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  • Stable & reliable proxy resources
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 live support Instant help
  • Auto-retry system
  • High success rates
  • Unlimited bandwidth & domains
  • Country & ASN filtering
  • 100M+ ethically sourced residential proxy pool
  • A company with well-made management processes and high-profile services.
  • Best overall performance
  • Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5


  • More pricing options needed
  • High entry threshold
  • Too expensive for individuals and small companies

Oxylabs proxies are perfect for SEO, data verification, price monitoring and ad verification. You can easily integrate them in-house. They have a low fail rate and they always have high uptime and support is guaranteed. Low latency means you won't get tired switching between your servers frequently.

Price:$ 99

Looking for Oxylabs Review? We are here to help you.

Want to get business intelligence data?

Want to make sure your proxies are as reliable as possible?

Solution: Oxylabs is offering premium-level privacy protection for enterprises, which means you can be certain that no one will ever have access to your personal data. If you’re a developer, you can use their free private endpoint tool which helps you integrate with any software stack that allows you to manipulate and query proxy data.

Getting reliable proxy providers is not everyone’s cup of tea. At the time of selection, we may get confused as there are tons of options available out there in the market.

Everyone is having their own needs and requirements when they are looking for Proxy Servers. During selection of reliable and prominent Proxy Servers, we do have some metrics that we look for. So, what we do now, how we can get all-in-one Proxy Server that meets everyone’s needs?

Now the question arises here, Is there any all-in-one reliable Proxy Servers that fulfill all the requirements and needs? Yes, there is an option available- Oxylabs Proxy Servers. Oxylabs is one of the old tech company that is specialized in large-scale data extraction and Proxy Servers.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront :

Oxylabs Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oxylabs.io

Oxylabs is one of the best proxy providers which helps companies get business intelligence data, offers premium proxies and enterprise-level support. Oxylabs gives businesses the ability to manage the data they need and find information in all the right places .

To our experience Oxylabs team has decades of personal experience in web scraping, they know their job very well.

Oxylabs is the world’s top supplier of premium proxies and data scraping solutions for large-scale web data extraction.

Oxylabs clients can maintain powerful data gathering infrastructures that support their businesses thanks to millions of premium data centers and residential IPs worldwide. They also provide advanced solutions such as Next-Gen Residential Proxies, which use AI and ML to acquire data with a 100% success rate – regardless of the target’s complexity.

Oxylabs provides high-quality proxies to its customers to assist them with market research, ad verification, brand protection, travel fare aggregation, SEO monitoring, price intelligence, and other tasks.

😍😍Oxylabs Addition Features – No Additional Cost Benefits

  • 24/7 live support
  • Proxy know-how sharing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Advice on target scraping
  • Highly customizable
  • Patented proxy rotator
  • No proxy maintenance
  • Session control
  • Usage stats dashboard

Oxylabs trust review

Let’s check out the detailed Oxylabs proxy review with features & pricing.

Is Oxylabs legit? 

Features: Oxylabs offers a wide range of professional proxy services like unlimited bandwidth, SSL, VPN and more. Service includes at least one cheap Internet connection. Oxylabs provides a high-quality firewall with zero downtime support for tens of thousands of websites.

Advantages: You don’t have to worry about running proxies on your computer or mobile device, which helps you to focus on your business.

Benefits: You save time and money by not having to run proxies on your device or computer.

Oxylabs Review 2022: Top Pros & Cons

Oxylabs helps companies use new technology to improve their business by providing premium proxy services and enterprise-level support. With a premium proxy service, you can deliver quality content that’s relevant to your business and employees—even when they’re offline or if you’re behind a firewall.

Oxylabs data center

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Is Oxylabs Any Good? 😍

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Oxylabs is a leading company in the proxy and web scraping industry that ensures highest business ethics standards leads all of their operations. They started their operations in 2015 and continue building a strong proxy service.

Currently, dozens of Fortune 500 companies and global businesses use Oxylabs latest technological advancements to gather data for market research, brand protection, cybersecurity, and many other business cases.

Oxylabs ensures reliable enterprise proxy services by monitoring systems 24/7 and offering a 102M+ IPs proxy pool in 195 locations. From the global coverage of the largest datacenter and residential proxy pools to custom-built web scraping solutions, the company helps to give every business access to big data.

All of their products are insured by Technology Errors & Omissions (Technology E&O) and Cyber insurance.

Oxylabs is one of a reliable and old tech company that specializes in web data extraction at a large scale. Basically, Oxylabs focuses on helping put companies to extract the essential business data.

The best part about Oxylabs is that they are actually having a pool of 1 Million Data Center IPs along with the Residential Proxy Networks right with 10 Million of residential IPs in more than 180 countries all over the world.

Oxylabs Review- Best Proxy Provider

Oxylabs generally offers data center IPs and residential IPs that basically supports HTTP/HTTPs along with SOCKS ⅘ protocols. Let’s have some insights about Data Center IPs and Residential Proxy.

  • Data Center IP: It’s an IP address that generally comes from any of the secondary corporations and is not owned by any of the ISP (Internet Service Providers)
  • Residential Proxy: It’s an IP address that is basically assigned form any of the standard Internet Service Providers (ISPs) right to a homeowner.

Oxylabs Products

So what do Oxylabs offer? They have four main products and several sub-products available via their service. The main products are:

  • Datacenter Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • Next-Gen Residential Proxies
  •  Scraper APIs

And the aforementioned sub-products they offer are:

  • Static Residential Proxies
  • SOCKS5 Proxies
  • Proxy Rotator (Add-On)
  • Proxy Manager (Chrome Extension)

