InterServer Review 2024 🚀 Is InterServer Fast? (100% Tested)



  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Global Content Caching
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • SitePad Website Builder
  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage


  • Support is bit slow & many users complained about support
  • Dedicated servers are expensive


Price: $ 2.95

If you’re looking for an unbiased InterServer review, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve been searching for the right web hosting company for your business, but just can’t find the right fit.

You’ve been building your website for weeks and now your site is down. You lost all of your work and you’re not sure what to do next.

There are a million hosting companies out there but only one with an industry-leading 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s InterServer.

The majority of hosting providers are understaffed, providing poor customer service and underperforming servers.

InterServer is different. They provide high-quality web hosting services to customers all over the world.

With InterServer, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We provide 24/7 email and chat support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more.

For this review, we personally checked this web hosting service to see how good its customer service department is, as well as its uptime, speed, and overall usability, to see which one is best for you and your company.

InterServer Review

Table of Contents

Bottom Line Upfront : 

InterServer hosting is  all-inclusive web hosting plan has everything you need to power your website. Try their $2.50 for 1 month of service. Your website will load faster than ever because InterServer servers are never overloaded.

The network is route optimized. They also run the latest server optimization and security technology. They have 30 days money back guarantee.

My personal experience with Interserver Hosting :

I have been using InterServer for a little over a year now and I have to say that I have been very happy with the service. I was looking for a more affordable option than what I was currently using and I found InterServer. The plans are very affordable and include a lot of features that are not included with my previous provider.

One of the things that I really like about InterServer is the customer service. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they always go out of their way to help me with whatever I need. They are always quick to respond to my questions and resolve any issues that I am having.

I would definitely recommend InterServer to anyone looking for a quality, affordable hosting option.

InterServer gives our website GTmetrix Performance Grade A performance. Try InterServer now.

InterServer Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of interserver

Is InterServer hosting good?😍

Yes it is good and trusted.

InterServer is an all-in-one service that allows you to create your website, get email addresses, and host it all in one place, which is often preferable.

Furthermore, InterServer has demonstrated fast page load times. We’re concerned about InterServer’s inconsistency in terms of uptime, which is also their greatest flaw. Although the domains aren’t free, InterServer offers them at a discount, so the price difference isn’t important.

Get access to InterServer’s outstanding features like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, failover servers and shared virtual hosting plans which allow you to setup multiple websites without worrying about downtime and price control.

The internet is full of people who are helping each other out by building websites through WordPress CMS. If you want something similar but more advanced, InterServer is the right hosting solution for you.

What is InterServer? InterServer Review 2024

Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri, both tech-savvy teens during the dial-up era of the internet, founded InterServer to demonstrate proper hosting practises to their previous employers. Mike and John, dissatisfied with the available hosting solutions, founded InterServer on a solid basis of technical knowledge and attentive service.

InterServer is a new, competitive hosting service built on cutting-edge technology that is created, installed, and managed from the company’s New Jersey-based datacenter. Powerful SSDs, free migrations, and domains for only $7.99 are just a few of the features included in InterServer’s comprehensive shared plans, which also include unlimited storage, bandwidth, email, and SSL certificates.

InterServer’s extensive feature set may be overwhelming to first-time site owners, but it is designed to support businesses of all sizes. When it comes to shared hosting, InterServer’s prices are higher than those of some of its mass-market competitors.

However, as your website or application expands, the price per month drops dramatically, especially when you factor in the benefits of InterServer’s 24/7 on-site support and the fact that its Co-Founders still manage the datacenter and respond to support tickets.

InterServer provides a guaranteed price lock for all of their hosting plans. When you sign up for a plan, the amount you pay is the price you pay for the duration of your membership (unless you add or upgrade services). There are no hidden fees or minimum contract terms, and your rates will never increase unexpectedly. It’s difficult for us to think of any other hosting service that can provide that guarantee.

InterServer is a web hosting company that aims to provide its customers with an all-in-one experience. It has been offering hosting services since 1999, a period of 21 years.

InterServer offers dedicated servers, fast servers, and cloud hosting in addition to shared hosting. InterServer offers addresses, domain names, and a website builder in addition to hosting.

Fast, Reliable Cheap Managed Cloud Web Hosting Service - InterServer

InterServer is a full-service web hosting company with a focus on high-quality customer service delivered across multiple channels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

InterServer offers a wide range of hosting arrangements, including shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, as well as colocation services if you choose to manage your own physical infrastructure.

All of InterServer’s plans provide a comprehensive set of features that make building and maintaining a website and online presence simple.

What you will get with InterServer? InterServer Review

– InterServer services take care of just about everything related to running your website; from hosting it, maintaining it, and growing it over time.

– Fast in-house hosting for your web site.

– An easy to use web hosting manager with billing & hosting automation.

– 24/7 support and 99% uptime guarantee

– Dedicated servers for your blog, store, personal website or any other type of high-traffic websites.

InterServer Hosting Uptime Services Track Record ✅

These are UptimeRobot stats of one of our website which is hosted on InterServer. Almost 100% uptime looks impressive (and it mostly is).

Uptime screenshot hosting Uptime hosting Speed-and-uptime-by-hosting-reviews

Up Time


Does Interserver Hosting Really Speed Up Your Website ?  Is InterServer fast?

Hosting google page speed results

Google page speed stats hosting

Yes our page speed scores aka core web vitals scores looks pretty good when we hosted our website on InterServer hosting. Core web vitals are important ranking factor to rank your websites on top positions.

So make sure that you have less plugins & minimize use of CSS. Use Wp Rocket to have best performance.

GTMetrix Grade A and Performance score of 97% should be sufficient to prove how fast InterServer hosting is, especially considering the fact that this is just their most basic package!

Bloggersideas Server testing uptime speed Interserver

🚀 InterServer Review: A QUICK Facts 💥

Control panels by Interserver

  • At the company’s headquarters in New Jersey, servers are installed, deployed, and supported on-site. The data centers are half-full, which means your site has space to expand and won’t suffer from performance problems.
  • InterServer promises 99.9% network uptime and 100 percent power uptime. The company’s network links to several Tier 1 providers and has full automatic redundancy and an n+1 update strategy.
  • The data centers, network, security, and support are still overseen by the company’s co-founders, who often personally respond to support tickets.
  • On-site teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to issues through live chat, email tickets, and phone calls.
  • Customers with managed WordPress hosting will rely on InterServer experts to restore their site in the event of an attack. Regular backups and malware scans, as well as a web application firewall, are among the other WP utilities.
  • You’ll pay the same amount for the same infrastructure and functionality for the rest of your account’s life — no annual rate changes or long contracts.
  • Space, bandwidth, blogs, email, and databases are all unlimited, with free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificates thrown in for good measure.
  • There are over 400 one-click installation scripts available to assist users in setting up a blog, content management system, eCommerce shop, forums, and other platforms.
  • Customers will migrate their websites to their new account with little or no downtime thanks to InterServer’s free migrations. InterServer can assist you with changing nameservers and moving your domain registration within 48 hours of your migration.
  • InterServer’s VPS and cloud services are complemented by Quick Servers, which provide dedicated server resources through KVM virtualization and are ready in 20 minutes or less.
  • Unlimited domains, SSDs, private DNS, a specific IP address, management software via WHM, and no setup fees are included in the five reseller account options.
  • Collect your servers at InterServer’s in-house datacenter, which offers 100% power uptime, 24/7 biometric access, and optional managed or device management services.

