How to Find the Best VPS Cloud Hosting Service Provider 2018

VPS Cloud Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting provides almost limitless capability to handle traffic spikes or high traffic. A team of servers (i.e. cloud) work jointly to host a cluster of websites. This permits several computers to work jointly to tackle high traffic or spikes for any particular website. Also Check out here best web hosting services reviews

How to Find the Best VPS Cloud Hosting

One of the biggest advantages of VPS cloud hosting is that you will get resources as per your requirements. It is quite essential for you to elect the top class VPS cloud host. If you are looking for the VPS cloud host then you should consider the one that is precise as per your requirement. Below are some of the attributes of VPS cloud hosting:-

  • If your website is the essential part of your business then you should go for the VPS cloud hosting rather than shared hosting. Though, VPS cloud hosting will cost you almost double of shared hosting but benefits VPS cloud hosting is more fruitful.
  • Easiness of use is another big plus to VPS cloud hosting. Resources allocated to you here are yours and not shared.
  • VPS cloud management software moves your website or other apps to a further hypervisor and reconstruct it in few seconds.
  • Self-healing feature is another big plus to the VPS cloud hosting it means no human interference is needed. Resources get configured and reconfigured by the cloud platform. The cloud platform gives automatic failover in failure situations.
  • Your website will receive complete security from the acts of others on your server because VPS cloud is not shared.
  • VPS cloud server has resources that are provided to it from enormous pool of resources.
  • Cloud hosting can also get utilized for the hosting of applications that allows you to access any of your application from browser till you have the internet connection.
  • It proves cost effective to the companies as it can reduce the cost for IT support, software licensing, network equipment, security devices, server hardware and electrical power.

How to select the right company for cloud hosting

Always thoroughly analyze the below mentioned points before selecting the company for cloud hosting:-

  • What is the level of support system at the time of failure? Suppose your website goes down late in night then how long will it take to get in swing again? So always check the response speed of the support system of the company you are going to choose for cloud hosting.
  • Uptime is the other important factor to check thoroughly. Select such company that carries precise uptime record.
  • Select the company that is offering fruitful services at reasonable rates. Company should be the one that is fair to you and not just thinking about making money from you.
  • Control panel should be capable to gratify your requirements. Control panel is the point where you can handle technical aspects, usage stats, email addresses and others related to your specific situation of hosting.

Cons of Cloud Hosting

  • This hosting is costly. Therefore it may be difficult for some online companies to avail such hosting as it is too expensive.
  • Privacy is the other concern as your data is tackled differently.

How to select the suitable VPS plan for you

  • Select the right operating system for the purpose. Your VPS can be compatible either to Linux or Windows. If you carry proper sources to properly handle the Linux server then you should go for the Linux VPS plan. You can go for the Windows VPS servers when your website has been created using the Microsoft platform.
  • Go for the plan with correct quantity of resources. More RAM turns in more power-packed performance. Burstable RAM and Guaranteed RAM these are the two types of RAM available.
  • Select a hosting company that is reputable. That will be quite fruitful for you.


It completely depends on you what type of hosting you like to avail. Every hosting service has its own merits and demerits. You should be well aware about your exact business requirements as that will help you in selecting the right hosting option for you. Though, VPS and cloud hosting are better than shared hosting but they cannot get afford by all the companies. Also check some free cpanel alternatives which can help you to chose best cpanel alternatives.

If you are new and looking for traffic on your website then cloud hosting is not the right option for you because of its cost. Always select the right host for the purpose if you are looking for the fruitful and cost effective results for your company. So always take decision with the help of your prudence and utilize the benefits of hosting services. Make sure that you have elected the right option.

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