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The specialty about Chegg is that it has online textbook solutions and buying facility at discounted rates along with homework help and scholarships f

Course Hero includes comprehensive user-contributed study resources and study guides for a huge range of college courses as well as academic subjects

  • Chegg Books
  • Chegg Study
  • Math Solver
  • Essays
  • Exam Sheets
  • Homework Help
  • renting and buying online textbooks along with tutoring
  • All the information is up to date
  • Voting and commenting feature
  • Allows you to download full documents
  • Provides tutoring besides textbooks or stud
  • It helps one to earn money through tutoring
  • A couple of different subscriptions available for just books
  • Provides you partial answers if subscription not taken
Value For Money

Chegg is a great textbook solution and used by a lot of users and they have given good reviews about it. So it is safe to say that you will get what you're looking for on this platfrom.

Like Chegg, Course Hero is also a textbook solution but it is little cheaper and users claim that it is better than Chegg in many aspects even I realized that so investing your money here is a good idea.

I’ve seen many queries regarding the use of Chegg vs Course Hero, and I thought I must give you some insight. All information shared below is based on my personal experience of both learning platforms, and there might be some things that I might miss.

Our generation is fortunate enough to learn new courses and ongoing courses in different ways, and one of the most convenient and easy ways through which one can learn and even earn by sitting at home is learning through online platforms like Chegg and Course Hero. 

Sometimes classroom lectures are not enough to understand the specific topic. Also, hours of a lecture often leave you with unanswered questions that may find you unhelpful in the long run, especially when it comes to homework or exams that test your understanding.

Thankfully, we can get through such online learning platforms beyond the colleges’ walls and are easily accessible right at your palms.

There’s always a question in the mind of the students which one to go for? Comparing features and offerings by Chegg and Course Hero, Course Hero beats Chegg.

Chegg Overview:

Chegg is an online learning platform based in Santa Clara and California (United States Of America) with over 3 million subscribers.

Chegg’s specialty is that it has online textbook solutions and buying facilities at discounted rates along with homework help and scholarships for the students, which helps students gain knowledge. 

Chegg Online classes platform

Chegg comes along with various online services that are beneficial for students and educators through distinct subscriptions. It gives access to the textbook solutions and the expert Q and A features, which cost around $14.95 and $22.50 per month.

Chegg not only helps students to rent or purchase online textbooks and their solutions but also helps them with tutoring services, which approximately start with $15 per week. Also, know how to delete a Chegg account if in case, you want to discontinue. 


Services By Chegg:

Students should bookmark Chegg as a favorite in their browser. You not only save money but also get help with difficult subjects. Here are some of the services which Chegg offers you-

1. Chegg Books:

As we are all college-going, the student knows that purchasing textbooks are pretty expensive. Chegg offers you an online rental or purchasing textbook solution, which not only saves your hard-earned money or savings but also helps you to go through various textbooks available on different topics.

Chegg books can save you up to 90% on textbooks by simply renting them. Not only can you rent, but you can sell the textbooks you already own and earn a little extra money.

Study resources provided by Chegg can help you a lot.

Chegg Books

2. Chegg Study:

What if you are stuck with a question given in your textbook and you cannot find the solution but look for one? Chegg comes with solutions for over 34,000 textbooks.

Not only does it help to find the solution, but Chegg also helps to deliver in-depth knowledge about the various course content. In addition to this, you also get free 30 minutes of online tutoring. Textbook rentals also make your life easy.

Chegg Study

3. Math Solver:

Stucked with a difficult math problem? Don’t worry; Chegg comes along with a math solver service that can help you understand difficult math concepts.

This service not only provides you the solution but also explains how to solve a problem with step-by-step instruction.

Chegg Math Solver

4. Tutors:

Every student struggle with a difficult assignment or course and many students find excuses to give up on that course or assignment.

Instead of giving up, why not enlist the help of an online tutor available on Chegg to help you to understand the subject. One of the best services Chegg provides is 24/7 online tutoring. Try using it and make the most out of it!

Chegg Online Tutors

Course Hero Overview:

On the other hand, talking about Course Hero is also an online learning platform based in Redwood City, California, where students get access to more than 20 million course-specific study resources that are contributed by a group of individuals in a community, which are mainly students or educators.