Customer Support of InterServer

InterServer - Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers Intervser support system

Interserver hosting support is good

InterServer portrays itself as an all-American organization, with photos of its employees adorning the homepage. Live chat, email, and help tickets are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the organization has native-speaking call centers in the United States, England, Israel, Brazil, and Mexico.

While there is a knowledge base, it is not well structured, and we were unable to find any valid answers to my questions.

During my testing time, we spoke with help on a regular basis and were generally dissatisfied with the overall experience. As far as we could say, assistance is split into two levels, and you won’t get much help unless you talk with the true professionals in the upper tier.

We began with live chat, which isn’t available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since the “crew was inaccessible,” there were occasions when the service was absolutely unavailable.

Interserver Cloud apps review

Interserver Hosting Plans

Windows and Linux Hosting

InterServer - Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers 2

InterServer  offers two types of shared hosting: Linux hosting (dubbed “Standard Web Hosting”) and Windows hosting (dubbed “ASP.NET”). WordPress and other common CMS (content management systems) run best on Linux hosting, which uses the well-known cPanel control panel.

On the other hand, Windows hosting is almost exclusively used for web projects that use Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET or MSSQL.

We paid $185 for the Linux-based Standard Web Hosting plan for the purposes of this study. It has a lot of cool features, but the most important one is the infinite resource pool.

Now, unlimited does not imply that you can use your account to store your entire media collection or transform it into a downloads portal. What this means is that as long as you follow a fair use policy, you will never run out of room or bandwidth.

This is excellent news, but it does not imply that you will continue to use shared hosting and enable your website to expand indefinitely. Many simultaneous users put a strain on a shared server, so a massively popular website would need more CPU and RAM resources. You’ll need to upgrade to a VPS if this happens.

SSL Security Certification

Each shared account comes with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which ensures that your data is safe. SSL is needed if you want to run an e-commerce store, protect your visitors’ privacy, and improve your Google rankings.

Although the certificate does not come pre-installed, the support agent we talked with was more than willing to do so. We then used the Qualys SSL test to put InterServer’s SSL technology to the test, and my website received an outstanding A rating.

Security Tools and Protocols

Most hosting companies are more like your friendly uncle than your probably overprotective parents when it comes to keeping your website safe and free of malicious files.

That is, some may try to upsell you on a protection suite, while others will offer some helpful advice, but only a few will give you everything you need to keep your website secure.

InterServer really shines in this area. Outside attackers are blocked by its InterShield Security firewall, which uses machine learning to keep ahead of the attacks. This protection is included in all plans by default.

You’ll also have access to the ModSecurity tool, which adds another layer of firewall protection, as well as Imunify360, which scans your hosting drive for malicious files on a regular basis. All is included in your package at no additional cost.

Cloudflare CDN and LiteSpeed Caching

Litespeed enable

Caching, a method that saves static copies of your pages for future use, will greatly increase the speed of your website. LiteSpeed, one of the most popular web server technologies today, includes all of the caching tools you’ll need to improve your results.

Via cPanel, you’ll have access to LiteSpeed caching, which will easily search your drive and create cached copies of your articles. This can save precious seconds in loading time for advanced pages that need a lot of computing power.

Cloudflare’s CDN is another excellent integration (content delivery network). Cloudflare’s global fleet of servers will cache copies of your website’s pages, with each visitor served from a server location near them.

It’s like transforming the website into a McDonald’s, with locations on every corner but potentially better nutritional value.

Unlimited Domains and Websites

Interserver domains

You’ll sometimes find that a shared web hosting contract has a cap on the number of separate websites you can create.

You may have enough disk space for another small project (like a cat sweater consulting firm), but you’ll be limited to using subdomains or won’t have access to the databases required to install additional WordPress instances. This was also true of any other simple shared plan we looked at.

InterServer, on the other hand, is special. You can create as many databases as you want, and you can use the domain manager to create additional domains for entirely different websites. If you want to get the most out of your unlimited plan and don’t expect a lot of traffic on any of your websites, this is a perfect option.

Account Management & User Interface

The account management portal from InterServer is a robust tool that allows users to easily order or change their hosting services. The design is tidy, minimalistic, and simple to use, but it isn’t quite as visually polished as others we’ve seen.

Service and support, on the other hand, are what really matter, and we appreciate how simple it is to manage your account and request assistance with InterServer.

InterServer Shared Hosting Plans

Fast, Reliable & Cheap Managed Cloud Web Hosting Service InterServer

The InterServer shared hosting plan is a cost-effective choice, with monthly fees starting at $2.50 and renewing at $7. One-click downloads, 24/7 customer support, a free conversion tool, SitePad site creator, “unlimited” features (more on that later), and more are all included in the service.

The table on the right sidebar displays InterServer shared hosting features, server requirements, and other details.

InterServer VPS hosting plans

Cloud Server by Interserver

InterServer provides a number of VPS and cloud hosting plans to give its customers the versatility and scalability they need. The cost of a Linux cloud VPS is $6 per month, while the cost of a Windows cloud VPS is $10 per month. Both offer a range of choices for CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer limits, depending on your needs.


Features Linux Plan #1 Linux Plan #3 Windows Plan #1 Windows Plan #3
cPanel Add $15/mo Add $15/mo Add $15/mo Add $15/mo
CPU Cores 1 3 1 3
Fantastico Add $4/mo Add $4/mo Add $4/mo Add $4/mo
Memory 2048 MB 6144 MB 2048 MB 6144 MB
Monthly Cost $6/mo $18/mo $10/mo $30/mo
Monthly Data Transfer 2 TB 3 TB 2 TB 6 TB
Softaculous Add $2/mo Add $2/mo Add $2/mo Add $2/mo
SSD Storage 30 GB 90 GB 30 GB 90 GB
Unique IP Add $3/mo Add $3/mo Add $3/mo Add $3/mo


Affordable Hosting from InterServer

Shared hosting plans with unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, and email are hard to beat, but in this competitive market, success often comes down to a company’s brand name, reputation, and low rates. InterServer is more reliable than many of our other recommended providers, but we know that many first-time website owners would only consider price.