Features Of Oxylabs Review 😍

Oxylabs reviews

  • In-House Rotation: IP rotation is done by them and here all you need to do is just hit one IP address and that’s all you will be routed through one of their IPs.
  • Multiple Locations: Basically, Oxylabs proxies is based on multiple locations like US, Europe along with South America, Asia, and the Pacific.
  • Full IPV6 Support: We all know IPV6 is really great for Search Engine Data harvesting. Here they have also implemented full IPv6 supports so that you can easily benefit from the internet protocols.
  • Custom Setup: Data extraction project is unique so here Oxylabs offers custom-made configurations in order to meet your requirements.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: You will be getting experienced and friendly technical expertise that is just an email or a call away. Their support team will be available 24 hrs, 7 days and 365 days a year.
  • 99% Uptime: All the servers of Oxylabs generally runs in custom designed software and are generally based in some of the reliable data centers across the world. And they also guarantee 99.9% up-time.
  • Built-In Safety Features: The system generally blacklists the IP address that has been already blocked. It also adds user-string right into your queries there will minimal chances of getting blocked.
  • Advanced Stats: Here the Advanced IP rotator generally provides all of the detailed insights right about all the queries that you make. You can monitor your usage and costs.
  • Session Control: The session control enables you to simply minimizes chances of simply getting blocked or even receiving the incorrect data.
  • Diverse Resources: Their IPv4 data generally consists of 750,000 IP address right form all major continents right with 50 Mbps and also 10 Gbps bandwidth.
  • Lean IP Management Tool: It is based on Python and it’s really lighter and snappier and up to 5 times actually faster than Squid.

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs’ Datacenter Proxies offer speed to suit any business’ needs with the largest dedicated proxy IP pool (2M+) from 82 locations, and nearly 8000 subnets. Each of their Datacenter Proxy is only assigned to one user at a time, making them dedicated.

Best features:

  • 2M+ IPs
  • 82 locations all around the globe
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols
  • City and state-level selection
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Static and dedicated IPs
  • Unlimited GBs
  • Proxy Rotator (additional add-on)
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • User dashboard

Use cases: market research, e-commerce, brand protection, email protection, cybersecurity, and more…

Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies Pricing

Oxylabs residential proxy pricing
Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Oxylabs offers 100M+ Residential Proxies from 195 countries all around the world. Their premium proxy pool is constantly growing and is able to deal with even the most demanding web scraping tasks.

Best features: 

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • 100M+ Residential IPs
  • 195 countries, city, and state-level targeting
  • 99.5% success rates
  • Avg. 0.9s response time
  • Session control
  • Entry nodes for China
  • Singe backconnect entry
  • IP whitelisting
  • Public API
  • Dedicated Account Managers (for Corporate and Enterprise subscriptions)
  • User Dashboard

Use cases: ad verification, load testing, review monitoring, travel fare aggregation, sales intelligence, and more…

Ethicality in Web Scraping

In March 2021, Oxylabs entered into an exclusive wholesale contract with Honeygain, a crowdsourced web intelligence network, who became their major Residential Proxy provider.

Oxylabs ethical proxies

This contract ensures Oxylabs Residential Proxies meet Tier A+ proxy criteria which encompass absolute transparency and financial rewards for their network participants.

Oxylabs benefits and customer reviews

Oxylabs Residential Proxies Pricing

Oxylabs data center proxies pricing

Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Next-Gen Residential Proxies is an AI & ML powered solution for effortless web data gathering. Next-Gen Residential Proxies return already parsed results by implementing ML-based Adaptive Parsing and helps businesses scrape even the most challenging publicly available data without IP bans. Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxies were created together with and advisory board of AI and ML experts:

Best features:

  • ML-based Adaptive Parser is able to adapt to almost any type of HTML code provided from an e-commerce product page
  • Highly scalable and customizable by utilizing Oxylabs’ global 100M+ IP proxy pool
  • AI-powered IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and website change handling
  • Hassle-free integration – the same method as regular proxies
  • AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting allows to imitate an organic user’s behavior more successfully
  • Auto-Retry system will automatically retry data extraction in case of unsuccessful attempt
  • Renders JavaScript heavy websites at scale
  • 24/7 support

Use cases: price monitoring, sales intelligence, e-commerce, and more.

Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxies Pricing

Oxylabs next generation proxies pricing

How to Start Using Oxylabs?

You can start using Oxylabs by filling out the registration form. From there you can either:

  • Wait for a Sales Manager to contact you and set up your account
  • Buy one of the two Residential Proxy plans (Starter or Business) via self-service.

They have made a video on how to do the latter:

Oxylabs Dashboard

Oxylabs dashboard has five sections: the overview, three sections for proxy services (Next-Gen Residential Proxies have a separate Dashboard), and one for your account.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Once you buy any of the services , you can track your proxy usage, manage authorization settings, access the public API and relevant documentation. You can also track your usage statistics.

Oxylabs proxies services

Oxylabs Public API

If you wish to access and manage your IP pool manually, Oxylabs has a public API for their Residential Proxies. It supports creating, deleting, and modifying sub-users, assigning and managing their traffic limits.

Oxylabs public API


OXylabs proxy service new review

Location Coverage By Oxylabs

Oxylabs dedicated proxies

Oxylabs network mainly covers more than 6 continents and they are actually working hard to expand their resources day by day. Here they can deliver IPs right form many countries and also choices and well.

Total Number of Proxies by Countries:

Proxylabs Review- Location Coverage

  • USA & Canada: (1,350,904 Proxies)
  • Europe: (3,018,659 Proxies)
  • Asia: (3,971,462 Proxies)
  • South America: (1,302,565 Proxies)
  • Africa: (262, 137 Proxies)
  • Australia: (257,508 Proxies)

So, that’s a significantly big number IPs and Proxy coverage across all over the world.

Oxylabs Scraper APIs

Scraper APIs are an all-in-one solution for efficient web scraping. Their data scraper API can help you gather real-time data from any public website. It is easy to use and does not require any additional resources or infrastructure from the client’s side.

Why One Should Use Scraper APIs?

Because the Scraper APIs guarantees 100% web data delivery right from the search engines and also the e-commerce website. With this solution, you will be no longer need to worry just about setting up and also maintaining proxies.  

The best part is that Scraper APIs is as simple as using an IPs. Just give them a URL and they will simply return the well-formatted data that will save easily handle all the front end along with the backend of the application framework.

Best features: 

  • Offers 100% success rates by extracting data from most search engines and e-commerce websites without getting blocked
  • Highly customizable and supports high volumes of requests
  • Requires zero maintenance: handles website changes, IP blocks, and proxy management
  • Provides structured data in JSON format from leading e-commerce websites and search engines
  • Includes Proxy Rotator, a patented feature for block management

Use cases: SEO monitoring, e-commerce, sales intelligence, price monitoring, review monitoring, and more…

Collect search engine data effortlessly

Easy to integrate

SERP Scraper API is easy to integrate and supports synchronous and asynchronous responses.