Along with this, Course Hero also includes comprehensive user-contributed study resources and study guides for a huge range of college courses as well as academic subjects to illuminate learners (students and educators) to master all the concepts.

Course Hero Online Classes

Course Hero also helps learners daily by available tutors for 24 hours who are well educated to answer any kind of queries and detailed explanation. Students who are looking to use Course Hero can start the subscription at $9.95 per month.

Services By Course Hero:

When asked by many people, “is Course Hero worth it reviews” I decided the best possible way to explain to students how this website is best for them to take online Courses. An in-depth explanation of what Course Hero offers you are given below-

Course Hero Services Offered

On Course Hero, you will find an abundance of study resources such as –

  • Essays
  • Exam Sheets
  • Homework Help
  • Lab Reports
  • Class Notes
  • Test Preparation
  • Textbook Resources

Courses on Course Hero:

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance from Arizona University
  • General Psychology from the University of Mississippi
  • Economics from New York University
  • Use of Accounting Data from Louisiana State University in Shreveport
  • Introduction to Programming from Saint Leo University
  • Biology from University of Maryland, College Park
  • Principles of Microeconomics from University of Missouri
  • Tax Accounting from Central Washington University
  • General Chemistry II from Boise State University
  • Accelerated Beginning Spanish from University of Virginia
  • Managing Organizations in a Flat World from Georgetown University
  • Dracula from the University of Virginia
  • Tax Accounting from Pacific Lutheran University
  • World Regions from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Sociology from University of Houston
  • Geography of Wine from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Course Hero Popular Courses

My Analysis of Chegg vs Course Hero:

Here is the analysis of Chegg & Course Hero:

1. Availability of Study Documents To Students:

CHEGG: Chegg contains the solutions for questions from more than 9000 textbook solutions along with the millions of homework solutions from Chegg experts (students or graduates).

COURSE HERO: Course Hero has more than 20 million user-generated course-specific study documents provided by students or educators.

2. Cost Of Subscription:

CHEGG: Gives access to the textbook and their solutions with an expert question and answer feature at $14.95 to $22.50 per month.

Chegg Pricing Review

COURSE HERO: It offers free content by uploading your original study materials, or students can pay a monthly subscription worth $9.95 per month to have immediate Premier Access to Course Hero.

Course Hero Pricing Review

3. Practice Problems:

CHEGG: Chegg doesn’t offer any practice problems for learners to study and prepare for their examination.

COURSE HERO: Course Hero helps students prepare and study for their examination by offering many practice problems.

4. Online Learning Platforms:

CHEGG: Chegg offers various tutoring plans, which start from $15 per week to get access to 30 minutes of tutor time.

COURSE HERO: Course Hero helps students to get free access to online tutors by uploading study materials that can be bought.

5. The Content:

CHEGG: It contains solutions to frequently asked questions by students, and also it comes with solutions to textbook problems. 

COURSE HERO: Course Hero offers study guides, videos, and illustrations for subjects like biology, chemistry, business and accounting, and many more.

Chegg vs Course Hero: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons:

Chegg Pros:

  • Chegg being the most widely used among the two, it comes with lots of great features. They offer various facilities that learners find very easy to access, like renting and buying online textbooks along with tutoring and textbook solutions.
  • If you’re looking to get your homework or study help, Chegg is a great platform. Being a Chegg user, I can find there is good feedback on the answers given, and the information you are receiving is mostly correct and up to date.
  • Chegg’s voting and commenting feature allows people to leave feedback and correct answers that maybe not be completely correct.
  • Uploading photos of step-by-step solutions in  Chegg helps learners go through the solution, which allows them to follow and know how the person got to the correct answer.
  • Chegg not only runs through the website, but they have also designed their own app, which is super easy to use.

Chegg Cons:

  • One of the things I have noticed with Chegg is that there are fewer answers to questions posed by the students of upper-level classes. Therefore, you must be aware of taking those answers as there is much little or no feedback from the people.
  • A couple of different subscriptions available for just textbook answers or tutoring are fairly expensive.

Course Hero Pros:

  • Course Hero allows you to download full documents.
  • Like Chegg, Course Hero also provides tutoring besides textbooks or study help.
  • Course Hero helps one to earn money through tutoring.
  • Even though Course Hero is a subscription service, you can earn free access by simply uploading study documents to help learners with their homework or by referring to other people.

