EvaDav Review 2023: Is It The Best Push Ads Network?? (Why 9 Stars)


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EvaDav specializes in native advertising, offering various ad formats such as native ads, push notifications, in-page push, and pop-unders. They provide advanced targeting options, including demographic, geographic, device, and behavioral targeting.

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  • Wide reach
  • Native advertising
  • Targeting options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible budgeting
  • Easy campaign setup


  • Ad quality control


Price: $ 25

Are you fed up of trying conventional ads formats? If so then you would like to try something new?

If you answer yes, you are in the right place, because in this post I’m going to introduce you to a reliable platform called EvaDav.  

Here comes EvaDav- One of the best and reliable push notification platform for publishers and advertisers. And no doubt, EvaDav is a cutting-edge tool to further monetize your website easily through push-notification.

In this post, we have featured EvaDav Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its features, functionality, pros & cons and more.

EvaDav is a push-notification platform that generally provides native push ads to publishers. And no doubt, these insert ads generate more revenue for publishers than any other regular ads… In addition, these ads generate higher conversions.

Therefore, advertisers use them to promote their products and services.

Push ads not only give you an advantage over regular ads, but they also generate revenue for life, even after those ad units have been removed from your site. You can easily take advantage of them in order to monetize your website.

In this post, I have featured our honest and trustworthy EvaDav Review that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more.

EvaDav Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Detailed Review)

EvaDav is a client-oriented native advertising network, providing cutting-edge solutions both to advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform.

It provides the best performance for the advertisers and embraces one of the most prospective markets of advertising formats – native advertising and push notifications.

EvaDav Review - EvaDav

EvaDav has taken push advertising to the next level. They have developed their algorithms to show their visitors only the most relevant and interesting ads.

This increases the likelihood of conversions, which means more revenue for you without putting, such efforts.

Although EvaDav is a new advertising network, it offers a variety of advanced features that other push-ads networks failed to do so.

Some of these features include a simple registration and approval process, high-quality interest-based ads, minimum payments, fast payments, a self-service platform, and an easy-to-use reporting system, detailed statistics, a hybrid account, a sponsorship program, etc.

EvaDav Stats:

This is one of the best and reliable push notification platform. Below we have listed some of the impressive facts about this EvaDav platform.

  • It has 2000 publishers
  • It has 300 Advertisers
  • More than 10000 campaigns running
  • Get more than 50000000 impressions per day

So this was the stats of this EvaDav Platform. I hope you can now have better insights into this platform.

EvaDav For Publishers

Actually, EvaDav offers the easiest way to increase revenue for publishers. A new way to monetize your traffic.

As here EvaDav generally offers a new monetization format right for your websites like the push notifications, rapid integration, high-quality content, and the highest eCPM rate right among all ad formats that really makes it as the most attractive option for the publishers out there.

The best part about EvaDav platform is that it mainly connects you with a global advertising exchange from best advertisers. It does not matter if the user visited your site or found it by accident on the web.

As here with EvaDav once your subscribe sign-up for the push messaging system on your website, he will remain the connected right to the website and from there you can earn good revenue form your visitors and subscribers.

EvaDav Review - EvaDav Average Statics

How To Get Start Earning As A Publishers With EvaDav?

The process of starting as a publisher with EvaDav is super easy and straightforward and one can easily do that.

Here we have gone through a simple easy step to step guide in order to get started with EvaDav right as a publisher. Let’s get started here.

Step #1: Register

Here you will be going to get a simple registration form that will guide you through the switch process easily creating your account so that you can move one step closer to your earnings.

EvaDav Review - Register

Step #2: Setup

Now here in this step, you have to set up your account. And the best part about EvaDav is that they have a detailed video tutorial on how to install code easily.

EvaDav Review- Create Stream

However, if you stuck somewhere then you can easily contact their support team in order to solve your problems.                  

I have given an EvaDav video tutorial on how to get started as a publisher above.

Step 3: Start Making Money

Now in this step, you have to easily select conversion tool which is more effective for your type of traffic. Now simply add the code right to your website and simply specify the payment method in order to start receiving the payment methods.

EvaDav Review- Push Statistics

Advantages of EvaDav For Publishers:

  • Accepts only verified advertisers
  • It has a wide section of landing pages for any kind of traffic
  • Integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Referral program 5%
  • Minimum payout – $25
  • ALL verticals and GEOs worldwide

Working models: CPM, CPA, RevShare

EvaDaV For Advertisers

Getting started with EvaDav as an advertiser is very easy and straightforward. Just make your ads more effective right with EvaDav. With EvaDav you are going to get new opportunities to generate revenue with your ads easily.