Structured & parsed data

Receive ready-to-use structured data in JSON & CSV formats.

Smooth data delivery

Get data in your preferred way: via REST API or straight to your cloud (AWS S3 or GCS).

Hassle-free data extraction

They handle IP blocks, website changes, and proxy management on our side, so you don’t have to.

Reliable resources

SERP Scraper API is powered by the largest proxy pool in the market, with 102M+ proxies around the world.

24/7 support

No matter the time of the day, be sure to get answers when you need them from Oxylabs Customer Success team.

E-Commerce Scraper API Quick Start Guide

Using Oxylabs’ E-Commerce Scraper API, you can harvest real-time localized data and search information from the majority of e-commerce websites at large scale. An e-commerce website’s public information can be gathered with this reliable data collection tool. Using the E-Commerce Scraper API is ideal for monitoring prices, mapping product catalogs, and analyzing competitors.

The E-Commerce Scraper API is explained in this quick start guide. We’ll also go through how easy it is to begin started collecting data with this program.

What’s included in the E-Commerce Scraper API?

Successful scraping with high success rates. Auto-retry, AI-powered fingerprinting, and the Patented Proxy Rotator let you reach a 100% success rate. ML-based Patented Proxy Rotator You will be able to execute your web scraping operations without any IP limits.

Leave proxy pool management to us and concentrate on collecting and analyzing the necessary public data. A massive proxy pool with more than 102 million IPs serves as the backbone of the E-Commerce Scraper API.

Gather e-commerce public data from the most complex websites using JavaScript rendering. Headless browsers are automatically launched by our staff for the most advanced e-commerce targets in order to provide you with public data.

Because e-commerce website layouts are subject to frequent change, structured e-commerce data is unnecessary. By using machine learning-based adaptive parsing, data from any e-commerce target is automatically parsed and returned in JSON format.

You can pick between asynchronous (push-pull), synchronous (realtime), or super API-like (proxy-like) integration options. You can opt to have your public data provided via REST API or to the cloud (S3 or GCP.) 99.9 percent uptime for constant data streams is guaranteed around the clock by Oxylabs’ expert team of engineers.

You can reach a live person at any time of day or night for assistance. You can trust on our customer service representatives or your personal account manager to keep your web scraping running smoothly and error-free.

*Sources of data*

Public data sources from search pages: 

  • Product title

  • Price

  • Position

  • URL

  • Sponsored products

  • Pagination

Public data sources from product pages: 

  • Title & description

  • Price

  • Category

  • Discount & coupons

  • Images & availability

  • Seller information

Additional 1000+ e-commerce websites

Public data from product pages:

  • Title & description

  • Discounted price

  • Regular price

  • Currency

  • Availability

  • Image URL

  • Product ID

Scraper API allows you to retrieve JSON data from a variety of places. Be sure that you have all of the data you need to conduct an efficient analysis of e-commerce data.

The world’s most popular e-commerce websites.

There are a number of publicly available data sources from search results pages:

Upon purchase, you will receive access to all of the product’s data sources.

How does the E-Commerce Scraper API work?

In order to utilize the E-Commerce Scraper API, you don’t require any special infrastructure or resources.

Select product identifiers, URLs, or search terms.

Get or POST the requested data.

Use a REST API to get the public data you need, or upload it to the cloud.

E-Commerce Scraper API provides a visual demonstration of how to scrape public online data using the step-by-step tutorial below.

Oxylabs Scraper APIs Pricing

Scraper APIs Crawler Oxylabs

Pricing Of Oxylabs Review Proxy  in General

Oxylabs offers proxies:

  • Private Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • Shared Proxies
  • SOCKS5 Proxies

Oxylabs Review- Pricing

Just choose the proxy locations and also the number of IPs. The pricing starts at $1.78 / per proxies. And here you can simply select from starting of 100 IPs. And you can just rotate the slide bar and know the actual pricing as per your needs.

Oxylabs benefits and Oxylabs reviews

Check out this “Guide To Building A Data-Driven Company by Tomas Montvilas” who is a Chief Commercial Officer at Oxylabs, a leading online data gathering solutions for businesses worldwide.

Next-Gen Residential Proxies With AI & ML Power

Regardless of the target’s complexity, Next-Gen Residential Proxies are an AI and machine learning-based sophisticated API solution that collects data for you with a 100% success rate*.

  • With the Auto-Retry system, you’re guaranteed to achieve a 100% success rate*
  • Get quality structured data from any e-commerce product page
  • Enterprise-grade solution that gathers data regardless of the target’s complexity

Brilliant Auto-Retry technology

Because it will keep trying until it gets a suitable result, auto-retry lets you collect even the most difficult data with confidence. To put it another way, the Next-Generation Residential Proxies are incapable of failing. Throw out your useless web scraping attempts that cost you time and money. Just provide us the URLs of your public targets, and we’ll get back to you with the information.

Dynamic fingerprinting enabled by AI

Through the use of Next-Gen Residential Proxies from Oxylabs, you can anonymously collect publically available data without encountering any obstacles. CAPTCHAs and IP bans are a thing of the past thanks to our AI web scraping technology. With Oxylabs’ next-generation residential proxies, even the most difficult web data extraction tasks may be completed smoothly and effectively.

  • Searches that resemble those of a human
  • With no CAPTCHAs
  • IP block management is built into the software.

Straightforward incorporation

Using conventional proxy protocols, you can easily convert to the next-generation AI web scraping solution. Backconnect proxies (single entry nodes) can be used to integrate Next-Gen Residential Proxies with current programs. If your infrastructure already includes proxies, all you have to do is switch to Oxylabs Next-Gen Residential Proxy entry node.

What are the advantages of web scraping powered by AI?

Using web scraping technologies powered by AI, data can be gathered from many sources with improved speed and precision. To stay ahead of the competition, companies should implement AI web scraping strategies that save them time and money.

