Best Residential IP’s For AD Verification 2023: Starts @$0.5 (Best Proxy for Ad Verification)

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Residential Proxies for IP’s For AD Verification are in the limelight today for a good reason. Whether it’s account management, market research, or limited-edition sneaker purchases, data center IP addresses may not be sufficient. These are easily recognizable for most major Web sites, and access to information gathering is often denied.

This is where intellectual property comes into play. The way leads through a real house and an internet provider. It not only hides the IP address, but it also bypasses it and makes it look like a regular network user.

What Is Ad Verification? Best Residential IP’s For AD Verification

Ad Verification tests each of the desired ad positions of the desired Display campaign to ensure each publisher meets the agreed standards.

What is a Residental IP address?

Before you get to know the use of a Residental Proxy you need to first understand what a Residental IP address is. These are IP addresses that are given by an internet service provider to a home owner. Logically stating that every computing device and the home network has its own Residental IP and it holds certain information. These include information like the approximate location and the name of the ISP Company.

Residential Ip- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

The biggest advantage of these IP addresses is that they are legit, meaning completely legal and are tagged to a legit home or location. Another added advantage is that they are not data centers and cannot be banned as easily which makes them excellent for proxies.

What Is Ad Fraud And How Does This Work?

There are many ways that advertising fraud has been committed. A botnet is a popular form of advertising scam. Scammers work on a group of computers that are hacked and infected by malware. This malicious software interferes with browsers and generates traffic to fake websites created by hackers. These dummy sites are not visited by real people. However, these websites give the false impression of intense human traffic and cause ad servers to run ads for cheaters.

Due to these fraudulent attacks, hackers are stealing ads from ad servers that generate more revenue. Advertisers must bear the most losses from this scam by making false clicks on ads. Last year, Russian hackers were estimated to make between $ 3 and $ 5 million a day by making fake clicks on video ads.

All industries today are motivated by competition. Fraud is not only about stealing your ads, but also about getting your brand image bad. Imagine what people think of your brand when you see them on a porn site or a casino site? These moves are, for obvious reasons, malevolent to their competitors.

Here I have mentioned best residential IP’s for Ad verification below:

Best Residential IP’s For AD Verification 2023 Best Proxy for Ad Verification

1. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Luminati- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

Luminati was the first company to identify the need and provide access to household IP proxy servers. In addition, he was the first driver on the market to bring together the largest group of IP addresses for private households.

The company has created a hands-on service that is easy to integrate with web automation applications and offers great potential for expansion. This makes it ideal for large companies that need to process large amounts of information.

Luminati provides business services in areas such as:

  • Web Scraping,
  • Web Data Mining,
  • great online marketing,
  • Online privacy, just to name a few.

Among the frequent applications of Luminati include:

Business intelligence: Gather valuable customer information to find out who the best destination for your service is.

Comparative Intelligence: Collect and analyze competitive pricing information and offers without being cheated or cheated.

Trademark Protection: Monitor the Internet and ensure that your intellectual property, trademarks, and pricing strategy are not used without your consent.

Ad Review: Check the integrity of ads across millions of available private IP addresses and remove misleading ads and backlinks.

Talent Sourcing: Join a larger talent pool faster and more efficiently.

Self Test: Test your website from any country in the world and visualize it as your visitor.

How Secure is Luminati?

If you are considering the relatively high price of the service and the costs associated with developing the integration, you will need to answer that question based on your case. Nevertheless, we can help you answer that question based on what’s important to you.

Technically, Luminati is extremely reliable. It contains millions of IP addresses, multiple super proxies, and thousands of free and paid users connecting to your network daily. The company also perfected the system and eliminated all major issues to ensure smooth user experience. Some problems are due to the network architecture, but you can usually mitigate these negative effects during the application development phase.

However, business customers need sophisticated platforms and fast and efficient solutions in the event of a problem. Unfortunately, customer service is not one of the bastions of Hola Networks Limited. Although they support the customer, we find that they arrive too late or, for certain difficulties, find no viable solutions. To be fair with Luminati, the quality of customer service has improved in recent months. Therefore, they seem to be repairing their weaknesses at a steady pace.