Course Hero Cons:

  • Course Hero provides you partial answers if the subscription is not taken.
  • There are significantly fewer answers to the book questions.
  • The website is not user-friendly; it comes with a confusing layout.
  • The number of subscribers on Course Hero is far less than Chegg.

Customer Reviews Of Chegg & Course Hero:

Here are the customer reviews:

Chegg Customer Reviews:

Chegg Customer Reviews

Course Hero Customer Reviews:

Course Hero Reviews

FAQs On Chegg Vs Course Hero:

👉What is better, Chegg Or Course Hero

Both platforms are good. I have been using Course Hero, and they offer great services. It gives you access to over 20 million course-specific study resources. Chegg is also an amazing platform.

👉What are the competitors to Chegg

Some competitors are Course Hero, Varsity Tutors and Hobsons. But none of them offers the whole package like Chegg does

👉Are online platforms like Chegg and Course Hero legitimate?

It's undeniable to get worried about online courses especially when one isn't familiar with the brand or the company, or it may be because of the use of traditional learning. The good news for all those who are getting worried is that we have investigated both Chegg and Course Hero in-depth, and both turned out to be very recognized companies that provide quality content. However, like every new technology or every new product has its own drawbacks, we found such drawbacks in both these platforms as well.

👉Do online classes have a set time?

One of the greatest advantages of taking online courses is that they are highly flexible. Most of the classes don't have a fixed time, and therefore students get access to these classes by sitting anywhere and in any time zone. Chegg and Course Hero offers you both Credit courses as well as non-credit courses. Credit courses may have a deadline, and one must finish credit courses at a particular time only.

👉What can prevent students from growing through the process of online learning?

Online learning is a whole new different process than traditional learning or classroom learning. One of the most advantageous things about learning online is that it allows you to take the course at any time you want and are super flexible. Obviously, one must understand online learning is not everyone's cup of tea. Hence, first, understand your preferred learning style and what you hope to get out of these platforms.

👉Is Course Hero legal?

People having a great misconception about what exactly Course Hero is, how it works, and what it can be used for. Course Hero helps learners (students and educators) to help with their coursework. It not only holds users to standards but also is very ethical. Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or copyright abuse is strictly prohibited. Course Hero is meant to be used both legally as well as ethically.

👉Does Chegg and Course Hero offer courses?

No. Chegg and Course Hero are meant to help with any courses the student is currently taking.

👉How can I decide if I need to take Chegg or Course Hero, and what are the points I should consider while comparing the two?

When it comes to learning some students may find a few courses difficult, Chegg and Course Hero can help students to boost their confidence in these courses. Chegg and Course Hero both are effective study tools and help students grow and learn outside of the classroom, especially those with a busy schedule. If you're lean towards online learning and looking to develop skills, both platforms could potentially help you.

👉What study materials do Chegg and Course Hero offers?

Chegg provides you material in different categories. For the study, one can access solutions for practice textbook problems as well as expert Q&A. The great feature of Chegg, copy-paste computer generator checker alerts you for grammatical errors and plagiarism problems for essays. Flashcards are the easiest way to remember things; Chegg allows you to create your own virtual flashcards and access tutors. Course Hero allows you to go through different study material that one can select by school, course, or textbook. 24-7 tutor service is available to help students with their homework and step-by-step guides. If one is interested to earn and loves tutoring,

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Conclusion: Chegg vs Course Hero 2024

Thus in the battle between Chegg vs. Course Hero, I would like to highlight the reliability and ease of access to both. Both Chegg as well as Course Hero offer you the best possible learning platform, and both are unique in their own way.

As I analyzed both Chegg and Course Hero in detail above, I would like to tell you that Course Hero beats Chegg with a few points and is super reliable. Even though Chegg has certain drawbacks compared with Course Hero, it is also a great platform to take online courses.

Finally, I would like to tell you about my experience with both the online learning platforms and tell you it not only guides you through your difficulties with the courses but also helps you learn new topics beyond your syllabus find interesting.

Course Hero and Chegg both are great learning platforms, but if I want to choose one over the other, I would like to go with Course Hero, and I would like to suggest all of you reading this to go through both these online learning platforms and get a subscription. I assure you that it will benefit you in the long time run.

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