AI online scraping tools, such as Next-Gen Residential Proxies, can unlock even the most difficult web targets and provide the most precise data.

What distinguishes Next-Gen Residential Proxies from ordinary proxies?”

Next-Gen Residential Proxies have a toolkit that can tackle the most difficult targets and has a substantially higher success rate because to the power of AI and ML. An Auto-Retry system and dynamic fingerprinting enabled by AI are just two of the many features that make our AI-powered web scraping solution stand out from traditional proxies.

Is it feasible to select a country to connect to when utilizing Next-Gen Residential Proxies?

Your requests will be able to take into account the preferences of specific countries, yes. Access to our global residential proxy pool of more than 100 million IPs is included with Next-Gen Residential Proxies. However, there is no city-level targeting at this time.

What is the process of JavaScript’s rendering?

Headless browsers are no longer necessary for JavaScript rendering, making it easier for clients to view content. Rather of requiring our clients to deal with the hassles of maintaining the necessary infrastructure, Next-Gen Residential Proxies handles the JavaScript rendering for them!

Next-Gen Pricing :

Oxylabs proxy AI pricing

Oxylabs Chrome Extension

Oxylabs also offers a Chrome extension for managing proxies that works with any proxy provider. Oxylabs Proxy Manager is a free tool that you can download and add to your browser from the Chrome store.

oxylabs chrome

Best features: 

  • Add and switch between multiple proxies
  • One-click connection
  • Works with any proxy provider
  • Lock your IP address to maintain the same session to avoid IP blocks
  • Switch between any proxy type or HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols
  • Add an unlimited number of proxies

Oxylabs Customer Support Available 24*7

When it comes to customer support, Oxylabs offers 24/7 live chat support if you want to talk to a real person immediately. You can also email their sales representatives, or you can search their documentation and FAQ for answers you might have.

  • Oxylabs FAQ
  • Oxylabs documentation
  • Live chat support

They also offer hands-on support via their Dedicated Account Managers once you buy one of their products. They answer all your questions via email or chat. The communication is smooth and professional and fast to respond.

Oxylab support reviews

What is Oxylabs refund policy?

Residential Proxy Self-Service clients may be eligible for a refund if they meet all of these requirements:

  • A request for refund is submitted within 3 (three) calendar days of the date of the first transaction for the Services

  • You have not used more than 20% of the Traffic for the Services purchased

  • Your account is not suspended for a breach of this Agreement (including our Acceptable Use Policy)

  • You have not charged back or otherwise reversed the Fee paid for the Services

  • You have not previously claimed a refund for the Services

  • Pay as you go plan is non-refundable

Oxylabs Free Trial and Oxylabs Coupon Code

If you join up for Oxylabs on behalf of an organisation, you’ll get seven days of free service; if you sign up as an individual, you’ll get three days with a full refund.

Fill out the contact form on the official website, send an email to [email protected], or start a live chat with the support staff to ask for a free trial of Oxylabs products.

Oxylabs Reviews & Testimonials On Trustpilot

Oxylabs Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of oxylabs.io

Read Customer Service Reviews of oxylabs.io


Fantastic method for saving money at the supermarkets and on the items we use most often!

User of Oxylabs

Even if their services and proxies are more expensive than those of competitors, I am pleased with them. My dedicated account manager has been a lifesaver on several occasions. Additionally, I appreciate all the holiday wishes. A company’s gesture is appreciated.

User of Oxylabs

Proxy quality is outstanding, but the price is exorbitant compared to similar services. Numerous places to go. In fact, urban areas are attainable. This is fantastic.

User of Oxylabs

I purchased them after reading numerous positive reviews online, and I can attest to the fact that they are an excellent proxy service.

User of Oxylabs

Since I’m just getting started in the area of proxies, the Oxylabs blog served as my go-to reference. Throughout it all, support was really helpful and patient. I had a conversation with the account manager (I believe his name was Marius, but I can’t be sure) who guided me through the initial setup.

User of Oxylabs

Oxylabs In The News :

Oxylabs Signs Exclusive Contract with Honeygain

Source: News

“Project 4β” is a new initiative by the Lithuanian data collection platform Oxylabs, which offers public online data scraping options.

Through “4β”” Oxylabs will provide the know-how, infrastructure, and resources for free to universities, researchers, and other groups.

As a company, Oxylabs’ primary focus is on benefiting both the individual customer and society as a whole. Every day, we see firsthand how collecting data at scale from the public web can provide invaluable insights for organisations. Executive Director of Oxylabs Julius erniauskas states, “We recognise that our solid infrastructure and years of experience can also support public projects to alter the world for the better” (pictured).

The coefficient of determination (R2) for Oxylabs, a provider of cutting-edge solutions for collecting public online data, is the amount by which the result varies for every given change in the predictor. In other words, the corporation recognises the importance of its to society as a whole.

Oxylabs Launches Pro Bono Program

Source: News

Oxylabs launches free web data scraping service

Source: News

Alternatives to Oxylabs Proxy Service 

1) ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire is a proxy service that offers residential rotating proxies at very affordable pricing. You get access to over 3 million residential and mobile proxies that span across 150+ countries. The proxies are equipped with advanced filtering that allows you to target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs. Easy integration, personal assistance and many guides for every platform, framework and OS make ProxyEmpire a great choice for anyone looking for proxies.

ProxyEmpire proxies work with all the following protocols – HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 – ensuring that you can integrate with any software. Enjoy up to 1000 concurrent connections on all GEO locations. ProxyEmpire also gives you access to a robust infrastructure of 4G and 5G mobile proxies.

The most popular use cases for ProxyEmpire include content scraping, application testing, multiple profiles management, social media marketing, advertising, and ad verification.


ProxyEmpire Review Mobile APPs Powered By 4G Mobile Proxies

2) Trusted Proxies

Trusted proxies

Trusted Proxies has a variety of proxy options for companies. Their simultaneous private proxies provide corporate proxy solutions, while geo-targeted proxies provide less expensive general-purpose proxy solutions. Committed and virtual-dedicated proxies are available, with simulated proxies suitable for manual use in browser and specialized proxies appropriate for mass use with bot. Their price strategies differ based on these factors as well.