SSD caching servers, RAID-10 storage, and free SSL certificates are just some of the features that more advanced users will enjoy with InterServer’s shared choices. The premium pricing of InterServer includes a number of benefits, including free migrations and automated weekly backups.

The other side of this is that amateur clients may make use of a free website builder to get their site up and running. Other hosts provide their clients with more direct assistance in setting up an online shop, despite the fact that InterServer’s 400+ installation scripts cover a variety of content management systems and eCommerce solutions.

InterServer’s price-lock guarantee may make up for its somewhat higher rates; the price you pay at signup is the price you’ll pay for the duration of your subscription. InterServer also does not require its customers to sign long contracts. If a client pays for a whole year’s worth of service in advance, they’ll save money; otherwise, your hosting plan will renew on a month-to-month basis.

Customers will be relieved to not have to worry about yearly rate increases when they get their invoices.

  • There are ZERO commitments and NO unexpected price rises beyond the first month’s $0.01 payment.
  • Mail, file sharing, and storage quotas are all uncapped.
  • They guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime and a price-lock for $7.99 when you register or transfer a domain name.

InterServer’s Website Builder

In spite of the fact that InterServer has built a name for itself among professional programmers thanks to its unparalleled technical expertise and customizable Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans, the company’s dedication to keeping prices low and ensuring customer satisfaction with its shared hosting demonstrates that it is well-attuned to meeting the needs of all its clients. InterServer’s compatibility with SitePad, a drag-and-drop website builder, demonstrates that users are not need to know how to code in order to create websites.

SitePad’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create a beautiful website, and its preview mode makes it easy to see how it will look before you publish it. The website builder is available to InterServer clients through cPanel and DirectAdmin connections, and it includes more than 300 professionally designed themes for use in a variety of industries and fields. It’s easy for site owners to pick a theme that suits their needs, and all of the available options are optimised for use on mobile devices.

SitePad and InterServer’s limitless hosting resources and customizable site builders are two features that really stand out. SitePad offers more than 40 widgets to let you add picture galleries, text boxes, buttons, videos, and other interactive components to your themes and give your online businesses a unique look and feel.

InterServer is well-equipped to provide site owners everything they need to succeed because to its limitless SSD storage and hundreds of cloud-based programmes (including WordPress, MediaWiki, phpBB, and many more). We’re convinced that with the company’s low introductory cost and its guaranteed long-term price, you’ll be able to discover a hosting partner that can help you through expansion.

  • After the first month is free, the price each month will increase to $5. More than three hundred premade templates are available for use with the SitePad editor.
  • Single-click publishing for 40+ widgets including galleries, movies, maps, and more; a drag-and-drop interface
  • Web space, data transport, and email are all limitless.

Why you Should Use InterServer Hosting ? InterServer Review

Free Email Accounts

InterServer offers free email accounts. Furthermore, these accounts are limitless, with no restriction on the amount of money the user will spend. This is not only beneficial to the company’s identity, but it also saves you money on a monthly basis.

You won’t need to use a third-party provider like Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) to get a branded email account with your domain.

Free Site Migration

Not every company that joins InterServer is going to create a brand-new website. Some of them have existing sites on other websites that they may need to migrate to InterServer.

This is yet another free service provided by InterServer. Free migration is something that we look for in a web hosting company. It makes the process of converting your site easier.

Solid Speed of 639 ms

In addition to uptime, speed is an essential consideration when selecting a host. Not only does Google penalize slow-loading websites, but visitors are much more likely to abandon your site if it takes too long to react.

According to one report, each additional second of load time (between seconds 0–5) reduces website conversion rates by an average of 4.42 percent, with 0–4 seconds being the optimal speed for conversion rates.

InterServer says that its service has been specifically optimized to offer consumers the quickest possible website speeds. Of course, we wanted to verify this for ourselves, so we built a test site on their website that we’ve been monitoring for a long time.

Their arguments seem to be correct. Over the past 12 months, InterServer has consistently delivered an average speed of 639 milliseconds. This is a significant improvement over the data from 2018 and 2019, when their pace was significantly slower.

Our test site, for example, took an average of 1.7 seconds to load in January 2019.

24/7 Live Chat Support

On any company’s website, live chat is a must-have communication tool. Not only is it the quickest way to reach customer service, but it also has a significant impact on customer loyalty, with a 92 percent satisfaction score. InterServer’s live chat service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we were pleased with what we saw.

InterServer took about a minute to answer. Despite the fact that the customer service representative was a little laconic and grammatically wrong, we received all of the details we needed. So, all in all, it was a good time.

Free SSL Security and Intershield

A free SSL certificate is included with all InterServer hosting plans. This is a free security upgrade that goes a long way toward building credibility with your prospective customers.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, Google will flag your site as insecure, scaring away potential customers before you even get started.

InterServer is also covered by Intershield. This is an InterServer security mechanism that performs a number of critical security functions, including:

  • Blocking web attacks
  • Scanning for viruses
  • Includes a firewall built with machine learning
  • Pulls from an in-house malware database

Unlimited SSD Storage Space

More costly services, such as LiquidWeb, tend to restrict the amount of space available on each contract. You will pay more, but you will be restricted in the amount of details you can put on your website. Subscribers on InterServer are not subject to such restrictions. Unlimited SSD storage space is included in all shared hosting plans.

Free Website Builder

Another advantage of InterServer is that the website builder SitePad is included with your subscription at no extra cost. This is ideal for younger companies without a website to migrate to the service. If they’re just getting started and want to create a website, they can do so using the same framework.

Easy to Use Dashboard and cPanel

InterServer’s client area is sleek and easy to use. You can see a list of your domains, servers, hosting plans, and more from there. InterServer’s dashboard interface is cPanel, which is widely used by hosting companies and can be accessed via the client region.

The first thing you’ll note is how crowded cPanel’s main page is. At first, it will seem to be daunting. You don’t have to sift through countless things to find what you’re searching for, though.

The top-level search bar makes it simple to locate a specific function. Simply type what you’re searching for into the search bar, and cPanel will bring it up for you right away.

There’s a reason why cPanel is used by so many providers. Because of its layout and search feature, it is easy to use and can be picked up by anyone.

InterServer Network Information

Things we dont like about InterServer Hosting

Free Domain Not Included

Although InterServer allows you to buy a domain name, they do not have free domains. You may have to pay for a domain, but InterServer provides these domains at a discount. Using a service like GoDaddy, you can usually get a domain name for about $15-$20 for a year. You’ll pay about $7.99 for InterServer.

There is, nevertheless, a catch. Only if you sign up for one of their long-term contracts would you pay $7.99. You would have to pay extra if you want to sign up on a monthly basis. On a monthly contract, domain, for example, will cost $11.00.

Is InterServer secure?