Luminati Pricing- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

  • Shared Proxies: $0.50/per GB
  • Private Proxies: $0.60/Month per IP
  • Residential and Mobile IPs: $12.5/per GB

Apart from the ethical debate, Luminati has a lot to offer, so let’s take a closer look at its services.


It is a private-sector rotating proxy network that collects and analyzes all information from various Web sites using a set of more than 5 million proxy servers. You can connect to the world’s most limited resources without forgetting the forbidden and compromised IP addresses. 

You can check our in-depth SmartProxy review here.

Best Residential IP's For AD Verification- SmartProxy is a modern and premium proxy provider with high-quality servers at affordable prices. At a time when it is difficult to find a reliable proxy provider, Smart Proxy is one of the most reliable services available. They provide proxy servers in 195+ countries and territories, making them one of the most comprehensive providers in the world.

Not only do they offer a secure service to protect their anonymity, but they also use a rotating proxy network for households. This is one of the simplest and safest types of proxy services as it eliminates the maintenance of your agents and gives you a higher level of Internet protection. services benefit users with needs such as creating a social media account, using online footwear, researching the market, reviewing ads, and more. These are proxy servers for Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, sneaker sites, and much more for hard-to-block IP addresses for homes!

When We Should Use Smartproxy?

Review of the ad: If you’re an ad specialist creating ad campaigns for different companies in different countries, sign in to Smartproxy to ensure your ad looks the way you want. Forget about broken links, malware, and bad advertising.

Retail Intelligence: This service is helpful when tracking the prices of specific goods or services. Sometimes, you will need to be logged in to a specific area to receive the discount. With Smartproxy, you can solve the problem without being blocked.

Best Residential IP's For AD Verification- Use SmartProxy

Trademark Protection: Smartproxy lets you identify harmful crimes and trademark abuse.

The platform sends all your traffic across real devices, so you can be sure that your proxy servers will never be identified as robots or spam machines and can be operated with the utmost anonymity.

This is How Smartproxy Works

In fact, everything is easy. When the user configures their application to work with Smartproxy, it connects to the primary endpoint, which handles all requests. The request is then sent to a proxy server group with more than 10 million addresses, where the request is processed according to the user’s needs.

Best Residential IP's For AD Verification- How Is SmartProxy Work

Depending on the resource you want to access, the application will get a specific IP address or be connected to a specific country. The user can manage multiple sessions simultaneously, unlike the VPN, which provides the same address for all applications on the device. The developers have provided the schema on their website, where you can see how it works.

There are two ways to use the IP home network:

  • Use your username and password (traditional method).
  • Add the specific IP address to a whitelist on the control panel.

In the first case, configure your application in which you want to use the proxy server and add your username and password, which you can remove from the scope. In the second case, add your IP address to the appropriate area of ​​your control panel.

Best Residential IP's For AD Verification- IP Home Network


All the plans are bandwidth based. Each plan has a limited amount of available traffic to be used with the proxy server.

The company provides four tariff plans:

Best Residential IP's For AD Verification- SmartProxy Pricing Plan


  • MICRO — $15 per GB with 5GB of provided traffic;
  • STARTER — $10 per GB with 20GB of provided traffic;
  • REGULAR — $8 per GB with 50GB of provided traffic;
  • ADVANCED — $6 per GB with 100GB of provided traffic;
  • PREMIUM — $5 per GB with 200GB of provided traffic.
  • PROFESIONAL — $4 per GB with 500GB of provided traffic.
  • ENTERPRISE  — $3 per GB with 1000GB of provided traffic.


There are various payment options; you can use a bank card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. All plans include 3 day money-back guarantee, which you can request without any limitations.

3) IPRoyal

IProyal Proxies

Residential proxies are used for data scraping. They make sure that your computer is not detected or blocked. You can choose to have a residential proxy that lasts 24 hours, or one that changes often. They all come from genuine user IP addresses all over the world.

IPRoyal datacenter proxy service lets you surf the web without any limits. You can also use it to extract and crawl data anonymously. It’s always secure, so your personal information is safe. It supports HTTPS and SOCKS5 for easy data extraction and crawling, whether you’re doing market research or protecting your brand.