Now uncover many new profitable advertising opportunities here with EvaDav. Generally a push notification format with high conversion, 100% brand security and full campaign orientation.

EvaDav provides the highest conversion rate in the market. And the best part is that they have an exclusive system against fraud and an efficient algorithm to predict public behavior of your audience in a super easy way.

What Does EvaDav Offer For Advertisers?

  • 10GB Push- Notification Ads Monthly
  • Global Reach – They have Inventory in 250 GEOs
  • Accepted & Trusted by advertisers: more than 10,000 active campaigns per day.
  • Approved by publishers – more than 60 million active subscribers

Advantages Of EvaDav For Advertiser:

  • 100% Brand Safety: All of the advertiser’s creatives are monitored right with the machine-learning algorithms and the best part is that it is also checked manually.
  • Highest CR/CTR:  Here simply by matching the best offers right with the relevant audience, boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns easily and effectively.
  • 100% Fraud Safety: The best part is that here the platform solution automatically cuts off any bot or suspicious activity on your ads. As it provides only real users and a live audience for your campaigns.
  • The Premium Inventory: With Advertiser you can simply get access to Premium publishers and simply target audience that matches your offers best.
  • High Volume: actually it has more than 50M push ads are delivered every day for advertising partners that truly ensuring high ROI for you.
  • Easy moderation (can advertise gambling, dating, which is not possible with Facebook or Google)
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Worldwide GEO
  • All niches are available (gambling, easy adult)

Working model: CPC

How To Get Start Earning As An Advertiser With EvaDav?

Getting started with EvADva as an advertiser is very easy and straightforward.  Just make your ads more effective right with EvaDav. Here I have listed a step by step by step process to get started with EvaDav right away. Let’s check it.

EvaDav Review- Sign Up For Advertisers

Step #1: Sign-Up

Here you need to just sign-up right with free advertisers accounts in order to get instant approval right away.

Step #2: Adding Funds

Now in this second step, you need to just add funds right to your account so that you can start your ads running easily.

Step #3: Step Up Your Campaign

In this step, you should start optimizing your campaigns, just set up it and simply launch it after the moderation.

EvaDav Review- Create Campaigns

Why You Should Choose EvaDav Over Other Platforms?

Actually, there are several reasons why you should join EvaDav and reasons are listed below:

Easy Registration & Approval:

EvaDav offers easy registration and approval for publishers so that they get started right away.  Once you sign up, you can easily log in to your account and create new and units easily and hassle-free.

However, these promotional widgets require the approval of the review team of EvaDav before they can appear on your site. But don’t worry as in general, they approve all websites from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Once your site/ad widget has been approved by the review team, you can see your push ads and start making money from it.

Offers The Hybrid Accounts:

EvaDav provides users with hybrid accounts so you do not have to register in a separate ad editor or account. An account does all the work for you. Simply register on this network and you will get an account for publishers and advertisers for an account.

Ads Related To Interests:

We all know that people do not like to click on items in which they are not interested in. EvaDav, therefore, has developed advanced algorithms that allow the ads code to simply serve only advertisements of interest of your visitors.

This not only increases the number of conversions for advertisers but also publishers’ revenue.

110% system Uptime:

This platform knows how important your traffic is and that is why it offers your ads from a powerful server, 24×7 to optimize your traffic. You can easily rely on this platform called EvaDav as it will never let you down.

All Geographic Traffic:

Without having any second thought I would like to say EvaDav is a global advertising network and, therefore it accepts global traffic. No matter what country your traffic comes from, they will be going to pay for it.

Offers Weekly Payments:

Unlike many other ad networks where the publisher has to wait months, here EvaDav offer weekly payments.  As they pay the publishers weekly and that’s quite impressive about it.

Each time you reach your minimum payment limit, you will be paid weekly without any single question being asked.

No Minimum payment:

EvaDav has a low minimum limit of $ 25 and that’s quite impressive. This low minimum deposit limit helps publishers easily reach and withdraw their income hassle-free. And this is what makes EvaDav different from other Push Notification platform.

A system of detailed statistical reports:

As a modern advertising network, EvaDav offers publishers a very detailed statistical information system. The statistical reporting system allows publishers to fully analyze their traffic and make the necessary changes to improve performance.