InterServer is very safe. It comes with a lot of security features. You can get an SSL certificate, and it also has Cloudflare CDN. It also has its own security features called InterShield and Inter-Insurance.

Where are InterServer servers located?

InterServer now has two datacenters in Secaucus, NJ and one in Los Angeles. InterServer provides services such as virtual hosting, cloud VPS, quick servers, dedicated servers, and colocation.

Is InterServer hosting good?

InterServer offers service that will be 99.9% up and 100% reliable. There are people on staff 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure that the datacenters work well. InterServer also offers a Price-Lock Guarantee – your hosting plan price today will never go up!

InterServer Ease of use :

InterServer offers a well-organized, straightforward account management portal. It’s clean and minimalistic, but not quite as polished as others we’ve seen. We also appreciate that it takes just a few clicks to add an email address or forwarders, something that can be tricky with other hosts.

InterServer Customer Reviews & Testimonials

InterServer Reviews on Trustpilot

InterServer Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of

InterServer Reviews Trustpilot Read Customer Service Reviews of

InterServer Reviews 2022 Details, Pricing, & Features Via  InterServer Reviews 2022 Details, Pricing, & Features G2

InterServer Reviews Details, Pricing, & Features G2

InterServer Reviews, Awards & Testimonials New
InterServer Reviews, Awards & Testimonials New

FAQ’s Related to InterServer Review

What is InterServer Hosting?

InterServer is a full-service web hosting company with a focus on high-quality customer service delivered across multiple channels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. InterServer offers a wide range of hosting arrangements, including shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, as well as colocation services if you choose to manage your own physical infrastructure. All of InterServer's plans provide a comprehensive set of features that make building and maintaining a website and online presence simple.

Is InterServer a reliable hosting service?

Yes, absolutely. With over 20 years of experience in the hosting industry, InterServer is one of the most popular and trusted web hosting services available today. InterServer's best features are their reliable server efficiency, guaranteed email delivery, and fixed signup prices.

Is InterServer affordable?

InterServer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting contracts. To take advantage of this, you must contact their customer service team and request a refund within the 30-day timeframe.

Does InterServer offer email hosting?

InterServer's web hosting plans include e-mail, but if you prefer, you can apply for only private email hosting for as little as $2.50 a month.

What is SitePad?

SitePad is a website development tool included with InterServer hosting plans. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder and pre-built themes that you can use as is or customize to your liking for fast growth.

Is InterServer a suitable hosting service or beginners?

InterServer shared hosting is inexpensive and suitable for beginners; however, VPS plans are not suitable for beginners.

Is InterServer suitable for small business?

Yes, indeed. InterServer is, in reality, one of the best small business hosting services available. For unexpected traffic spikes, the company promised not to raise their prices during renewal and to maintain their server utilization below 50%. Furthermore, the latest Guaranteed Email Delivery function guarantees that essential business emails sent to recipients do not end up in their spam folder.

Do I get a free domain on InterServer?

Although InterServer allows you to buy a domain name, they do not have free domains. You may have to pay for a domain, but InterServer provides these domains at a discount. Using a service like GoDaddy, you can usually get a domain name for about $15-$20 for a year. You'll pay about $7.99 for InterServer.

Do they have a website builder?

InterServer does have a native website builder called ‘SitePad’, which is included with your subscription at no extra cost. This is ideal for younger companies without a website to migrate to the service. If they're just getting started and want to create a website, they can do so using the same framework.

How much SSD storage does InterServer offer?

More costly services, such as LiquidWeb, tend to restrict the amount of space available on each contract. You will pay more, but you will be restricted in the amount of details you can put on your website. Subscribers on InterServer are not subject to such restrictions. Unlimited SSD storage space is included in all shared hosting plans.

Can I migrate my website for free with InterServer?

Yes! Not every company that joins InterServer is going to create a brand-new website. Some of them have existing sites on other websites that they may need to migrate to InterServer. This is yet another free service provided by InterServer. Free migration is something that we look for in a web hosting company. It makes the process of converting your site easier.

Does InterServer offer an SSL Certificate?

A free SSL certificate is included with all InterServer hosting plans. This is a free security upgrade that goes a long way toward building credibility with your prospective customers. If you don't have an SSL certificate, Google will flag your site as insecure, scaring away potential customers before you even get started.

Do I get free email accounts with InterServer?

InterServer offers free email accounts. Furthermore, these accounts are limitless, with no restriction on the amount of money the user will spend. This is not only beneficial to the company's identity, but it also saves you money on a monthly basis. You won't need to use a third-party provider like Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) to get a branded email account with your domain.

Best InterServer Alternatives 2024

If InterServer isn’t for you, there are a number of powerful alternatives available, including A2 Hosting and Hostinger, which are two of the most common web hosting services available today.

Both of these hosting companies have a wide variety of hosting options (shared, VPS, controlled WordPress, and dedicated) and performed admirably in our server tests. A2, Hostinger, and TMD Hosting are all relatively inexpensive, allowing users to host multiple websites for less than $5 per month (first bill).

1) Hostinger

A popular and comparatively cheap web hosting solution which offers a variety of hosting plans, powerful features, excellent  uptime, custom domain name and much more at affordable prices. For those looking for a reliable Windows hosting solution, Hostinger’s Windows hosting is the best option. Windows servers are a common alternative to Linux servers, which are used in all of the Hostinger plans we’ve discussed so far.

They also offer Email hosting that manages email servers. It operates independently of website hosting and allows you to use domain-specific email addresses like [email protected] on your website.

Having domain-based email addresses adds legitimacy to your website, and if you’re running an ecommerce site, it gives consumers another reason to trust you.

Minecraft hosting is also available from Hostinger, allowing users to play the popular video game on a multiplayer server. There are five different plans to choose from, each with instant setup, a mobile app, and automatic off-site backups.

All of Hostinger’s shared, WordPress, cloud, and VPS plans come with a comprehensive set of features. After VPS, dedicated hosting plans are usually considered the next phase up. They’re much more costly, and they’re better for very large businesses and ecommerce sites.

If you’re interested in learning more about dedicated hosting, take a look at our list of the best dedicated hosting providers.

2) Cloudways 


Cloudways is inexpensive, offering unlimited storage and a 5-star WordPress hosting package. Hosting your site on Cloudways means you’ll have more flexibility when managing backups and keep your site running smoothly with minimal maintenance.

They can even fix issues that are out of our control (like viruses, hackers or software crashes). Lots of features to help you manage your website, including site statistics, unlimited WordPress plugins and themes, multipurpose domains and a free domain manager.

The service comes with everything you need to have a great website without having to worry about hosting or management headaches:

Their client-support team will not only solve your problems – they’ll make sure you get the most out of your host!  – Your website is protected by our 256-bit encryption system and IP addresses are restricted to 10 at most.