Their whole price package is available on their website. The advantages of this choice include high anonymity, a free preview for business customers, and a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Proxies are usable from 11 North American and European countries. Both IP authentication and username-password authentication methods are available, as well as customer support via live chat or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payments can be made for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

 2) ProxyCrawl API


ProxyCrawl API is a site scraping tool that is trusted by over 15,000 paying customers. It guards off blocked requests, proxy malfunction, IP leaks, browser crashes, and CAPTCHAs for your web crawler. Crawling is simple to add into the software and use within minutes. Just pay for active requests while crawling standard and javascript uniquely determined pages. Requests determine the price, so you can do as little as one or as many as billions.

Pricing is based on tiers, with the more crawls you make, the less you pay per order. There are no long-term commitments, but you can stop at any point and come back later. Just pay for demands that are fulfilled. The first 1,000 requests are absolutely free of charge. They have live chat and prioritized ticket service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that you get as many active requests (without blocks) as possible. ProxyCrawl has services all around the world. Information on the ProxyCrawl Free Trial. The first 1000 queries are free of charge.


FAQ’s Related to Oxylabs Review

🔥How do you get residential IPs?

They've created a scale that breaks down the most popular residential proxy acquisition scenarios. Given these circumstances, the bulk of their proxy system is Tier A+ type proxies. The leftover funds are obtained via the Tier A model including Internet service providers.

✅What are the subscription plans for OxyLabs ?

Residential Proxies from Oxylabs fall into two main categories: Starter and Business, both of which could be purchased through Quick Checkout. You shouldn't need to sign an agreement upon those plans as long as you adhere to our Self-service Purchase Contract.

😍What is the size of the proxy IP pool at Oxylabs??

They currently already have 102 million proxies in 195 different places.

🔥Can a user see the usage stats or is there a dashboard available?

Yes, you will have keys to a consumption dashboard, which will contain relevant information of your usage information through proxy device and time.

🔥Are the residential proxies self-rotating or not?

By default, Oxylabs Residential Proxies are rotating proxies. Unlike a fixed proxy, which grants a single permanent IP address, Oxylabs Rotating Residential Proxy gives you access to a lot of IP addresses.

Quick Links:

Why do you need Proxy Servers for Your Company 4 Main Reasons

Proxy servers are a simple technology that connects a computer with a private IP address to another server on the internet.

Instead, a proxy server has its own IP address, which is made public. While it may appear to be a minor modification, the proxy IP address can be utilized for a variety of critical business activities ranging from security to customer experience.

There are 4 critical corporate reasons to utilize proxies that every business owner should be aware of, even if you aren’t involved in technology.

1. Strengthen corporate and commercial security

Today, every business is concerned about cyberattacks. A security breach is costly, both financially and in terms of public perception.

A proxy server decreases the possibility of a breach. Proxy servers provide an extra degree of protection between your servers and outside traffic. Proxy servers serve as a shield since they can connect to the internet and transmit requests from computers outside the network.

While intruders may gain access to your proxy, they will have difficulty contacting the server that runs the web software that stores your data. You won’t be able to keep top hackers out completely with simply a proxy IP, but you’ll be far less exposed.

2. Perform Sensitive Tasks Anonymously

The capacity of proxies to anonymize online traffic is undoubtedly their most well-known feature. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how critical this function is for organizations.

Reporters, whistleblowers, and security personnel rely on proxy servers to safeguard themselves, their sources, their companies, clients, and partners.

You can also better safeguard any ongoing research and development and other business activities.

If your organization consistently employs a proxy, any possible spy seeking to trace web traffic to figure out what your business is up to will have a harder time tracking your employees. Any sensitive tasks conducted over the internet are more safe if they are anonymized first through a proxy.

3. Manage Traffic to Avoid Server Crashes

Nothing disturbs a customer more than a company’s website being unavailable when they require it. By preventing this from happening, proxy servers, cloud data storage, and peering improve user experience.

Essentially, your webpage data and content are kept in the cloud across multiple servers across the world, and peering allows your network to manage more traffic. Of all, you can’t expect a consumer to try a variety of ISPs in order to get that content.

Instead, a proxy server is employed to generate a single web address that will function as the access point. The proxy will also balance requests to each server so that none of them overwhelming. All of this happens in the background to provide a consistent consumer experience on your website.

4. Limit Employee Internet Access

No corporation wants its employees to access unsafe or inappropriate websites using workplace networks. As a result, many internal networks use a proxy server.

When a proxy is used to access the network, network administrators can regulate which devices have access to the network and which sites those devices can view. You can ban inappropriate content as well as any websites that you do not want employees to visit on business time.

System administrators can even keep track of what content is viewed and when for internal use.

Conclusion: Oxylabs Review 2022

Oxylabs server reviews

You know what I mean: expectations. There’s no way Oxylabs’ intended audience will be dissatisfied.

You don’t just pay for anything and walk out with a shoddy instruction manual after you’ve paid for it here.

When it comes to professionalism, it’s all about the details. You’ll be interacting with actual individuals who will remember your name and your specific demands and will go out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied. You’ll get excellent service, but that’s not the most important thing. Scraping and proxy services are both top-notch.

In a nutshell, you may relax knowing that you’re in capable hands.

You’ll have to shell out extra money as a result. To get started with Oxylabs, you’ll need to purchase at least 20 GB of residential proxies. In the advanced plans, we’re dealing with 1TB of data or 5,000 IPs, which makes the pricing much more enticing.

Is the best proxy service you can find necessary? And, if so, would you use it to its fullest extent? Your search for a proxy service provider may have ended here.

Now we have discussed in detail about the pricing, features and many more things that may help you in understanding Oxylabs better. So, what are you waiting for just go with Oxylabs as here you are getting top-notch services and customer support.


  • Proxy types: Datacenter (dedicated), residential, ISP, mobile
  • Locations: Global
  • Audience: Mid to large companies
  • Reselling: Yes
  • Extras: API, scraping tools
  • Support: 24/7, account manager
  • Payment options: Credit card, wire transfer, AliPay, PayPal
  • Trial: 7 days for companies, 3-day refund

We would love to hear from your side, just drop your thoughts about Oxylabs review right in the comment section. Feel free to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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64 thoughts on “Oxylabs Review 2022 ✨Features & Pricing (100% Tested) Is Oxylabs Legit?”