IProyal Review Usecases

Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies

They give you a mobile 4G proxy that is fast. You can use the proxy to save your computer. It will not be blocked by other people, and it will be safe. With a 4G proxy, you can do things like search engine optimization or competitor research. You can also use it to manage social media on the internet. IPRoyal guarantee that the service we provide will help you with all of these things, and more!

Location :

IProyal proxies location

Pricing :

IProyal proxy pricing


4. Microleaves

Proxies Microleaves is one of the most popular proxy providers for retirement provision, which also offers dedicated private proxies. HTTP / HTTPS proxies are great for scraping anonymous web and SEO robots. Read our full review of his private powers.

MicroLeaves- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

Due to recent increased demand for private agents for many online businesses, many proxy services are provided for the provision of private proxy data centers. Not all proxy services offer the same functions. Some services even offer packages that are tailored to a specific use. Very often it becomes very confusing for someone who has just started a proxy.

We’ve looked at the most popular private data center proxy that’s currently in operation to help you choose the right service for your needs from a long list of proxy services. In this review, we’ll focus on the proxy center data provided by Microleaves’ popular proxy proxy proxy service. Although they are primarily a proxy provider for residential customers, they also have a power of subdivision for private data centers.

Microleaves Features

1. A large number of IP addresses and locations

A group of more than 26 million IP is excellent and ensures deliverability. Microleaves rotate the proxies every 5 minutes. Comparing this session with other back-connect proxies is pretty impressive. Note that connection requests are also sent from a special peer-to-peer network. P2P and private IP addresses ensure that your user requirements are not marked.

MicroLeaves services- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

Microleaves saves you from tediously changing your IP addresses by offering multiple IP slots. Proxy services indicate on their websites that IP sites are offered from all cities in the world. Although we have not confirmed yet, Microleaves proxies can provide access to an IP address in Europe, Asia, the US or Canada.

The service also supports the geolocation filter. Therefore, you can assign powers to certain countries of your choice. However, Microleaves does not support city-level targeting. You will also find great diversity in Microleaves’ intellectual property properties.

2. Unlimited bandwidth

Microleaves are charged only by the port number with unlimited traffic. While some lucrative and expensive proxy services charge per gigabyte, Microleaves do not charge bandwidth charges.

3. Adjustment and control of the ordinary session

After purchasing the Microleaves subscription proxy, it will be assigned a certain number of ports. The default setting for these ports is to maintain a specific IP address for 5-10 minutes. The configuration of these ports is pretty clear, as it also allows you to select the locations where you want to run a specific IP address. Once you have selected the location, you must contact the Microleaves support team to activate the destination.

As one of the oldest providers of back-connect special proxies, Microleaves proxies are controlled by the SOCKS protocol. Backconnect proxies are also enabled with geotargeting. Therefore, their IP addresses can be used to access websites, e.g. Ticketmaster, Social Sites, Email Sites, AXS, Amazon and Craigslist Hub Stub.

4. The organized site and a basic control box.

Microleaves proxies have a fairly well-designed website that not only contains information about using a proxy but is also easy to navigate. Although the service has several options from which you can choose your subscription, it is easy for beginners to find what you want on the website. The dashboard has an extraordinary design. You will find a detailed FAQ section and a blog page. Another critical area of ​​the website is supporting the change of IP whitelist. Therefore, you can add the whitelist at 10 IPs.


Microleaves proxies provide a proxy for home users and data center proxies. They offer private and shared proxies among their data center proxies. Their high-priority anonymous data center proxy servers are just HTTP / HTTPS, while private proxy servers also offer SOCKS 4/5

MicroLeaves Pricing- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

Private agents are for general use and do not offer any special packages. Packages start at $ 12.5 for 5 agents and up to 500 proxies at $ 1,250. Unlike most companies, they offer no price reduction when purchased in bulk. Full price plans for Proxies Microleaves are listed below.

5. NetNut

NetNut is one of the latest and amazing residential IP proxy servers that give unique features. They provide dedicated and shared proxy servers that allow customers to hide their digital identities to reduce the fear of hackers or prevent cyber theft.

NetNut residential proxy review

It gives an impressive pool of residential proxies allowing for geotargeting and sticky sessions. When compared with the storm proxies, it has got a whole lot of residential proxies. Moreover, the IPs are always online and they have got even more than 5 to 7 million IP addresses.