3) Nexcess Hosting 

Nexcess Overview - Best hosting for Woocommerce

Nexcess offers some of the best features of more expensive competitors, yet at a price your business can afford. With low up-front costs and affordable monthly payments, Nexcess is an affordable way to increase website performance and to host your site securely.

You get free domain hosting, meaning you get your own web domains for free! Hosting in the cloud means that your sites are hosted safely, private and secure on servers located all over the world.

Features : 

– Comprehensive, easy-to-use Plesk control panel that offers all the options you need to manage your WordPress site with ease.

– They built a flexible platform for you that’s easy to customize to suit your business needs.

– Nexcess is a preinstalled and user-friendly control panel for managing WordPress sites through a web interface.

Why to Choose Interserver Hosting over other hosting services ?

Are you looking for a web hosting company that can take care of your blog, website and more?

Get hosting with InterServer. Your site will be up and running in no time!

Try the all-inclusive InterServer web hosting plan for $2.50 per month with free domain name registration or take advantage of their 24/7 support and dedicated servers.

Take care of your site’s infrastructure at one go by paying just $2.50 per month!

Find out how much hosting is worth to you with InterServer. They offer affordable prices on a lot of things, so they’re definitely worth checking out right now!

Conclusion : InterServer Hosting Review 2024 Do We recommend InterServer? 🔥⚡️

Owned & Operated Data Center with Vast Resources

  • The company’s servers are created, installed, and serviced in-house at its New Jersey headquarters. The datacenters are only operating at 50% capacity, so there is plenty of headroom for your site to expand without impacting performance.
  • All of InterServer’s servers come with a 100% power uptime guarantee and a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. The company’s network has several connections to Tier 1 providers, and it has complete automated redundancy and an n+1 upgrade strategy.
  • Datacenters, networks, security, and support are all still managed by the company’s co-founders, and the founders themselves often respond to customer inquiries.

Solid Customer Service and Dedication ✨✨

  • There are always people available to talk to or answer questions by phone or email.
  • Customers of InterServer’s managed WordPress hosting service may rest certain that the company’s specialists would work to restore their site should they ever come under assault. Besides the core WordPress installation, WP also provides other services like as daily backups, malware scans, and a web application firewall.
  • Having a price-lock guarantee ensures that you won’t have to worry about paying more than you need to for the same infrastructure and services during the course of your subscription.

InterServer is a independent hosting option based on modern technology that is assembled, deployed, and operated at the company’s headquarters in New Jersey’s datacenter. InterServer’s robust shared plans provide unrestricted storage, bandwidth, email, and SSL certificates, as well as powerful SSDs, free migrations, and $7.99 domains.

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78 User Reviews on Interserver

  1. I ordered Interserver’s ASP.NET plan for $8.00 a month which was a great price. I saw that they offered unlimited files so long as you were under 400,000 inodes (of course this makes sense).

    I then ordered the service and began to set up my site. I had to restore a WordPress website so I used Updraftplus to FTP some files over to my new account. I hit a roadblock when I found out my new “unlimited” account had only 15 gigs storage.

    Not an issue… I just submit a ticket and they will give me more room right? No.. I’m told that I should host with a PHP plan instead.

    “We suggest hosting PHP sites like WordPress on our Standard web hosting Plan (Linux) to avoid permission and compatibility errors. WordPress (PHP and MySQL) powered applications are tightly integrated with the Apache/Nginx web server which is run on Linux web servers.due to lack of tight integration, you might run into compatibility or permission issues which could easily be avoided while running on Linux web hosting. We are suggesting this to avoid the hassle caused by some PHP applications while running on Windows servers.”

    Yet in the past I did have an Interserver account that supported WordPress under ASP back in 2020. In fact the Interserver ASP.NET page shows you can install WordPress as an app. It’s my issue if there’s compatibility issues. I want ASP.NET and WordPress, and most reputable companies can offer this under Plesk.

    Apparently not Interserver. My intention was to run two websites, a PHP blog and an ASP.NET site both from the same plan… totally do’able.

    Then came the second reply…

    Me: I require at least 30 gigs for the ZIP files to FTP over from Updraftplus, please

    >> Sorry your request is not possible on the shared ASP.NET plan

    So I have this nice plan with UNLIMITED storage and they tell me that I cannot have more disk space because I plan to put TEMPORARY Zip files (temporary as in one hour’s use then deleted upon restore). How do I get my WordPress migrated then? If I FTP’d directly I’d STILL need more disk room…

    So this has become an uphill battle… first, ignoring my request and trying to push me to PHP hosting and then blatantly saying no, I can’t have more disk room.

    I asked for a refund.

  2. I’ve always trusted InterServer. When something ever goes wrong with their service, they’re always right there to call and take care of the problem. The people who I work with are also customer-oriented and knowledgeable about what they do, clear of everything that a user needs to know.

  3. I tried a lot of different email providers before I found the one that met all my needs. The best part? I saved money by not having to pay Google anymore for my emails! At first, it was a little challenging figuring out how to set up filters and deal with spam, but after consulting IT at InterServer, it’s now as easy as ABC! It really pays off when you work as many hours as I do at the office because you need an email service that offers 24-hour support and technical assistance. Download your trial servers today and see what makes InterServer worth every cent!

  4. InterServer is a definite go-to for any website owner. They have the best customer service and speed around. You can’t beat their prices either, I pay just $2.50 per month which is ridiculously cheap! There’s no downtime, they maintain backups of all my files automatically and there’s also top-notch tech support available 24/7.

  5. This host is so easy to deal with! I mean, they have a plethora of different packages and they do all the work for you. Every time I call in my servers are being fixed without me even asking them to fix it! Like !!! The last time when our server crashed I knew that they would take care of it any minute !!!! They’re round-the-clock customer service provides staff members who answer promptly, giving quick fixes by sending you a reminder or fixing your site right away. It’s been 4 months since we switched from Hosting Company A to InterServer and we can’t thank them enough for their professional services !!!

  6. Why I love my new web host, InterServer.

    I have a small business and before the InterServer Review came along it was really hard to see all of clients because our site was slow and crashed often. Now things are changing fast with easy sign up, supports for domains that you need for your business or personal website. Best of all, their servers never get overloaded which means you’ll get top speeds at all times!

  7. I totally recommend InterServer hosting. They are just so much more affordable than the other companies.

  8. InterServer is offering you the best web hosting service. With their package, you get so much for so little! The $2.50 will go to funding your website’s high speed connection and also for great customer support that is ready 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that come up with technical issues. I can’t attest enough just how easy it was to set this one up on my own!

  9. “After my old web host failed me I had no idea where to turn. But when I heard about InterServer and read some reviews, I was sold! It’s so hard to find a web hosting provider that provides high-quality service while also maintaining affordability. With 30 days money back guarantee and $2.50 for 1 month of service, I know somebody has got my back.”

