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Best CPV/PPV Networks
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      The advertisement has become an essential part of promoting a business. Not only it helps in right branding of any firm but also helps in projecting a positive image of any company and its products or services. The advertisement has a significant impact on the customers on the web as well as in the physical world.

      Today, various platforms are available for the advertisers and publishers to manage the online marketing for any business. Here, we are providing you with the list of leading Cost Per View Networks for the Advertisers and Publishers. These networks benefit not only the advertisers but also publishers.

      The ad sponsor or advertiser can spread awareness about their business while the publisher also gets paid for giving space on his site or blog for placing the CPV ads. So, every view costs the advertiser some fixed amount of money that he needs to pay to the network.

      Online advertisement is a profit-making industry. Many website owners and bloggers display online ads on their site or blog posts respectively and earn high incomes. There are a variety of ads that can be placed on the webspace and can be distinguished based on standard pricing criteria.

      These ads Cost per include View ads, CPM, Cost per Click and fixed price advertisements.

      Other than these, the ads can also be classified on the basis of their design and their placement on the blog or a site such as graphical banner, pop-ups, pop-under, text ads as well as banner ads. These online ads are chargeable, and advertisers have to buy the space from the networks for their Internet marketing.

      The advertisers pay the network for putting their ads and pay them based on certain industry standards. These include payments per click for some of the advertisements, per display of an advertisement on a particular website or blog and payment per thousand times, i.e., every thousand shows on a particular web page or blog.

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      One of the most famous types of internet advertising is Cost per View. Whenever there is any online visitor visits a particular web page on which the advertisement is displayed, the advertiser has to pay to the network for it. In this type of commercial campaign, it doesn’t matter whether a visitor clicks on the ad or not; the advertiser has to pay for every single visit on the web page.

      Cost Per Click, on the other hand, charges an advertiser when a user to the page clicks on his advertisement. And for every single click network charges money from the advertiser. The price for CPC is more than the fees payable for CPV. But, CPC is the more efficient form of advertisement as the user is showing an apparent interest in the product or services and there are high chances of the beginning of a conversation.

      What is Cost Per View (CPV) Advertising?

      The Cost Per View is also commonly known as Pay Per View or PPV. We are providing you with the list of some popular PPV advertisement network platforms today.

      Best Top CPV or PPV Ad Networks Programs 2020:

      1) PropelmediaVisit Site
      2) 50onRedVisit Site
      3) Media trafficVisit Site
      4) DirectCPVVisit Site
      5) AdOnNetworkVisit Site
      6) Lead ImpactVisit Site
      7) ClicksorVisit Site
      8) CpvMarketplaceVisit Site

      1) Propelmedia


      Propelmedia is one of the top CPV/PPV networks. It offers a platform for displaying ads along with contextual text link. This network is popular for providing excellent traffic with the aim of superior purchases. The Propelmedia network offers significant customer support services. The dashboard this network provides is very user-friendly and helps in the optimization of the advertisements to be displayed in no time.

      Though, there are certain disadvantages also involved that include referrals, a minimal of amount needs to be deposited along with its high price.

      The network would not accept your application unless you give them a referral, which again leads to some more expenditure.

      2) 50onRed

      50onred network

      One more network that provides coverage aiming the global market at a meager price of $0.002 per view is 50onRed. Along with Pay Per View traffic, 50onRed also has Display and In Text traffic that uses the same interface as PPV. This helps the advertiser save on extra expense on the Display and InText advertisements. We would like to recommend this one strongly as we feel that it provides value for money and it is my personal favorite.

      Its user interface is one of the most efficient and user-friendly interfaces as compared to many CPV networks platforms.

      The financial estimation you would need regarding investment would be around $500. The pricing of 50onRed is comparable. This is a little expensive compared to a few platforms and can cost you more than $1 for every view.

      However, if you add the lesser number of keywords and relevant keywords, it will cost you as low as $0.005 for every view, which is not at all bad. The traffic you get through 50onRed is excellent. This leads to the maximum number of conversations.

      3) Media traffic

      Media Traffic CPV PPV Contextual Advertising

      Media Traffic is affiliate based Cost Per Pay network platform. This network is advantageous for most affiliates as it offers ample space for ads that gives them much better clarity along with high ROI and great target market. Media traffic is a user-friendly platform with easy to use user interface.

      The procedure to access the Media Traffic dashboard is simple and takes only a few minutes and three steps. The customer services being offered by the company are excellent, and every account is given an individual account executive.