  1. I trust Oxylabs proxy service because they’re dependable, affordable and always up-to-date. They’ve helped me with my data verification, ad verification and cost monitoring, all by giving me fast proxy servers that don’t fail often. I recommend them to everyone looking for a good service!

  2. I use Oxylabs because they offer a broad range of packages to suit anyone’s needs. They have been around for at least three years and have always been top-notch. If you’re looking for a proxy service this is the best company to go with because it’ll be your last!

  3. I’ve never had such a reliable, ultra-high-speed supplier. I love how it supports my high demand with speedy response and happy customer

  4. One of the most difficult aspects about running a private network is how to hide your true IP address. It seems each day there is some new device or method that’s designed just for this purpose and it’s impossible to know which one will be best next year, let alone next month!
    Fortunately, Oxylabs have abstracted away much of this headache. You can sign up for Unlimited Monthly Routers (our self-service portal) where you can purchase residential proxies from either our Starter Pack or Business Pack depending on the needs of your project. Your proxy system comes with unlimited bandwidth so you’re free to use them as much as you like – though we do ask that if you exceed 10k requests within 15 minutes or access more than 50

  5. Data center IPs and residential proxies are the first-choice for organizations that want to bypass restrictions with their website content. These two types of IPs will let you access restricted websites too as they can stay anonymous, even from your ISP. They also offer proxy ips services in which if a certain service detects spam email or blocked website from somewhere else around the world then your traffic would get routed through another proxy service provider before being delivered to its destination. Oxylabs is one of the best companies who have been offering such amazing services over many years and we educate them best ways for promotion by providing them great offers on advertising campaigns like google ads and facebook marketing adverts etc.

  6. Get your Internet freedom back with the Oxylabs Proxy Service Review. Get access to thousands of Data Center IPs and Residential Proxies on our platform so that you can browse all day without worrying about being detected. Browse securely, anonymously, and freely!

  7. I had a ton of trouble getting reliable and responsive proxy providers, but then I found Oxylabs. Suffice it to say, these guys bring the goods. The responsiveness was instant and never went above 1 second (they have servers everywhere!). Stability? You better believe it! As an owner of a small business, I suddenly felt like my data security is in competent hands.

  8. I absolutely love the Oxylabs Proxy Service, they’re great for my company’s SEO strategies. The proxy service is quick and reliable with low latency so I don’t get tired of swapping it in-between servers.

  9. Internet speeds are at their finest in the office these days. My team have been running a whole bunch of tests on proxies from three major providers, and Oxylabs outperformed against each one for any given test! Uptime is guaranteed. Forget about latency – if you’re looking for fast, dependable proxies without the fuss then this is where you’ll find them.

  10. I’ve used Oxylabs many times and I can’t say enough good things about them. They always provide me with the fastest, most reliable service possible. Their customer support is outstanding. When downtime occurs, they’re quick to take corrective action and restore my order.

  11. The proxy service I use for my SEO is great! My clients are always happy with it. I’ve never had an issue with one of their proxies so far, and they provide fast customer support when you need help. The verification part works well too, but you can think of that as icing on the cake.

  12. When I need to spy on someone or do some research, Oxylabs proxy services are always available for me. They have the best up-time and their proxies are always reliable. I can get all of my questions answered by people who know what they’re doing so that things go smoothly every time.

  13. If you’re going to need safe, high-speed, white-hat, and reliable proxies for a long-term, the amount you’re going to pay Oxylabs won’t go to waste. The company will definitely deliver for as long as you need Oxylabs’ services.
    I’m highly to recommend!!

  14. Using Oxylabs proxies is a must. They hide your IP and can’t be traced back excluding a criminal to law enforcement agent. I find that the switch rates are faster then other known services, they’re easy to sync in-house for those who don’t want to waste money going through an app maker, and worth every penny.

  15. I got Oxylabs proxies for my SEO campaign, and now I’m ranking like crazy!

  16. Oxylabs is one of a solid and old tech organization that has practical experience in web information extraction at an enormous scope. Fundamentally, Oxylabs centers around assisting put organizations with extricating the fundamental business information.

    The best part about Oxylabs is that they are really having a pool of 1 Million Data Center IPs alongside the Residential Proxy Networks directly with 10 Million of private IPs in excess of 180 nations everywhere on the world.

  17. Oxylabs is one the best intermediary suppliers which assists organizations with getting business knowledge information, offers premium intermediaries and endeavor level help. To my experience Oxylabs group has many years of individual involvement with web scratching, they realize their work well indeed.

    Oxylabs guarantees dependable undertaking intermediary administrations by observing frameworks all day, every day.

  18. Oxylabs is a solid company that provides world-class proxies. I have used the Residential proxies offered by Oxylabs and found it really reliable. Oxylabs is very easy to work with and has a great customer service department.

    Oxylabs offers 24/7 live chat support if you want to talk to a real person immediately. I have mailed their executives few times and received replies almost instantly. You can completely rely on Oxylabs anytime.

  19. Service is good, uptime is up to mark and support aids with all the questions and tech difficulties

  20. I got these proxies and I think they’re great. They fixed all my issues and gave me a way to make sure my data was good too. Definitely recommend these!

  21. OxyLab proxies are a small buy that makes a big difference. They’re the best, and I mean the absolute best! Not only did they work seamlessly in our system, but they were so easy to configure because their customer service helped us get everything up and running without any problems at all!

  22. I’m writing this review to spread awareness about Oxylabs – best, most reliable proxies around. Going through the usual list of providers and comparing them against our own I found that Oxylabs was seemingly too-good-to-be true: low latency, excellent stability, no downtime in years… But they were all true! We’ve been using them for months without any problems whatsoever.

  23. If you’re tired of the service your proxy provider is providing, get on an Oxylabs plan. The best part? They’re backed by a professional team that guarantee their uptime. You’ll never need to worry about latency or downtime with Oxylabs proxies.