  10. And you know what? It’s worth it. The best $2.50 I ever spent was on their deal which is still in effect if you’re looking to get started and need a website for your new business idea, or even if you’re just an average joe who doesn’t want the hassle of managing his site anymore (don’t worry, they have IT professionals). Interserver loads so fast I’m sure it’s because they have servers that are never overloaded with other customers’ websites, plus their network is optimized so you won’t notice any slowdowns while loading anything from anywhere else online either. They also put a lot of care into making sure security threats never plague your site because not only do they run the latest server optimization technology but they

  11. I was looking around for a decent hosting provider. I had three requirements:

    1) Fast loading speed 2) Fair pricing structure 3) Help desk support, not customer service phone system that let them ask me the same questions over and over without getting to help me.

    I found out there were way too many options (at first). It took hours before I could make up my mind knowing full well price wasn’t gonna be an issue even if it got more expensive later on, but at least I wouldn’t have to go through this ordeal again soon. They all looked similar so at first it seemed like any one would do –everyone claimed they handled servers better than anyone else for their prices or something vague like that.

    I found out Interserver have all these requirements and I choose them as my hosting provider, I can say that I am happy.

  12. InterServer has been my web host for over 3 years and I have never once had any problems. Their customer support is always helpful and quick to answer your emails, the servers are fast and reliable, their uptime guarantee is amazing, and it’s super easy to sign up.

    I think people should know about InterServer – they’re way better than other hosts I’ve tried before!

  13. I don’t know how many times I’ve wasted time and money hosting my webpages with a company that couldn’t keep their promises. When it came to providing service, InterServer was my saving grace.

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the 24/7 email and chat support which has helped me streamline operations for some of our lesser trafficked sites. From day one when they took over hosting duties from the disappointing previous host, all our stats went up and we started getting an additional thousands of views per month!

    We’re so incredibly happy with InterServer’s high-quality services that we haven’t had a server hiccup since switching 5 years ago – nothing but peace of mind knowing we have rock solid performance on all levels.

  14. I have been a customer of InterServer for years and they will be getting my business until I die. Literally, this is the best hosting company I’ve ever dealt with. You can’t go wrong with these guys.

  15. InterServer is absolutely the best provider. Not only do they offer amazing customer service, but their pricing and features are all unmatched. If you want your website to look professional and function reliably, then InterServer is for you!

  16. This is really a very informative blog about Interserve hosting. Thanks for sharing this blog

  17. InterServer is the best. They provide stellar web hosting services, and they are ready to answer your messages 24/7 and keep you up-to-date with their 99.9% uptime guarantee! Talk about customer service–they have thought of everything for years of happy customers.

  18. “I host my own business website on InterServer for one simple reason, and it’s not because of any sort of affiliate deal or anything. They were the cheapest option I found after a lot of research. I needed more than just a cheap solution, though; I needed reliability that would suit my needs as an entrepreneur trying to establish myself in this city. Nowadays everyone is virtualized with all their services, whether they’re running an email, Facebook page or YouTube channel.”

  19. This is really a very informative blog about interserver hosting. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  20. I used to use some other hosting company and they were good for the price, but I was constantly dealing with issues on their end. When new clients would work with me, I had no idea what they were going to see when we met up in person. The last straw was when this client told me that he felt like he was getting some type of virus and his computer just wasn’t working how it usually did while we logged into our accounts remotely. Long story short: after switching to InterServer, my life is so much easier! They are always quick with tech support help if you ever need it (which is rare) or if something goes wrong on their end or your end–like the day my site got hacked.

  21. One of the first things I love about InterServer is it’s a company that has been around for a long time. It’s this sense of security knowing you’re dealing with a reputable company. Another thing I love about it is how easy the website builder was to use – you can literally have your own site ready in minutes, what an amazingly convenient service! And everything else they offer as well, from dedicated servers to fast servers and cloud hosting. You really can’t go wrong here!

  22. If you’ve ever used a website, odds are high that you’ve come across their customer service chat. And if you’ve ever had to wait around for someone to answer, your experience may have been less than stellar. Well, InterServer actually exceeded our expectations and we commend them for that! We waited just under a minute before getting in contact with one of the company representatives and despite the small technical issues we encountered while using the service (grammar errors and laconic replies), we were provided with all of what we needed in order to make an informed decision about whether or not this product is right for us! In summary: Interserver was <3 🙂

  23. I’m always looking for a web host that will do their job quickly and provide excellent customer service. That’s where I found InterServer. They did everything they could to get my account set up and running, and it takes me less than two minutes every day just to go onto the site and check what kind of updates we have going on with applications or anything else we need to be handled. Plus, this is one the most stable web hosts there are!

  24. InterServer is easily one of the best hosting companies out there. InterServer specializes in web hosting services for small-to-medium sized businesses, which are perfect for catering to your needs.

    Unlike other freehosting sites that host everything on a single server with limited resources, InterServer offers dedicated servers and provides multiple servers based on how much you need to pay each month. With fast servers that are monitored 24/7 by an expert team of IT Professionals and Cloud Hosting that keeps backups and has increased storage space, it’s no wonder why all my friends rave about using them!
    I highly recommend InterServer Hosting.

  25. InterServer is a great web hosting company. I’ve been using InterServer for the past eight years and I love it! A few of its features include: 24/7 support, easy-to-use website builder, domain names and addresses available, fast servers, dedicated servers. What really makes this product stand out is how they provide their customers with an all-in-one experience; items such as hosting can be offered through one service along with other things like domains and websites that they offer.

  26. InterServer is 24/7 customer service. You won’t go down for more than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, and even when you do they will fix it, fast.

  27. I’ve used IinterServer on and off for years. When it was time to create a blog, they had an easy-to-use interface with helpful customer support right when I needed them, but the real reason that InterServer has my loyalty is how cool there hosting service is! It’s lightning fast and offers so many features at a great price point. Plus their plans are flexible in case your needs change – you can just upgrade or downgrade without any hassle.

  28. I would have to say that I wish they offered phone support but I don’t think you can ask too much for $5/month. The only other thing is that they don’t always seem to read their colleague’s previous notes in their support cases, and you sometimes have to remind them that a previous “fix” has already been tried. That said, they won’t leave you hanging with the issue until it’s fixed.

  29. I have been a customer of InterServer for 10 years. It has been an awesome experience because it gives me access to the most popular web hosting packages for either individuals or agencies that I need. In addition, these come with complete email service and technical support that I can always depend on when needed. Every day, they work hard in ensuring their servers are up and running so my websites never go down without warning despite how heavy traffic they get!
    When you sign up with InterServer, you’re paying for more than just an ordinary shared hosting account. You’re getting tons of extras like 99 percent uptime guarantee, easy-to-use control panel with great features like website builder tools – all in one convenient package!

