple cities and subnets is possible regardless of the type of proxy service you choose. Apart from the usual advantages of private proxies, here they are optimized for SEO, scraping of search engines, YouTube, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

8. High Proxies

HighProxies- Best Cheap Datacentre Proxy Services

High Proxies provides reliable proxy servers at competitive prices throughout the U.S. and Europe. The company’s network is home to about 25.000 IP addresses.

High Proxies offer valuable services, such as shared and private proxies, VPN services, and special dedicated proxy packages. Despite its reputation as a premium service, the prices of High Proxies are comparable to many on this list.

Access to everything else can be achieved with them, however. This is used for various purposes, including SEO, scraping, and social networking. 99% uptime is guaranteed, monthly randomization is performed, and IP whitelisting is enabled.

Additionally, most plans allow for multiple cities and subnets. This rule has no exceptions, except for basic private proxy plans.

Data Center vs Residential vs Mobile Proxies

Depending on where the IP addresses originate, proxies can be categorized into three groups. It uses IP addresses obtained from data centers belonging to big companies like Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There are, however, still many companies that actually own their own data centers and don’t rely on third-party companies as their data centers.

A residential or mobile proxy is not usually static (rotating) or stored in a centralized location, unlike a proxy used by a data center. The services generate addresses from pools of real users assigned to them by their internet service providers or mobile carriers.

In residential proxy services as well as mobile proxy services, IP addresses are often voluntarily provided by users as part of P2P networks in exchange for free internet access.

Datacentre Proxies Use Cases:

  • Web Scraping: Using data center proxies for scraping web content isn’t ideal, but it is possible with some success if you know what you are doing. Keeping your mouth closed is key to avoiding overeating. Datacentre proxies are the easiest to detect if you’re trying to scrape large amounts of information from Amazon or LinkedIn. This is because major companies have systems in place that prevent the scraping of large amounts of data from these sites. You shouldn’t have any trouble scraping data from smaller websites, however.
  • Creating Multiple Accounts: Most platforms that do not allow the use of more than one IP address allow the creation of more than one account. Since VPNs can be quite pricey, circumventing this often isn’t worth the effort. Residential proxy services are another possibility, but their rotational nature makes them unreliable for this purpose. You can use data centers as proxies on these sites since they’re cheap and it looks like you’re logging on from the same IP address. There is no cause for suspicion on your part.
  • Website Performance Testing: Proxy servers located at datacenters around the world are an excellent way to test your website’s performance. It is important to test things out because one person’s experience may not be the same as another person’s halfway across the globe. A data center proxy can also be used to test any ads you have on your site.
  • Accessing Geo-Restricted Content: If you are using a VPN, you will not be able to access the geo-restricted content on Netflix or YouTube. Using data center proxies in this case is ideal because you don’t have to worry about performance issues while streaming the content.

FAQs On Best Datacentre Proxy Services

Where Can I Use Data Center Proxies?

Proxies are generally compatible with applications that support HTTP/HTTPS connections. You can also opt for SOCKS support, which gives you some extra options.

✌How Do Datacenter Proxies Work on Sneaker Sites?

In this case, it is not recommended to make use of normal-purpose proxy servers from the data center. Proxies from datacenters can also be used to view geo-blocked content or to analyze website performance, among other things. You may find some providers who offer dedicated sneaker sites proxy packages, however.

What’s the Difference Between Data Center Proxies and Residential Proxies?

IP addresses stored in data centers are used for data center proxies, while IP addresses belonging to residential users are used for residential proxies. Residential IPs are assigned by internet service providers while data center IPs are created in data centers by the companies that own the servers.

What’s the Difference Between Shared and Private Proxies?

You will have sole access to your private proxy by purchasing a private subscription. Shared proxies are provided by a provider so that multiple users can access them at the same time. Users who value their privacy will prefer private proxies because they are safer and cost more.

Can I Test Proxy Service Before I Commit to a Purchase?

Companies that provide free proxies are becoming harder to come by these days because of their vulnerabilities to abuse. Many providers provide free trials, however these last for only a few days. Some providers offer free trials, such as Bright Data and Oxylabs.

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Conclusion: Best Datacentre Proxy Services 2023

Performance and affordability are the main reasons for using data center proxies. Residential and mobile proxies are more limited in some ways but are still useful for a lot of online activities. These services have plenty to offer if you use them for their intended purpose.

In spite of this, you can use datacentre proxies to protect your identity while browsing the internet even if you don’t have an interest in things like web scraping or performance testing.

Nevertheless, you should be careful about which company you sign up with, as there are plenty of proxy services nowadays. Providers who can actually be trusted account for a relatively small percentage.

The 10 companies we covered in this article were individually chosen specifically for their legitimacy since all of them are well-known names in the industry. The providers we listed offer fantastic services, even though we decided to go with a ranked list.

In our experience, Luminati is a great option for ‘pay as you go’ systems and bulk purchases. Instead, I recommend MPP Group or any of the other providers offering single proxy packages.

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