I celebrated My Birthday After 7 Years and It Felt Amazing Thank you Blogging

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Hey Digital Nomads, I want to share my experience on  my bday 6th feb. After long 7 years I celebrated my birthday. This bday was special for me as I have great friends who are helping me in my hustling journey. They are real source of inspiration to me. They know  how much I am hustling in  my journey and what I want to achieve in life. Surrounding yourself with great people will always help to reach close to your goals. People who are on same mission like you  will make you life better.

How Blogging changed my life:

  • I live freely now
  • No boundaries
  • I have my business authority is  in my hands
  • Meeting new people
  • Attending premium conferences
  • Made great virtual friends
  • Opportunities  of speaking &networking

jitendra vaswani

My growth today is because of these great friends. Also  YES I  was with my girl on my bday she bought a nice shirt for me and I love it. She was so sick but still  she managed to come for me.That is so sweet <3.

I celebrated My Birthday After 7 Years It was Amazing Check this Video 
Before my bday I was a jury member and Speaker at Delhi University.I judged the digital marketing  show. So I shared my journey with all enthusiastic folks at University. Folks totally loved my hustling journey and  you can see their  reaction on video  below.


So keep hustling in your life and never give upon your dreams for anyone. Just keep yourself pushing to limits.

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