FeetFinder Review 2023: Is It Legit Or a Scam? [Must Read!]

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FeetFinder is a marketplace for purchasing and selling unique photographs of feet. It is the creation of FLRT Inc., founded in 2019. In recent years, it has begun accepting videos in addition to photographs of feet. If you are a buyer looking to satisfy your foot obsession, this website is a veritable treasure mine of amazing feet images. And if you are a seller, you may earn a decent amount of money just by selling photographs of your feet.

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In this post, we’ll do a complete FeetFinder Review. Know whether it’s for you or not??

According to a poll, 1 in 7 individuals dreams about feet. This may be why selling pictures of feet online is so widespread and occasionally profitable.

Yet, foot fetish enthusiasts are not the only ones seeking these illicit photographs. Shoe and jewelry shops, stock picture websites, and even medical offices scan the Internet for high-quality photographs of feet.

As of this writing, FeetFinder is one of the most popular websites for buying and selling photographs of feet. How precisely does the site function (for customers and sellers), and how much money may be made? 

Below is a comprehensive overview of FeetFinder and what to anticipate after registering an account.

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a marketplace for purchasing and selling unique photographs of feet. It is the creation of FLRT Inc., founded in 2019. In recent years, it has begun accepting videos in addition to photographs of feet.

If you are a buyer looking to satisfy your foot obsession, this website is a veritable treasure mine of amazing feet images. And if you are a seller, you may earn a decent amount of money just by selling photographs of your feet.

FeetFinder review

In addition to providing sellers with total safety and privacy via anonymity, this firm also provides sellers with complete anonymity.

This site is now restricted to adults over 18 and is only accessible in nations such as the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

How Does FeetFinder Work?

The registration procedure for FeetFinder takes at least 5 minutes, and all vendors’ identification must be validated before they can register.

The authentication ensures that all material made accessible to customers originates from actual individuals. After that, buyers can purchase individual photographs and videos from vendors.

The seller can accept or reject the request whenever a buyer submits an offer.

FeetFinder automatically blurs the photographs of the seller’s feet on the platform, but purchasers may get a preview of the blurred images.

This strategy helps guarantee that merchants get payment and purchasers receive their purchases without dispute.

To maintain the security of all transactions on the site, they collaborate with Paxum and Segpay, both of which provide secure online payment processing. US-based merchants will be paid using Segpay, while overseas sellers will be paid via Paxum.

Who is FeetFinder For?

This FeetFinder review shows that this website is aimed at those who want to sell photographs of their feet. Yep, you heard correctly! If you like to exchange stunning photographs of your legs and feet, here is the forum for you.

This website is accessible globally; however, accounts from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are being approved.

There is no need for concern if you are not from these nations. There are several methods to earn money online.

So, you must be from these locations to be qualified to sell on our platform without restrictions. Before doing this, you must get comfortable posting photos in public forums.

Increase sales by conversing with folks from across the globe. But if you like socializing and meeting new people, being paid to talk online is now possible. Even sometimes, prospective purchasers may approach you directly for certain foot photographs.

You may negotiate and turn this into a lucrative opportunity. Always get the identities of anyone who purchase foot images from you to prevent your material from being exploited.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Before we go any further with our FeetFinder review, I’d like to point out that purchasing and selling photographs of feet is legal in the majority of nations throughout the world.

Even while distributing images of feet is not forbidden, most of us feel they are not dangerous. But, it is also vital that we recognize that images of various types of the foot may and do facilitate sexual abuse and exploitation.

FeetFinder customer review

So, the following considerations are necessary to prevent the criteria above: To sell or purchase it, you must be at least 18 years old. You must not offend any religious or cultural sensibilities.

In addition, you must guarantee that the images of your feet do not depict anything vulgar or disgusting. Firmly confirm that you have total control and rights over the foot photos you are selling.

How Much Money Can You Make on FeetFinder?

Now that the logistics are out let’s discuss money. If you wish to sell your feet photos on FeetFinder, you want to earn additional money.

Whether you want to sell foot photos as a side project or as a full-time job, these are the statistics and data you need to know.

As with most internet endeavors, some individuals will earn millions while others struggle to break even. And plenty of others will fall somewhere in between. Selling feet images on FeetFinder is the same.

Although some sellers report earning as much as $30,000 per year from selling foot images on this site, others say they’ve spent time, money, and effort uploading consistently high-quality photos with little return.

Some vendors have LOST money after paying the membership fee!

The cost of your photographs is important. Beginning sellers should begin with a modest price point, between $5 and $10 per picture. If you sell five photographs at $10 each, you should earn $50. Not so quickly!

FeetFinder retains 20% of your earnings, so you will only get 40% of the $50. And remember to pay your subscription fee.

These costs vary from $3.99 and $14.99 per month for premium accounts. FeetFinder asserts that the more the cost of your membership, the greater the exposure and visibility of your account.

According to the website, the average foot photo costs $22, and the typical video costs $19.

How To Increase Sales On FeetFinder?

If you are still interested in selling your feet photos on FeetFinder, you must adopt the proper strategy. For starters, you may have to sacrifice anonymity for cash.

The company boasts that photos of feet that include the seller’s face sell more quickly and for more money than photos of feet alone.

The primary reason is that people want to admire the individual’s lovely feet! This is especially true when considering customers with a foot fetish. Seeing your face enhances the closeness and individuality of their dream.

Nevertheless, you can only sell photographs if you have a continuous, dedicated audience. Although FeetFinder promises to offer you a great deal of exposure (some dissatisfied customers disagree), you must advertise yourself on various social media sites.

Use your personal social media profiles, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, to promote your new business endeavor.

FeetFinder customer review

If you feel uncomfortable, establish other accounts only for foot photo promotion. Also, you may construct a website or blog about your lovely feet.

The more personal you are, the more probable purchasers will connect with you, purchase from you, and become repeat customers.

Although continuously publishing a large quantity of material is essential for success on FeetFinder, not all content will suffice. All the images and videos you publish should be of high quality, clarity, and appeal.

In any case, people won’t pay top cash for low-quality photographs that fail to capture your foot’s beautiful contours and lines.

There is no need for a high-tech camera or video equipment to do this. The camera on your smartphone will suffice, but be sure to take your time, arrange the mood, and make intriguing photographs that are certain to get attention.

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Conclusion: FeetFinder Review 2023

If you are looking for a platform to sell photos of feet, FeetFinder might be a nice alternative. In this review of FeetFinder, we covered everything you need to know before joining the website.

Several customers have said that FeetFinder’s customer service is among the finest in town, as seen by the company’s high rating on Trustpilot.

Selling feet pictures on FeetFinder might take some time, so you may also consider advertising your new FeetFinder profile on other platforms. If you want to maintain your anonymity, there may be better options.

Also, remember that FeetFinder deducts 20% of your revenue when you make sales on the site, so determining whether or not it’s worthwhile is entirely up to you.

But, you may try the platform for 14 days, and if you don’t like it, you can have your $4.99 monthly membership cost refunded.

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