I am Brand Ambassador of Payoneer in India

Hey Folks I am pleased to announced that I am brand ambassador of  International brand Payoneer in India. I was hired by Payoneer in April 2015 to market their brand in India market.  There is one more partner of mine who is brand ambassador of Payoneer she is Chitraparna Sinha, founder of Esmee Network. Both of us cracked the deal  in April 2015.

The Payoneer Brand Ambassadors in India

We recently organized the first Payoneer Forum in Mumbai, India. The forum brings together local freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs and guest speakers to discuss several topics related to India and global business trends. We will be organizing more Payoneer forums  in India.

Payoneer brand ambassador india
At Payoneer Forum Mumbai 21st April 2015

I spoke about how to  start your freelance business and how to grow your freelance business. This presentation was liked by the attendees there and I was happy that many of them want to  start their own business. I thoroughly enjoyed answering queries of  all attendees.

List of speakers at Payoneer Mumbai 21st April 2015.

Payoneer speakers in india Mumbai

Payoneer Forum was successfully organized by us and Payoneer team appreciated our efforts. There will be more upcoming Payoneer Forum meets in India. So stay tuned for it.

Why you Should Hire Me as Your Brand Ambassador

Increase sales: you can definitely increase your sales by working with me. I  will pitch your  product to  targeted audiences.

Build brand equity: I can build brand credibility in eyes of your customers, which help to increase in brand trust and  increase in sales.

Demonstrate value in your product(s): I will pitch your customers why your product is better than your competitors.

Marketing: I will market your product on social media channels, events, tech shows &  other big networking meet ups.

Support: I will provide  you my 100% support  in order to ensure that our cooperation stay healthy. I will available on phone, email & chats to assist you at my best.

My Skillsets :

  • Personal Branding Expert
  • Social Media Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Professional Blogger
  • Event Speaking
  • Networking Meet ups
  • Digital Marketer Evangelist
  • Affiliate Marketer

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Humble Request

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About Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin, prior to SchemaNinja he is the founder of big internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com. During his more than 6+yrs long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide. He has trained 3000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe from 5+ yrs. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven. Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.


  1. Super stuff on online money transfer services like Payoneer. It has got established reliable networks internationally. I am proud to say I am a Payoneer user. Great article, once again!

  2. Congratulations.. Buddy..You Earned it

  3. Congratulations for being the ambassador of payoneer in India. Even if I did not used anymore my Payoneer card but still I’m prod to become one. Awesome!

  4. Super Jitendra vaswani , Congrates ! you deserve…

  5. Hearty congratulations Jitendra sir.

  6. M.H.Shoab

    Congrats bro, you’re worth it. Though I’m not an Indian resident, I’m happy for you. Cheers.

    And don’t forget to share your skills with us.

  7. khaled

    Congratulations for being the ambassador of payoneer in India

  8. Hello!
    does payoneer supports the master card now?

  9. Kamal

    Jitendra sir, I am from India and I don’t have credit card for advertising product on Facebook. Can I use Payoneer for Facebook ads.

    • No you cant use

      • Kamal

        Sir, Is there any work around to achieve this? As Facebook not accept Indian Debit cards.

  10. Kavinder Bisht

    Congratulations Jitendra on your success! You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work!

  11. shweta

    Congratulation for becoming brand ambassador of International brand Payoneer in India and all the best to you and Chitraparna Sinha for future..this is all because of your efforts..

  12. Himanshu Gupta

    Congratulations this should be a great step up success for you.

  13. Srikanta Das

    Congratulations Jitendra for this achievement.

  14. MHR Akshay

    Congratulation Jitendra da, It’s really great achievement & a good news for all Indians. Hope, you will be a successful man in this field. 🙂 Best of luck, dada.

  15. Prakash Kumar Sinha

    Can I withdraw cash from payoneer debit card in india ? if yes, can i transfer cash to another payoneer account in india ?

  16. This is really a good news and I’m very happy for you guys.

    Payoneer is a very great and notable company therefore, working for them will indeed bring a good reward.

    I already have an account with them though, have not been using them for awhile now.

    Congratulations man.

  17. Thats awesome Jitendra, I think payoneer has done a great job in selecting their brand ambassador given your skillsets. Im sure its a convenient way to withdraw money Internationally. All the best..


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