What Payment Methods Does EvaDav Support?

EvaDav does not want to cause publishers the slightest inconvenience and offers them several payment options that are listed below.

EvaDav Review- Payments MEthods

The payment options offered by EvaDav include PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, Webmoney, Paxum and Swift along with the bank transfer too.  

Quick Link:

Conclusion: EvaDav Review 2023 | Is It The Best Push Ads Network??

EvaDav is one of the best and reliable push notification platform and it is one of the easy ways to monetize your website through push notification.

No doubt, they have taken push advertising to the next level. As here EvaDav has developed their algorithms to show their visitors only the most relevant and interesting ads.

This increases the likelihood of conversions, which means more revenue for you without putting many efforts.

I hope this EvaDav suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your review of this platform EvaDav right in the comment section below.

And if you liked the post, then kindly share it on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. For me, Evadav is a really top grid that allows you to drain any amount of traffic from them and get great money for it, for the reason that they are actively buying it from them. In terms of payment, it turns out quite well – on average, it is quite possible to earn from 3 to 5 thousand. But here, everything can be influenced rather.

  2. Evadav is one of those advertising platforms that has already earned a very good reputation. They seem to know how to generate quality traffic. At the same time, you can work with auctions that allow you to spend less.

  3. The advertising platform is only getting better every month, which tools have only recently been introduced, which makes it possible to keep track of all the statistics even better. Evadav strives to become not just the best, but to dominate in general. And they succeed.

  4. Evadav just showed itself perfectly, just choose an account, money is credited to you and where on Tuesday they will definitely be in your account. Of course, there is also high-quality traffic, which is also important. In general, I believe that any success of the network depends precisely on the selection, this is the distribution, and the attitude towards those who work for them. If everything is on top, then you will get decent money.

  5. Good tools for work are offered in Evadav, and this allows you to always monitor traffic and know that it will be of high quality. I definitely advise everyone to buy traffic from Evadav, since its quality does not raise any questions at all.

  6. Evadav, in my opinion, is one of the best advertising platforms, as they are ready to pay any amount. Choose your ad format and get started. On payment, I receive about 2 thousand per week, a good amount comes out per month.

  7. Evadav is only getting better and I hope they continue to grow as an advertising platform. The main thing is that they pay every Tuesday absolutely without delay.

  8. Pops with push notifications work great in Eva, I think the best formats, the conversion with them increased by 10 percent in total. In general, a lot of tools for tracking traffic were immediately provided, so you can start actively buying.

  9. I have been collecting traffic for about 3 months in Evadav, and during this time I have reached an income of $ 1,300 per week. Moreover, the advantage of the nets is that they immediately provided a flush with Creo, this allows you to start actively draining immediately. Plus, you can also test different countries, see which ones come in better, so that traffic improves over time!

  10. There are no questions at all regarding the withdrawal of money from Evadav. Always without problems, once a week, funds are received into the account. Moreover, the traffic is actively checked, which means that the hold is really minimal.

  11. What pleased me was that Evadav is ready to work with different advertising formats. You can use both Inpage and popunder, and in general they go straight very, very well. My statistics are quite good for the drain, well, almost all traffic is accepted. So the pay is quite good. So I don’t plan to go to another network just yet.

  12. An excellent network, and it accepts different traffic, almost any advertising formats. Yes, my push notifications merge well, if we talk about statistics, then in 2 weeks you can easily earn 1000-1400 dollars. Of course, provided that you give out high-quality traffic.

  13. THIS COMPANY IS SUPER BAD I will not recommend anyone to use it as it sends fake traffic that comes from bots or pornsite ads lost my money and got no leads what’s so ever the views are not coming from the country I have chosen and the account manager telling me it’s not them but other sources even that I used only them so telling me stories so he won’t refund

  14. There are many sources of traffic, and they accept everything. At the same time, I try to work with push notifications, as they really go well and, apparently, they will only go up further. At least I hope so.

  15. I always stay in touch with the manager when working in the network. The person always answers questions and helps. In general, sometimes suitable bundles suggest, for which special thanks!

  16. It is very convenient to follow the statue now. Moreover, a lot of indicators can be tracked at once, and this, as a result, makes it possible to better configure everything and merge really effective traffic.

  17. I have been buying traffic from Evadav for about six months now, and I can note the high efficiency. In general, most of the traffic comes from push notifications, and it converts well, so I’m in a big profit.

