How do I log into HostPapa? How do I add HostPapa to my domain?

Web hosting services are provided by HostPapa, which is situated in Toronto. As a direct consequence of this, the company is not controlled by a significant holding company.

Small business owners have a wide variety of alternatives to pick from, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers, as they respond to the needs of their customers (rather than bloggers or online-only operators).

What is HostPapa?

What is HostPapa

It is extremely unusual to come across a web hosting firm that is not owned or operated by either of the two largest holding companies for online services (i.e., GoDaddy and Newfold Digital). We are able to host websites for businesses, charitable organisations, and long-term projects since we have the necessary resources and knowledge.

According to the company, HostPapa is one of the very few businesses that is both growing and remaining steady at the same time.

HostPapa was established in 2006 and has had phenomenal expansion in the recent years since its inception.

HostPapa, like the vast majority of other web hosting providers, provides its customers with a website builder, email, and a promise that they will receive their money back within the first thirty days.

What Is HostPapa Used for?

Web-based applications and websites can be hosted by HostPapa. They concentrate their marketing efforts on rapidly expanding companies, organisations, and websites. They offer a wide variety of internet services, including domain names, hosting, email, and even site design.

According to all of my web hosting evaluations, finding an excellent service is all about picking one that is best suited to your goals and your resources. Based on my experience as a HostPapa web hosting client, I’ve compiled a summary of the positives and negatives of the company’s various services.

The following is my review of HostPapa. It includes both the positive and negative aspects of my customer service experience.

How can I get into my email account with HostPapa?

Replace the server IP with the IP address of your server when going to the webmail address http://serverip/webmail. You can also move on with the process by clicking the WebMail button on the HostPapa website, after which you will be prompted to input your domain name. To access your account, you will need to log in using your email address and password. You are now able to manage your email, as well as read and send messages.

How do I log into HostPapa?

HostPapa Login

You can access your Dashboard account by logging in with the details that were sent to you in the following email: To access your personal cPanel, select it from the main menu. In the event that you have more than one cPanel account, you will be required to click the domain name that you like to access once more.

How do I add HostPapa to my domain?

Please ensure you are logged in to your HostPapa dashboard.

Select My Domains from the menu.

Select Transfer New Domain from the menu…

In the “Transfer my domain” page, enter your domain name (without the “www” prefix) and select the extension you want to use.

Don’t stop here; continue.

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Wrapping Up

HostPapa has made a number of substantial improvements to its service during the past six months.

Their uptime is near-perfect and their loading speeds are really fast. Their customer service is excellent, and they provide a wide variety of options to pick from.

In addition, they do not pollute the environment in any way.

There is only one negative, and that is the cost of the renewal. If, on the other hand, you don’t care about cost, HostPapa is a great option to think about.

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