InterServer Review 2021 : Uptime Score & Analysis Good or Bad?

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Running a domain is the prolonged part of running a successful online business and that demands a consistently supported web hosting. Un-friend the expensive plans offered across the Internet and tag along the industry level experts; InterServer. It takes care of every essential and microscopic aspect that could otherwise jeopardise your overall performance.

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Managed Web Hosting

Interserver current specials

Every deal with InterServer is a profitable one, for it stuffs ample resources at each level. InterServer’s Standard web hosting plan begins at mere 5 bucks a month while providing an unlimited access to storage, transfer, websites and emails. Image web hosting options are also available and become easy to manage with a dedicated control panel.

For a WordPress or Windows managed web hosting, exclusive packages have been considered. A fully functional WordPress website hosting costs only $8 a month while the Windows based hosting is chargeable at $5 per month.

Uptime Score:

Interserver Uptime

Guaranteed delivery

This is quite a unique claim, where InterServer promises to deliver your valid, non-spam and non-bulk emails to the added contact list. Thanks to its compromised email detection and spam blocking system, that the idea stands absolutely feasible.

InterServer deploys state of the art digital signature technology for verifying the threat status of every email getting processed under it. So, any consistent attempt from anyone would ultimately push him in the blocked list. The tracking is further improvised with the closely observed statistical data every minute.


Interserver vps plans

InterServer is quite the master at handling website relevant affairs and aces them with its hard-core machinery. It flaunts off the same qualities even while handling Virtual Private Servers. Depending on the purpose or usage, you can swiftly choose a profitable plan by using its slid able calculator.

The options which are open to customization include the number of CPU cores, memory availed, CPU storage, and CPU transfer. As for the server itself, you can choose to go with the Linux cloud VPS for $6 a month while the Windows cloud VPS amounts to a bare $10 per month. Follow this link to find your plan on the slid able calculator.

Quick Server

Interserver web hosting features

An order form is present under the quick server option and lets you pick & shop every major component. Even the cheapest package comes with Intel i7-2600 processor, 8GB RAM and a whopping 903 GB of HD space, with each option being customizable.

The InterServer management option has been transformed into a specific portal which lubricates the process for rebooting, re-installation and out of band console access. It monitors your hardware activity and keeps the system optimized for an error free functioning. For a shared service, almost every premium option is available which run through KVM virtualisation.

Dedicated Service

Interserver Dedicated Servers

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If a shared hosting with InterServer can suffice majority of your web maintenance needs, then imagine a dedicated one. Apply for a dedicated server, and your system is instantly upgraded for a seamless operation on the World Wide Web.

The premium customers are entitled to all the amenities of a shared VPS, but only with an exceptionally performing interface. Enjoy a speedy login at a reasonably low price, without getting bound by any contracts; that’s the benefit of going premium.

Each of these accounts is laced with business catalyzing tools and supported by custom Intel-based servers. The configurations can go as high as 128 GB RAM, with the entire focus towards running your application online.

Free Migration

interserver one click installs

The provision of free migration services is the most popular category at InterServer. It enables every user to transfer their businesses from one web hosting firm to InterServer itself. Throughout, every activity is briefed on your dashboard, with almost or no downtime at all. So, you not only save with the new plans but also remain shielded against potential loss.

Any site file, database or email remain applicable to the migration process and are completely assisted by the experts during the transaction. Just sign up with a free InterServer account and you are automatically entitled to slashed rates + competitive services.


For those who are looking for a scalable and redundant environment for their computing hardware, there are options for colocation as well. They are secured by a Biometric Access to your system, which can be operated at any hours of the day. Plus, your machinery remains pampered by a cent percent power uptime and 24/7 phone/ email support.

24/7 Customer Support

Interserver customer support

InterServer owns a team of web hosting experts to serve its users around the clock. You can reach them through one of the many methods. There is a live chat window for instant query or call them directly on the phone. Other than that, there is a quick response team for supporting the query tickets.

Inter Server Staff FAQ’s

What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
We offer 30 days money back on virtual hosting. Not domain names or dedicated servers.

What is your average uptime?
Our network uptime gurantee is 99.5%. we do not have a status page.

What is your support response time and what does it cover?
We support everything related to the hosting package. We do not provide any support for your website or software you install.


Interserver awards

Purchasing a domain is no big a deal, but ensuring a reliable destination for your guests is the real talent. Although, an already expensive web development can push you to compromise on the service end. But, after going through the features and tariffs at InterServer Review, I am sure about where to go for web hosting queries.

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