      MediaTraffic Detail Report

      The only disadvantage of Media Traffic is its application process. The advertiser is required to submit the hard copy of duly signed application form along with all the necessary documents with all required details. In case the documents are not complete, your application will be rejected.

      4) DirectCPV

      DirectCPV Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network

      Another very famous and economic CPV network amongst advertisers is DirectCPV. It renders its affiliates with value for every penny that they spend. This network offers you to target the market based on locations, URL’s and keywords.

      DirectCPV Cost Per View Model Demo

      This improves the chances of getting more prospects for the advertisers. DirectCPV displays a full-screen advertisement on the web pages whenever you browse that particular web page. This type of advertising does not need a landing page as its window itself is the size of the screen.

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      5) AdOnNetwork

      AdonnetworkAdOn program is also a popular network amongst affiliates. This network displays the advertisements on the web page with that relevant content to that of ads. So, the users that visit the page might be curious about the product or services also that are presented in the ads. Hence, this visitor may become the prospect for that advertiser.

      The AdOn program is flexible enough to accommodate different requirements of the advertiser including banners with full-screen ads, background advertisements, pop-up ads and text ads.

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      The program offered by AdOn is not costly and can suit every business demand. It gets you good traffic even in lower prices. It is a secure network platform as it can handle a variety of malicious and malware attacks.

      6) Lead Impact

      Lead Impact LLC

      When it comes to economic network platform option, Lead Impact is also a reliable name in the industry. This is great for the advertisers with the small budget without compromising on the heavy traffic demand.

      The visibility of the ad window is fantastic. It also attracts visitors through various modes of alluring traffic such as search and emailing along with the display channel.

      This program also includes targeting the prospects through specific URL’s and keywords. Lead Impact network program also offers the target market like any specific country or region. It also gives the option to select the language preference of the advertiser.

      7) Clicksor

      Clicksor Contextual Advertising Behavioral Marketing

      One very interesting network platform for advertisers is Clicksor. This network backs a variety of advertisements including CPM, CPI, CPC, and CPV. Clicksor exhibits relevant graphic banners, pop-under, search box, interstitial advertisement, In Text ads and contextual banners.

      Clicksor - Placing Ad Code

      Clicksor uses top Alexa ranking sites, which have higher numbers of page views, for displaying ads. It offers eighty-five percent of the income from the advertisements to the publisher. The only disadvantage of Clicksor is that the ads on this network contain malware.

      8) CpvMarketplace

      cpvMarketplace CPV Advertising Cost Per View Ad Campaigns by

      CPV or Cost Per view improves the productivity of any marketing campaign to a great extent. It provides leads or prospects your business who are really curious about the products or services provided by your company. CpvMarketplace helps you kill competition by attracting visitors that are interested in dealing with you.

      The CpvMarketplace is the online marketing platform that is efficient and provides the advertiser with the quality traffic. The traffic generated by CpvMarketplace is excellent and cost-effective.


      👉Which is the best ad network?

      Some of the best ad networks are Propelmedia 50onRed, Media traffic, DirectCPV, AdOnNetwork and more.

      👉What is a CPC program?

      Cost Per Click programs charges an advertiser when a user to the page clicks on his advertisement. And for every single click network charges money from the advertiser.

      👉What is a CPV program?

      One of the most famous types of internet advertising is Cost per View. Whenever there is any online visitor visits a particular web page on which the advertisement is displayed, the advertiser has to pay to the network for it.

      Conclusion: Best CPV/PPV Networks 2020 Advertisers & Publishers

      Above are some of the popular best CPV/PPV network programs for the advertisers and publishers 2020 both. We recommend these networks so that you can get some help while looking for a good CPV network. If you register for any of the above network platforms, it will not only help you make some extra money but also draw more traffic to your business.

      For any queries or feedback, please leave your comments and we would be happy to revert.

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        Advertisement plays an important role in branding or promoting a product or a service. There are many platforms for both advertiser and publishers that provide online advertisements of your products or services. Now-a-days, many webmaster and bloggers makes money by placing various advertisements on their blogs or website. 50onRed is perhaps the best PPV traffic source.

        50onRed can help you with worldwide targeting and the cost of it can be more economical. MediaTraffic is also a amazing platform for the PPV and the CPV advertising for the various affiliates. Eventually, thanks for exploring these beneficial services with us.

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