NetNut offers complete anonymity and high speed by performing load balancing to connect you to the network. A lot of sites do not work well with the sneaker websites but this isn’t the case with NetNut.

Besides sites of Adidas and Nike, it works well with all the sneaker websites. The dashboard for the NetNut is really intuitive and the statistics is understandable. NetNut is still working on getting the Whitelist IPs authentication.

Key Features of NetNut Proxy:

  • Sticky IP: NetNut’s residential proxies offer the sticky IPs using a unique identifier. Each of the users have same exit IP.
  • Search Engine Proof: The residential proxies works well with all the search engines. It generates different IP with each request and gives you a new IP.
  • Segmentation: Unlike its competitors, NetNut gives you easy access to websites scraping with no extra charge.
  • Pool Size: The pool size of the IPs is pretty large and offers over millions of IPs.
  • IP Rotation: With this feature, NetNut gives a unique IP for each browser and can be integrated with any of the browser.
  • Connect Multiple Devices: Users can connect to all the devices and use all the devices with the intelligent DNS proxy.

Pricing: Review

They have seven tariff plans ranging from $ 300 for the smallest package to $ 3,500 for the largest package. There is another package that is priceless. If you need it, you need to contact the sales team. For other price requests like 2TB, 5TB, etc you also need to contact us.

It also offers a 7-day free trial period and on request, you can get 100 GB of traffic.


  • 7- day Free Trial
  • DiViNetworks Dependent
  • 24/7 Support
  • High Speeds and Low Latency
  • Less than 1% failure
  • IP Rotation
  • API for Stats


  • No SOCKS Support
  • No IP Whitelisting


What Are The Risks Of Not Performing An Ad Review

Losing control over advertising is a big threat to companies that advertise online. The biggest concern is the loss of return on investment (ROI) because your ad is not generating real traffic. This situation is a complete waste of your advertising material.

The ads you enter can also hurt your brand. For example, ads may contain or appear inappropriate content or may end up in unusable domains. Only ad review can help ensure your ads reach your audience in the way you want.

Ads risk- Best Residential IP's For AD Verification

If you publish digital ads overseas, your geo-targeting will limit your ability to review the content and location of your advertising creativity. If your ad is misused or suboptimally published, you may never know it because you can not use an IP address in your country.

The risks described above confirm why businesses need a way to test the delivery of their ads by the end user. Businesses are turning to private IP proxy services to get their needed tools. Residential IP Proxy Services are a cost-effective way to regain control of your overseas advertising and to see for yourself if your ad generates a return on investment for you.

How Residential IP Proxy Services Can Help with Ad Verification

What makes IP proxy services for home users so effective for checking Ad delivery abroad? The answer lies in accessing external IP addresses.

Residential IP addresses are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in all countries. They are the Internet equivalent of a mailing address, and like a mailing address, an IP address indicates the physical location of your host.

Online services often change the content displayed based on the visitor’s IP address. Just as Netflix displays different content in each country, online ads may appear differently depending on the host’s IP address. Because of this, you can not be sure that the ads will be displayed as they are viewed by your foreign audience if you use your local IP address.

With Residential IP Proxy Services, you can use foreign IP addresses instead of your own IP addresses. That way, you can view your ads from the end user’s perspective.

Unfortunately, the bad actors know the methods companies use to review ads. You can block the data center IP address IP addresses to prevent you from checking them. Worse, they can trick you with inaccurate information. This is a risk that no company should take.

Unlike other forms of IP proxy services, private IP proxy services can go unnoticed as normal traffic from the destination country. They are because they are indistinguishable from other visitors who use residential IP addresses. Using a private IP address, you can review your ads without the publisher recognizing them.

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Conclusion: Best Residential IP’s For AD Verification 2023

As per my recommendation, Luminati would be the best representative in terms of price and quality of this list. They kept their servers running and had no problems using them. They beat all the competitors on this list simply because of the price and the quality, which are better than most of the list.

It comes with an impressive high-speed connection, high-security features with diverse locations of servers that will always ascertain your comfort. More importantly, the company is a good leader in providing you highly anonymous proxies and secure Virtual Private Networks. Let me know in the comments section below what you think about all these proxies and what you liked the most.

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