ProPush Review 2023: (Monetize Push Notifications) Worth It ??

Push notifications are the most sorted and popularly used methods for earning revenue online. The internet is a platform today where small brands from all across the globe are thriving to gradually earn well and keep up with the ever-growing online competition. Push notifications have allowed brands to quickly earn revenue by showing pop up notifications to users and subscribers on desktop browsers and smartphones about new products, services, offers, discounts, and important updates.

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Why are Push Notifications important?

When the brand you subscribed to, releases a new juicy offer, it might interest you and you will click on the notification to know more about it or even end up purchasing or subscribing. This becomes a win-win situation for both the brand and the customer!

  • As a brand, you get to earn more revenue from the impressions, subscriptions, and purchases your customers make.
  • As a customer, you might stumble upon some cool and attractive products and new offers to purchase which are usually up for a limited period of time.

To let businesses really up their push notification game, many online platforms have been developed that help websites create push notification campaigns.ProPush is one such popular push notification platform. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about this cool platform. So, don’t blink and Read on!

ProPush Review

ProPush Review 2023: (Monetize Push Notifications) Worth It ??

Detailed ProPush Review

ProPush is a popular platform developed to help internet companies and websites monetize traffic through custom push notifications. Created by Propellerads, a popular ad network, ProPush offers a wide variety of payment systems to internet customers (CPS, Revshare). Users of this platform can play with an easy setup, monitoring and extensive statistics for each subscription.


Propush reviews

By pressing notifications, ProPush allows publishers to readily earn money. The platform has become a popular choice for bloggers and publishers to generate money from their web content depending on propeller advertisement accomplishment and expertise.

Here is how you earn through ProPush!

Since online business is about providing the crowd with what they want and receiving money out of it, let us understand and understand how to generate money using push notifications and press lockers with ProPush!

The first and most significant thing to do here is to add an intelligent tag to your blog, which we will build on later in this post. This smart tag simply needs the user’s permission to send push notifications. Once the client subscribes to these notifications, you start to earn money.

ProPush Payment Modules

There are two main methods to gain cash on ProPush:

  • Immediate income-CPS (Cost per subscriber)

Once a client signs up for push notifications, this payment system will only charge you once. Therefore, this model is called “Cost per Subscriber” and should not be confused with “Cost per sale.” Here there is no science concerning missiles. Whenever you sign up for push notifications, you just get paid.

  • Long-term revenue-CPM Revenue Share (Revshare) Model

Revshare is very similar to networks for internet marketing. The usual tale is still the same. Whenever someone subscribes to obtain notifications from the click, they will pay you.

How to join ProPush?

The biggest plus of is ABSOLUTELY FREE TO JOIN! Once you register to join them, you will be immediately supported. Many publishers and bloggers have said that it is easier to join and be adopted faster than many other ad networks. All you need to do is follow the following instructions:

  • Visit ProPush’s official portal
  • Click Register. To register, merely click on the form shown on your website and get immediately approved.

Once you’ve registered, check the validation link for your email.(Check your spam folder if you don’t find your mail in the primary inbox)

  • Last but not least, log in to your account!

Adding a website

Propush review add a website

You can add your first website or a landing page to your account to begin earning once you have effectively enrolled with ProPush.


  • Log in to your desk using your email or username and password.
  • Click the button Add Source below.
  • You can also add a landing part apart from joining a website.
  • Enter the brand name of your website ( The URL prefix does not need to be added to Http or https.
  • Check your website by printing and inserting the code in the name tag of your website.
  • Then click Check.

You’redone with it!

Now you can go to your improved page and choose the types of advertisements that you want to use to monetize your website.

Adding a Smart Tag

propush review propellerads

Now that your first ProPush website has been registered and published, let us understand why you should attach a smart tag to your blog.

propush review and pricing push notification monetize

  • Your current and new customers will be subscribed to push notifications.
  • Your Smart Tag will demand your clients ‘ permission to send media notifications.
  • Earn on each push subscription
  • Your income will proceed to rise with each push notification subscription.

Other key functions!

  • Payment of traffic: teaser, redirect, clicker, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Social traffic
  • Inappropriate traffic

Payment Modules

ProPush costs all registered publishers using billing techniques for CPS and Revshare. Everything is smooth as you see all the GEO CPS rates shown in your account. Detailed access to extended data like:


  • Number of subscriptions / unsubscriptions
  • Quality of subscribers
  • Number of messages sent

** And more!

ProPush pays to editors for all types of traffic and the Smart Tag function will do all you can to maximize your traffic. You can easily monitor your traffic sources. You can also use the monitoring feature for S2S postback conversion. This will help you quickly find out which traffic sources offer the highest income.

Why you will like ProPush?

  • ProPush provides real-time monitoring of the website performance.
  • Two advance income models, RevShare and CPS.
  • Publishers have the option to earn additional money from the referral program.
  • Every impression and subscriptions pay you.

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CONCLUSION: ProPush Review 2023:

Push notifications are outstanding and potentially the most prevalent way of getting a decent amount of internet revenue from online businesses. This has many major advantages that make this such a hot attitude for publishers and website owners, and ProPush makes perfect use of all of these!

In the first place, joining ProPush is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The smart tag must be introduced once your website has been approved. You can then select the option to replace CPS or rev. When selecting a CPS model, people visiting your locations are told to subscribe.

If you choose the option to exchange rev, you will be compensated for every affiliation and taste the tourists create. Here, after pressing allow notifications, you can also use the traffic back option to redirect clients.


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