Inspirational Quotes From Dav Pilkey In 2023– Learn About Captain Underpants Series

In this article, I am going to share Inspirational Quotes From Dav Pilkey.

In the last two decades, bestselling author and illustrator Dav Pilkey has promoted literacy and creativity in children through series such as Dog Man and Captain Underpants. Pikey is dyslexic and ADHD, and he has always encouraged kids to follow their dreams.

And even the most reluctant readers have been inspired by his laugh-out-loud illustrations.

Dav Pilkey

During Scholastic Parents’ September gathering, Pilkey talked about everything from overcoming his own struggles with learning to inspiring children to believe in themselves.

As a second-grader, Pilkey was sent out of the classroom for his behavior, which led to the creation of Captain Underpants. He also talked about his plans for future books.

Here is a list of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite children’s authors – and below you can see the full video of our conversation.

On Captain Underpants:

“[Captain Underpants is] a story about a creative friendship between two kids, and he thinks kids can relate to that.”

It was a profound moment for me when he realized that underwear made people laugh when he first drew Captain Underpants.

Underwear has a lot of power. His very first drawing of this guy was here on that day. So he took out a piece of paper and a pencil and drew it.”

In his class, Captain Underpants liked to save the world and fight bad guys, so he would draw him and make up stories about him. He had no idea that almost 45 years later, he would still be drawing him.

Kids see that you don’t have to fly in order to have superpowers with George and Harold. Kids can relate to creativity or imagination as superpowers; that can be a superpower and it can actually save the world.

On His Learning Challenges:

Dav Pilkey

“His mother is a very optimistic person and has always been that way. She has always been a person who fills their glasses to the brim. She would advise him, by saying that maybe he was looking at these things in the wrong way.

Perhaps he was considering those challenges as negative. Similarly, you might be able to see that the challenges in your life may not all be challenges if you alter the way you think.

It might be a great idea to use your time sitting in the hallway to tell stories or to make up characters and draw them. And so, she was so inspirational to him, and it really determined his attitude, and he believes that was the key to turning his life around.

Whether we perceive challenges as good or bad is up to us.

My classmates and he used comics as a way to connect when he was a kid. As a child, he was often separated from his classmates. It was tough, but he stayed connected to everyone through comic books, stories, and creativity.

On the Evolution of the Captain Underpants Series:

Dav Pilkey

He is so glad that kids still enjoy the books even twenty years after the release of the first book.

Even when he is not working, he always has a pencil in his hand.

One of the greatest experiences of his life was seeing Captain Underpants on the big screen.

On Nurturing Creativity in Kids:

My greatest hope has always been for kids to discover the joy of storytelling and that they will use their imaginations to connect with others. It is very exciting to see that they are finding their own strategies to connect with others.

The best advice he would give to young writers is to keep writing regardless of what they do. It changed his life.

You get better at something by practicing more. The right path for you is if you’re already making comics, drawing, and making up stories. Never give up.

Hope you have also learned a lot from his favorite quotes and must have also inspired you a lot.

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