BluePrint LSAT Review 2024: Is The Course Effective? Find The Right Prep Course

Blueprint LSAT Review

Overall Verdict

Comparing other courses like Kaplan and Princeton which are super expensive Blueprint stands out in offering great quality content for LSAT Prep and multiple pricing plans to suit everyone’s requirements.

Out of 10


  • Fun learning
  • Quality of teaching and support
  • Worry-Free Return Policy
  • Flexible payment Options
  • Guaranteed Score Increase


  • Expensive tutoring option
  • Not optimized for Android
  • Limited access to their in-person classes
  • Extra charge to access the 85 official LSAT tests
  • Although mobile-friendly, there is no app yet


Price: $ 249

Preparing for my LSAT I started my search on the internet to find the right Prep Course available online that would help me in each step of the way to ready myself for the Test.

I was looking for something that would not have me rush into the preparation and also, something that would be witty and fun in a way that could keep me engaged.

After hours of research and the counsel of my teachers, I came to the conclusion of going with Blueprint Prep.

In this article, I would be sharing a depth Review of Blueprint LSAT, the best Guide Preparation platform.

👮‍♀️ About BluePrint LSAT:

Blueprint LSAT Review- Overview

BluePrint LSAT Review- Blueprint LSAT Prep has been designed to clarify your objectives and step by step guide to prepare you for your LSAT in a fun and interactive way.

To ensure that the students understand and learn the concepts better, Blueprint has a way of breaking down their study material into easy learning modules. For someone like me who finds time to learn and study at my own pace, this was the perfect blend.

HD tutorial videos are readily available at one’s disposal with humorous and intelligent instructors, cartoons for representation, detailed notes, and diagrams to ensure that the points get through.

The course covers multiple aspects of the Test with detailed topics. BluePrint LSAT Review official website has more than 200,000 hours of video content and claims an average increase of 11 points for its students.

The test prep company was founded in 2005 with the intention of revolutionizing this education sector into becoming a pioneer in innovative learning practices.

Some of the key areas of focus for the company are the Impactful and Engaging Course line-up, Personal Video Conferences from Expert Tutors, Competitive Pricing, and abundant visual aid for reference.

🗯 The Study Material:

 study plan

  • More than 15 practical exams. 
  • Comprehensive textbooks and study material. 
  • 24/7 support via email. 
  • Dedicated user-friendly dashboard to track progress. 
  • Access to old LSAT questions from the previous years.
  • Progress Analytics.
  • Private sessions with 98th Percentile LSAT Mentors. 
  • User-friendly UI.

🏆 Why Choose Blueprint LSAT Prep?

Why Choose Blueprint LSAT

User Dashboard And Experience:

BluePrint LSAT Review- The minimalistic design of the dashboard is one of the best features. The left bar holds all the necessary navigation options without cramping up the pages with too much information.

There was no need for an orientation to even understand the analytics section of the product. BluePrint LSAT Review- The Law School Compass feature helped me understand and gain momentum in my progress.

The section showed how close I was to reaching my goal of clearing the LSAT.

A complete SWOT analysis helped in giving the right direction and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses. The top column of the screen has a user-friendly and intuitive section that directs the user to their assignments, problem sets, tasks, and exams.

Their focus on making the aesthetics of the pages helped in keeping the experience interesting and fresh each time I logged into the website.  

Live Class Sessions:

Blueprint LSAT review- Live Class Sessions

BluePrint LSAT Review- For the students looking for a classroom setting with the option of having the comfort of fellow classmates to discuss and learn, the Live Classes are a great tool.

The timings and schedules prepared for the classes are as per the convenience of the students to help them cope with their own personal schedules.

Since I was looking for a more slow-paced online course I did not opt for the Online Small Group Pack but the feedback I got from my peers was interesting.

It seemed that all the tutors had a great sense of humor where they ensured that the students took a keen interest in the classes. On many occasions, I reached out to my peers who opted for the Small Group Study Pack to get a little more insight on a couple of points.

If you are looking for a “back to school” experience where you want to have intensive discussions on the modules with your fellow colleagues and tutors I will recommend you go for the Blueprint LSAT Live Online Small Group option. 

Access To Live Online Material:

BluePrint LSAT Review- Depending on the plan selected the users have access to online material on the website.

With plans ranging from 3, 6, and 12 months you get video lessons, 80 plus exam sessions, unlimited live support, and a score increase guarantee (for 6 and 12-month plans).

One of the features to note is that the subscription can be put on hold in case of any personal reason and the plan can be reactivated by paying a nominal activation fee.

If this feature is used all the past progress is kept safe for you to continue when you can. 

Blueprint LSAT Study Material And Books:

Material And Book

BluePrint LSAT Review- These physical books turned out great for me to make notes on the go, study and highlight key subjects, and were a great resource for reviewing the curriculum.

The books were well written with a lot of exercises, notes, and material. This could be a personal preference but some would be more inclined towards the online material as it is really well crafted and the amount of material that is easily accessible cannot be compared to hard copies. 