  18. I work exclusively with inpage, sometimes I can connect pushes if the manager tells me. The stat is very good, so I can’t complain about anything! I will continue to merge traffic here.

  19. The fact that there are different advertising sources is pleasing. You can combine, make bundles, decide for yourself which formats will come in for you. So customization is 100 percent!

  20. As a beginner, it was important for me that I should be supported at least at the first stages of working with an affiliate program. Evadav exceeded all my expectations in this regard. In general, the manager is always in touch, but in general, in the special section there are answers to all questions, cool.

  21. Evadav, with the proper approach and the right choice of advertising sources, allows you to earn good money. I merge traffic in the bourgeoisie, and I can note that India is coming in perfectly.

  22. After my tests, in-pages with pushes in conjunction began to show the best results. Moreover, I can’t say that I’m directing a lot of traffic to them, but the earnings are quite good. The main thing is to understand how to work with the audience, and then everything will be fine in terms of money.

  23. The affiliate program is suitable even for those who do not yet have sufficient work experience, since initially the training materials are good, and plus the manager helps in all matters. I really moved here from another pp, so I already had enough experience, but I still saw a lot of interesting things for myself.

  24. Evadav shows great results at work. First of all I’d like to admit high-quality traffic. I work within 6 months already and raise my ad budget monthly and use a bonus system. I took a test and liked the USA results. It is the best and the most effective result from my last campaigns. Let’s keep on rolling!

  25. My account was closed after I reached the payout and now I am told “Unfortunately – checking the quality of your traffic revealed bot or fraudulent traffic from your side. Since this violates cooperation agreements, your account has been blocked.” even tho there was nothing wrong with the traffic and in the months I was using Evadav they never said anything, just when they have to pay me they disable my account.

    please see this image on begin they will told that want work with you and give nice offre and after few days
    they will told that can’t centunue on that and if you stop work with them because you can’t accept low offre that the will be close your account and don’t send your money.

    This company is a Scam!

  26. I have been buying push-notifications on partnership platforms for more than a year already. I spend not less than $400 monthly and get more leads than ever. And yeah, the support team is always in touch, therefore I solve any question with them.

  27. I use this platform for traffic monetization. I’m thoroughly satisfied with interface simplicity and all available tools for earning on traffic. I don’t face any issue with money withdrawal, money comes to my account within 2 days, everything is clear and stable.

  28. I like the Evadav partnership program, they have been operating on the market for a long time and I can rely on them. Offers for different verticals and I launch ad campaigns in Europe. Everything is quite stable, I work with push and in-page formats. Special attention to personal accounts: easy to work with, all is intuitively available, simple stats tracking.

  29. To be accurate, I’ve been working with Evadav for 4,5 months already. At the moment I haven’t found any decent alternative, but I’m happy with this platform, especially with the level of my additional income. Everything works well when it comes to push monetization together with in-page. Withdrawal is stable, everything’s ok.

  30. I work on push with Evadav around 6-7 months and I’ve got only positive experience of working with this platform. Service is great for experiments with different verticals including gambling, betting, 18+. I raised good and stable profit for these 6 months.

  31. It’s a very interesting partnership program for push and pop-under monetization. Impressive CRM, there’s an option to withdraw money on a schedule or even request. Also, they have nice landings and a variety of topics. It’s easy enough to earn a minimum withdrawal amount, it’s quite adequate. It is worth trying as they have a lot of perks.

  32. Working with Evadav i must admit stable and regular withdrawals you may order at any time, btw. I don’t have any experience working with other programs, but I’m happy with everything at this moment and I see no reason to change the partnership program. I can’t say anything regarding support service, as I haven’t had any queries so far to reach them.

  33. I’ve been watching Evadav partnership program reviews for a long time. There were good and bad ones, hard to decide. Therefore I decided to try it by myself. I have average traffic, as I used to think. It appeared to be in high demand among advertisers and started making money. The best solution for me – in-page and native ads.

  34. My honest review as a user of Evadav. I would request everyone to stay away from this platform. They will give you immediate response till you add the funds. The moment funds are added, they start replying so differently. I had mentioned a daily cap on clicks. The account manager wants me to remove that cap mentioning it will reduce the quality of traffic. I don’t understand the relation between click cap and quality. Even the chat support is bad. I just lost my $100. They are not ready to launch my campaign until I remove the click cap.

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