  30. Interserver is one of those services that you don’t have to worry about because it does all the worrying for you. I love their services so much.
    Whether your hosting needs are simple or difficult, complex, or custom-built, they’ll make sure that everything gets done right and in a timely fashion. Interserver prides itself on providing excellent customer service at every level – before, during, and after their customers’ deployments with them – and most importantly they live up to their boastful 99% uptime guarantee day in and day out. When you choose Interserver as your host for whatever application or website project that requires web space hosting capacity from us (a large majority), their staff will work hard not only to meet but also exceed all expectations! I highly recommend Interserver.

  31. InterServer is a really nifty hosting provider. They offer a service that solves SOME of the problems I had with my previous host, for instance, they have 24/7 live chat support: nice to know in an emergency. However it’s not perfect—their uptime goes from 100% down to 75%. Plus their domains aren’t free and they only offer discounts on them if you pay yearly up front or quarterly. So I’ve got ten bucks left between now and sunset watching me dust over here before the flowers die when what I need is maybe 20 more hours…

  32. InterServer is pretty great for domains. They have fast page load times, and I think the uptime is mostly consistent; there are some instances where I’ve had downtime, but it wasn’t often. The domains aren’t free like they are with other companies, but you do get a discount on them which does make the price difference not as important. One thing that could be better about InterServer was their customer service – sometimes it’s spotty or nonexistent when I needed assistance with something even though my issue wasn’t anything major at all!

  33. InterServer is an amazing company! They are my favorite web hosting provider ever. Whenever I have a problem, they help to resolve it very quickly. If anything goes wrong during the course of the month on their end (99 percent uptime guarantee), then they give me a credit at the end of that month as if it never happened.

    The customer service representatives at InterServer are friendly and readily available – 24 hours a day! Even when my website had problems because of malware attack, InterServer didn’t make me feel like I was out on thin ice with them. Actually quite the opposite–the staff were understanding; proactive in times of need; and overall wonderful people to work with who want your experience with them to be nothing but pleasant

  34. I was looking for a new web hosting provider and after some research, I found InterServer. I signed up to take advantage of their 99.9% uptime guarantee since my business needs depend on being online most the time! They offer great customer support from 24/7 email and chat service so if anything goes wrong or I have any questions they can be answered anytime without worrying about calling during normal US office hours because they’re there for you all day long! This company is different from others with its high-quality customer service, industry leading 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more.

  35. InterServer is simply the best. I loved how they offer 24/7 support, 99.9% up time guarantee, and more!

  36. I have been with InterServer for the past 10 years, every year they find new ways to impress me. The customer service has always been wonderful and everything is fairly easy to use. I recommend this company 100%

  37. InterServer has proven to be a viable free email service for a number of reasons. First, they offer a premium level of service with no ads popping up on the side of spam messages being sent from their servers. You have full control over your account and can upgrade to an even more enhanced version if you need to create additional accounts under the same domain name. In addition, InterServer provides you with limitless email storage so it’s perfect for people that want more than just one option for an email provider. Whether you have 5 emails or 500,000 messages filling up space in your Gmail inboxes, there isn’t any charge whatsoever with this software- this is key when trying to find a deal elsewhere!

  38. I’ve had multiple problems with InterServer, but I think that it’s worthwhile. The domains are a bit expensive for me, though the price is reducible if you buy more than one domain.

  39. This is the best email provider I’ve been on by far. It has been a few months since I switched from Gmail to InterServer, and as an avid Gmail user, it was difficult switching out. However, with how cool this company offers free email accounts without having any limitations or restrictions – it’s worth all of the trouble. Plus if you register for free using my referral link, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your purchase! That way no matter what big efforts you took moving over to Interserver, it will always pay off in the long run! 😉

  40. I don’t usually write reviews, but this time I had to. I’m a hobby website builder and enthusiast and have been building sites for domestic clients for about 8 years now. This is the first web hosting company that not only dealt with my needs from start to finish without any hassle or additional pricing–it was just one flat fee all around–but they also made me feel like an honoured customer. The level of customer service I received from InterServer’s 24-hour staff never faltered or dropped off no matter what time of day it was so I always felt confident in the decisions being made on my behalf.

  41. If you want a product that offers high-quality hosting, and you want it to be free, look no further. They offer email, the web hosting is great for personal sites and businesses alike. The download speeds are perfect for streaming video or other data-intensive tasks like cloud storage 🙂

  42. If you’re looking for a company that will give you the one-on-one personalized attention and support of a smaller business with the convenience, stability, and expanded capabilities of larger corporations, then InterServer has everything you need. Whether your current website is slowing down or going offline unexpectedly, these expert web host experts at InterServer can help diagnose and address your situation. Built on an unparalleled foundation of industry best practices including 99% uptime availability according to the Uptime Institute’s Service Tier Standard classification plus 24/7 live phone and online chat customer service available 365 days a year from our experienced staff.

  43. InterServer is the best when it comes to free email accounts, with no limits on storage space. Best of all? InterServer beats this competition with one affordable price plan. Unlike Google Workspace, which locks you into a monthly fee that gets more expensive each year, InterServer never changes its price. This means your company will always get affordable service without hidden fees or surprises!

  44. InterServer hosting is the best thing I’ve done. I don’t want to write a novel on this, but it helped me so much, and my website doesn’t crash anymore because of them. If you’re looking for reliable web hosting service with features that’ll help your business grow, just give InterServer some serious consideration.

  45. The price. For a simple web hosting account you are charged $5/month. I think they even have other deals where it can be less. They also keep their servers from getting too heavy with other shared clients, and they patch/upgrade them so they seem to always offer the latest SQL server software. You can host an unlimited amount of sites with no caps on data or databases which is also nice.

  46. I’ve been using InterServer for my business emails for years. It took my email set-up fewer than five minutes, and they even gave me a sweet discount that really helped out when I wanted to promote myself over the holidays! Intuitive design with all the features I need in one place.
    If you’re fed up with the expensive prices of Gmail or Yahoo, look no further! InterServer is here to save your day by delivering unlimited, free accounts with tons of storage. Plus, they have 24/7 customer support so you never have any downtime at work thanks to your free email account!

  47. I have always had a great experience with InterServer. But if I ever have an issue, the tech team is at my beck and call within minutes! From installation to server tuning to even spelling corrections, they are so helpful for anything you might need. They also offer their customer care line 24/7 which means that no matter what time of the day or night it is, there is somebody available to help me out. It’s like having my very own web guy! If you’re looking for high-quality service backed by knowledgeable tech support professionals who go above and beyond, look no further than InterServer.

  48. InterServer is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have a 24/7 customer support team, dedicated agents and live chat available on demand. InterServer has been around since 1996 and their number one priority is to provide clients with exceptional service.