Private Tutors At A Fee: 

BluePrint LSAT Review- For students looking for an edge and are willing to pay for the higher-end plans, this tool works wonders. The 1-on-1 private sessions cost as much as $ 200 per hour for giving or taking 6 to 8 sessions.

These sessions help students to work on their weak points and get more clarity on subjects from the online material. I know that the pricing for these sessions is really on the higher side but it is good to see that there is something for everybody in the plans designed by Blueprint LSAT. 

Score Increase Guarantee:

BluePrint LSAT Review- Progress Tracking

BluePrint LSAT Review- An interesting concept of the Blueprint LSAT Prep course is that they guarantee an increase in the LSAT scores of the students. This is judged between the first practice exam taken during the initiation of the course with the last exam.

If a student is unable to see an improvement then there is an option of a refund or the entire Curriculum could be taken up again to improve scores.

Personally, I did quite well in my final score and did not have the chance to experience this but the commitment and assurity has given to me at the time of opting for this course gave me a kind of assurance that I was in good hands. 

💲 Pricing Plans: 


Blueprint LSAT Prep offers multiple options in terms of plans at various prices. The products are segregated as: 

  • Blueprint LSAT Online anytime. 
  • Blueprint LSAT Live Online.
  • Blueprint LSAT Live Online Small Group. 
  • Blueprint LSAT Classroom. 
  • Blueprint LSAT Crash Course (4 Months) 
  • Blueprint LSAT Comprehensive Intensive (5 Months)
  • Blueprint LSAT Intensive (7 Months) 

Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime:

For the online anytime option there are 3 plans available. The 3-month course starts at $ 699, 6 months plan at $999, and the 12-month plan costs $1499. Blueprint LSAT Online also has an option where we can opt for monthly online plans that start from $249. 

Blueprint LSAT Online Offers:

  1. LSAT Prep Plus Fee of $99
  2. More than 85 Practice Examinations 
  3. Comprehensive Video Lessons 
  4. Round the clock Customer Support (Live) 
  5. Score increase guarantee (Not available for 1 and 3-month plans) 

Blueprint LSAT Live Online/Live Online Small Group: 

BluePrint LSAT Review- Personally, the plan I went for was the Blueprint LSAT Live Online for its vast available features that I will outline below.

The Live Online Small Group program was also something that seemed very interesting to me but the only difference for that you could get to study with a small group of individuals pursuing LSATs.

I did not opt for the Small Group Program as I wanted to move things ahead at my own pace. The Blueprint LSAT Live Online is priced at $1399 and The Blueprint LSAT Live Online Small Group is priced at $1699. 

Blueprint LSAT Live Online/Small Group Offers:

  1. LSAT Prep Plus Fee of $99
  2. More than 85 Practice Examinations 
  3. Comprehensive Video Lessons 
  4. Round the clock Customer Support (Live) 
  5. Recordings of Multiple Lessons 
  6. 8500 plus Explanations and Lessons 
  7. More than 20 LSAT Practice Tests 
  8. On-demand access to all Blueprint Online Study Material 
  9. 6 Days per week Review Sessions 
  10. Analytics and Score Tracker to Monitor Progress 
  11. User-Friendly Dashboard 
  12. Hard Copy Study Material and Textbooks 
  13. Fun Tasks, Homework, and Exercises 
  14. Live Courses and Lessons from Professional Tutors 

Blueprint LSAT Classroom:

BluePrint LSAT Review- The Classroom plan is focused on individuals who need the traditional classroom environment where they get live classes from Tutors. The students are given tasks and homework as per their daily progress and their progress is monitored by the tutors assisting them.

This does not mean that the rest of the online study material is not at your disposal. The pricing for this plan is $1699. 

😎 Blueprint LSAT: Pros & Cons

Blueprint LSAT Review : Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons:


  • They make learning fun:– Wherever I read the reviews about this course, everyone was praising their teaching methods, and I must say, all of them were true, Their content presentation, their lessons are so fun and engaging
  • Quality of teaching and support:– Blueprint LSAT tutors and instructors are highly professional, no doubt in that they hire only those who officially achieve a minimum 97th percentile score. 
  • Payment Options:– Though not everyone can afford to make a one-time payment of blueprint courses, they have flexible payment options, select the right plan for you and make the payments in monthly installments.
  • Worry-Free Return Policy: Although you’re most likely going to have the best possible experience with Blueprint, they’ve got you covered if you run into issues with their study materials— or simply don’t like them. 
  • Guaranteed Score Increase: As previously mentioned, one of Blueprint’s strongest selling points is that their LSAT review course is designed to boost your score as high as possible.


  • Expensive tutoring option
  • Limited access to their in-person classes
  • Con – Price Point: While the payment plan options help to alleviate this issue, having to shell out a few hundred dollars a month can be difficult on a student budget. 
  • Access to more practice tests – While Blueprint LSAT provides students access to 85 practice tests, they don’t always have the time built into the program to take them all. Some participants were only able to get through 10 or 15 tests, others much more. 
  • Ability to retake previous practice tests – The only other consistent request among students was the desire to retake specific tests. Most felt it would be valuable to see how they perform compared to an earlier attempt at a particular practice test.