  24. Oxylabs is my go-to for residential IPs. They aren’t the cheapest residential proxy provider, but they are least expensive “premium” residential IP provider. Comparing Oxylabs with Geosurf, Luminati, or other top-tier companies, Oxylabs is less expensive.
    Oxylabs’ customer service is really good. One time I used their proxies with captcha solving software. The software was actually using my connection, and it ran up my data bill. Oxylabs was kind enough to forgive this overage even though it was totally my fault!

  25. When I first started using Oxylabs, I thought it would be great for SEO and ad verifications. Now that I have used them for a few months, oh my goodness! Do not underestimate these services. They are so much more than just proxies. It’s been three times as long but thanks to the amazing service from Oxylabs proxy, our services have been going up in octane because there’s no lag or delay.”

  26. I used to have a clunky set-up, but then I found Oxylabs, now everything is running smooth! They are fast and reliable with low latency times. Plus they’re affordable too.

  27. Do you want to block unwanted ads? Are you looking for an excellent service that can help improve your Adwords ROI? Then Oxylabs is the perfect solution. With low latency and 99% uptime, this proxy is one of the best in the industry! Innovation never stops, so each new day they are always trying to come up with something better. This product is what I would call innovative excellence at it’s finest.

  28. I use Oxylabs proxies for my SEO work. I’ve never had service like this before — they’re insanely fast and reliable. Always high uptime, too – you’ll wonder how you ever managed to keep up with BB traffic during the migration without them!

  29. This proxy service has been beyond perfect for me. I feel that it’s invaluable to have at least one low-cost, reliable proxy server resource under my belt so if something happens with any of my hosted instances or one of the hosts goes down, I’m not sunk.

  30. It’s been a great experience using Oxylabs. I’ll absolutely recommend everyone trying it out!
    Oxylabs is a web data extraction tool that provides dedicated proxy services for various functions such as email protection, market research, product page intelligence, SEO monitoring, pricing intelligence, ad verification, and travel fare aggregation. The data centre proxies provide users with capabilities like private IP authentication, speed, and anonymity.

  31. I love Oxylabs proxies. They make my life so much easier and I don’t wake up every morning with bags under my eyes from switching between servers all the time. Plus, they have 24/7 support so if there are any hiccups I can always talk to them about it! My only complaint is that sometimes latency is a little high but honestly you’ll hardly notice its there. So happy to use these guys keep me top-dog in the SEO game.

  32. Uptime is a huge problem with proxies, but I have never had an issue so far. You can often tell if a proxy is worth getting when they don’t have crazy uptime!

  33. The future is now. We know from the last decade how much more accessible the internet has become and everything that it’s changed in our lives, just imagine what will happen by 2020? By taking advantage of simple development tools like proxies, any savvy entrepreneur can take on the world. With this product you’ll add another layer of protection to your online security with absolute success rates and be able to inspect data points from leading e-commerce websites before they’re posted onto blogs or other social media sites.
    Use Oxylabs Proxy Service Review and get a head start on innovation!

  34. At first, I didn’t know what to do with this service. It’s like they changed the game around on me! But Oxylabs Proxy is one of the best investments you could make for your company. Now my sales are through the roof and I know it’s because these proxies give me an edge over my competitors. They’re my sidekick when it comes to making sure all aspects of our marketing campaign are running smoothly.

  35. Oxylabs is one of the boastful ones in the regard it has one of the largest pool of IP in the market. Even though having a large number residential address it gives a very good proxy connection speed.
    Even for the beginners it easy to use, the dashboard is designed to be clean, simple and minimalistic. Whereas it also provides a free 7 day trial!

  36. Why would you want to use a proxy service that fails all the time for ad verification? Wouldn’t you be more productive if it didn’t require switching proxies every five minutes? I switched to Oxylabs Proxies – they have great uptime, are very reliable, and their customer service is amazing. You can easily integrate them in-house since they come with low latency so there’s only one thing left to do: research what Oxylabs has done for my SEO without me having to worry about doing everything myself!

  37. I am very satisfied with my decision to purchase Oxylabs proxies. I set them up on the Cisco appliance for load balancing and realized that i had about 150% uptime on my infrastructure, which was really impressive considering all the time zones of the world it was coming from. Very reliable service at a fair price.”

  38. I’ve been using Oxylabs since a long time and it’s been great!
    Oxylabs Residential Proxies offer you close to 99.2% success rates! Oxylabs Residential Proxies regularly score as one of the fastest on the market.
    On that it has fast and easy self-checkout and also an easy 3rd party integrations.
    All in one, one of the best!

  39. Easily switch between servers with downtime and the risks of your internet connection. Low latency, high uptime, and an easy switch means Oxylabs proxies are perfect for marketers looking for a reliable new tool.

  40. When I first started using Oxylabs, my data and SEO were pretty awful. A lot of proxies were blocked by filters and some even came with a fee. A few months ago I decided to change my whole package. It was quite hard because there are tons of plans out there but when the price caught my eye, I had to give it a try. Since then, things have been working great! The filter also does well in blocking spam traffic that clogs up servers.

  41. Awesome! I never have to switch servers because of Oxylabs proxies. It’s a really great service and the customer service is always super helpful if anything goes wrong, which isn’t even that often.

  42. I was looking for a service to get my personal data safe and Oxylabs did a great job. I feel 100% confident knowing that no one will ever have unauthorized access to the most sensitive information about me, as long as they use proxy providers safely.

  43. Oxylabs is my go-to for private IPs. They aren’t the least expensive private intermediary supplier, however they are most affordable “premium” private IP supplier.

    Oxylabs’ client assistance is great. Once I utilized their intermediaries with manual human test addressing programming. The product was really utilizing my association, and it added to my information bill. Oxylabs was sufficiently thoughtful to excuse this overage despite the fact that it was absolutely my shortcoming. I didn’t request a credit, my rep basically offered it.

  44. I LOVE these proxies! I’ve been a customer for years now and have tried many different services, but nothing has come close to Oxylabs. They have the lowest latency, so switching servers is quick and easy. Support is always available if you need them as well as an 100% guaranteed availability that never lets you down. Frequency rate as good as any other proxy service on the market today – if not better! These are my daily go-to’s now 🙂

  45. I’m in charge of one of our overseas production facilities and I find myself bouncing back and forth between two servers to be able to monitor local ad prices. It’s not so great on my bandwidth, so when I heard about Oxylabs proxies it was perfect timing because their low latency means that if anything pops up unexpectedly, all the way out here in Charlotte, I can get someone who is closer to deal with it without major consequences.