  49. I was in between jobs and I couldn’t help feeling like the coming months would make money tight; thank god I found InterServer. It saves me about 40 bucks a month when it comes to my email account, and I get the benefits of a clean inbox – something Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) can’t offer. As for customer service, they do an excellent job at making sure we feel taken care of, which is helpful since we all know how much we rely on our servers these days.

  50. InterServer’s web hosting is the best I’ve ever used. I was able to set up my website in no time with their platform and their prices are fantastic. They offer great customer service too. Highly recommend!

  51. Wow. I’ve always had to worry about things like host migration, backups, load balancing, but InterServer takes care of all that for you automatically! What a relief! It has so many features and the service is so fast–basically, it’s perfect. I also really love how they offer live technical support anywhere at any time which saves me from needing to wait on hold forever issue-by-issue or having to cancel my plans just because there was some hiccup with the server. If you’re considering changing hosting providers then definitely check out what InterServer can do for you first.

  52. I have been a customer for several years and I can’t say enough good things about the level of service here. They have always provided excellent manual support, with a knowledgeable staff available 24/7.
    If you need a quick answer to a question or an issue, they really lend themselves to being accessible. It’s something that companies need at times with all the newer software out there these days.

  53. InterServer is the best! I changed over to this email service after getting overwhelmed with Google Workspace. Well, this has been working out great for me, and now I can barely manage without it.
    InterServer is the best! Trying to figure out your marketing plan? Look no further – their marketing team for your company awaits you. With only one project charge each month, you’ll save thousands of dollars on consultancy fees. Let’s get started today!

  54. One of the biggest drawbacks I had with this platform is that they do not offer a control panel for Windows servers, this makes you have to find among many workarounds to solve management problems in your applications since you do not have a panel main one were to view all the activity within your server. Although they claim to have an unlimited hosting service this is true, since there are some limitations in their shared hosting environments.

  55. InterServer is the best of both worlds. It combines great connection with flawless customer service to deliver peace of mind at a really reasonable price.
    A single InterServer account works across unlimited sites and domains, ensuring that each site has optimal connectivity and security without affecting your bandwidth. Plus, you can always expect excellent response times from their US-based staff, which never sleeps–24/7! You don’t even need an IT degree or password juggling: everything is handled for you automatically and seamlessly. What’s not to like?

  56. InterServer is the best choice when it comes to email hosting services. With InterServer, you will never have to worry about paying expensive monthly fees, since everything with this company is FREE! Furthermore, the amount of email storage in its accounts is limitless because there are no restrictions on how much money you spend per month. If you want a branded email account with your domain name for free, choose InterServer.

  57. When I was researching for a chat service, InterServer stood out. They offer an impressive 24-hour live chat and it’s available 365 days of the year. When you sign up to use their product they will assign someone who knows their stuff and we found we can talk to them about anything we want because they have answers for everything, including questions that were slightly off-topic.
    At first, I thought help should be intelligent and kind but when talking with other users on blogs and reviews, InterServer customer service’s comments seemed okay so I decided to go ahead with using this company’s Virtual Assistant who answered my call in under 2 minutes. The pricing is fine too!

  58. I was stuck for weeks on how to select a web hosting service that would fit my needs. I searched online, but all the companies were just too expensive! I stumbled across InterServer Web Hosting, which had some decent reviews online. The sign-up process is super easy and the customer service is amazing – they actually answer their phones! Not only did they provide me with unparalleled help in selecting one of the best hosting plans possible, but I also got $30 free for signing up! If you want 24/7 live chat support and quality web hosting without having to break your bank account then check out InterServer Web Hosting today.

  59. I always loved the idea of hosting my own site; full control and all that. But when I looked into it, it seemed like a really tough place to tread in learning everything myself. Plus, with all the downtime and slow servers…I knew something was wrong. Fortunately for me, I found InterServer- they were affordable, had no downtime (at least nothing reported!), and their servers are blazing fast! They offer cloud hosting in addition to shared hosting – this makes them perfect for small startups like ours looking to scale up our website without worry! Definitely recommend these guys!!!

  60. The interface seems dull but it doesn’t matter much as you can easily find your way around there and most of the hosting settings are in the control panel which is the standard one. Most of the hosting companies usually offer a free domain along with the annual hosting plan but Interserver doesn’t provide that but instead, you can register a new domain or transfer the existing domain at two dollars. Domain pricing is more than the average market rate.

  61. I think that InterServer is the best web hosting company because it’s so reliable, and they provide great customer service. I was really satisfied with what my website looked like after using their website builder, and was able to choose the perfect domain name! My site is running smoothly thanks to InterServer’s fast servers. Lastly, they support many different languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified), Russian & more!

  62. I love InterServer. It has been a lifesaver for my small business. I now have 100% control over what emails go out from my company, which saves me time and money on top of the free email account! I also find it amazing that this service is so affordable – would you believe five dollars a month? And there are no contract or setup fees to worry about either.

  63. I’ve had InterServer servers for over 6 years now, and I can honestly say that my experience has been nothing but flawless. The server is stable, with no downtime ever since the purchase of it. There were some initial setup issues with the firewall minutes after purchase, but they guided me through solving them without any hassle in under an hour or two.

  64. A few months ago suddenly my website went down due to issues on the server and contacted support. they reply the servers are damaged and the website will be up and running in 24 hours. after that, the hosting went live but lost all the data and emails associated with the domain, really frustrating. The interface is simple but isn’t looking great comparing to other services. the payment gateway frequently ran into errors when I tried to pay through my card which got denied fr no reason at all.

  65. InterServer has some of the best hosting around. They provide 24/7 email and chat support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more. As a journalist shepherding tens of thousands of people on my own vlog for over 7 years now, I’ve been through more web hosts than I can count looking for the perfect one to keep up with our insane growth rates. Until we found InterServer at least. With them there isn’t any downtime or lost emails in spam folders – if you get an account here you’re 100% set!

  66. I have been with InterServer for 3 months now. I got the shared package, which has WAY more features than what you get at other hosting providers. I can’t imagine having to pay the astronomical prices that these guys charge when all of my needs are met by them without breaking my budget! If you’re looking for a host who will improve your site rather than managing your expectations, this is the company for you.

  67. Best web hosting company- hands down!
    If you’re looking for a hosting company that offers dedicated servers, fast servers, and cloud hosting in addition to shared hosting; with domain names and website builder; then your search is over. InterServer has been offering all these services since 1999 (21 years), so if you want quality customer service or top of the line reliability then go no further. When I was shopping around for a new host, I took my time and interviewed many companies before deciding on InterServer because they offered both proactive customer service as well as intuitive features like their website builder and domain name registration at no extra charge. They even offer anti-spam technology to take care of unsolicited junk mail! Now stop wasting your time reading and go ahead join this awesome web hosting company.

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