Have you ever asked a problogger which his favorite word is? Apart from all that he says, there will be one definite answer. It is monetization. Even though he says he is not blogging to make money, the primary goal of him is nothing but to dig for dollars.

We can undoubtedly state that Google planted blogging into people’s mind more than anyone. It was all because of their Blogger.com, people started scribbling on the cyber world.

Can you guess who started the practice of making money from blogs? If we, let alone some affiliate networks, Google comes here too.

Yeah, Google’s advertising network Adsense started the blog monetization revolution. It paid millions and millions to website owners since the launch in 2003.

check if a website is banned by google adsense

Today, many ad networks are out there. But still, Adsense is the best in terms of payout and service. The Google guys are very smart. They constantly observe you and ban your Adsense account right away if any violation of their terms is found.

If you are planning to buy a website or an expired domain, it’s very much significant to get the Adsense status. Don’t buy Adsense banned domain if monetization is your priority.

Oh, scratching your head? Don’t you have an idea on how to check for an Adsense ban?

Don’t worry anymore. I will show you how to check if a website is banned by Google Adsense quickly.

#6. Banned or Not???

check if a website is banned by google adsense

It is a simple set of tools to help you have an overview about your Adsense status. With this useful tool, you can do many tasks apart from checking for Adsense ban.

There is a dedicated PayPal calculator that helps you to figure out how much will be the fees for a specific amount. As a blogger, you know the importance of Page Rank (PR), right? The Page Rank update is dead. But even today, advertisers and people measure trust of a website on the basis of PR. If you want to check details of a domain owner, you can use their who.is lookup tool also.

That’s enough about other tools. Here our topic is Adsense ban. See the picture below. It is how the result looks like. But bear in mind that the result is applicable for that particular domain only. This tool will not give any idea about your personal Adsense account ban.

How to check if a website is banned by Google Adsense? I think you got the answer.

Here is the link : – Banned or Not

#5. Adsense Banned Checker| blacklis.com

check if a website is banned by google adsense

This one is yet another Adsense status checker. Adsense is the major income source for many of the internet marketers. So, it’s critical to check for Adsense ban before transferring your site to a new domain or buying a website/ domain.

Blacklis.com is an incredible tool to be aware of this disaster. The remarkable advantage of this site is nothing but the beautiful user interface. The designers have taken a significant effort to build the site beautifully without sacrificing the simplicity. Fonts, colours, forms and overall design are created carefully. Nothing went clumsily.

You can see a field to enter your domain. Just type the domain name with www and tap enter key or click on Search. That’s all. A short report will be shown in a moment.

I have checked this domain (www.technoven.com) for Adsense ban. You can see results in the image given below.

Here is the link :- Blacklis.com

#4. Check Adsense Ban


Adsense ban is a scary event for any website owner. Chances are great for the person to sell that banned- website. It will be the buyer who is going to suffer. So, it crucial to check for Adsense ban before buying a domain.

Like every other tool, this one also is free of charges. You don’t have to open your wallet for using it. Sometimes, people are not able to realize either the Adsense account or their domain gets banned. With this tool, you can quickly find out whether your domain is banned or not. If your domain is found to be compatible with Adsense, then there will be no doubt to say that your account got banned. L

Here is the link :- Check Adsense Ban

#3. Is Banned???


This is one of the oldest tools available on the internet to check for Adsense ban. Google itself trusts this website more than anyone else (check the ranking).

‘Is Banned’ is a handy utility. You can use this clutter- free site without any problem. On the first page itself, an input field is visible in which you need to enter your domain name. After that, a minimalistic report will be provided.

This website gives two actions to proceed in case your site is banned by Adsense. They suggest to copy (or back up) the entire website and then host it on another domain. Or you can send mail to Google if you are very sure that you never violated Adsense’s terms and policies.

Here is the link :- Is Banned

#2. Banned from Adsense?| bannedcheck.com

check if a website is banned by google adsense

If you are using Adsense for a long time, you may know this tool too. Bannedcheck.com is a famous tool recommended by many popular bloggers on the web to check for Adsense ban.

By entering your domain into the given field and tapping enter, you are not only checking for Adsense ban but the Google penalty also. If your site gets penalized by Google, all the posts and pages will be de- indexed.

So, this utility is very much useful if you are experiencing lower traffic as well as revenue comparing with what it used to be. Apart from that, bannedcheck.com is a tool to check for PR, create a PR button and submit your site to multiple search engines.

Here is the link :- Banned from Adsense?

#1. Google Adsense Sandbox

check if a website is banned by google adsense

Do you know Amit Agarwal? He is one of the first bloggers in India and is renowned as the father of Indian blogging. This tool comes from him.

Adsense Sandbox is not a simple tool to check for Adsense ban. But it is Ad preview tool. On the very first page, you will be asked to enter the domain and location as well. Type enter or click on Preview Ads.

Then you can see various types of Adsense ad present on that page/ domain you have entered. If every Ad unit shows blank, it is sure that your domain got a ban from Adsense.

Here is the link :- Google Adsense Sandbox

Haven’t You Checked Your Domain Yet?

That’s all. I gave you six easy- to- use tools to check for Adsense ban. If your Ad- unit shows no add, you must check it now.

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  1. Sandeep Kumar

    Hi Jessee ,
    Thanks For the Info.

    I have doubt that I have purchased a domain and found that adsense is banned on it.

    I am using this domain from 6 months and ranked up many topics.

    Domain name http://www.iaspaper.in

    Please tell me how can I put adsense as I can use my adsense account to other domains.

  2. Suresh Khanna

    Hey Jessee, thanks for the information, indeed very nice article.

  3. Ali

    I am not sure why Google itself is not having a tool to check if there is a domain ban or Adsense ban – After all, it is them who ban these domains for whatever reasons. I have tried many of the tools and not sure which one is most reliable when one site shows “not banned’, other says ‘banned’. This is true with the above listed as well. Imagine you’re about to buy a high priced domain and these sites giving you different feed backs – How frustrated the situation Google has created.

  4. Lighthouse Nguyen

    Try this one, i found it from a forum, it is very good with full features needed: banned list, and you get url of banned website and share.

    1) the list Websites are banned by google adsense

    2) Websites are not banned by google adsense

    3) Check website is banned by google adsense and is existing.

  5. Yusri Nazeem


    Thanks for posting this informational post for bloggers who are excited to get Google adsense approval. I have checked with different banned check sites. But some of them gave me positive results and some not.

    I got confused, please let me know some more information.

    My website : xiaomitechgeek.com

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