  46. With the Oxylabs Proxy Service, you get quality support and unlimited bandwidth usage. You can easily integrate these proxies in-house with very low failure rates. The team at Oxylabs has ensured that they are versatile enough for SEO campaigns, data verification, price monitoring, and ad verification across different browsers while always maintaining a high uptime status quo. Low latency is vital for frequent switching between servers which ensures that users won’t get tired or frustrated with switching back to their other land often.

  47. I love my Oxylabs proxies, they’re easy to use and really great for SEO. They have a low fail rate, which is always nice when you need the proxy quick. If I ever have a problem or something confuses me, customer service is always available with friendly support.

  48. I was looking for a proxy service and never thought I’d want one. And now, if I’m ever without it again, something will be missing from my day-to-day.
    But seriously – proxies can help with SEO; they can be embedded into our systems, but most importantly they are just freakin’ cool!

  49. Obviously, I had to test it myself! This is not my first proxy purchase so I was excited to see the quality of their proxies. I have been a customer for years and these are by far the best proxies yet. Quality-wise they seem stable and reliable enough from where they were created from.

  50. Oxylabs has a great deal of features. It has a unique real-time crawler tool not found in any other competing company.
    It provides with high-quality, , large-scale IPs with a very easy to use dashboard.
    Their customer support is great and is available 24/7.
    It’s a must try, highly recommend!


  52. I’ve been a customer of Oxylabs for about 2 years now and it is one of the best decisions I made. They have a huge support team, and their proxy service has always done good to me. The dashboard is easy to use, with features that even I never knew existed! It provides high quality proxies from large scale providers at an affordable rate. So if you’re looking for a provider, make sure to try out both your options before choosing!

  53. Oxylabs proxies are seriously the best. I have never seen a fail rate that is anywhere close to 1% and high uptime. And you don’t have to worry about latency issues, which I used to hate with a passion–until Oxylabs came along! The support is amazing too; they answer my tickets in two hours! So if you’re looking for proxies you really can depend on, give these guys a shot.

  54. If you’re looking for a proxy service that is perfect for your purposes, then look no further. I’m sure you would agree with me when I say that there’s absolutely nothing worse than having a low-quality product – it just kills all creativity and productivity. It also makes things go wrong more often than they should, so choosing Oxylabs proxies was the best decision my company has ever made!

  55. Lucky for us, we got the chance to test Oxylabs Proxy Service and see what makes it such an amazing service. It is a great service with features that will make your life so much simpler! All of the proxies are of high-quality and looking at the size, you know they have some serious infrastructure backing them up. The dashboard is easy to use and has all of the information you need to be in complete control over your work flow before you even accomplish anything-a huge advantage on their part. Their customer support is available 24/7 which means you can literally handle any question or issue when it arises without having to wait hours upon end for someone who might not be as helpful in general.

  56. Dig anywhere and you’ll find that all the leading tech blogs are talking about proxies, and we’ve got a list of their favorites: We’re not talkin’ ‘bout rainbows. Workman’s hands get dirty as he digs in the dirt to do his job best – so when it comes to designing success for your company, give us a call! Oxylabs has taken its new Proxy Service Review product line from beta testing into production with an eye towards solving the big problems companies face today like web monitoring. Whether you need access to e-commerce websites or digital marketing platforms, we’ve automated systematic data extraction at high volumes – on most search engines like Google and Bing – without getting blocked by aggressive white

  57. There are so many proxy providers out there today, and it can get overwhelming to figure out which ones to use. I looked into Geosurf, Luminati, and a few others but decided that Oxylabs had the best deal. They’re cheaper than top-tier competitors like Geosurf or Luminati without sacrificing quality. I figured if it was good enough for other people too, then it must be decent! Plus they have really helpful customer support when you need them. Once my account kept getting billed because of faulty captcha solving software; this totally wasn’t my fault (obviously) so I presented the evidence and they were happy to eliminate that charge from my bill!

  58. As an online retailer, I’ve never had time for perfecting my SEO. The Oxylabs proxy service is the way to go if you need that little extra edge.

  59. Oxylabs from the beginning was created as a superior intermediary administration, and thusly, the evaluating is premium (costly). This has gotten one of the significant reasons a many individuals avoid utilizing them.

    Backing is just through email. Oxylabs is as yet stirred up with utilizing Email for offering help. No live talk support.

  60. Oxylabs has been my favorite proxy service for the longest time. Whether I need to evade a website’s bad security or increase my surfing speeds, you can always trust Oxylabs to have the best solution. Their supports are funny and educational, which makes me feel both safe and entertained as I surf around completely anonymous thanks to their high-quality lists of IPs on their easy-to-use dashboard!
    Whoever made up this company is a genius because no one compares (obviously) but there are plenty more features that make walking through the door with Oxylabs the smartest decision you could make in avoiding all these problems that alas we face nowadays over loopholes in our system leading directly back into real-life information combined with too many eyes poking everywhere.

  61. OMG, I tried proxy services from so many different brands and they never worked for me! I have a small business and my SEO was getting throttled because of my competitors using commercial proxies. A friend recommended Oxylabs and now I’m back on top ranking at number one.

  62. There are plenty of proxy providers out there, but Oxylabs is my go-to. I’ve been using their service for about a year now and couldn’t be happier. It’s not the cheapest proxy provider, but it offers the best deal if you’re looking for “premium” residential IPs. If you compare them to Geosurf or Luminati they’re less expensive – sometimes up to 50% cheaper!
    I had some trouble with captcha solving software last week which used more data than I was allowed, so Oxylabs kindly ignored that overage (even though I completely deserve it).
    Another thing I love about them is their customer service team. They answer quickly and can help me solve

  63. I’ve been using Oxylabs and I’ll tell you about the pros of using it:
    》A free trial is available.
    》Data center and residential proxies available.
    》HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols supported.
    》Unlimited bandwidth for data center proxies.
    》Rotating proxies.

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