👨‍💼 Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews

Great Course
The course was very well organized and the instructors (Spencer and Theron) were very knowledgeable and eager to help whenever it was needed. Very happy with how everything went throughout.
Amazing organization!
Amazing organization!
Blueprint really made all the difference in my studying – the organization/scheduling tool was incredible, and the videos were super helpful. I worked with Caeley and she was an amazing tutor – she honed in on my weaknesses and was so good at laying things out in a clear and MCAT-specific way.
Leah Dunn:
Blueprint made taking the LSAT fun
I know it might sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed taking the LSAT after doing the Blueprint prep for it. Sena was amazing as a teacher and the material helped me so much. I set a goal for myself and I hit it with the help of Blueprint! I would recommend their courses to anyone.

👀 FAQs: BluePrint LSAT Review 2024: Is The Course Effective?

✔Is Blueprint LSAT easily accessible on smartphones?

The website has been well designed to be accessed on either of the mobile operating systems be it IOS or Android however there is no particular app available at the moment. I mostly was using my phone to access my progress and use reference study material and had a seamless experience without any hiccups.

🔥 What kind of payment plans does Blueprint LSAT Prep offer?

There is a wide range of plans available for students to choose from, varying from 3 Online plans ranging from 3, 6 to 12 months. Small-Group Plans for students who prefer to study in Groups. Classroom style learning (Not Available in all areas) and Private Tutoring Plans.

👓 Why is The Blueprint LSAT Prep so expensive?

Blueprint LSAT Prep is one of the best options available in the market when it comes to LSAT Preparation and the question could be very subjective when it comes to the pricing. Multiple options are available ranging from Monthly plans starting from $249. Comparing the wide range of study material, video content, textbook material, prep tests, exercises, and extremely talented Tutors who have a great sense of humor, self-assessment analytics, and an intuitive dashboard Blueprint LSAT Prep is a great option.

💥 What is the Access Period of the Blueprint LSAT Prep Online Material?

The accessibility of the online material of the plan is according to the plan selected by the students. The positive thing about the accessibility as per me was the option of putting the subscription on hold for a couple of days when I wanted to take a break from my preparations and then starting back from the very step I had left off. If someone selects the monthly or quarterly plans they have access to the plans till the very last day of their subscription.

👍 What is a Score Increase Guarantee?

Blueprint LSAT Prep guarantees that the students see an increase in their LSAT scores from the day they join the course. A screenshot needs to be produced of their analytics if the student is not able to increase their score to check for the eligibility of either a refund or a re-run of the entire course to help them get better results. As for the refund policy, a deduction of $100 is done as an administration fee and the amount is refunded.

🔥 Should students opt for Private Tutoring Packages?

Although the Blueprint LSAT Prep online courses are more than sufficient for the students to boost their scores, it is not a bad idea for students to opt for Private Tutoring Packages. The cost comes up to roughly $200 per hour if the student goes for a minimum of 10 sessions. I did not need to go for the Private Tutors as the material provided and the modules were designed in such a way that the entire journey was fruitful for me. But for anyone looking for an edge in getting the best scores this option is really good.

👨‍💼How is Customer Support by Blueprint LSAT?

Blueprint LSAT has email-based customer support where the reverts come swiftly from the team of highly professional tutors. Getting my doubts cleared was one of the best experiences using customer support as there were a lot of situations where I could not go for a 1-on-1 tutor but I did not feel as if I did not have extra help in case I needed it.

💥Is the Blueprint LSAT course good?

The Blueprint LSAT is excellent. Almost any type of study aid is available, including up-to-date practice tests. The Blueprint program is pricey, but the vast majority of students who use it achieve excellent academic results, as well as high LSAT scores.

👍Does blueprint use real LSAT questions?

Blueprint only uses official past LSAT questions in its study materials, ensuring that the content is current and of high quality – not that other test prep companies don't do the same (see LSATMax and Manhattan Prep).

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Final Verdict: 🙌 BluePrint LSAT Review 2024: Is The Course Effective?

BluePrint LSAT Review- Only after progressing through the Blueprint Prep course could I have come to the conclusion that I had chosen the best possible Prep Course for my LSAT preparation.

The Dashboard and the User Interface make the entire course an interactive experience.

Experienced tutors with great fun personalities keep things fun and informative, they are available on Email support the entire time the plan is active it is kind of reassuring that Blueprint takes Online Support very seriously.

Blueprint has worked really hard in making its online content as diverse as possible, with video content, practical exams, tests, and study material online and offline for the ones looking for an orthodox way of studying.

Analytics that make it a fun and interesting platform to work on the strengths and weaknesses. Daily online review sessions that last for 2 hours where the tutor breaks down concepts and topics for students.

Detailed study timeline for students to refer and manage their time accordingly to finish the course with great scores, supplement hard copy textbooks and study material, and more than 80 plus real LSATs to practice on.

One of the most important factors in joining such a program is the availability of multiple choices in terms of Course Plans.

Comparing other courses like Kaplan and Princeton which are super expensive Blueprint stands out in offering great quality content for LSAT Prep and multiple pricing plans to suit everyone’s requirements.

I hope you liked my article, Review on Blueprint LSAT-the best platform for preparations.

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